2nd chapter. I don't know, nothing much happened here.

By the way, hikikomori means 'shut-in person', or a 'NEET'.

Also, you're welcome, ShadowCyclone-san! (That nickname's getting a bit... too strange. Should I call you Karito-in reference to your last pen-name.)

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"Hey, (F/N), did you hear?!" One of your girl-friends chirped cheerfully.

"Hm? A sale on the grocery store today?" You asked half-assedly, yawning on your way back home from school. Really, you weren't interested in gossip. Though you do keep up with them, since knowing things wouldn't hurt at all.

"No, silly!" said your friend, Naomi, slapping your back lightly, "The soccer club's going to have a match soon!" your friend continued, sighing dreamily. Who knows what's going on in her mind right now.

"And... why should I care, again?" You asked, annoying your friend on purpose.

"Geez, (F/N)! You should really start to look around. There are so many potential boyfriends for you, yet you turn your eyes away from them!"

"Well, I don't like them, so I don't suppose they like me, too." You deadpanned.

"You're just thick as a brick." Naomi sighed, "I think I've got a headache..."

"You should go check up on your head, then," You said, looking at her with exaggerated worry. Really, this one friend of yours is such a Drama Queen.

"Anyway, we're going to watch their match on Sunday. Which means, the day after tomorrow. Which means, we're going shopping to get you some nice clothes." Said your friend boldly.

Really, you didn't know whether you want to laugh or cry.

"But I'm fine dressing the way I do everyday!" you whined.

"You mean dressing like a hikikomori?" Your friend asked you with this much intimidation, "No missy, you're not going to the place where we would impress the soccer players with messy, loose sweaters and simple jeans."


"No buts. We're going shopping tomorrow, so be ready at 10. We'll meet at the station, and I, the great Naomi, shall call for Aoi, Midori, and Akane, too." Said your brown haired friend, Naomi.

"But Naomi, they're the managers! They would have a lot on their hands. Especially since a match is coming right up."

"Nah, they're fine. I've texted Aoi, anyway. Oh, here's my place, see ya!"

Naomi skipped towards her house's door and pushed the bell. Naomi's mother smiled and greeted you, as you bowed politely towards her.

Naomi seems like she doesn't want to hear your 'unneeded' whining as she was pushing her mother inside and slammed the door.

You sighed, contemplating whether or not to just walk off on her.

But you guess not, since Naomi was so eager and seems like she's excited for tomorrow.

Sometimes, you're far too nice for your own good.

The next day, you quickly got up from bed and starts tidying your room. Good thing you've never really pulled anything from the shelves out—except some books, and that's all.

"...What time is it...?" you yawned as you looked at your alarm clock beside your bed.

"...09...?!" Your eyes widen as you quickly went to the bathroom and took a bath. Naomi's so going to kill you if you're late.

After taking a bath, you changed your clothes...to something a bit more fashionable. Today you were going to buy some things, but that doesn't excuse you from Naomi's wrath (again) if you wore your usual loose clothing.

Naomi is such a pain. She's nice, though, wanting to help you and all—sometimes she's just too fussy.

"She's like a mother," you giggled, "Alright, I'd better go now-"

Ring ring

"...?" you looked around. It was your phone.

[From : Naomi]
[(F/N), what are you doing so late?!]

...Late? If you're not wrong, it's still 9.30—

"...Wait... that clock... doesn't move..." you mentally (and physically) pinched your cheek. "...I'm dead."

"Naomi!" you shouted after running towards the station, "And Aoi, Midori-senpai, Akane!" you greeted the three managers with an (exhausted) smile.

"(F/N)," Aoi greeted back, smiling.

"Yaa, (F/N). Kinda late, aren'tcha?" Midori grinned, slapping your back playfully.

"(F/N)~" Akane greeted, taking a picture of you, "You're dressing up correctly. That's rare."

"...Well, thank you." You replied sarcastically, "By the way—"

"(F/N)... You..." It was Naomi. She was glaring at you, not letting you apologize or whip up a lie to cover yourself. "WHY ARE YOU LATE?!"

You closed your eyes upon her 'scolding'. Naomi should really stop yelling and getting angry. She'll get wrinkles soon. "I'm sorry, so sorry, Naomi!" You said, bowing low, "The clock on my house's stopped. Suddenly." You muttered, not wanting to look Naomi in the eyes.

"Well, whatever." Naomi said, "What matter is that you're here. Let's go."

You looked at Naomi with sparkles in your eyes. "Thank you, Naomi!"

Aoi, Midori, and Akane burst into a fit of giggles looking at you two.

Seriously, you're such a weird kid.