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"What's taking them so long!?" Exclaimed a very irritated Robin as he fidgeted in his seat.
Raven sighed. She had no idea why she had agreed to accompany the other Titans on what they called their "Adventure Night." Tonight's adventure was a midnight chill session on a cliff on the side of Mt. Jump, right outside Jump City.

Oh, that's right. It was supposed to be a relaxing night for, as Starfire had said, "the bonding of the friends."

But it wasn't. The closest thing to relaxing the night had brought her was that burrito induced emergency bathroom break. Cyborg and BB had bought a dozen burritos from a very sketchy looking fellow outside the gas station on the way out of the city. I told them not to eat those, Raven thought. She chuckled as she remembered the green hue Cyborg had turned that challenged Beast Boy's natural green.

"And what's so damn funny, Raven?" Robin questioned, obviously irritated at Raven's nonchalant attitude towards their friends long detour.

Raven sighed. Again. She could have been sitting in bed, reading a book and sipping on a cup of hot tea, in peace. But instead she was stuck in the T-car, listening to a very irritated Robin rant.

"Nothing," she replied, in her monotone. "Cyborg and BB probably had another emergency. Stop being so impatient."

"It doesn't take that long for them to take a chain off of a gate. Something has to be up."

Raven gave him a blank stare, and turned towards the window. It had been a rather long time since Starfire and the other two had gone to open the gate.

"I'm going to go check it out, you stay here and try to keep your panties from bunching up any further," Raven said as her eyes turned black and she phased through the door, leaving Robin mid-reply.

Raven walked up the path, towards the gate. It's kind of a long walk from the car, she thought, but Starfire can fly, BB can too. Why are they taking so long?The only noises around were the sound of her footsteps, and that was starting to trip her out, thus she began levitating along the path.

"Beastboy, you must tell her how you feel," Starfire's voice came from farther up the path. Raven went off the path and continued towards where the three were sitting on the ground, the chain from the gate sitting in the middle of them.

"Dude, you have to tell her. You'll never know how she feels until you ask her," Cyborg said, patting BB on the back.

"It's not that easy, guys. I mean, I feel like she likes me too. But then, I don't. She's so hard to read. It's so frustrating and attractive at the same time. Damn her and her mixed signals or lack of signals, whatever this is," Beast Boy said as he covered his face with his hands and threw himself on his back. He sighed.

Raven could hear her heart beating in her ears. Who are they talking about? Who does BB like? It's probably Terra. Raven's heart dropped. She looked at her friends, now sitting in silence, probably trying to find the right words to give Beastboy some sort of condolence.

"Uh, how long have we been gone for?" Beastboy asked as he suddenly sat up. Starfire's eyes opened wide, her mouth forming a small "O" as she realized they had taken far longer than they should have.

"Shit, Robin is going to be piiiiiiiiiissed. You guys stay here, I'll go get him and RaeRae," Beastboy said as he stood off and dusted himself off.

Raven felt Panic start running in circles in her head. But why? Why am I starting to panic? Raven thought as she submerged herself in the dark, and started to hurry down the path back to the T-car.

I knew he liked Terra. I knew it. All those times I watched them laughing, he was flirting with her. He liked her. He LIKES her now. Why am I so worked up about this? I shouldn't care.

"I don't care," Raven told herself, her brow furrowed, picking up her pace along the path. You care. You care a whole lot, her mind corrected her. Raven was so startled by this, she didn't see the overgrown root ahead on the path, and her boot got caught in it, bringing her down with a loud thud.

"Mother of Trigon," Raven said through clenched teeth as she sat up. She could feel the bruise beginning to form on her knee, and proceeded to curse herself for not seeing that damn root.

"Raven? Is that you?" Beast boy's voice penetrated the silence. Shit, shit, shit, shiiiiit. Raven felt Panic start her circling in her mind again.

"Uh, yeah, Beastboy, it's me. I fell," Raven responded after a few seconds.

"Are you okay?" Beastboy kneeled next to Raven and tried to look through the thin wall of hair covering her face.

"I'm okay, just a little bruise," she said, in her usual monotone."Robin was complaining endlessly, so—"

"So, you were on your way to come check on us. Dude, I would have found any excuse to get out of the T-car and away from Robin," Beastboy chimed in. He gave a short laugh, stood up and extended a hand to help Raven up.

"Thank you." Raven took his hand, and Beastboy pulled her up—a little too hard, because she ended up pressed up against him.

Raven's face was pressed into his chest, and she could feel the heat that was coloring her cheeks.

"Uh.. sorry, guess I don't know my own strength," Beastboy said as he gently backed away from Raven, but continued to hold onto to her.

Raven looked down at their hands, and Beastboy followed her gaze, and abruptly let go.

"We should go get Robin. He's already not going to let you three hear the end of it as it is," Raven said as she started back towards where the T-car was.

Beastboy remained silent and followed.

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