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Renji sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time that night, he loathed math, and seriously this shit just wasn't sticking! Renji never learned, did he? He just had to leave this till the last minute. Typical. So here he is cramming for his exam in the college's library , late at night. While everybody else is probably sleeping without a care in the world. Renji rubbed his eyes in exasperation before glaring down at the page full of equations like it was the most evil thing on this earth.

"Staring at it isn't going to make it solve itself, Abarai-kun." A gentle voice sounded through the quiet room, an amused tint lining that smooth tone Renji knew very well.

Renji blinked a couple of times before lifting his head up, "Kurosaki-sensei…" Renji started, slightly embarrassed at being caught at such an awkward moment. "I wasn't staring." He defended. "I was just…Thinking." He quickly rebutted.

The head librarian hummed, a small smile on his face, "Well Abarai-kun, don't think too hard…" Pausing, a smile graced the elders lips, amusement shining in his honey brown eyes, "…Or you might get a headache and we wouldn't want that, now would we, Abarai-kun." The librarian teased lightly.

Renji lowered his head, not liking that he was being teased and mumbled, "Like I would get a headache over stupid math. Useless subject." Renji crossed his arms over in defence.

The librarian's smile grew at the image of the sulking red head, holding back a chuckle as he spoke again. "We are closing in a half hour, okay?" He reminded the teen.

Renji stubbornly refused to lift his head to look at the orangenette, nodding instead to show that he understood and wasn't completely ignoring the other. Renji soon heard the librarian walk away, lifting his gaze slightly in that direction, he watched as the elder cleared up some desks opposite him.

Straightening up, the teen glanced at the clock on the wall with a sigh, before his sights were back over at the unsuspecting librarian, the orange head's back now turned to the teen as he placed the books in a trolley to put away on the shelves.

It was obvious Renji's hatred for math wasn't the only reason he ended up studying late nights at the college library instead of the dorms. No. The only other reason was because of the attractive and totally sexy, orange haired librarian that was ,Kurosaki Ichigo. Which to Renji was a legitimate enough reason. At least that was what he kept telling himself.

Ichigo smirked to himself as he collected the scattered books that were left on the tables, he could feel the young teens gaze drill holes into his back. The poor teen not even realizing this fact, but not being able to resist, Ichigo glanced over his shoulder just to catch the teen look away quickly, and downwards, hastily scribbling into his book.

Ichigo's smirk turned into a light chuckle, shaking his head slightly in amusement as he turned back to the task ahead. These little occurrences had been going on for a while now and Ichigo had to admit, he didn't mind them at all. Abarai Renji was intriguing to say the least, the teen held an air of confidence and defiance about him, all meshed into a strong and attractive physic, from his crimson locks to his tattooed skin. Yes. Ichigo didn't mind these occurrences at all.

Of course, they both knew the attraction was mutual, but neither of them went beyond teasing banters and heated glances and of course, no one knew or saw this, they were teacher and student after all and their relationship should remain as such. After all, intimate relationships between teacher and student were frowned upon and wouldn't go unpunished.

With another sigh, Renji figured there was no way he was going to get more work done, rubbing his face in frustration he started to pack up. The library was going to close anyway and he might as well get some sleep before sitting the test tomorrow. Renji put the last of his books away before standing up, bag in one hand as he adjusted his oversized beanie on his head with the other, only hints of those crimson locks showed through at the end of his head-wear he was sporting.

As he glanced around the room, he noticed that he wasn't alone, there were a couple other students still scattered around desks with their heads still buried in their books. With an indifferent shrug of his shoulder, Renji slug his bag over with his wrist resting comfortably on top of his shoulder. Noticing his object of desire was no longer in sight, Renji sighed once again, and made his way to the exit. A feeling of disappointment settled in his chest, making the red head scowl at the unwelcome feeling before shrugging it off. It's not like he wouldn't see the orange head again.

True to the thought, Renji was back in the library nights later. This time he was stuck studying for chemistry. Another useless subject, the teen thought bitterly. Not only was he stuck studying last minute again, he also hadn't seen Kurosaki-sensei and that alone annoyed the teen more than he would like to admit. In other words Renji was in a foul mood. That same feeling of disappointment bubbled up in Renji's chest, making him growl in frustration, not enjoying this feeling at all.

Throwing his pencil down, Renji leaned his head back and closed his eyes, he knew he wasn't going to get anything done in this state, might as well go home. With that decided, Renji opened his eyes and leaned forward before starting to pack up. He was about to close his exercise book when a bright orange tag caught his attention, doing a double-take, Renji read his note from the other day. Shit. It was a book he needed to get out for the next class. Luckily there was about 10 minutes left till closing time. Renji grabbed the note and headed in the direction where the book should be at, mentally thanking himself for searching the code for the book earlier that week.

