Fangs and Fury

Summary: After another fight, Sam goes out to cool off when Dean gets jumped by vampires looking to use him as bait or food. It's up to Sam to find his brother before he's turned or killed & he's forced to call upon the last person he ever wanted to ask for help or risk losing Dean again but saving him won't be as simple as either Sam or Benny think. *Hurt/limp/angry/sick!Dean; Protective/concerned/worried/furious!Sam (Benny's here as well)* Set between 08x10 Torn & Frayed and 08x11 LARP & the Real Girl.

Warnings: I'll warn for language as always. Also, as it goes there will be some minor descriptive violence but I'll warn per chapter for that as I normally do.

Tags/Spoilers: Not tagged to anything and there may be some spoilers for before those episodes but if so they'll be minor.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. I write this for the enjoyment of myself & others.

Author Note: So, there's no doubts that Sam hates Benny with a passion but could there be more behind it than just he's a vampire? That's what we'll explore as this goes because Sam will have to work with him to find his brother and then to…well, don't want to give anything away, lol. Enjoy!

Chapter One

"'He's a damn vampire! One of the things we hunt!'"

"'He's how I survived Purgatory! Without him I wouldn't have gotten out, especially since my so-called brother decided I wasn't worth looking for.'"

"'So I'm just managed to disappoint you again? Is that it? Is that why you didn't bother to tell me that you were sneaking off to help a vampire?'"

"'Benny's been more of a brother to me than you've been in years.'"

It was that last jab that really twisted the knife in Sam Winchester's chest or back depending on what mood he was in and right then he was in a royally pissed off one as he stalked through the aisles of the closest town with a larger than normal market.

It hadn't been a secret to anyone that since his older brother's return from a year in Purgatory that the Winchester brothers hadn't been on the same page and while Sam accepted, mostly to himself, that a good chunk of it was because of what he'd done in those twelve months…or more to the point what he let Dean think he hadn't done.

Dean also had to share part of the blame and that was what had ignited the fight between them last night and had carried over to this morning.

Ever since Sam had learned about Benny, the vampire that his brother met and brought out of Purgatory with him, the strain between them had increased ten-fold because it had been hate on Sam's part from the first time he'd shaken hands with the…thing.

Sam wasn't sure if his hate came from the fact that Benny was a vampire, one of the things that they'd been trained to hunt and kill since they'd been kids, or if it was something else and if it was then Sam sure as hell never planned to admit that to his brother right then.

His brother had been pissed from the first moment of learning that Sam hadn't looked for him and the little hurtful jabs and sarcasm was getting worse every day until when Dean lured Sam back to Texas to keep him from going after Benny or…

Sam wasn't really sure why Dean had tricked him with that fake text message. He'd known that Dean didn't want him or Martin going after Benny and perhaps if Sam's inner hate or jealousy…no, he was not jealous of some stupid vampire, he might have considered that Benny might have been innocent of killing those people like Dean was so positive about.

But he wasn't ready to forget that the man…thing was a vampire who drank blood to survive. He couldn't forget how easy it would be for that bloodlust to overtake him and possibly turn on Dean, which is the other reason Sam wanted him dead because he did not want to deal with his brother as a vampire again…even if that other time had been Sam's soulless self's fault.

So Dean had kept Benny a secret and he was still keeping what happened in Purgatory mostly to himself even though Sam could tell by his brother's body language, the way he was nearly always on edge, and how he slept that it hadn't been good and tried not to push because that usually ended up with another fight and more harsh words.

This morning though had been one of the worst fights that Sam could recall since back when Dean returned from Hell and Sam was sneaking around with Ruby.

Sam knew he'd had the choice to stay away after he went back to Texas. He knew after he and Dean had helped Cas rescue Samandriel that he could've gone back to Amelia.

Dean had given him the option and he still had his brother's stinging words about Benny being a better brother in his head and heart but he'd stayed because in the end…Sam had missed his brother and wanted to get past all of this to maybe find a way to be how they used to be but…it never seemed to work out like that.

