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On to the chapter one!

Tsurugi Kyousuke.

He's such a weird kid.

...Well, at least in your eyes. Your girl-friends are all fawning over him; you couldn't blame them, he is kind of cute. And handsome. And athletic. But you've never felt anything towards him, really. Um, scratch that, probably.

But really, you weren't the type to be noisy about 'what's his casual wear', 'what kind of girl he likes', and other things. Like, it's his life. What he wants to wear, what he eats, what he drinks... it's all up to him, right?

You sighed, mentally slapping yourself. Why did you think about him that much, anyway? You're pretty sure your heart didn't beat loudly whenever he's around, and you're really sure that you doesn't see flowers all around him. Or his friends. Or whoever, for that matter.

Hopefully, your friends' shoujo-esque diseasewouldn't get to you.

Anyway, it's time for lunch, and you wouldn't want to miss eating with your friends. Especially since today your mother put your favorite side dish in your obentou.

"Tsurugi!" called a certain brown-haired soccer club member. Although he was the captain in Junior High, Shindou took up his rightful position again in High School. This brown-haired boy is quite happy, though. Shindou was probably a thousand times better than him in leading the team.

"Tenma," the dark blue haired boy responded. He was still quiet and serious as ever, but at least he's opening up more to his friends in High School. He also smiled more. Especially since his brother, Yuuichi, could walk now. He finished his rehabilitation, although he's still in and out of the hospital.

"Hey, Tsurugi, let's eat lunch together with Shinsuke!" Tenma said, grinning as usual.

"...Aa, let's go." Tsurugi responded a few moments after. He was looking at a certain someone with (H/C) hair, and (E/C) eyes—she was eating underneath a tree, talking with her friends, occasionally smiling and laughing. She was... well, ordinary, but something about her caught his eyes. Perhaps because she's quiet? A quiet girl in this rowdy school is rare.

In any case—

Wait, what were everyone thinking here?!

He's not in love with that beautiful (H/C) haired girl, of course.

Nope, no, no, not at all.

Not even when he thought her eyes were so pretty. Nope, certainly he felt nothing for that girl—you. Yeah. That's it. Friend—

Who was he kidding. He almost never talked to you.

...But who cares, he's not going to think that much for a girl.

Tsurugi Kyousuke shrugged the feeling off, as he followed Tenma towards their classroom—a few metres away from yours. He was Tsurugi Kyousuke, after all. Whatever he decided to do, solutions will come to him.

Well, hopefully.

"Tsurugi, quick! The lunch break's going to end soon!" Tenma shouted from across the hallways, realizing that his ace-striker friend's not really following him.

Tsurugi merely nodded at him, keeping secret the thought that ran across his mind earlier.