Trapped in a Serpent's Coils

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" Avada Kedavra"- English

$ Avada Kedavra$- Parseltongue

-Avada Kedavra- Thought Speech

A Scholastic Seventeeth (Classes part 2):

Harry was up and ready to go early that morning. Well, he woke up to high pitched, girlish screams again, and when he catapulted out of bed, he hit his head against a bed post. Then, tumbling out of his bed, Harry was tangled in his curtains as he struggled to defend his dorm mates from whatever was trying to eat them.

Of course, all he saw was his mother snuggling an unconscious Malfoy, and that couldn't possibly have been the noise… Harry looked around the room for the threat, but when nothing showed up, he gave up. What in the world would be making that awful racket?

After that kind of awakening, it really was impossible to go back to sleep, so, like yesterday, Harry went to freshen up. Before long, his dorm mates were up and ready, and Harry was ready to go.

Harry was once again in the Great Hall munching morosely on his food as he contemplated his day. Charms with the little Professor, then DADA, finally followed by Transfiguration. Oh, and a late night lecture under the stars in Astronomy. Joy.

At this point, Harry was desperately thinking of ways to get out of McGonagall's class. The woman had been a walking Gryffindor advertisement all summer, surprising Harry with random stories of famous Gryffindors and such. She had even flat out told him how much he fit into Gryffindor when they were having one of her awkward talking sessions. Well, now that he thought about it, Harry was pretty sure it was her that drove him out of even considering joining the red and gold house…

Harry was, on the other hand, extremely eager to learn from Professor Flitwick. The little professor had recovered quite nicely from his encounter with Tähdet over the summer, and was now one of her greatest admirers. It was all very funny and the Professor had taken to asking if she was with Harry every time the two passed each other.

In fact, the two even had a continuous game of Hunt The Charms Professor going. Tähdet would try to tackle the tiny man, and he would pretend to be scared and beg her not to eat him. Then came the best part, the Professor's hilarious reaction to Harry's mom gently tightening her coils. His squeaks would get higher and higher pitched, before he turned a bit purple. Then they'd begin their game all over again!

While Harry was reminiscing, the others had been finishing their breakfasts. Harry was snapped out of his memories of a particularly terrified Charms Professor when he was wrenched out of his seat by Draco. Well, time for the first class!

The Slytherins were ushered into the classroom with their Ravenclaw counterparts as the Charms Professor scurried passed them. First there was a roll call, during which the professor clambered up a stack of heavy books and proceeded to rattle off names.

When the Professor came to Harry's name, he gave a loud squeak and tumbled off his stack, before popping up and looking around franticly for Harry's mom. It was touching, Harry had no idea the man liked his mother this much. He really had to organize a play date for them!

After roll call, they began working on a simple charm. The spell they were doing, Harry found, was a very simple levitation one, not too different from the parseltongue spell he'd been using for years. Each student was given a feather and told to levitate it.

Harry did have an awfully hard time translating casting in parseltongue to Latin though; the words just didn't flow right. Besides, what idiot would rather use Wingardium Leviosa rather than a simple $Up$? It made no sense.

He was wrenched from his thoughts as he was forced to put out the little fire Theo made with his feather. Oh well, at least his year mates would make this a fun class. Harry smirked and joined his fellow Snakes in heckling the Ravenclaws.

Bored, Harry looked around for a good target. Sitting by herself in the corner of the classroom, Mudblood was concentrating on her feather. She waved her wand, muttered under her breath, and the feather started to shake. Well that couldn't be allowed.

Seeing that no other students were looking in his direction, Harry muttered a quiet $Fire$ and the Mudblood's feather started to spit sparks. Beaver teeth, who had lean in closer to see her feather, now jumped back screaming as a spark hit her on the nose.

Somehow, Mudblood crashed into another Ravenclaw, who fell against another, and another… creating a domino effect of Ravenclaws as the Slytherins and the tiny professor looked on in shock.

Best class ever!

Charms was quite the fun experience, but, now, it was on to DADA. Harry wondered what the class would be like with the strange stuttering professor. He had heard quite disappointing rumors from the older Slytherins about the class, and he hoped they weren't true.

They had this class with the Gryffindors, unfortunately. This meant a class of feuding children with a stuttering dolt of a teacher. Great. Harry suddenly grinned. At least now he had the perfect class to humiliate the rude red-headed weasel. He was on a roll!

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