They'd gotten a case in some small town in Louisiana with what was supposed to be witches. It was supposed to be a simple in and out case but it was now going on two days and it wasn't turning out to be as simple which of course Dean tossed out that it had been Sam's fault for not doing enough research into the case and how a year odd had made him sloppy.

Jabbing him about the life he'd tried to make with Amelia was one thing, throwing it up that his skills at hunting might've lapsed some since he couldn't be bothered to even look for his own brother could be ignored though it ticked him off but it was when he got Benny tossed in his face again that Sam had finally snapped.

"'If you think some goddamn freakin' vampire is a better brother or partner for you then why the hell don't you go hunt with him?'" Sam had pushed his older brother against the wall in a heartbeat but had forgotten that since returning Dean's reactions were on a hair trigger and soon had an elbow to the face for his trouble and then all hell had broken loose between the brothers.

Except for the time last week or so when Dean had been overtaken by some cursed penny, this was the first time in a long time that actual real blows had been exchanged between them and it was only when the blade of his brother's knife pressed into his throat that Sam slowly began to understand just how raw and battered Dean still was from his time in Purgatory.

"'Why don't you go back to little Miss Normal and the dog, Sam?'" Dean had countered tightly, voice nothing but raw emotion that he was fighting to keep inside and not explode like it had been trying to from the first night he was back. "'You wanted out. You were out and I told you to go back if you didn't want to be here because clearly you trust my judgment again and if I can't count on you to have my back then why even bother?'"

This wouldn't have been the first time he and Dean had been fighting and lashing out to hurt and it wouldn't even be the first time that something or someone had come between them if Sam counted Castiel and Ruby but this time it had hurt him a lot deeper than he was willing to show.

Something must have shown in Sam's eyes because it was then that Dean's green eyes seemed to clear a little of the haze and he momentarily looked shocked to see that he had his blade at Sam's throat.

Then he merely eased back but didn't say anything as Sam rolled to his feet with the excuse of going to the store for supplies. He also didn't reply if he'd be there when Sam got back.

Feeling the keys to the Impala in his pocket though gave Sam some reassurance that his brother would remain at their motel back in Saundersville while he finished the shopping.

Sam had needed out, wanted the space to work off his own temper and hurt without being around his brother because when either of them was hurting or angry then nothing got said that needed to be said, just more crap to see who could hurt the other the most.

The two hour drive had given Sam some time to cool down…so long as he didn't think about his brother and Benny. Then the hate came pouring back.

They were hunters. It had been drilled into their heads by an ex-Marine Dad that there were no gray areas, despite what Pastor Jim often said, and that anything supernatural was evil and needed to die.

Okay, so they'd let that girl a couple months skip away when she'd been turned into a werewolf but…Sam excused that for the moment because she seemed to have her head about her even though Dean had killed Amy because of what she was.

Though in Sam's reasonable thinking mind he accepted that his brother had reacted to Amy so that Sam didn't have to kill her in the long run and suffer the pain he had after Madison but Benny was a damn vampire and vampires couldn't live without killing…except…

Growling at himself, Sam tossed a box of Lucky Charms into the cart even though he hadn't eaten that stuff since he'd been a kid but wanted it now. He also considered the choice of pies before putting several in the cart for his brother.

When Sam was feeling guilty he remembered to buy pie for Dean and as he randomly scuffed the toe of his boot on the tile floor while debating on choices of can chili he was pushing the mild guilt down because he remembered all too well a time seven years ago when their roles had been reversed.

He could recall only too well when he'd been the one trying to convince his older brother that there were some vampires out there that tried to live among humans and didn't kill to live.

Sam remembered Lenore and her nest and how he tried to protect her from Gordon. Back then Sam had been the one trusting the words of a vampire that her nest didn't take the lives of humans, only animals and he'd been on the receiving end of Dean's fist.

Now it was all turned around because it was Dean trying to convince him that Benny didn't kill for the blood he needed and that he wasn't a threat and all Sam saw was the evil that he'd been trained to kill.

