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The trip was, to be honest, fun. Naomi was always the one leading the way, whilst Akane and Aoi kept you busy by shoving a lot of clothes to you. Dresses and shirts of every colors—you probably have tried about a hundred.

Midori only laughed from a far, definitely she have no plans nor intention to help you at all.

"Aoi, Akane, Naomi... can we just go home, now?"

"""NO!""" with those three voices as one, you lost completely.

"Fine, just-"

And right there and then, the person that you (well, Naomi), are trying to impress walked by. The soccer club kids—the freshmen, anyway.

"Oh, look, It's Tenma!" Aoi exclaimed in surprise. This was the female's clothing division. Why would those boys be here? Except...

You gasped, "Don't tell me they have those weird hobbies!"

Everyone's eyes widen in surprise... at your absurdity.

"Oh, Aoi!" It seems like the group noticed your lot, too, as Tenma called out to Aoi and is now on his way to where you guys are. The rest followed him.

"Tenma, what are you doing here?" Aoi asked, "Don't tell me, (F/N)'s suspicions were true after all..." she muttered, shivering.

"Hmm? (F/N)-chan's suspicions?" Tenma asked.

"Ooh, ain't it like, crossdressing?!" Kariya chimed in, his golden eyes glinted with mischief, "You hit the jackpot, (F/N)! We're here to pick up a dress for Tenma, over here!"

"W-wha?! Crossdressing?! O-of course not!" Tenma's blushing furiously by now, denying with all his might, "I'm not that kind of person!"

Meanwhile, while Midori, Akane, and Aoi laughed and giggled over Tenma and Kariya's (and yours too) antics, you overheard Naomi's conversation with the stoic dark haired striker.

"Hey, Tsurugi-kun," surprisingly, Naomi wasn't playing the 'sweet, chirpy' girl character she usually does. She was being herself; serious and all.

"Hm?" Tsurugi gave her a look—indicating that she should continue.

"What kind of clothing would you like to see on a girl? Oh, and colors, too." Naomi said.

"...?" Tsurugi gave her a momentary confused look.

You looked at the two, wide eyed. Did Naomi just flirted on him...?

"No, no, not me," Naomi said, dismissing your suspicions. "But a certain someone."

"...I don't know," Tsurugi decided to reply, "I don't care about clothing. Nor girls."

"That's awfully stoic and heartless of you. Just when a certain girl was about to dress up for your sake." Naomi replied, eyes fixated on Raimon's Ace Striker.

"...What do you mean?" Tsurugi has his own suspicions; but they're not important. At least... that's what he thought, because it would... most probably be wrong, anyway. He decided to just ask Naomi for this.

"Well," said Naomi, "I don't want to ruin the surprise and all, since right now the both of you doesn't understand." She continued as she thoughtfully tapped on her chin, "And even if you do realize, you wont make the first move. And oh, just don't count on her for that. She wouldn't even realize anything."

Tsurugi paused, and as he was going to say something, Naomi cuts in, as she gave him a very unsettling smirk, as if she knew everything about him.

"Because she's as dense as the wall."

"..." Tsurugi was, for the first time, speechless. "What do you-"

"I suppose you could text me that in case you're too embarrassed," Naomi interrupted again, seemingly irritating the dark haired boy, "Give me your phone. I'll exchange our addresses."

Naomi doesn't leave any holes for arguments. Tsurugi obediently gave her his phone; he was, after all, curious about all these... lampshading Naomi did.

"There you go. Anyway, we'll be going on to the next boutique. Be quick."

Tsurugi merely nodded in response, glancing towards you a few times.

"...?" You gave him a confused look when catching him glancing at you. You awkwardly waved your hand, mouthing a "Hi" whilst doing so.

Tsurugi turned away, not bothering to reply.

...Ouch, I guess that's the ever-stoic Tsurugi for you.

Probably only Naomi (and his big brother) knew how to force him to do anything.

"Hey, guys, let's go! Leave Tenma the Crossdresser alone, he might influence us with his weird hobby." Naomi said half-jokingly, staring at the brown-haired blushing male.

"I-I don't have any weird hobbies, okay?! I was going to buy something for Aki-nee! It's her birthday soon!" Tenma said, denying with all his might. Again. He wouldn't risk being teased non-stop by Kariya... and Aoi. And Akane. ...and Midori.

...Damn everything.

"Anyway, we're going to go now. We have a lot of shops to visit." Said Aoi, winking to Naomi in understanding, "Let's go!"

"Alright, see you later!" Tenma said, smiling all the while.

Suddenly, Naomi's phone rang—a text. Naomi glanced knowingly at Tsurugi as the said male averted his gaze from you—the one whom he had been discreetly glancing at.

"See ya!" You said at them, nodding your head.

"See you later, (F/N)." Kariya said, smirking. Oh, how he's really grateful for your opening act earlier. That gave him a lot of ideas on how to prank Tenma from now on.

Old habits die hard, you suppose. It was Kariya, after all.