Summary: A year after the Straw Hats found the great treasure, they decide to settle down and raise a family. With every misfits from the kids and even the parents, the crew is living one hell of an adventure.

Been planning this for a year now, but here it is! Probably a boring first chapter, but just like GLA and NWU, this will probably have more than just a couple chapters. I know my updates have been slow lately, but I've organized everything and set things straight. I love writing, and I love writing for you guys. I'm not letting that go.

If you haven't read my Under One Sky OneShots series, then chapters 46-50 shows little hints before the first chapter of this story begins. I've been planning on doing something like this ever since I started Grand Line Academy, so I hope you all like it.

Luffy ran fast, but not too fast. He didn't want to lose the little ones pursuing him from behind. He turned his head and saw his daughter lagging behind her friend. The fact that she hasn't stopped running yet meant she wasn't ready to give up. Luffy grinned. He's had multiple adventures on various islands and met so many random people, but playing with their children has been the most fun he's ever had.

"You can't catch me! I'll never get in the water!" Luffy yelled. When he looked back, he didn't expect Kaito to be right behind him. His tiny legs were moving as fast as a cheetah. He was right by his feet when he touched him and yelled "it!". He was a faster runner than he thought, as expected from Sanji's kid.

"Now you have to go in the water with us!" Anna said while panting.

"Oh, do I now?" The two little ones ran for the lives when Luffy took off after them with his "claws" raised in the air. As soon as he caught up, he threw them on to his shoulders and started heading for the ocean.

"Don't go too far, Luffy!" Nami yelled from her beach chair.


The Pirate Queen sat at her throne beside the other mothers. Unlike the guys, the girls decided to take things slow and let the others have their fun. It was a beautiful day. To them, the best way to spend it is to relax and lay back. Having three crazy kids and one childish husband, Nami definitely needed a break once in a while.

"You seem more relaxed than usual, Nami-san," said Vivi. The blue haired princess was no longer a princess anymore. After her father passed away and marrying Sanji, they became the new king and queen of Alabasta. Although, it was her decision to leave home and move into the same island the rest of the Straw Hats were inhabiting. Igaram and his wife took the throne upon Vivi's request. Sanji didn't mind. He respected her decision, nevertheless, he loved being a prince more than being a king.

"Can you blame me? Living with four childish monkeys has taken a toll on me."

"Having that kind of life style isn't so bad," said Kaya. "Its kind of fun actually."

"But you only have Usopp and Yasopp. Usopp clearly loves you and he shows it a lot. Yasopp's a very humble and smart boy. I envy you."

"Why didn't you go for more children, Kaya?" asked Robin.

Kaya shrugged. "We just thought that one was enough. But look at you two. You're glowing brighter than ever."

Robin smiled politely. She turned to Vivi, who like herself, was pregnant. What are the odds that the both of them would become pregnant around the same time? Their husbands were making bets to see what the gender would be. It was a bet with an unpredictable outcome, but Nami and some of the Straw Hats were in on it as well, and putting money aside, it was entertaining.

Back at the water, Luffy was trying his best not to let saltwater get to him. He stood in an area where the water only reached his ankles. It killed him that the kids were having the time of their lives in the ocean and yet, he can't enjoy that with them.

"Papa?" Anna noticed her father's trembling legs. Suddenly, Luffy was patted in the back, albeit harshly. He turned around to see Zoro and Sanji behind him and the rest of the guys running towards the ocean.

"Baka! What would happen if you suddenly drowned while we aren't watching? Anna-chan can't swim and Kaito's still learning," said Sanji.

"And what do you think you're doing?" Zoro picked up a floating Chopper and placed him over his shoulders. Although the reindeer is now in his early 30's, he hasn't grown much. In fact, even Anna's slightly taller than his small form.

The little doctor coughed up some water. He stared at the two kids having fun with their little floaties. "Not fair! Swimming must be so much fun."

"Ehhh, I feel weak," Luffy slurred. He leaned on his first mate's shoulders for support. "Zoro, get rid of the water for me."