Of course, Lenore hadn't been something that Sam viewed as more than just a threat physically. Sure, she'd been a vampire and one of those things they killed but she posed no threat to…

Nope, Sam was pushing that away because he totally refused to even let that enter his head because it would make him feel more stupid or childish than he often did when he'd lock himself in the bathroom after his brother would fall to sleep and try to not let Dean know how much this thing with Benny, and Dean's belief that Sam hadn't looked for him at all, hurt him.

Blowing out a breath that he was close to being thirty years old and he and his brother still couldn't have an adult conversation without either ending up in a fight or hurling insults that were only meant to hurt and shut down the conversation before it could begin.

Sam had almost convinced himself that when he got back to the motel he and Dean were settling this when he heard his phone ring. Recognizing his brother's ringtone, he nearly ignored it but knew that would be childish. Especially if Dean was calling for something important.

"Yeah?" he couldn't quite dispel the still angry tone as he answered it while debating on what else he was buying to make this trip worth it when something on the other end caught his attention. "Dean?"

"Hey, kiddo," Dean's greeting sounded off to Sam but he was willing to put that to the fight they'd had earlier or if his brother had been drinking all morning. "Where you at?"

Looking around the store as if Dean could see it through the phone, Sam pushed the cart toward the front of the store while trying to place what was bothering him about this call. "Store, like I told you I'd be," he rolled his eyes in a way he knew annoyed his brother. "You want something in particular from here or…"

There was a pause then a disturbance over the line or…a hiss of pain before Dean came back on the phone. "Yeah, actually I do…want something," he admitted, coughing as if clearing his throat or…covering something else. "I…don't want you to come back here."

"Come again?" those words had stunned Sam so much that he didn't even notice when he reverted to using one of his brother's phrases. It was taking all his energy to shove back the building panic attack.

Sam had known he and Dean's fights were getting more serious and the tension between them was nearly thick enough to use a knife on but he hadn't actually ever considered hearing those words from his brother again and once again it was like he'd let Lucifer out of the cage all over again and Dean thought they'd be better off hunting alone.

"Dean…look, I know you're pissed at me because I didn't…look for you but…" he'd let go of the cart to lean against a shelf and was glad that this part of the store didn't seem so busy since he was very close to freaking out.

"You wanted normal, Sam. You…had that before with…Lenore until I pulled you back. Now's your chance to have it all: girl, dog, house with a white picket fence, doctor's office," Dean cut him off quickly as if he didn't want to give Sam a chance to change his mind…or ask too many questions.

"Huh?" Sam was halfway certain his brother was drunk or something because he wasn't making sense since he knew damn good and well that Dean remembered Jessica's name and he wouldn't get her mixed up with… "Shit," he breathed, no longer concerned with the cart filled with supplies and groceries as he started to walk toward the front door while trying to figure out what to do.

He was at least two hours away from Saundersville and Dean was clearly in trouble or at least he hoped that this is what was happening.

"Dean? What's happening?" he asked, trying to sound calm and closing his eyes as this time he heard the soft but audible extra sounds behind his brother's breathing and voice as Dean kept talking over him.

"Hey, before I let you get back to nice and normal…you remember that werewolf Dad killed in Minnesota about seven years ago?" Dean sounded like he was being normal but only someone who had grown up with him would have heard it and understood the edge to his tone, the undercurrent of fear but more, Sam heard the strain that it was taking to force Sam to stay away. "Damn, the fangs on that thing when it tried to make you lunch. Shot that bastard right in the head with the Colt.

"That was almost as good as that time in that little town outside of Shreveport when you were small and Ben and I ganked that…forget what it was. It was all teeth and pissed off. So much blood," the chuckle was low but then Dean's voice turned low and Sam was now running through the large market to get outside to the Impala. "Good times."

Trying to make sense of the little things he knew his brother was trying to drop without seeming obvious because it was clear to Sam that Dean was not alone in their room. It was also clear that his brother was fighting to keep the pain out of his voice which meant he'd been hurt by whatever it was that had jumped him.

