Here we go folks!

The 8th Annual Fannie Awards

The huge auditorium looked beautiful. Red velvet curtains at the edges of the stage, rows and rows of stadium-style seating, a large screen, and those oh-so-important clearly marked exit signs. whitem watched from 'Stage Left' as the audience was filing in, having gorged themselves on sticks of chicken and other appetizers.

After it looked like the audience was all settled in their seats inside the massive auditorium, whitem was seen walking across the stage with a purposeful stride. He stepped behind the podium and tapped the microphone, causing a little bit of static and feedback.

Leaning in a bit to the mic he said, "Sorry 'bout that folks. This is all kinda new to me. Anyways… Ladies and gentlemen… boys and girls… dying time's here." Silence spread across all those in attendance, and there were more than a few who looked a bit concerned.

"Whoops… sorry folks… that's a line from one of my favorite movies, so let's just forget I said that…K?" Clearing his throat, the middle-aged man seemed to stand a little taller. "So… ladies and gentlemen… boys and girls… welcome to the 8th Annual Fannie Awards!"

After getting over the initial shock of thinking something terrible was going to happen, everyone in attendance loudly applauded, and there were quite a few whistles and screams as well.

After a couple of minutes, whitem was finally able to calm everyone down to a mild roar. "Thank-you… thank-you. Before we go any further, I would like to ask my Co-host Slipgate to come out here."

A tall man with extremely short-cropped hair and wiry glasses came just onto the stage from stage left. He seemed to be checking something on his phone, and looked up and quickly shoved an envelope at someone off-stage with a look of relief on his face. Then he turned and saw the full audience. His eyes widened, then he smiled and turned toward the center of the stage. He walked up and stood next to whitem, who moved to one side of the podium. "Welcome all! I'm sorry I'm late to the stage. One of those things about making sure all the details are just right for you fine folks. Well, I've been part of the Kimmunity for three years now, and it just so happened that last year I'd offered to help out on the Fannies… and that turned into getting the ball rolling this year! Thankfully I wasn't alone, thanks to whitem here, and so between our efforts we're able to offer you a proper Awards ceremony again!" The audience cheered.

"Throughout the night both of us will be giving out awards to those who have won a Fannie, but first I would like to give a little bit of history. March 2nd, 2006 was when Zaratan wrote the first Fannie Awards Show, and from then on, with a few hiccups here and there… we have had Awards given out every year. If you will direct your attention to the large screen that is now dropping from the ceiling…" A massive screen dropped from the rafters. "You will see a list of all the previous winners. I apologize in advance if there any differences in the format from year to year."

The screen scrolled slow enough for all to read, and it read as follows…

**** 1st Annual Fannie Award winners

Best Writer - MrDrP

Best New Writer - StarvingLunatic

Best Story Overall - Shego Rocks! (David Clark Allan)

Best Series Overall - Unacceptable Sitch series (Allaine)

Best One-shot Overall - Chronic (Nate Grey)

Best Novel-sized Story Overall - Kim Possible: Mind, Body, and Soul (Hobnob-rev)

Best Comedy - Mind Games: Redux (Cid Gregor)

Best Romance - A Few New Tricks (Immo)

Best Action/Adventure - The Lotus Bloom (CaptainKodak1)

Best Drama - A Road Not Taken (Apoptosis)

Best Songfic - Something More (Zaratan)

Best Crossover/Fusion: Kim Possible - The Next Generation (MrDrP)

Best K/R Story - The Lotus Bloom (CaptainKodak1)

Best Kigo Story - Kim Possible: Mind, Body, and Soul (Hobnob-rev)

Best Alternative Pairing Story (Ron/Bon, Kim/Drakken, etc.) - Life Changes (Zaratan)

Best Original Character - Kara Fang (Hobnob-rev)

Best Minor Character - Bonnie (Zaratan) and Nooni (Mattb3671) (TIE)

