Chapter: Seed

We're in season 3 whoo! And did you guys see The Season 4 preview? So tense! Makes me worry about the group more now! And hopefully Merle's Death can be avenge this year! :D And sorry for the slow updating. I was lazy and sick... And my friend A wanted me to update :P I do not own the walking dead or facebook.

It's winter and Rick is trying to find shelter for everyone. After a little while, They found a two story house and decide to rest here until he sends a scouting party to hopefully find shelter for a while.


Carl Grimes: I found Dog food, guys! Want any?

Rick Grimes: There's no where in hell I'm letting you eat dog food!

Daryl Dixon: Got us some Owl!

Sophia Dixon: Dog food doesn't sound bad at the time...

Daryl Dixon: Hush up, Child! Owl tastes just like chicken!

Carol Dixon: And better than squirrel...

Daryl Dixon: No owl for you!

Carol Dixon: Hey, Carl want to share some of that dog food?

Daryl Dixon: Dammit women, Fine you'll get some owl.

Merle Dixon: Whipped

Daryl Dixon: Shut the hell up!



As soon as T-Dog posted on Facebook that walkers were coming near the house. Everyone immeadatley grab their belonging and run out of the house. They all get in their respective vechles just as the walkers reach their cars. They go back to the highway where they once lost Sophia. "I hate this highway." Complains Carol. Everyone nodded in agreement. "Daryl and me will go scouting up North." Annouces Rick. "And no more posting: 'Walkers' in Facebook. We have to tell each other by actually talking. What if we weren't on Facebook?" Rick lecture. "We would all die." Mutter Glenn. Maggie elbowed them in the ribs. "What was that?" Asked Rick. "Nothing." Mumbled Glenn.


Beth Greene is on chat

Merle Dixon is on chat

Merle Dixon: Well, Hello there sugar tits!

Beth Greene: Hello there?

Merle Dixon: How old are you? ;D

Beth Greene: Just turned 18...

Merle Dixon: So how about me and you bump some uglies? ;D

Beth looks at the phone in shock. She runs toward Daryl who just came back with Rick. Daryl looks at her curioulsy and raises a eyebrow at her. What does she wants?

"Daryl, Your brother is being a creep!" Complains Beth.

"Dammit! Merle!"

Beth Greene: Merle! Leave little Beth alone! - Daryl, Your fuckin brother

Merle Dixon: Can't a man have fun?

Beth Greene: Man, You're like 48 fuckin years old! And you call me a pedo! - Daryl

Merle Dixon: Next time I'll see you I'm gonna kick your ass! And tell Beth that I would like to talk to her again ;D

Beth Greene: Not if you're going to talk to Beth like this, You won't! - Maggie (Beth's big sister, Who's ready to castrate you!)

Merle Dixon: Fine, I'll be a gentlemen ;p

Beth Greene: Goodbye!

Merle Dixon: Oh, Don't be like that baby.

Beth Greene has logged out...


"Daryl and I, Have found a prison!" Annouce Rick. "But, There's a little problem. Walkers."

After Rick's little annoucement, The group head towards the prison. Everyone gets ready for ass kicking time.


After a day of killing walkers and checking the perimeter. Everyone sits around the fire as usual. "Beth, Why don't you sing for us?" Asks Herschel. "I don't think anyone wants to hear me sing." says Beth shyly. "After a little encouragement. Beth starts singing a song and Maggie has joined in.


T-Dog: Today is a good day!

Rick Grimes: Yes it was!

Daryl Dixon: At times, Like this I wish there was a pub around here!

Glenn: Amen!

Daryl Dixon: Remember the time at the CDC, When we all got drunk? XD Man, Your face was so red! XD

Rick Grimes: 'Don't let me drink ever again!' Was what you said! XD

T-Dog: And those powder eggs and bacon :P

Carol Dixon: Good times :P

Sophia Dixon: Yup!

Carl Grimes: Hey, Remember our first kiss too? ;D

Lori Grimes: Carl! You're too young for affection!

Daryl Dixon: I reckon that's what your father said too when you was pregant with Carl.

T-Dog: :O

Glenn: BURN!

Maggie Greene: GLENN!

Glenn has logged out...

Hershel Greene: Children, Go to bed.

Lori Grimes: Not after their spanks they are!

Carl Grimes: I'm too old for spanks!

Sophia Dixon likes this...

Lori Grimes: Remember, You're first week of the outbreak when we were by the quarry. And you WET YOUR BED!

Carol Dixon likes this...

Carol Dixon: Hey, Sophia! Remember when you got a nightmare and slept between me and Daryl?

Daryl Dixon: HAHAH! I remember when I thought Sophia was you. So I hugged Sophia and she freaked! -_-'


Daryl Dixon: And then you punch me in the face and gave me a black eye. And the worse part is you pee the bed!

Sophia Dixon: What did I do to derserve this?! And dammit Carl! When I said 'What stays in the recreational room, Stays in the recreational room', I mean it!

Carl Grimes: All we did was kiss 0.0

Carol Dixon: HAAHAHHAH! XD! I remember Daryl! HAHA! Never again -_-' Will she sleep between us again...

Merle Dixon: And you call me a pedo!


Sophia Dixon: Guess who's plan to embrass me backfired? YOUUUU!

Daryl Dixon: No, Candy for you! Next time I'm going on a run!


Sophia logs out and runs toward Daryl who's on his phone. She tugs on his shirt. He turns to see Sophia. She gives him the puppy face. "Not going to work." He mutters. Trying to look away from her eyes. She whimpers like a wounded puppy. Tears coming down her face. Just when he was going to give in, Carol saves him. "Nope! Sophia, You're grounded for PDA." (Public Distrubance Affection) Sophia suddenly stomps off toward Carl who just got out of a lecture himself. Carl looks at Sophia questionly. But, Then he looks closer to see a furious Sophia. Shit! He thought. And he ran as fast as he can. The adults watch the kids. Laughing as they watch a furious Sophia catch up to a very scared Carl. "HELP!" He calls out to Rick. Who gave him a 'Bitch Please' face and shakes his head 'No'. Sophia grabbed his ear and says to him darkly: When you go to a run, You better gimme some candy! Carl nods feriously and runs away as Sophia drops him. He scampers only to trip when he sees Sophia's glare and get up again. He runs to his Mom's arms.

Daryl looks at Carol and mutters: She gets it from you. As he said this. Carol look at him with a sickly sweet smile. "What was that?" She asks. "I love you!" He quickly responds. She drops the smile and gives him a actual one. "I love you too!" And they walk back to the tent for some sexy time. XD

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