"Dean, I'm on my way back," he pulled the keys out while trying to split his attention between the phone and finding where he'd parked the damn car when it felt like Sam's legs were moving in quicksand at sharp inhale of breath. "Dean? Did you hear me? I'm…"

"No. No, you're not, baby boy," Dean again cut him off but this time it was the use of a nickname that Sam knew it had to have been years since anyone, much less his brother, had called him, that slowed him down. "You're staying away from me because I'm tired of dragging your ass around with me. Keep the car. It's getting…too old or you can junk it but we're done.

"You and me, little brother, it's over and done," he coughed again and if Sam hadn't already been certain his brother was warning him away the bit about the Impala had just assured him that everything coming out of Dean's mouth were lies and he was just trying to push Sam away to keep him out of whatever shit had come down after he'd left.

A small piece of Sam feared that whoever it was could listen in on them and had to close his eyes while resting his head on the roof of the Impala. "Dean, don't do this," he knew it would sound like he meant for his brother to change his mind but Sam was also meaning for his brother not to do anything stupid until he got to him. "Please…"

"You wanted me gone, Sam so I'll…be gone," Dean seemed to pause before speaking again, this time voice dropping and sounded huskier than normal as he seemed to be thinking of what he wanted to say before it sounded like something striking flesh and he hissed. "Hey, Sam…one more thing?"

"What?" Sam was fumbling to unlock the Impala when he heard Dean's breathing catch and that had his attention because he hardly ever heard his brother sound like this unless… "Dean?"

"I…I'm…proud of you, little brother and…Iloveyou," the last words were rushed but then the line disconnected and it took all of Sam's strength not to hurl his phone at the sound of dead air.

Fear, anger, and confusion were all rolling into one as Sam got the car open to slid in, turn the engine over and pull out of the parking lot with a bit more tire burning than Dean would approve of but right then all Sam cared about was getting back to the motel and his brother.

Ignoring the little unintentional jab that Dean still believed that Sam hadn't cared enough to look for him, he made himself focus on all the other stuff his brother had been rattling off.

Their Dad hadn't killed a werewolf seven years ago in Minnesota with the Colt. Sam knew the only time he and Dean had been with John Winchester in that state at that timeframe had been when they first encountered…

"Oh, damn," Sam breathed, foot pressing harder on the gas to make the car go faster because he remembered the night his Dad had shot that vampire in the forehead with the Colt to save Sam.

That memory slowly began to tell Sam what was happening. Fangs, teeth, blood, Lenore's name had all been Dean's way of warning Sam what had jumped him and then there was no anger anymore for what he and Dean had been fighting for as Sam realized his brother had been nailed by…

"Vampires," Sam whispered, slamming the heel of his hand against the steering wheel. "Shit, shit, shit!"

All their machetes and the supply of dead man's blood were in the trunk of the Impala so by storming off like he had, he'd left his brother alone to be jumped by vampires which pissed Sam off in multiple ways but there were still two things that didn't make sense to Sam.

He and Dean hadn't been to Shreveport and they'd never hunted with anyone name Ben so he was at a loss for… "Son of a bitch."

Benny. That was what his brother was trying to say. The vampires that jumped him were pissed off at Benny and must have figured out Dean's connection to the Cajun vampire and that Benny must be in Shreveport or would that be where they'd take Dean if they were trying to get to Benny or…

Sam had too many questions right then and way too few answers for his liking as he tried his brother's cell but swore viciously when it went straight to voicemail.

The mention of a doctor's office also had Sam confused because his brother knew he'd been pre-law in Stanford so either Dean forgot, unlikely, or it was another type of clue.

He didn't know and didn't care right then. All Sam wanted was to get back to the tiny Louisiana town and get to the motel to hopefully still find his brother and his attacker…multiple vampires? It would have needed to be because Dean could've handled one vampire easily.

Saundersville was small, only about four hundred people and Sam had walked nearly the whole town so a large group of outsiders or even a large group of locals would've been hard to miss especially since no matter how hard they tried to blend in…vampires had a way about them that a hunter would pick up and Sam hadn't felt that in town.

So that meant they were from out of town which left him the question of how in the how did they find out about Dean since it wasn't like his brother made a habit of announcing to the world that he was BFFs with a vampire.