Renji started to scan the spines of the rows and rows of books before he came to the right section, coming to a halt and turning his head slightly in a subconscious manner. Renji read each spine of the books in front of him, only to find that the book he was looking for wasn't there. Seriously?! The book was available the last time he checked, sighing in frustration Renji scanned over the books again from the top, being more careful in case he actually missed it, which wasn't uncommon when it came to the red head.

Again, the book didn't seemed to be there. Renji was about to give up when a hand suddenly came to rest against the shelf in front of him, a heated whisper reaching his ear, "Abarai-kun…"

Startled, Renji spun around, eyes wide with surprise. "Kurosaki-sensei! When…When did you- Where- How-" Renji stuttered, not knowing where to start and what question to ask. So many emotions running through him all at once, his heart was doing summersaults as he stared at the orange head before him.

Ichigo released an amused chuckle, leaning down slightly so their eyes were level, "Hm, one question at a time, Abarai-kun. There is no need to rush."

Renji blinked, still not believing that Ichigo was standing right in front of him and this close, when the orange head was absent the whole evening prior to Renji entering library earlier in the day. Still in a daze, Renji slowly returned to reality when the librarian's other hand came to rest on the other side of Renji's form, successfully caging him from any chance of escape. Not that Renji would want to anyway, but he wasn't about to admit that.

Renji asked the first question that came to mind, "where were you?-" Realizing what he asked, Renji covered his mouth with a gasp, eyes wide with realization of what that simple question could imply.

A smirk graced Ichigo's lips instantly, eyes shining with amusement as he watched Renji wave his hand in front of him in dismissal, "I mean, I need to find this book and I can't see it anywhere." The crimson haired teen corrected.

Smirk still in place, "Oh? And what book are you looking for?" the orange head asked casually, taking a step back letting both arms fall back to his sides.

Renji averted his gaze with an indifferent attitude, turning his head to the side as he lifted the piece of paper with the code and name of the book.

The crimson haired teen felt the paper being taken out of his grasp, his eyes shifted to the orange head in front of him before looking away again.

"Scientific match, eh?" Renji snapped his head back to look up into amusing eyes, but before Renji could even open his mouth, Ichigo's gazed moved across the books behind the teen.

Reaching behind Renji for the second time that night, the orange head's amusement spread to his lips as a smirk made its way onto his face. "You mean this book?"

Renji blinked, the book that he was searching for was pulled right in front of him. He did a double-take before he snatched the book from the head librarian's hands, which clearly read Scientic Match. "Wh-What? But I looked for it!" Renji exclaimed, looking up at Ichigo then back at the book in disbelief. "It wasn't there before, seriously!"

Ichigo couldn't help but laugh lightly at the teen's shocked expression. Renji clearly didn't know how temptingly cute he was being, Ichigo's self control was wearing thin with each second he stood in front of the teen.

Renji snapped his head up upon hearing Ichigo laugh, catching the amused smile he was wearing. Renji bit his bottom lip as he looked back at the orange head in embarrassment, not liking the fact that he just made a fool of himself. He wanted nothing more than to run. Renji was about to do just that as he attempted to step past the orange head quickly. But to the crimson head's dismay, he was not quick enough. Without much effort he was easily pulled back by the wrist.

"Aren't you going to thank me, Abarai-kun?" The tone in Ichigo's voice deepened, making Renji's heart race. "For finding that book for you, Hm?" Ichigo hummed, Renji swallowed hard when Ichigo leaned in a little too close again.

Renji's lips parted to word his reply, "Thank y-"

Clearly this was not the type of thank you Ichigo was referring to as he sealed his lips with the flustered teen's.

Renji's reaction was instantaneous, his body froze, dropping the book that was firmly in his grasp, the thud only a dull echo to the teen's ears, eyes wide with shock, lungs ceasing its rhythm as his breath caught in his throat. The only thought running through Renji's mind at that moment was the undeniable fact that Kurosaki Ichigo, Kurosaki-sensei was kissing him! Nowhere in his wildest dreams did he think this was ever going to happen, after all Renji was a student…A student.

Just like a switch, it clicked.

This was wrong.

It took all of Renji's strength to push the orange head away, both hands place on the Head librarian's shoulders, creating much needed space for the teen as they stood arms length away.

Renji desperately voiced his concern, "What you doing! We can't do this!" desperation and fluster coloured his voice.

"Why not?" came a calm reply.

Renji was slightly lost for words, not knowing how to reply as his mind raced by a million miles a second, "People might-"

"No one is going to see, Abarai-kun." The elder voiced calmly over the others panicked voice. "No one is here." Ichigo stated.

