"Da me! Zettai da me! You are not going up there!" Nami demanded. She was caught by surprise when the other crew members sighed heavily. It was as if they were expecting her to protest anyway, even though the majority of them agreed to go.

Luffy pouted. Thinking alike, his two sons pouted as well. They moved closer to Nami while still pulling off that face. Nami folded her arms and looked away. Luffy wrapped his arms around her waist and whined, "Why not?"

"You're going to cause another mess for the towns on the island. I don't want to have to give away more money for the things you destroy on the island!" Nami huffed.

"That was one time," Luffy pointed out.

"You nearly destroyed a whole town!" Nami said which made Luffy back away in surrender. He had no come back for that.

"But we didn't," Haru contradicted. "It wasn't that bad. Just a few scratches and bruises here and there. No big deal."

"You can count on me, Mom! I'll make sure nothing goes wrong!" Taichi reassured her.

Nami facepalmed. "I'm worried about all of you."

"But Nami~!" Luffy pleaded.

"But Mom~!" Taichi and Haru said in unison.

"Considering its been nearly thirteen years since we last went on an adventure, I would've thought you'd want to at least go on a little adventure," said Zoro. "You acting like a mom to everyone makes me sound old."

Sanji snickered. "You are old."

"What does that make you?" Zoro asked.

"Robin!" Nami pleaded to her close friend for support.

Robin giggled. "I'm sorry, Nami. I want to see this ghost too."

"Of course." Nami shouldn't need to ask Robin in the first place. She loved anything thriller. "Kaya! Vivi!"

"I don't mind," said Vivi.

Kaya nodded in agreement. "Some of us will be with them anyway.

Off to the side, Zoro lightly nudged Brook using his elbow. When Brook shifted his eyes to Zoro, he saw him nodding towards Nami. It was then the skeleton realized what he was trying to say. Brook cleared his throat and said, "Uh, you know, Nami-san, I also heard a rumor that that little girl hides all the money to herself."

Nami glared at the talking skeleton. She knew where he was going with this. "I'm not falling for that again."

"You sure? It might be true," Zoro said.

"You just made that up!"

"Did we? When we moved here thirteen years ago, I don't think we scouted this entire island yet. And I don't think your map is fully detailed with everything on this island." Brook gave Zoro a high-five from behind. He was really holding his ground with her.

"I've still got a lot of years left to live. I'll explore every inch of this island when I want to."

Zoro sighed. "You leave me with no choice then."

Nami, Usopp, and Chopper backed away in fear when Zoro raised the straws. So far, it was always one of them having the most unfortunate luck when it comes to his. Nami at Thriller Bark, and Usopp at Punk Hazard. Fortunately for Chopper, he has yet to be chosen. Hopefully, his time to shine won't be now.

"Five of us will go with Luffy and the kids," Zoro said. "No one should have any complaints from that."

"Jeez, Zoro! Why can't you just let the people who want to go go!" said Usopp.

"Ugh, the people who want to go are full of idiots anyway, and I'm not talking about the kids," Nami added.

Sanji was surprised when Robin reached out to grab a straw. "Robin-chan! You're pregnant! You shouldn't be taking a part in this."

"I'm only three and a half months pregnant. Besides, I can manage on my own," Robin reassured him.

"Sanji-kun's right! Zoro, aren't you worried?" asked Nami.

Zoro shook his head. "When I'm not around, she'll have a couple arms that will grab her when she falls."

Nami sighed. As much as she wanted to increase the numbers of people that were willing to go, she didn't want to bring Robin into this if it meant getting her hurt. She hesitantly reached for a straw as the others waited on her. The kids gathered around and watched tentatively. Together, the crew pulled on their straws at the same time. Who ever had a straw with the end painted red will be the ones to go with Luffy.

With good luck, the ones that were actually willing to go were Zoro, Robin, Franky, and Sanji. Unfortunately, Nami was a part of them.

Usopp and Chopper silently sighed with relief. "Yokatta."