Sam could narrow the list down to three since Martin was dead. He knew his brother wouldn't have revealed it to anyone, he hadn't and as Sam felt his temper surge he swore he'd cut Benny's head off for selling his brother out to someone even though Dean had made it sound like these sons of bitches were pissed at Benny.

Nothing was making sense to Sam right then since he was still replaying Dean's voice over in his head and had figured out the parts to ignore and the pieces he needed to listen to but it had been the last three words that were still ringing in his head.


On the fingers of one hand Sam could count the number of times he'd heard those words from his brother. Oh, he knew Dean loved him…or he usually knew that except for when they were fighting like this, but the actual hearing of those words when he was conscious, alert, not hurt or possibly dying had been few and far between.

It was also how Sam knew his big brother was in trouble bad enough that Dean had his doubts about surviving it because no way would Dean admit those words to him unless he didn't plan on ever seeing him again.

"Huh-uh, no way you blood seeking freaks," Sam refused to lose his brother now and not like this, not with Dean thinking what he did.

Dean had survived Hell, he'd survived a year in whatever the hell Purgatory was and so much more through his life but he was not losing his brother to some vampires.

Sam wasn't even aware that he'd made it back to the motel in about forty-five minutes less than it really should have taken him. All he was aware of was he was pissed off and wanting heads but he knew he needed to calm down or he could get both of them killed…if it wasn't already too late.

A quick glance around the parking lot of the motel showed that he was pretty much isolated as he popped the trunk to grab a machete and several vials of blood that was lethal to a vampire before taking a longer look at the outside of their room.

It basically looked the same as when he'd left it this morning except Sam had been trained by an ex-Marine and by Dean and knew how to pick up the subtle shifts, the differences and as he approached the door he caught a couple.

"Damn," several drops of blood on the paved lot still seemed sticky and that worried him but it was when his fingers touched the door and it easily swung open that all of Sam's alarms and senses began screaming.

The wood by the doorjamb had been splintered which told Sam that someone had literally kicked in the door and that was when the smell hit him square in the face.

This part of Louisiana was hot and humid so the smells tended to get more pronounced. As a hunter, Sam knew there were certain smells that he'd never forget and the smell of blood and rotting bodies were just two on that list and the fact that he was smelling both made him sick to his stomach but not for the smell but out of fear.

Easing the door open, Sam kept the blade ready as he went in quickly so his back wasn't to any one surface until he could see if this was a trap or not when he gagged at the sight that met his sharpening gaze as it scanned the now apparently empty motel room.

Both beds had been turned over, the small table and chairs had been broken while the dresser and bedside table were across the room.

A fight had happened and Sam could feel a shaky smile form as he realized his brother hadn't gone down without a fight but it was the amount of blood smeared all over the floor, the bed and toward the closed bathroom door that brought back the panic.

"Dean," he whispered, feeling his legs shake as it became clear that the vampires that cleared out but what had been their purpose and where the hell was his brother.

Vampires didn't usually take prisoners or if they did, they didn't stay alive for long but if they were using Dean as bait was it bait for Sam or bait for…

Sam had to grit his teeth because this was somehow Benny's fault and he'd see the vampire live long enough to pay for getting his brother hurt before he cut his damn head off when something from the bathroom made him look toward the closed door.

They never kept the door closed usually and as Sam touched the blood on the carpet, yeah they wouldn't be getting the deposit back on this room, he felt his breath stop, catch, then go ragged as he grabbed the machete before lunging for the door.

"Dean?" using his shoulder to open the hard to open door, Sam nearly fell back out at the overwhelming stench of blood as one look showed him more fight damage, more blood and a familiar denim jacket. "No…no…no… Dean!"

Four Hours Earlier:

Stretched out on his bed to brood since Dean Winchester did not sulk and especially not over those damn hurt puppy dog eyes his little brother could still use to his full advantage but it was hard to ignore them or his own shock when he realized that he'd allowed himself to get so out of control that he'd had a blade at Sam's throat.

