"Wait, why do I feel like you're not going to tell me what I want to know?" Raven glared at the smile forming on Knowledge's face.
"Because, my dear, dear Raven, no one can answer that but you." Knowledge pounded the gavel on the sound block. "You're all dismissed."
Raven turned around, seeing only Brave remaining in the once crowded audience of emoticlones. She turned back, ready to argue with Knowledge, but she too was gone.
"What are you still doing here?" Raven asked as she stood. She watched Brave retrieve her feet from the table, and walk towards her.
"You have to start somewhere right? Why not start by having some balls."

Brave smirked at the stupefied expression on Raven's face. She shifted her weight onto her right leg, crossing her arms as she waited for a response from Raven that did not come.
"Well? Have they not dropped yet or?" Brave inquired, laughing at her wit.
"Oh, they dropped alright," Raven said as she rolled her eyes. "I'm just trying to figure out my course of action first." She patted her pajama shorts, remembering they had no pockets.
"Well, it's sorta obvious that you're itching to re-read that gunk from Aqualad. Go, and do so, although even I know it word for word already." She cleared her throat.
"'Hey Raven, I know this is all sorts of lame, and I should probably call, but I just wanted to tell you good night, and I hope you sleep well. Speedy says sweet dreams, and that-'" Raven roughly placed her hand over Brave's mouth, muffling her recitation, her cheeks beginning to blush pink.

"That's enough," she grumbled, still holding Brave verbally incapacitated. "I'm leaving, I think you just told me what I need to do."
Raven released Brave, summoning her soul self, and flying towards and into the door leading out of Nevermore.

Beastboy walked towards his room, taking the longest route possible that would allow him to work up the nerve to knock on Raven's door across from his. He tiptoed into the hallway containing Terra's old room, suspecting she would be alert and waiting for him to walk by, and drag him into her room. He morphed into a gecko, crawling along the wall above her door just as, like he had suspected, Terra stepped out and looked up and down the hallway for him.
As he reached the corner towards Raven's room, he morphed back to his usual shape, and walked towards her door.
He stood outside of her room, hesitating to knock on the door as he remembered their previous encounter.
"Oh that's right, I interrupted your little night together, I forgot about that. Actually, Beastboy, I think I do want to go to bed. G'night."
Even in his mind, the venom in her voice was vivid enough to make the courage he had developed run diminish. He leaned his forehead on the door, feeling the guilt of having been caught in such an awkward, undesired position with Terra. He rolled his eyes when Terra's smiling face appeared in his thoughts, preferring the annoyed look on Raven's face he so often triggered.
He sat crisscross in the midway point between his and her room, and stared at the door.
I'm going to knock, he thought, in a little bit.
He scooted closer to Raven's door, inches away from it. Beastboy held his chin with his arm, and continued to stare, but now took longer opening his eyes between blinks.
In.. a little, he thought, once again, as he finally fell asleep.