**** 2nd Annual Fannie Award winners

Best Writer - Commander Argus

Best New Writer (2006) - (tie) King in Yellow & Cpneb

Most Voted Writer - Starving Lunatic

Best Story Overall – Alone Together (Failte200)

Best Series Overall – The Trinity Sitch (Commander Argus)

Best One-shot Overall – Zorpox and the Cheerleader (MrDrP)

Best Novel-sized Story Overall - The Gods Must Be Laughing (Starving Lunatic)

Best Comedy – It's Addictive (Spectre666)

Best Romance – Another Time, Another Place (Starving Lunatic)

Best Action/Adventure – Maternal Instinct (Blackbird)

Best Drama – The Darkness Within - GWA (G-Go, MrDrP, CaptainKodak1, Mattb3671, WesUAH, Commander Argus, Zaratan)

Best Crossover/Fusion – The Batman (Classic Cowboy)

Best AU – Middlewood (Yvj)

Best K/R Story – The Ronless Factor (Scoutcraft Piratess/Zaratan)

Best Kigo Story – Alone Together (Failte200)

Best Alternative Pairing Story (Ron/Bon, Kim/Drakken, etc.) – In the Middle (Starving Lunatic)

Best Original Character – Isabel Gooding - Walking the Line (Starving Lunatic)

Best Minor Character – Bonnie - In the Middle (Starving Lunatic)

Best Original Character Name - Kasy and Sheki - Kasy/Sheki series (NoDrogs)

Best Villain - Kara Fang - Kim Possible : Mind, Body, and Soul (Hobnob-rev)

Best Single Line - Starving Lunatic - One in a Billion - Shego - "What the? Where have you been these past few years? When the woman says she's on a plane, chances are she's actually in a cab on the way to the house! I don't want to get caught by her!"

Kim Possible Achievement Award – Zaratan

**** 3rd Annual Fannie Award winners

Best Original Character Name - Deidre "Dee" Lusional - Match Ado About Nothing – MrDrP

Best Original Character - Grimm Probable – All Things Probable Series – Slyrr

Best Minor Character – Tara – Mating Games – Campy

Best Villain – Zorpox – Taming a Slave – Johnrie18

Best Songfic – Over You - Zaratan

Best AU – Honor Bound – StarvingLunatic

Best Crossover/Fusion – Possibles Of The Caribbean – Twila Starla

Best Alternative Pairing – Ron/Bonnie – The Pathetic Tale of Bonnie Rockwaller – Blackbird

Best Kigo – Best Enemies: Redux - King in Yellow

Best K/R – Tunnel Vision – CaptainKodak1

Best Comedy – Hottie's Home – spectre666

Best Romance – ilyiw: Christmas with my New Daddy – cpneb

Best Action/Adventure – Ron Stoppable, Ultimate Monkey Master – Quis Custodiet

Best Drama – TIE - Inside, Looking Out - Charles Gray and What She Can't Say – The Wise Duck

Best One-Shot – Sweet Dreams - MrDrP

Best Novel-Sized – Tunnel Vision – CaptainKodak1

Best Short Story – Legacy – JAKT, Given to mkusenagi2 and Kathleen Ellen Anne O' Connor

Best Series – All Things Probable series – Slyrr (eligible again at the 6th Annual Fannie Awards)

Kim Possible Achievement Award - Allaine

Most Voted Writer – Cpneb

Best Writing Team – The Ronless Factor – Backroads/Zaratan

Best Young Writer – Akinyi

Best New Writer – JAKT

Best Story – Tunnel Vision - CaptainKodak1

Best Writer - CaptainKodak1

**** 4th Annual Fannie Award winners

Best Original Character Name - Leigh Gality - Friend in Darkness – Slyrr

Best Original Character - tie: Professor Moriarty - The Power of Ron – whitem and Rhonda Fatigable - All Things Probable Series - Slyrr