Dean hated the fights between them again. He'd sworn that after getting Sam's soul back that he wasn't allowing anything or anyone to come between them and here he was, allowing his own bitterness and Sam's…well, he wasn't sure what the hell was Sam's problem but he was letting crap between them again.

He knew he was still pissed that Sam hadn't bothered to look for him but it was something in the way Sam's face twitched whenever he tossed that jab in that was starting to bother him because usually that twitch meant his little brother was keeping something from him.

Then there was Sam's unreasonable hate toward Benny and Dean meant unreasonable because he hadn't seen his brother hate anyone but Lilith with this degree of malice and fury and it still wasn't making sense to him because seven years ago Sam had been pleading Lenore's case up one side and down the other to keep Dean from killing her or her nest.

So, he knew it couldn't be the simple fact that Benny was a vampire because that argument could be nulled if Dean threw the Lenore card on the table and with the vampire issue nulled that left him back at square one to explain his brother's hate toward the man/vampire who had helped Dean get out of Purgatory when Sam was too busy…

"Stop beating a dead horse as Bobby would say, Dean," he told himself but it still hurt him that no matter what they promised each other about no more stunts to save the other Sam hadn't even bothered to try to find him.

Oh, if he wanted to be the bigger man he could accept that Sam had just been healing from having his brains scrambled and found himself literally alone for the first time in his life.

Dean might have shrugged it off then if Sam had said that he looked for a few months and then gave up but knowing the kid he raised, the kid he went to hell for hadn't even tried…well, that hurt a bit more than he was ready to forgive and when Dean was hurt…he hurt back.

This morning's fight had basically been just that. It had been finding a way to hurt his brother before he admitted how much he was hurting because between dealing with that pain to the raw edge of post-Purgatory living it was becoming too much for the elder Winchester.

He considered calling Sam when his phone took off ringing and he groaned. "Garth," the greeting was short and to the point, which he hoped the other hunter would keep the conversation. "What's up?"

"Dean…where's Sam?" the skinnier hunter asked, sounding oddly subdued compared to his usual self. "He with you?"

"He went shopping," Dean replied, not bothering to mention it had been his brother's way to get out to calm down. "He should have his phone on him so call…"

"I did, he must be out of range," Garth seemed hesitate before coming to a decision. "Look, just tell him to watch his back."

Staring up at the ceiling, there was something prickling the back of Dean's neck when he sat up. "Watch his back?" he repeated, frowning. "I watch Sam's back," again he neglected to add usually to that but guessed by the small snort that Garth wasn't sure how that was going. "Why would he have to watch his back anyway? He's been homebound for a year so…"

"Huh? Well, I know Sam dropped off the grid for ten months but it was whatever the hell happened between him and Morrison that did that," Garth practically spit the name like a curse as he changed tones to one that meant he had cocked his head to the side and was giving Dean that pointed little stare like he did at times when curious.

"Sam was looking for you from what I can tell when he ran up against Morrison and some of his pals and all I know is a few hunters say something happened between him and Sam, some older guy got involved and Sam vanished until I saw him with you," Garth sounded like he didn't know more but could put it together. "Anyway, some friends say Morrison's back in the game and making noise about Sam so tell him to watch his ass."

Dean stared at the phone while considering this. The name rang all sorts of bells with him since while he and Sam hardly ever encountered other hunters there were a few from his youth that he remembered well enough to have them listed in two categories: safe and unsafe.

Either they were safe for Sam to be around or they weren't and as Dean recalled Shane Morrison had been close to the top of his 'unsafe for little brother' list and that was without all the rumors still out there about Sam, the demon blood and their part in the near Apocalypse.

Filing the warning aside until he could ask Sam about it, Dean was locked in on the other thing that Garth had mentioned.

Sam had vanished ten months after Dean got locked in Purgatory which left him two months of time unaccounted for and if he'd been looking for him like Garth suggested then why the hell hadn't he said that any of the times when Dean had accused him of not looking, of not being a good brother or…

"Sonuvabitch!" too caught up in his own thoughts, Dean hadn't sensed anything wrong until the sound of the front door being kicked in had him whirling and going for his gun where it laid on his bed only to be grabbed and tossed literally across the room. "Damn it!"

