Taichi dragged Chopper along as he ran back home. Running home wasn't just his way of escaping from Zero and his need for money, he was really eager to meet this mystery girl he found in the forest. Her presence made everyone curious and Taichi couldn't help but wonder what would've happened to her if he hadn't found her then. They entered the Monkey residence and immediately darted for the guest room. When the two stepped in, Taichi saw his whole family already gathered in the room, while the little girl was still in bed, but her eyes were open.

"She just opened her eyes," Haru said.

The little girl sat up, but she looked more confused than frightened. Nami sat on the edge of the bed and smiled comfortingly. "I'm glad you're awake. We found you deep in the forest yesterday and you were unconscious. Do you remember how you got there?" Nami asked softly. The little girl looked down, then shook her head in response. "I see... can you tell us your name?"

The little girl spoke up for the first time, but her voice was so weak, it was almost a whisper. "My name.. my name is.. Momo? That's my name."

Nami smiled. "What a cute name. Momo-chan, huh? My name is Nami. Ne, I need to ask, do you know what were you doing in the forest? Were you separated from your family?"

"Nee-chan.. Nee-chan and I got separated. After that, I don't remember anything."

Luffy was watching Momo the whole time. Even as Nami tried to get some answers, he could tell Momo was trying hard to remember what happened to her. Her fidgeting fingers must've meant she was still nervous and insecure about her current surroundings. Her weak voice either meant she was exhausted from her adventure in the forest, or she didn't fully trust them yet. Either way, Luffy had ways to open her up. He got up from the chair and walked towards the bed. He placed his hands on his knees and leaned down to her level.

"Hi, Momo-chan. My name is Luffy. Is it okay if I call you Momo?" The little girl nodded. "Then, you can call me Luffy."


The Straw Hat captain smiled, and patted her head gently. "You're probably scared of us. You don't need to worry. We're friendly people. Chopper, the talking raccoon over there, has been nursing you back to health ever since we found you."

His 'raccoon' comment angered the little reindeer. It was a joke within the crew that Chopper didn't really appreciate. "I'm a reindeer! That joke's getting old anyway!"

Momo giggled. Hearing her laugh calmed Chopper down. Nami couldn't help but smile. Its the first time she has smiled since she woke up. Luffy turned to his kids, who were staring at them from behind their mother.

"Kids, come say hello," said Luffy. The kids stared at one another, waiting to see who would start them off. Haru took the honor of being the brave one.

"Um, my name is Haru, and this is Anna." Haru bent down and picked up Anna off the floor. She was hiding behind Nami's legs, and her tiny height made it difficult for her to see above the bed. Haru could tell just by watching her. He placed his little sister on the bed next to their father. Anna felt shy. She was clutching her father's arm.

"I'm Anna. If you want, we can play with my dolls in my room later," Anna offered.

Momo smiled. "Okay."

From her response, Anna beamed. She felt like she had made a new friend already. Next, Taichi stepped up behind Anna. "I'm Taichi. I was the one who found you in the forest."

"Th..Thank you, for finding me."

Chopper jumped onto the bed. He had to remind himself why he was here. "Okay, I need to check on Momo, so I need all of you to leave."

"Can I stay, Uncle Chopper?" asked Anna.

"Come on, Anna. Let's get you washed up first," said Nami. She took her daughter's hand and led her out of the room. Haru and Taichi followed. Nami couldn't help but smile. It was reassuring to know she'll be okay from now on. When she woke up, Momo was the first person she checked, and seeing her waking up stunned her. She called for Luffy, accidentally waking the kids in the process. Because of this, none of them ever got the chance to get ready for the day.

Luffy was at the door where he looked back for a second. "Breakfast will be ready for you when you're ready."


As always, Nami was in charge of making breakfast. Leaving Luffy anywhere near the stove could possibly result to the house catching on fire. Already seated at the table, Luffy nibbled on a cracker Chopper told him to eat if he was ever waiting for food. As Nami cooked, she couldn't help but think about Momo. Actually, she was all she thought about. "Do you really think someone will recognize her if we take her into town?" asked Nami.

"She said she had an older sister. At least there's one person out there," replied Luffy. Nami sighed. Worst case scenarios ran through her mind. For example, what if she washed up on shore and tried to look for a town through the forest. Maybe everyone in her family is dead. Nami shook her head to shake it off. She really shouldn't be thinking about those kids of situations.

"For the time being, we'll take care of her until we find her sister," said Nami.

Out of no where, Anna came dashing in, fully dressed and ready for the day. She hopped on to the chair next to her father and took a big whiff of her mother's cooking. "Is it done yet?" Anna asked .

"Almost ready," Nami said.

"Here, take a bite of this," said Luffy, offering her a small piece of his cracker. Anna examined it, before taking it from her father's hand and throwing it in her mouth. The little girl smiled.



While her mother prepared breakfast, Riko was ordered to wake up the sleeping boys. She made her first stop at her brother's room, which was the first room when coming up the stairs. She knocked gently, although she knew he'd be asleep to even answer the door. She lightly opened the door and peeked inside. She walked to his bed where his figure under the blanket looked oddly bulgy. Riko reached for the blanket when suddenly she heard the window open and a hand reaching for the edge.

Riko was startled and terrified by the new intruder. She slowly backed herself to the wall, ready to scream for her parents to come. Just then, Aria stepped in. At the same time, the 'intruder' revealed his face.

"Oi, Zero, can I borrow-" Aria's request was stopped abruptly. She was frozen at the door, while Riko was also frozen at her place as well. The two girls were staring at the window where their older brother was in the middle of getting in, but stopped when he saw them in his room. He, as well, had the same expression, until he noticed the open door.