Renji frowned, taking the time to actually look around, he hadn't noticed that the library was empty. The clock on the wall clear evidence that the library had been closed a while ago.

"No one…" Renji's head snapped back to look at the orange head when he heard the other speak calmly but surely once again, "…Is going to find out." The oranged head assured.

Renji's mind slowly started to process the words slipping past Ichigo's lips and like a wave crashing on the shore, Renji reacted without thought, without restraint, fisting the collar of the orange head's shirt where his hands still lay against strong shoulders. With one swift motion Renji pulled the other towards himself, his lips hungrily crashing against Ichigo's welcoming pair.

The hunger and passion was instant, their lips hastily molded and meshed repeatedly in desire for one another. Renji's fists tightened their hold of Ichigos' shirt, pulling him closer, silently pleading for more…and god did Renji want more.

Who was Ichigo to deny such a tempting offer, his own hands wandered up the teen's sides, pushing the teen roughly till his back collided against the bookshelf. Ichigo's lips swallowing up the gasp that left the crimson head, this action caused a number of books to fall carelessly to the ground. But neither seemed to notice or care, this was not enough to stop them in their hast to feel more...to want more.

Ichigo pulled at Renji's tucked shirt with growing need, his hand slipping under the clothed flesh once it was freed, wasting no time in caressing the toned skin that hid underneath. Renji's lips parted once again to release a low moan. Ichigo's touch left hot trails in their wake against the teen's skin. Ichigo swallowed every heated sound that escaped, deepening the kiss, his tongue slipping past his parted lips, devouring the teen whole, in desire and lust. Renji welcomed every touch and caress shared between the demanding and passion filled kiss, to the heated caresses burning up his body with desire.

Ichigo was slowly coming undone with every sound and keen reaction of the teen's body beneath his fingertips. Renji was all too willing to bask in the sensations running through him, as gasp was caught in his throat. Ichigo's other hand wandered further up the teen's body till it rested at the back of Renji's neck. With a firm tug Ichigo reached up a little further to pull the beanie covering most of those crimson locks from his view.

The simple action caused Renjis' locks to fall loosely over part of the his face and shoulders. Just like that Ichigo dropped the restricting item without a thought before threading his fingers through those crimson locks. This caused Renji to let out a keen whine from deep within his throat, the feeling of Ichigo's fingers coursing through his hair was all too pleasant and he couldn't help but voice his contentment. Ichigo hummed in response against the teen's lips, tugging at Renji's hair slightly, causing the teen's head to tilt back, their lips parting without much resistance as their breaths mingled heatedly.

Renji's mind was swimming, all rational thoughts were driven out the window. Only then did Renji realise the tightened grip he had on Ichigo's collar, consciously he relaxed his fingers and tried to calm his breathing, all at once. Ichigo didn't seem to notice, just like everything else up till this point, his lips started to trace its path along Renji's defined jaw line and down his inked neck. The contact was fleeting and feather light, the touch was overwhelming to the teens senses and at the same time not enough, causing Renji to whine out his torment, his hands tightened once again on Ichigo's collar.

Ichigo tried to hold back the urge to chuckle, his lips morphing into a slight smile hidden in the crook of the teen's neck and shoulder. Firmly pressing his lips to Renji's strong inked neck, Ichigo wound his arm around Renji's slim waist before yanking the youngers flesh against his body. A slight gasp left Renji's parted lips, his first reaction was to cling harder as he let go of Ichigo's collar and wounded his arms tightly around the orange head's neck.

Using this to his advantage Ichigo pulled Renji along with his movements. Turning slightly Ichigo started to lead the teen backwards, step by step till the teen's lower back made contact with the desk on the side of the aisle.

Renji moved along with the flow, he had a feeling about where the elder wanted to take this and couldn't help the smirk that started to spread across his face as his lower back made contact with the desk behind him. With his smirk still in place, Renji uncurled his fingers around Ichigo's neck and pushed on his shoulders with a little force. Ichigo moved his head from its hiding place against the teen's neck, only to look up at the crimson head with a slightly confused expression.

"What's that look for Sensei?" Renji teased, his smirk growing as he placed both hands behind himself on the desks polished surface and with one swift movement he hoisted himself up, so that he was sitting on the edge. Not giving Ichigo a chance to reply he reached out to grab the front of Ichigo's shirt, yanking the orange head towards himself till he was between his spread legs. The force of the pull caused Ichigo to slam down his hands on the desk either side of Renji's body, the surprise on Ichigo's face was quickly replaced with a matching smirk Renji was still sporting.

Renji leaned forward till his lips brushed Ichigo's ear, "That better, Sensei?" Renji whispered lowly, locking his legs around Ichigo's waist, crushing Ichigo into himself.