Landing hard, Dean felt the sharp spear of pain shoot up his shoulder as he hit the floor and was immediately rolling to his feet with the knife pulled when he caught sight of five young guys, all of varying builds but with the same long hair and leather look.

"Biker convention go wrong?" he asked, tightening his grip on the blade and just rocking back on the balls of his feet to wait. "Sorry, but you've got the wrong room. I'm not looking for company."

The smaller of the men made a hissing sound that put Dean's back up because he recognized the sound and also the way the hairs on his arms would raise any time he was even close to a goddamn…

"Vampires?" he groaned, avoiding the lunge that had been too cocky to grab a handful of hair and slashing the blade across the thing's throat to get as deep a cut as he manage since he knew this blade wouldn't take a head but the blade he had under his bed would. "Give me a break! We're hunting witches."

Seeing the way the other vampires were eyeing their thrashing friend told Dean that these were all somewhat knew vampires. They'd fed already but were still new enough that fresh blood in large amounts would send them into a frenzy.

At the first movement of another one towards the bleeding vamp on the floor, Dean was breaking for his bed. His plan to grab for the blade he kept under there as a precaution wouldn't worked until he was slammed into the bed and tossed to the floor again but this time he came up swinging, the large blade from Purgatory taking off two heads before the other vampire realized what was happening.

"Wrong day to start this crap with me, asshole," he snapped, preparing to slice again when something hit him from the side and both he and the bedside table crashed through the table set his a groan. "What the…ackk…"

A strong hand gripped his throat as he was pulled up and slammed bodily into the wall. "Now, that's no way to greet old friends, boy."

The voice was heavy in Dean's head as he struggled against the grip but when he began to hear his heart pounding in his ears he had a dark thought that he wouldn't be getting out of this one.

"See, we know who you are, boy and I know what you are so before I use you as bait or…food, you're gonna your brother and make sure he don't come barging in where he'd not wanted…unless of course, you'd like to watch your little brother turned into my kind."

Memories of the pain, the bloodlust, the desire curling in him during that time of his life that Dean would rather forget shot to the surface and no matter what else he'd be dead before he let these sons of bitches turn his brother.

"I didn't think so," the hand released him and Dean gasped as he laid on the floor, body aching and he was fairly certain his shoulder was out of place though right then his shoulder wasn't his biggest worry. "Call your brother, hunter. Tell him whatever you want but if he comes here I'll turn him in front of you."

Able to see again, he immediately noticed about a dozen vampires now and one of them he recognized from in town. As he took his time to dial Sam, his mind whirled with a dozen ways to do this and only a few of them didn't run too big of a risk of getting himself killed.

By the time Sam picked up, Dean had his plan in place and could only hope Sam played along but at the first sign on honest panic in the kid's voice he nearly broke but pushed it down because hurting Sam now was the only way to keep his brother safe as what the vampire in charge was saying began to sink in.

Dean was nearly numb by the time he closed his phone. He'd given Sam what help he could and while a part of him prayed Sam steered clear of this, the other part…the part that raised Sam, knew his brother wouldn't but he'd at least gotten out the last words that he needed his brother to hear.

The hunter wasn't stupid. He knew how this would play out and his survival was slim to none right now and the last thing Dean wanted was for Sam to at least know that he still loved him even if he didn't say it a lot.

Rubbing a hand over his eyes, he shot a defiant look up with a typical Dean Winchester sneer. "Now what, asshole?" he demanded, refusing to show fear as the tall, rangy looking vampire in a well-made suit and with slicked back blond hair smiled with all his teeth showing.

"Now I decide if you're useful as bait for my old friend or if you're more good to us as food, Dean," he replied, evil plain as he grabbed the hunter by the neck to hold him still as his teeth sank in.

Flashes of pain and fear hit him but as strong hands held him down, Dean's thoughts before an odd darkness washed over him were of what they almost always were. 'Sammy, be careful.'


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