"Why did you sleep in? You're always awake early meditating."
Raven looked up from her tea, enjoying the concern that seped through his words.
"I just couldn't sleep. You slept in a lot later than usual, Beastboy," she responded as she put her mug to her lips and blew on tea.
Beastboy began blushing, panicking as he tried to think of a lie.
"I was busy doing stuff, ya know? That's it. Yeah," he said, his voice full of panic.
Raven raised an eyebrow, looking down at him. She started thinking of what could have kept him so busy.
"Ah, yes. I had forgotten your girlfriend is staying here. I shouldn't be surprised you'd be up late," Raven said as she stood and made her way to the kitchen. She left her mug on the counter, too upset by the thought of Beastboy with Terra to drink it.
"Rae, it's not even like that," he said softly, still on the ground.
"Why are you explaining? It's not my concern. Besides, I have a date tonight." Raven put her hair behind her ear. "Er, rather two."

Beastboy felt his heart drop to his stomach, despite his knowledge of Raven's dates before her mention of it. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat on the floor, feeling a deep sadness and irritation towards Speedy and Aqualad. Raven made her way back to the sofa, taking a seat in front of Beastboy.

"Really?" He broke the silence, his voice cracking. He cleared his throat and narrowed his eyes at her when she nodded her head in response.

"With who, if I may ask?"

Raven looked at Beastboy, sighing.


Beastboy scrunched his nose. "Really? You're going on TWO dates with that guy? That's disgu-"

"And Garth." Raven's phone chimed indicating she received a text.

She stared at the screen, her eyes brightening when she saw the name—Garth.

"So they each get a turn, huh," he mumbled, looking towards the ground.

Oh, fuck, way too fucking go, dumbass. Way to go, he thought as he waited for Raven to tear his mouth off of this face.

"What was that, I didn't hear you," Raven said, looking up from her phone.

Beastboy felt his irritation silently grow leaves of rage. He stared at Raven, hoping that the conversation he'd heard last night had been a dream, and this conversation was proof it was a nightmare.

But, it wasn't.

Raven cleared her throat, the awkward silence had gone on for too long.

"Well," she began, her phone chiming again, "I have to go. Have fun with your girlfriend."

She stood, Brave aggressively snapping in approval of her ending the conversation with that blow.

Beastboy watched Raven walk away, her hips swaying in perfect motion.

Speedy and Aqualad better keep their hands off of her, he thought. She should be mine.

Beastboy shook his head, realizing his jealousy was radiating from him.

"Dude, I'm so over today," he grumbled. He laid on his back covering his eyes with his hands, feeling overwhelmed by his emotions.

"I need to break up with Terra."

"You need to do what?"

Beastboy sat up, looking towards the source of the voice.

"Terra," he whispered.


Raven walked into her room, making her way to the walk-in closet. Her phone chimed again, and she eagerly read the text.

'I'll swing by at 6 to scoop you up on my motorcycle

wear something comfortable

see you then, lovely creature ;)

xx Speedy'

She tossed her phone on her bed, looking at the clock on the wall.

4:36 p.m

Did I really take that long talking to Beastboy, holy fuck, she thought, panicking.

She opened the double doors of her closet, looking through her uniforms for civilian clothes.

Knowledge cleared her throat, and Raven paid her no mind.

Again, she cleared her throat.


"...There's a pair of black leggings and a jean shirt sitting on the top closet self, one of the many gifts from Starfire you refuse to use."

Raven used her magic to bring the bag down and seat it on her bed.

"I guess this will have to do.. But I'm wearing my black combat boots, and that's that," she said coldly, addressing Happy who was slowly pushing the idea of wearing black pumps Starfire had also given her. Happy retreated behind Brave who laughed at the ordeal.


5:30 p.m.

Raven gave herself one last look in the mirror, grabbed her phone wallet case, and walked towards the common room.

"Dang, look at you, RaeRae! Where are you off'ta tonight?" Cyborg asked as he placed a bag of popcorn in the microwave. Karen sat at the island smiling at Raven, knowing the answer to Cyborg's question.

"Girl, Speedy's going to drool buckets when he sees you looking all cute and shit," she said nodding her head in approval.

Raven stared at the couple, dumbfounded at the speed that news of her date with Speedy had gotten around.

"Uh, thanks.. I think. I have a date with Speedy, which you knew already I'm guessing. And one with Garth afterwards." She took a seat next to Karen, placing her wallet on the counter.

"OH DAYUM GIRL GOT GAME," Cyborg exclaimed with laughter, stopping abruptly as he realized something. "Wait… they better not try anything with you, I'll blast them all the way back to Steel City, uh uh, we don't fuck around here."

Karen giggled, pouring the popcorn into a bowl and heading towards the couch.

"Cy, she'll be fine. I spoke to both of them about their behavior with Raven; They'll behave. Believe me."

Karen offered a smile that said she probably threatened them with castration or some sort of painful consequence.

"Alright, babe," Cyborg said as he kissed her forehead. "Come watch Wicked Scary 3 with us while you wait for the Speedster."


Beastboy sat on the floor of Terra's room, drowning out her voice as she continued to rant.

As she had for the past hour.

"…and we've been together for so long…"

What time is it? Beastboy thought. He glanced at his phone screen—5:47 p.m.

"I love you so much; and the public loves us together…"

Beastboy yawned, closing his eyes to avoid rolling them at Terra.

"BB, have you heard anything I've said?" She sat in front of him, taking his hand in hers.

"Course I have, Terra." He retracted his hand from hers, offering her a friendly smile. "Look, I just need time to think. That's it. Nothing permanent."

"But, why? We're perfect together. Please."

"Terra, I'm asking you respectfully to please let me have time to myself. I'll talk to you later, okay?" He stood up, and walked out the door.