Best Minor Character - Joss Possible - JadeKimVerse – cpneb

Best Villain - Professor Moriarty - The Power of Ron - Whitem

Best Songfic - Bonnie, Your're a fine girl - Star_Eva01

Best AU Story - 1919 – MrDrP

Best Crossover/Fusion - The Iron Man Project – Noobfish

Best Alternative Pairing Story - Drakken/Potato - Potato Madness - Neo the Saiyan Angel

Best Kigo Story - Lust Potion Number 9 - Whitem

Best K/R Story - 8 Nights: Help Us - Ran Hakubi

Best Comedy - tie: KR vs. Kigo – MaceEcam and Law and Disorder - MrDrP

Best Romance - 1919 – MrDrP

Best Action/Adventure - A Friend in Darkness - Slyrr

Best Drama - A Christmas Sitch - jakt

Best One-shot - tie: A Box of Cuddle Buddies Redux – CaptainKodak1 and Mom, Me, and Mary – jakt

Best Novel-Sized - Undercover – Michael Howard

Best Short Story - 1919 – MrDrP

Best Series - Blue Eyes, Shining – cpneb

Most Voted Writer - Slyrr

Best Writing Team - jakt

Best Young Author – kt, of jakt

Best New Writer - Michael Howard

Best Story Overall - A Friend in Darkness – Slyrr

Best Writer - Mr. Wizard

**** 5th Annual Fannie Award winners

Best Original Character Name - Lyle Lott

Best Original Character - Pete Peterson (Team Possible in the 8th Dimension, by waveform) and The Mystical Monkey (A Friend in Darkness, by slyrr)

Best Minor Character - Mim Possible (1939 by jakt) and Yori (Kunoichi, by Darev)

Best Villain - Katerina Vozmozhniya (Fly Me to the Moon, by MrDrP), The Supreme Empress (Reset by waveform) and Miss ANThropy (The Human Element Book II: Synthesis of a New Life by NoobFish)

Best Songfic - Kimmie's Guy by whitem

Best Alternate Universe – 1939 by jakt

Best Crossover/Fusion – BioniKim by whitem

Best Alternate Pairing - Shego/Monkey Fist (Farewell to the Mat by daccu65)

Best Kigo – (Tie) Most Wanted by Sobriety and One Way or the Other (SweetPixieSmile)

Best Kim/Ron - 22 Minutes (JAKT and Star-Eva01) and School Days (captainkodak1)

Best Comedy - When Alien Abductions go Wrongsick by Neo the Saiyan angel

Best Romance - A Lot Like Love by yvj

Best Action/Adventure - Fly Me to the Moon by MrDrP

Best Drama – 1939 (jakt)

Best One-Shot - 22 Minutes (JAKT and Star-Eva01)

Best Novel-Sized Story - A Friend in Darkness by slyrr

Best Series Overall - Best Enemies Universe by King in Yellow

Best Writing Team - Star-Eva01 and jakt

Best Young Author - Akinyi

Best New Writer - Sentinel103

Best Story Overall – 1939 by jakt

Best Short Story - The Lord and Lady of Everlot by Cpneb

Best Writer – Cpneb

**** 6th Annual Fannie Award winners

Best Original Character Name - General Arch N Emmy (Rise of Rhodigan by Nutzkie)

Best Original Character - Wayne Kingston (School Of Life by captainkodak1)

Best Minor Character - Yori (Exam by MrDrP) and Monique (GVU: The Freshman Rush by AmericanGecko)

Best Villian - Moriarty (The Power of Kim by whitem)

Best Songfic - Save Me A Dance (captainkodak1)

Best AU Story - Out There, In Here (BearSent176 [CajunBear73 / Sentinel103])

Best Crossover/Fusion - The Dark Knight (Classic Cowboy)

Best Alternative Pairing Story - Brick/Justine (Just A Jock by DoofusPrime)

Best KiGo Story - At the Centerfold of the Storm (SHADO Commander)

Best K/R Story - Well-Suited (Pinky Jo Curlytail)