Raven, now in her room, stood in front of her dresser, placing her mirror back in its drawer. She walked to her bed, stretching her arms as she felt how tired she truly was.
What time is it, she thought to herself, as she walked to her bed, rubbing her eyes. She looked at the Kit-Cat clock on her wall, its simultaneous eye and tail movement distracting her from looking at the actual time for a moment.
6:19 a.m.
"Crap," she said as she laid back in bed, pulling her comforter over her head.
I'm sleeping in today, for once, she thought to herself.
Just as she managed to drift off to sleep, her phone began vibrating violently, and soon her annoying iPhone ringtone started playing.
"Why didn't I ever change this annoying jingle!?" Raven exclaimed as she sat up and reached for her phone.
Outside the door, Beastboy woke up to Raven's yelling, cringing at the annoyance in her voice.
Whoever she's mad at is going to get it, dude, he thought excitedly, smiling.
Raven looked at the screen on her phone, her eyes widening at the name on the screen.
"Hello?" She answered, in her monotone, the annoyance now completely evaporated.
"Hey, Raven, I didn't know if I should call or not, but I decided to, and then I realized, 'woah, Speedy, it's like 6 in the morning!'" He laughed nervously. "And you might still be asleep, but then I remembered you're weird and would be awake this early—but not like a bad weird, like a good weird.. I like that you're weird! Okay, now I'm just babbling-"
"I was sleeping.. What may I help you with?" Raven interjected as she stifled a chuckle—hearing the usually ever charming, bad-ass stumbling over his words was quite amusing.
"Garth wanted me to ask ya if you would like to join us for a movie and dinner? I mean, I want you to come too."
Raven remained silent as she processed the question Speedy had just asked.
"Wait, like go out with both of you at the same time or what?"
Beastboy, now sitting with his ear against Raven's door, narrowed his eyes as he realized what was going on—Raven was being asked on a date.
It's probably that stupid fish-boy or the other pretty-boy Robin wanna-be, he angrily thought to himself. Don't they realize Raven doesn't like them!?
"Well, basically yes. Or how about, I take you out to dinner, and Garth takes you to a movie, or vise-versa? Whatever is more suiting to you," Speedy clarified, hoping Raven would agree to a night out with him.
Raven scrunched her nose as she thought about his request. As was customary, Beastboy tiptoed into her thoughts, reminding her of the fight that had erupted the night before because of his jealousy. That memory was soon replaced with the image of him and Terra in the dark, where she found them.
Just as Rage began to shake herself out of her straitjacket, Brave broke her trance as she waved her arms about, trying to get her attention, making the straitjacket tighten itself on Rage.
This is the part where you have balls for once, Raven. Have. Some. Cajones. Say yes, Brave said, coaxing Raven into agreeing as she held Rage in a headlock, restraining her.
Raven sighed, dismissing the thoughts of Beastboy.
"Alright, Speedy, we'll go get dinner.. And I will go watch a movie with Garth."
"Really?!" Speedy's voice, was full of excitement. "I mean, great, sounds cool, I'll swing by around 6 to pick you up."
Beastboy shook his head, trying to grasp the fact that Raven was in fact going on a date with the two idiots.
You have to be fucking kidding me, dude, he thought as he rose and stomped into his room, his anger seething from him.
"Okay. I'll see you then. Bye."
Raven hit the "end call" button on her screen, and to her surprise, laid back to sleep without the slightest hint of annoyance in her body.

Around noon, Beastboy rose from his anger induced slumber, rubbing his eyes angrily as he remembered the root of it.
After showering and changing into a fitted T-shirt and a pair of Nike Sweats, he walked out of his room barefoot, and bumped into Raven who too was exiting her room.
Raven glared at him as she remembered why his presence was a little more irritating than usual. She tugged on her pants' waist, adjusting her black yoga pants comfortably around her.
After a rather uncomfortable silence, Beastboy cleared his throat.
"Hi, Rae," he croaked.
"Good afternoon—and my name is Rave-en. Not anything else." She gave him one final glare, and walked towards the common room. Beastboy following behind her, fighting the way his eyes following the sway of her hips.


Raven stood at the counter turning the pages in a book, using her powers to set a kettle on the stove to boil water for her tea when she felt Beastboy's eyes burning holes in her back.
"Can the back of my head help you with something?" Raven asked, her voice remaining monotonous despite her irritation.
Beastboy remained quiet, and continued staring.
"That's that I thought," she said as she poured her tea and walked to the half circle couch.
Beastboy morphed into a kitten, and joined her, making his way to curl up next to her.
"Beastboy, stop."
He meowed as he rubbed his body on her thigh, mentally thanking Starfire for buying her yoga pants made of such thin, skin hugging material.
Raven kept her eyes glued to her mug, cursing herself for actually enjoying Beastboy's touch.
Beastboy morphed back to his human self as he jumped to sit on the ground in front of her.
"Why did you sleep in? You're always awake early meditating."
Raven looked up from her tea, enjoying the concern that seped through his words.
"I just couldn't sleep. You slept in a lot later than usual, Beastboy," she responded as she put her mug to her lips and blew on tea.
Beastboy began blushing, panicking as he tried to think of a lie.
"I was busy doing stuff, ya know? That's it. Yeah," he said, his voice full of panic.
Raven raised an eyebrow, looking down at him. She started thinking of what could have kept him so busy.
"Ah, yes. I had forgotten your girlfriend is staying here. I shouldn't be surprised you'd be up late," Raven said as she stood and made her way to the kitchen. She left her mug on the counter, too upset by the thought of Beastboy with Terra to drink it.
"Rae, it's not even like that," he said softly, still on the ground.
"Why are you explaining? It's not my concern. Besides, I have a date tonight." Raven put her hair behind her ear. "Er, rather two."

I'm back.