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Sarah Hawkins was practically bursting with pride. Her son and future daughter-in-law were graduating from the Interstellar Academy, and Sarah was watching the ceremony from her seat in the front row with all the other parents. To her right was Dr. Delbert Doppler; his wife, Captain Amelia Doppler; and their four children, Torelai, Bastet, Catrine, and Delbert Jr. To Sarah's left was the antiquated robot Ben and the little blob Morph.


Sarah, Dr. Doppler, Captain Amelia, and Ben cheered while the quadruplets cooed and Morph shifted into a party horn.

Jim walked up to the stage, looking so handsome and distinguished in his crisp white military uniform (AN different from what he was wearing at the party at the inn). He had on a white jacket with gold accents, white pants, black boots, red and gold belt, and clean white hat with the gold insignia of the Academy. Jim shook hands with the headmaster, received his badge, and accepted his diploma from the military representative.

The names of the following students went by in a blur until...


Those in the front row cheered again. Jim wanted to jump up and run over to kiss his fiancee, but this was a strict ceremony and he would be frowned on for disorderly conduct.

Siria beamed as she crossed the stage, dressed in the same style of jacket, belt, and hat as Jim, with a white skirt that reached three inches above her knees and black heels. Since she was a young woman, Siria was allowed to wear jewelry - her necklace with her deceased parents' wedding rings, gold hoop earrings, her diamond engagement ring, and underneath her hat, her gold and ruby Fire Elemental circlet and silver and sapphire Water Elemental circlet. Her blue and red hair was still wavy, flowing down her back freely.

Siria smiled at the audience, but three of the people she loved the most weren't there. The first two were her parents, who were killed about thirteen years before. Clytie was a Water Elemental and Castor was a Fire Elemental, which made Siria a Mixed Elemental. She was legendary, "the key to endless treasure", which she found in her love with Jim.

However, who Siria really missed was her adoptive guardian a cyborg pirate named John Silver. He had fled four years ago to avoid having a run-in with the law for pirating. Silver had promised that Siria and Jim would see him again, but he hadn't visited...until now.

Siria, out of the corner of her eye, caught the glint of a mechanical eye coming from behind a column in the back of the courtyard. The girl's smile grew even bigger. Luckily, Jim noticed the cyborg, too.

Silver grinned at his former cabinboy and beautiful adopted daughter. He had taken a huge risk sneaking into a military graduation as an outlaw, but he couldn't miss this moment after missing so many in the past few years. His brow furrowed when he noticed a sparkle from his Siria's hand. He used his mechanical eye to zoom in on her hand, but his eyes widened in shock when he realized it was an engagement ring. His little girl was getting married! Silver started to tear up, but he knew that the wedding, whenever it was, would be another event that he wouldn't miss for the world.


The students threw their hats in the air and some of them, including Jim and Siria, kissed each other in excitement. Silver took this as an opportunity to sneak off before he got arrested.

Before the graduation party began, the students spread out to greet their families.

"Siria, you look so gorgeous!" Sarah gushed as she gave the girl a hug.

"Thank you, Sarah," Siria replied kindly.

"And Jim, I have never seen you this handsome!"

"Thanks Mom," Jim responded, giving his mother a kiss on the cheek.

"I have never been prouder to see two cadets graduate from the Interstellar Academy," said Captain Amelia.

"Neither have I," added Dr. Doppler.

"Jimmy, Cici, I just wanna say...Oh I love you guys! And I'm so happy for you!" Ben jumped into their arms and embraced them in an almost choking hug.

Morph joined in the group hug by cuddling up against Siria's cheek. They were one big, somewhat freaky, family.

After the ceremony, the girl students returned to their dorms to change for the celebration. Jim, still dressed in his military uniform, waited outside Siria's room.

"Hey Jim," came the voice of girl from behind him.

Jim turned around and groaned inwardly when saw who it was: Jocelyn Grace. Her long black hair had that "sexily tousled" look and she wore a hot red halter dress that showed too much cleavage and had a revealing slit up to mid-thigh and a bare back. All of her jewelry was made of diamonds, her nails were perfectly manicured, and she had on black stilletos. Jocelyn had on so much makeup that she looked artificial. She batted her eyelashes, pursed her lips, and made a face that she thought was seductive.

"How about we skip the party and head back to my room for a little treat?" Jocelyn suggested flirtatiously, tracing her hand down the side of the boy's leg.

Jim did not even flinch as he grabbed hold of the girl's wrist and pulled it away, keeping his face hard and his eyes narrowed. "Jocelyn, how many times do I have to remind you that I'm engaged to Siria and feel no attraction to you at all?!"

"But I can give you pleasure that your little girlfriend could never even dream of!" Jocelyn insisted.

Jim and Siria's friend, Nicholas Cambridge, who happened to be walking down the hall, stepped up to Jim's rescue. "Jocelyn, go find yourself a desperate guy who is either drunk, horny, or recently dumped. You should have some luck there."

"Speaking of luck," came the voice of Nicholas' girlfriend (and soon-to-be fiancee since Nicholas planned to propose that night), Mary Stone. She stepped out from behind her boyfriend. "How did you even get into this school? Did you trade a lap dance for a recommendation?"

Jocelyn's face tightened and started to turn red with anger and embarassment. "I have never been so insulted in my entire life!"

"Sure you have," corrected Siria, who had just opened her door after she finished getting ready. "You've just never known it because everyone did it behind your back."

Jocelyn grunted in furious defeat, turned on her heel, and stormed off in the other direction.

"Ugh! Someday, I'm gonna get my own ship just so I can make her walk the plank!" Mary grumbled.

"Oh forget about her," Siria dismissed with a wave of her hand. "This is the last night we'll ever have to see her. By the way, you look incredible Mary."

Mary did look incredible. She had her medium-length blonde hair tied back in a braid, showing off her pearl earrings and gold necklace with a pearl pendant. The dress she had chosen was both beautiful and tasteful. It was strapless in a deep green color, bringing out the traces of green in her hazel eyes, with gold stitching around the edges of the bodice and of the skirt. Her light makeup and sparkly gold heels topped off the whole outfit.

"Are you kidding? You're the one who looks incredible!" Mary responded.

Jim nodded in agreement as Siria blushed. Her dress was, of course, purple in a greco-roman off-the-shoulders style. The dress reached the floor, but underneath she had on gold and silver gladiator sandal wedges. Instead of under her hair like she usually did, Siria wore her Elemental circlets on top of her hair, right across her forehead. People had been shocked the first time they saw her looks, bands, and marks, but they got used to it. She had kept on her jewelry from the graduation ceremony and touched up her makeup slightly.

As Jim stared at his fiancee, all he could think was "How did I get so lucky?" He then glanced at his friend Nicholas, who was in the same state of awe for his Mary.

Nicholas was a pretty good-looking guy, too. He had medium-brown skin, dark brown hair, and chocolate colored eyes. Nobody had pictured he and Mary getting together, but they simply completed each other.

Jim held out his arm for Siria to take and Nicholas did the same for Mary.

"If this is how you dress for our graduation, I can't wait to see your wedding dress," Jim whispered in Siria's ear.

"You and me both," Siria replied. "I still haven't gotten it yet. Your mom promised to take me out for one as soon as we get back to Montressor."

The party went pretty smoothly... at least for Jim, Siria, Nicholas, and Mary. There were plenty of graduates who got drunk and behaved inappropriately, including Jocelyn. Nicholas did propose to Mary and she, of course, accepted. The ring was a gold band with a luxe design around a single marquis-shaped diamond.

As Siria watched the happiness of her friends and looked at her future husband, she thought, "If this is my present, how can my future get any better?"

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