Best Comedy - Airliner! (Mahler Avatar) and Quest of The "Sick and Wrong" (JA of JAKT)

Best Romance - Ginger Tea and Strawberry Toast (Pinky Joe Curly Tail)

Best Action/Adventure - The Most Dangerous Game (captainkodak1)

Best Drama - Another Time – Another Place – Another Adventure (JA of JAKT) and Some More Drama (Slipgate)

Best Mature Story - At the Centerfold of the Storm (SHADO Commander)

Best Wrongsick Story - Mission Failure (Charles Gray)

Best One-Shot Overall - Well Suited (Pinky Jo Curlytail)

Best Novel-Sized Story - Remember the Mat (daccu65)

Best Short Story - Sympathy for the Devil (whitem)

Best Series Overall - The Mim and Jon tales (JA of JAKT)

Best Writing Team - BearSent176 (CajunBear73 / Sentinel 103)

Best Young Author - purplegirl761

Best New Writer – DoofusPrime

Best Story Overall - Remember the Mat (daccu65)

Best Writer - captainkodak1

**** 7th Annual Fannie Award Winners

Best Original Character Name - Qua-czar (Radiation Situation; Gomro Morskopp) and Sue Donem (At The Centerfold Of The Storm; SHADO Commander)

Best Original Character - Ralph Emerson (At The Centerfold Of The Storm; SHADO Commander)

Best Minor Character - Private Dobbs (Always Be Polite to a Lady; Slipgate)

Best Villain - Dr. Maestro (The Malevolent Dr. Maestro!; Mahler Avatar)

Best Songfic - KP: The Chain of Love (AmericanGecko)

Best AU Story - Kim Possible: The End (Molloy)

Best Crossover/Fusion - The Back Up Plan (SHADO Commander)

Best Alternate Pairing - Hego/Electronique (Amnesia; Iapsa)

Best Kigo Story - Tie... Most Wanted (Sobriety) and The Princess Diaries-The KIGO Edition (SHADO Commander)

Best K/R Story - Possible She Wants You Too, One Way to Ask Her (Slipgate) and Only a mother's love (sumer11)

Best Comedy - A Lot Like Love (yvj)

Best Romance - A Ronmantic Proposal (Pinky Jo Curlytail)

Best Action/Adventure - At The Centerfold Of The Storm (SHADO Commander)

Best Drama - At The Centerfold Of The Storm (SHADO Commander)

Best Wrongsick Story - So Not A KIGO Story (SHADO Commander)

Best One-Shot Overall - Gift (DoofusPrime)

Best Novel-Sized Story - At The Centerfold Of The Storm (SHADO Commander)

Best Short Story - The Princess and the Dragon (purplegirl761)

Best Series Overall - The Hitchhiker Series (TempestDash) and Losses (Slipgate)

Best Young Author - Iapsa

Best New Author - ZorpoxTheConqueror

Best Story Overall - At The Centerfold Of The Storm (SHADO Commander)

Best Writer - SHADO Commander

After the list finished scrolling by, which took about five to ten minutes, with the audience clapping politely or enthusiastically at each winner, whitem could be seen wiping something from one corner of his eyes. "Well folks, I don't know about you, but some of those brought back some really good memories."

Slipgate looked glassy-eyed himself, and pulled off his glasses to rub his eyes quickly. "There were a few friends in that list," he said, "and a few people that I think my votes helped to put there. There are also some great authors listed there that are no longer with us. It's interesting to be on this side of the process this time."

The now blank screen lifted back up into the rafters as whitem continued to speak. "Well, now that we've seen the past, how about the now? If everyone doesn't mind, we would like to take a short break to get everything in order, and then we will start with the first awards."

"Fly me to the Moon" by 'Old Blue Eyes' Frank Sinatra, started wafting through the large room. While the music echoed thought the large area, some in the audience either spoke with friends sitting next to or with them, while others went over to the well-stocked free bar to get drinks for either themselves or their respective dates.

To be continued…