Zoro rolled his eyes. "Like I could get rid of the water, Dumbass."

"Nearly thirteen years later and you'd think he'd be mature by now," said Sanji. "Yo, Luffy, are you still nineteen or

"Ehhh, where are the other kids?" Luffy lifted his head slightly to find them.

"Over there!" Chopper pointed. "Usopp's teaching them how to surf."

"Usopp can't surf..." Zoro and Sanji turned to one another in concern.

Further into the ocean, the rest of the children were piled onto one long surfboard board. Three of them sat on their own boards while Usopp sat on a surf board of his own.

"Since when did you know how to surf, Uncle Usopp?" Haru asked.

Usopp smirked. "I've had a couple years of experience with surfing. "You have to be one with the waves" was how I learned it."

"Still, with a few couple sea kings here in the ocean, I'm surprised you'd even come out here. With the sea kings I've seen around here, they'd eat you whole, so you might still manage to stay alive for a little bit," said Zero. The long nosed sharpshooter tensed up at the mention of his most feared creature. He glared at Zero. Just like his mother, he wasn't afraid to be blunt.

"D-Dad, are you sure this is safe?" Yasopp asked.

Taichi laughed at Usopp's reaction to the realization. "Sea kings won't matter to us. When will the lesson start, Great Uncle Usopp-sama?"

Usopp felt his confidence rising again. He wiped away an invisible sweat from his cheek and smirked triumphantly. "Well then, shall we begin?"

"Taichi, don't you already know how to surf? I saw you out here just last week," said Aria.

Taichi turned to his raven-haired friend. Just like her mother, her brown eyes shined bright from the sun. Her raven black hair was slicked back from being drenched. She, along with her older brother, Zero, were the only ones participating in Usopp's little surfing lesson with him. Their youngest sister, Riko, stayed on the big surfboard with the other kids. Truth be told, he's been getting his own lessons at home, waver lessons that is. So, what makes the waver and surfing any different?

"Relax, I'll be here for you when you fall," Taichi said jokingly.

"Uh..that's not what I meant."

After Usopp's long explanation on surfing, Taichi, Aria, and Zero were sent out on their own. Together, they waited on their boards for a wave to come in.

"Whoever doesn't get eaten by a sea king eats big tonight," said Zero. He ran a hand through his drenched green hair.

"You're on," Aria accepted.

Taichi chuckled. "You Roronoa's don't know when to quit."

Zero chuckled. "Speak for yourself."

"..Well, I'm off first!"


Taichi paddled towards the waveless ocean. Zero and Aria were right on his tail. Aria, being the last to follow, couldn't see why Taichi would go on ahead. There was no sign of an oncoming wave anywhere.

"Why are they going?" asked Riko. "There's no wave..."

"Riko-chan, you don't see it?" asked Syo.

"Look closer," said Haru. Riko couldn't understand what they were trying to say. She didn't see anything. It wasn't until she saw the three being lifted by a sudden wave that she knew she was mistaken. They struggled at first, but once they got their footing right, they were a natural.

"By the way, Syo, I thought you wanted to go out there?" asked Yasopp.

"But Aria-chan really wanted to go. I couldn't say no."

"Franky had more boards on the Sunny, though," Yasopp pointed out. He was caught by surprise when Syo urged him to keep quiet. It was then that Yasopp realized exactly why Syo didn't want to go. Riko was holding her legs close to her. She loved the ocean, but she's never been this far away from the island before. She was even hesitant to come along with for the surfing lessons. As a way for her to come along with the group, Syo reassured her that he will protect her.

"Like father, like son," Usopp murmured with a sigh. Not only did he act like his father, but he was like a spitting image as well. He inherited his blonde hair, not his curly brows, thankfully. Unlike his little brother who received his mother's shining blue hair. One thing that did seem odd about Syo was that he wasn't as bold as his father.


Usopp turned to the three kids out there and noticed that one was missing. He noticed the rest of the kids sitting on the board feeling antsy. The waves were strong. It even pushed the kids' board back a bit.