"Is everyone all packed? We'll be out before dinner tonight," Sanji called out to the kids.

"Everyone's all packed," Robin said.

Taichi lightly patted the head of his little sister. He could tell she was feeling hesitant about this. She's been shaking ever since she woke up this morning. "Are you going to be brave today?"

Anna smiled hesitantly. "I'm not scared! I'm a big girl!"

Taichi grinned. He crouched down to her level and gently placed his hands on each of her shoulders. "Then you won't run away?"

"No! Mommy said never run away like Uncle Usopp. He looks weird when he runs away." After overhearing what Nami's daughter had to say, the long-nosed sharpshooter glared at her mother for even telling her such a thing.

In return, Nami lightly patted the top of her daughter's head in approval. "I've taught you well, Anna."

Syo tapped the ground with the ends of his toes. His shoes might not be as strong as his father's, but the strength in his legs have increased a lot. Out of all the kids, he's the fastest runner.

"When are we going? I feel restless," said Syo.

"You're really excited," Riko noticed.

"If we see any of the huge animals living in the mountains, I can finally see how fast I can run."

"And while you're running away, I could slice up that animal and have it served for lunch," Zero intervened. "Shows just how much fighting strength you have."

Sanji glared at the little green-haired swordsman. Not only was he almost the spitting image of his father, but he had his tongue as well. In response, Zoro patted his son's shoulder in approval. "I've taught you well, Zero."

Aria adjusted her backpack. Rumors about the mountains have been circulating throughout the island, and they weren't pleasant ones. Their mothers made it very clear never to go up there no matter what. Even often times when they would have dinners together as a crew, a few of the guys would hike up the mountain and bring back their meals. If their fathers can handle it, they should be safe. But there was no telling what could happen up there.

Robin held out a water bottle for her. "Are you prepared for anything that will happen up there?"

Aria lightly rubbed her mother's belly. "I should ask you the same thing."

"Are we ready?" asked Luffy.

"I'm full on cola!" said Franky.

"Nami?" The captain looked back. His wife wasn't by his side, but at the back of the group. The navigator took a deep breath. She nodded and gestured for them to move forward. Luffy shrugged. He removed his straw hat and placed it on Anna's head. He reached down and picked her up, much to her surprise. He set her down on his shoulders. He lightly lifted his shoulders, making her rock a bit.

"You okay up there?" Anna tried to adjust the straw hat on her head. Because she was still small, it was too big on her head. She was trying to do this with one hand, while the other tightly held on to her father's hair. "You okay, Princess? If anything happens, Papa's got you."

Anna nodded, but the fear in her eyes were clearly visible. Luffy laughed when he felt her shaking.

When the group started to hike up the forest, the others staying behind waved them goodbye. Usopp and Chopper let out sighs of relief, until Nami looked back. Her hands were clapped together, begging for one of them to take her place. Usopp and Chopper pretended not to notice by whistling and lightly scratching the ground with their foots. Nami grimaced. She knew they saw her.

"Do you think they'll be back sooner?" asked Brook.

"Probably no later than around dinner time," suggested Vivi. "I'm sure Nami wouldn't want to be up at the mountains once it gets dark, and I'm sure the younger kids wouldn't like to be out when its dark. Poor Anna-chan. She was shaking the whole time. I hope nothing bad happens to them."

"Now you're just jinxing it," Usopp said.

"But they're strong," said Chopper.

"But what if something happens?" Vivi asked.

"Maybe Nami was right. Maybe this wasn't a good idea," Kaya murmured with a hint of hesitation.

"We'll decide that when the sun actually goes down," said Usopp.

Meanwhile, with Luffy's group, it was only the break of dawn, and almost everyone in the group was wide awake. As long as Nami had some sort of light where she could see everything in her surroundings, she wasn't scared. Truth be told, she didn't expect to bring out her clima tact out for such a thing. She assumed she'd be done with that thing when Taichi was born. She had to remind herself that the adventures will never end as long as she's with Luffy.

