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Conversation between almost lovers.

The early morning light shines on their eyes. Ignoring the rest of the world, they lose themselves in one another...

He tenderly kisses her shoulder, "Can I touch you?"

She's nervous, he can smell it, but also excited, "Yes."

"Does this feel good?"

Breathless, panting, "Y-Yes…"

"Tell me where to touch. I want you to feel good, Bells."

Moves his fingers up, to where hers are circling her swollen clit, and gasps, "There… yes, there, slow… Jake," she whispers.

"You're really here? With me? Letting me touch you?" disbelief clouds his rough voice, his fingers move, a contrast to his insecurity.

"I am… don't stop, please…"

"You came back to me," he breathes in deep, allowing her fragrance to touch his tastebuds, "... can I… can I try something?"

Her eyes are closed, teeth biting on her lower lip, "Mmmm…"

Taking it as an approval, he leans down, tracing his tongue along her pink, wet folds while teasing her sensitive nub with his fingertip. She jerks, moans louder.

"Oh, god…"

His lips, with her flavor smeared on them, kiss her belly button, "I like doing that… can I do it again?"

She nods, pushing him down, overcome with intense sexual need and frustration. He hums in appreciation, "Wish I would have known you tasted as good as you smelled…"

"I could stay here forever," drawing the hypersensitive clit into his warm mouth, he reaches up, caressing her breasts.

She shudders, sweat gleams on her stomach and neck, her back arches off the mattress, "Too… much…" she is hot, wanton, and incoherent. She wants to scream, cry, giggle. Jake... Her Jacob... Mine... Love... Oh, so good...

He slips his tongue into her, thrusting in and out, mimicking what he would love to be doing to her, "Let me… please… need you…"

She tumbles into another orgasm, letting it wash over her, drowning her in ecstasy. Ivory thighs forced open wider by large, tan hands; small fingers threading through his inky hair, urging and pushing at once. She is lost in this bliss, where nothing matters but the man worshiping her.

Her wedding dress lay on the floor, ripped, torn to shreds by the very hands that bring so much pleasure. The bed is stained with her honeyed essence. He rubs his face on it, his wolf relishing in the primitive act. They've wanted her for so long, waited too long… "We have all night, honey. I want you…" another flick of his wicked tongue, "Do you want me?"

She grips his shoulders, pulling him up to look into his ebony eyes, "I do. I want you," her body trembles with aftershocks, "... you make me feel…"

The animal within purrs, orders him to take, claim, sear his scent into her milky flesh. His erection pressed on her thigh, he asks, "Will you be mine?"

She breathes on him, her sweetness clinging to him deliciously, "I'm already yours…"

No idea where this came from, or if there will be more. But, here it is. Un-preread. Rough. Posting as is. ;)