"Close the door!" Zero ordered while proceeding to enter through the window. Aria jumped, but obeyed his request. A few years back, the three of them agreed to make a pact. Their parents' reputation don't deceive them, even if they act like normal parents in their home. Their father can be strict and demanding, and their mother can be overprotective. Therefore, they agreed that if one of them gets into trouble, then no word about it goes to their parents. If one of them were caught, then the other two will help them out. It was a pact only the Roronoa siblings kept as a secret to themselves. Sure it brought them closer as siblings, but if one is involved, then they all are. In other words, no matter whose fault it is, they all get in trouble.

"Where were you?!" Aria yelled, but not loud enough for their parents to hear.

"I just had to go out for a bit, no big deal. I'm back anyway," Zero tried to get around her question. It would be bad and embarrassing if he brought up the bet, and possibly lose.

"If Mom already found out about this.."

"I don't think she does. She told me to go wake Dad and Nii-chan up," said Riko.

"Well, at least I arrived on time. I better go before she comes up here herself," said Zero. He casually made his way around his sisters before exiting out of his room.

Aria gasped when she realized he was trying to escape. He still hasn't told them what he was up to. "Oi, we're not done here!"

"Get out of my room!" Zero yelled.

Aria scoffed. She and Riko followed Zero into the living room to see their mother on the den den mushi. The food was all ready laid out on the dining table. When Zero sat down, he immediately dug into his plate. Running from his house to Syo's house, to Taichi's house, to the town and back made him famished.

"Ee, I'll have her and Aria send some over after breakfast. How is she?" Robin asked on the den den mushi.

Nami's voice was heard from the other line. "Mmm, I think she has amnesia, but I'm sure her memories will come back eventually. Chopper said some familiar people or objects could retrieve those memories."

"I see, that must be hard."

"Sounds like chaos over there," said Zero who took a bite out of his toast. Robin hung up after saying goodbye, then took her seat at the end of the table.

"Auntie Nami's requesting some clothes that will fit Momo. Riko, would it be okay to give away a few clothes?" asked Robin. Riko nodded as she continued eating. "Riko, where's your father?" asked Robin.

Riko jumped in her seat. After the little incident in Zero's room, she completely forgot to wake up her father.


Nami opened the door, pleased to see the Roronoa sisters standing at her door step. She stepped to the side to let the girls in. "I'm glad you're here. Did you bring the clothes?" Nami asked.

Riko stretched out her arms while holding onto a bag of clothes. Aria looked around to see if the amnesia girl was around. "Can we meet her?" Aria asked.

Nami smiled. "She's in the guest room playing with Anna. She'll be thrilled to meet you."

Nami led the way they made their way to the guest room while cutting through the living room in the process. When they passed through the living room, Taichi called out to them before they could leave. "Aria! Riko! What are you doing here?" asked Taichi.

"We came to see her," said Aria. Haru, who was sitting on the sofa with his older brother, ran towards them and caught both of them in a chokehold. Ignoring their screams and squirms, Haru dragged them to the couch where Taichi sat.

"Whats the big idea?!" Aria exclaimed.

"It hurts!" Riko complained.

"Shh! I need to talk with you about something!" said Haru. He crouched down, and pulled the girls with him. "I have a theory, but that's just it."

"Well, this better be good," Aria said sarcastically while still trying to get Haru's arms off of her. He may be younger than her, but he had a firm grip, something he earned through all that training.

"I think Momo's still the ghost girl from those rumors-" Aria elbowed him in the stomach before he could finished.

"How rude. Just because we found her wearing a dress in the forest-"

"Exactly! How often do you find a little girl wondering around the forest alone without anyone noticing?"

"Can you please let us go?" asked Riko. Haru quickly released his grip from the girls when he realized he still had them in a hold.

Riko coughed. "Maybe you're overreacting. Ghosts don't exist. There's only one ghost living on this planet and she's far away from here."

"Neither do dragons, but our parents saw one," Haru pointed out.

Taichi nodded approvingly. "He has a point."

"Don't tell me, you're on his side?" asked Aria.

"Actually, you should've seen her when she woke up this morning. She looked like an angel. She looked flawless after what happened to her in the forest. I mean, I'm not saying she's a 'ghost,' but there's something different about her."

"Nice job, Bro. For once, you actually agree with me," said Haru.

"I'm still not believing this," said Aria.

"Aw, come on! I think our reasons are valid, and we don't lie. You believe us, don't you, Riko?"

"Hey hey!" Aria pulled her sister closer to her. "Don't bring Riko into this."

"Ghost or not, I still want to meet her," murmured Riko.

"Oh, yeah. I almost forgot why we're here," Aria said.

Haru jumped to his feet. "I'll introduce you then."

The four of them roamed through the living room and up the stairs. The guest room was the first room on the right. It was currently occupied by Momo and Anna who were playing with Anna's dolls just like she promised. When they reached the door, they could hear Anna's laughter from the other side. Haru knocked twice, then opened the door slightly and peeked his head in.

"Momo, there are two girls here that want to meet you. Can we come in?" Haru asked. Momo nodded in response.

Haru swung the door open fully and led the group in. Aria and Riko peered their heads over Haru's shoulders. Momo's lower half was still under the covers. She still sported one of Luffy's old shirts from when they brought her in to replace her tattered dress. Her glowing white hair flowed down her back and it looked stunning in the sunlight. Her complexion was perfect.

"Wow," Riko said under her breath.

September 12, 2013

Fun Facts:

- The names and genders for Robin and Vivi's babies have already been picked out. However, their appearance is still in the process.

- Nami's log book of their entire journey is kept in the library in the Sunny. Only Riko has read the entire book and understood most of its content.

- Riko was the last child I came up with. In other words, she was never supposed to take a part in this story, but she was later created due to future reasons you will see towards the end of the series (;