"TAICHI! ZERO!" Usopp called out.

"ARIA FELL OVERBOARD!" Taichi yelled.



Usopp saw Taichi jump onto Zero's board and started paddling away from the shore. He was feeling agitated. He turned his attention back to the kids. Riko was shaking in fear while Syo had his arms around her. Haru felt eager to join in on the rescue.

Yasopp could see the tension and hesitation in his father. "Dad..."

Back at the shore, Nami was watching Usopp and the kids from her chair, so when she saw Aria falling overboard, she started to panic. "Aria! Aria fell over!"

"Aria?" Robin was the first to react. She and the rest of the girls ran towards the water where Luffy and the others were.

"Zoro!" yelled Robin.

"Hm?! What is it?!" Zoro yelled back.

"Aria!" Robin pointed. The guys turned towards the ocean and saw Usopp pulling the kids back towards the shore.

"Oi, where's Taichi and Zero?" Luffy noticed.

When the kids finally reached the shore, they ran to their respectful parents. Robin tightly held onto her youngest daughter.

"What happened? Are you okay?" Robin asked Riko. She rubbed her arms then draped a towel over her.

"I don't know. Nee-chan fell over and Nii-chan and Taichi went after her."

Nami overheard. "Taichi went?!"

Franky noticed Luffy and Zoro's slow reactions. In fact, they weren't reacting at all. Instead, they were watching intently, as if waiting for something to happen.

"Are you not going?" Franky asked.

"Taichi knows what to do," said Luffy.

Zoro nodded. "Zero too."

Franky shrugged.

Taichi was paddling as fast as he could. Zero was supporting him from behind. The further they swam, the harder it came to be to keep up with the current. Unlike his mother, he can't detect the current of the waves or the weather patterns. Unlike Zero who was as smart as his mother, yet strong like his father, he still had a long way to go.

As Zero was keeping up with his pace, he noticed something dark move underwater.

"Taichi! Did you see that?!"

"Aa! We need to hurry!"

The two boys were stopped in their tracks when a sea king leaped out of the ocean. It was a giant goldfish, a sea king. Aria gaped in horror. It wasn't the size that was the problem, it was how close it was. She couldn't move. She couldn't reach for her katana that was strapped on her belt. She was too scared. Not once has she ever encountered something like this before.

"Zero!" Taichi called out.


Aria turned to the boys. She saw Taichi jump back on his hands and pull his legs in. Zero jumped on his feet where Taichi shot him up towards the sea king's head. Next, Taichi jumped into the water and raised the board high vertically. Using all his strength, he threw the board towards the sea king, hitting a bulls eyes by stabbing his eye.

The sea king screeched.

It was Zero's turn. By placing both of his sheathed katanas on each of his side, he had his hand on both of the handles. In one swift motion, he brought out both katanas together, slicing the giant fish, then sheathing them back. The result was a giant 'x' on its side.

The sea king landed back in the water with a giant splash. Zero landed on top of his artwork. Aria couldn't help but stare in awe. The two were perfectly in sync. But the waves were too much for her. She was getting tired just keeping herself above the surface. Before she knew it, the water was pulling her down. She reached for the surface, but she was losing her vision.

The next thing she felt was a pair of arms wrapping around her waist.

Luffy's and Nami's kids:

Monkey D. Taichi - 12 years old - December 15

Monkey D. Haru - 10 years old - March 27

Monkey D. Anna - 5 years old - January 1

Zoro's and Robin's kids:

Roronoa Zero - 12 years old - October 31

Roronoa Aria - 11 years old - May 20

Roronoa Riko - 9 years old - February 16

(Baby along the way) - due: January 19

Sanji's and Vivi's kids:

Syo - 11 years old - November 21

Kaito - 5 years old - December 24

(Baby along the way) - due: September 12

Usopp's and Kaya's kids:

Yasopp - 10 years old - July 15

(honestly can't find another name that would match Usopp's -.-')