"Do we all know where we're heading?" asked Franky, who was following the group from behind. If anything jumps out from behind, Franky's large body will be the one to protect them. Luffy and Zoro took the lead.

Nami sighed. "Brook showed me the way. He says its up in a cave on a mountain. I explained it to everyone before we left."

"Dad, was the forest from where you grew up in just like this?" asked Haru.

"Hmm, almost," Luffy laughed when flashbacks about his time with his brothers flashed through his mind. "I was nearly killed a ton of times by my brothers when I was around your age. It took me a while to get them to like me."

"If I remember right, didn't your Jii-chan throw you into the jungle on your own?" said Sanji. The cook could see his captain's lips quiver at the mention of his grandfather.

"D-Don't remind me."

"What? Are you still scared? Jeez, for a man in his eighty's, I'm sure his power must've gone down."

"Oh please, he controls himself whenever he sees Nami or Anna. Whenever he comes to visit, he doesn't just pick on me anymore, he goes after Taichi and Haru too!"

Robin was surprised about this. "Really?"

Haru nodded. "Jii-chan doesn't want us to become a pirate like Dad." He rubbed the side of his head after remembering the harsh little training sessions he would give him and Taichi every time he came to visit. "He made it very clear to us."

"He wants us to be the next big admirals for the Marines," Taichi added. His shuddered. "Just thinking about it scares me a bit."

"How's that been on you?" Zoro asked Nami.

Nami facepalmed. "Its never a peaceful visit whenever he comes over. He brings Luffy and the boys up in the forest to train them with the animals."

"So, that explains why Taichi and Haru are so strong," said Aria. "I thought Uncle Luffy was just being hard on them."

"He's probably not as strict as our dad," said Aria. "Dad always trains Zero and I everyday."

"He's not as hard on me," murmured Riko.

Zero chuckled. "You don't need to worry about training."

Aside from being the youngest, Riko wasn't really interested in swordsmanship like her older siblings. It left Zoro and Robin feeling anxious because she was so small and defenseless, but Zero didn't mind. The eldest Roronoa may not be as amazingly strong as his father, aka the "Greatest Swordsman in the World," but he had a reason to keep training, and that was to protect the ones important to him, especially when he has stubborn and fragile sisters like Aria and Riko, and another baby along the way.

"Does that mean Zero or Aria will take the title as the world's greatest swordsman by killing their dad?" asked Yasopp.

Nami giggled. "I would like to see that."

"The day they take my title will be the day that cook learns not to go overboard with those eyebrows," said Zoro.

"Or maybe the day when you learn how to walk in a straight line," replied Sanji.

"Guys, we have a problem," said Taichi. Just before his younger brother passed him, Taichi held his arm out to block him. He pushed him back before he could fall. In front of them was a cliff and a river right below them.

"What's the matter? There's a bridge," said Luffy.

"But look at the bridge, Daddy," said Anna.

"What about it?"

"I don't think that bridge is strong enough to even hold us up," said Zero. The bridge was wide enough to hold at least two people side-by-side. Other than that, it was very old with a couple planks missing. Nonetheless, there was no telling whether it will hold them up if they all went at once. It was a big fall with a strong river flowing downhill.

- Yokatta - I'm relieved, Thank God

- Da me - not good, bad

-Zettai - definitely, absolutely

Random Facts:

- Taichi and Anna both inherited black hair from their father. Haru's hair is a bright orange. Anna and Haru inherited their mother's eyes while Taichi has Luffy's black orbs.

- Syo is blonde while Kaito inherited his mother's blue hair. Both of them have blue eyes.

- Yasopp has blonde hair and has tan skin like his father with black orbs for eyes. Thankfully (to Sanji at least), he didn't inherit the long nose. Luffy once commented that he looked a lot like the original Yasopp.

- All three of the Roronoa kids have different colored hairs. Zero has green hair, Aria's is black, while Riko has white hair. Riko received her hair color from her late grandmother. The girls have their mother's brown eyes while Zero received Zoro's black orbs for eyes.