"Not quite, Abarai-Kun." Ichigo hushed back, turning his head and pulling back to lock eyes with the crimson haired teen. "Need to fix a couple of things first." Ichigo added, both hands sliding up the teen's sides to the front of his shirt, undoing each button one by one. Ichigo watched as Renji's top fell open, exposing his inked skin along the way, Ichigo's eyes followed each line that zigzagged across the youngers chest with brimming longing.

Once the last button was out of its loop, Ichigo's fingers were on the move before the orange head's mind had time to catch up with itself. His fingertips traced the black lines up Renji's abdomen and along his chest. Ichigo stopped his small exploration at Renji's shoulders only to slip under the edges of the teen's shirt and with a smooth flick of the wrist the top slipped over Renji's shoulders, pooling around the teen's waist and the bend of his elbow.

Renji couldn't help his eye's as they lower in contentment, the touches in themselves were light and fleeting, but to Renji each brush of Ichigo's fingertips against his skin was like an electric shock pulsing through his system, leaving Renji in a pleasant daze.

Ichigo smirked, taking in the teen's obvious expression, bits of crimson hair splayed out across the teen's shoulder and chest. Seriously. Renji had no idea of what a temptation he clearly is. Ichigo ran his gaze up the teen's body in admiration, his eyes following the same dark lines his fingertips did a moment ago and like a magnet Ichigo was drawn in. Once again Ichigo placed his hand on the edge of the desk on either side of the teen, his other hand slid up the teen's thigh, over a firm hip and under the crumpled shirt to rest against Renji's lower back.

Snapped out of his daze from the touch, Renji caught the hungry look in Ichigo's eyes, which made his lips twitch in a concealed smile. Titling his head slightly to the side and biting his bottom lip ,as if to tease Ichigo further, and tease Ichigo it did.

Releasing his bottom lip from its captor, Renji slowly ran his tongue over his abused lip, "Sensei. You know, it's rude to stare." Renji hushed out, his eyes shining with amusement.

Ichigo's control was slipping with each temptation the teen threw at him, not missing the amusement in the Renji's eyes, Ichigo smirked, "Hm, you make it very difficult not to, But…" Ichigo paused, leaning forward till their lips brushed. "…You know this, don't you? Abarai-kun." Ichigo whispered heatedly over Renji's lips. The action caused Renji to exhale sharply, not realizing he was holding his breath to begin with as he swallowed visibly. Drawn in, Renji tilted his head to close the gap between their lips, to deepen the contact. Ichigo clearly had other plans, pulling away just out of reach, his lips finding his destination against the teens collarbone.

Ichigo felt slim fingers run through his hair, pulling slightly in encouragement. Ichigo smirked against heated flesh before nipping gently, teasing the skin under his lips, leaving reddened marks along the way till his lips reached inked skin once again. Ichigo felt Renji's grip tense as he pulled on his orange locks, a low gasp left the teens lips as Ichigo rained open-mouthed kisses, down on his well toned torso. Renji's tattoos was like a map and Ichigo couldn't resist to not follow their tracks, nipping and lightly sucking along the way, smirking once again when he heard Renji release a hitched gasp. Pausing in his movement Ichigo lapped up the sounds he was eliciting from the crimson haired teen, Ichigo's tongue poking out to tease Renji's burning flesh.

Renji's head fell back, his lips unconsciously parted, his body reacting keenly, reflexively. Everything was heating up so fast that Renji's mind could hardly keep up, with his eyes lidded, Renji glanced down at the orange head before him, his hands tangled through his choppy locks. His own spilled messily over his shoulder and chest as the rest flowed down Renji's toned and inked back.

Renji leaned backwards until his forearm made contact with the desk below him, his shirt pulling slightly at the strain it caused around his elbows, but the teen paid no attention. He was completely engrossed in the feeling and presence of the man above him. Renji groaned when those lips traveled further down, pass his navel and to where the teen wanted it the most. But again, Ichigo clearly had different ideas as he pause and nipped the skin lightly before making his way back up the teens body, with his lips caressing the skin as he went along.

Renji couldn't help but let a deep whine escape when Ichigo stopped his pleasurable ministrations, their eyes soon locking together in a sweltering gaze. A playful smile adorned Ichigo's face, the hand splayed across the teens lower back moved smoothly over Renji's toned flesh to rest on his lower abdomen, his finger tips continuing its light caress.

"I'm disappointed, Abarai-kun, you should have told me you were studying chemistry." Ichigo tsk'd, his expression showing mock hurt, his eyes still teeming with hidden amusement.

"After all…" Ichigo leaned in, eyes never leaving the teens. With his head tilted slightly, he lips brushed over Renji's parted ones. "Chemistry isn't that hard to read, is it." Ichigo stated with a raised eyebrow.

Renji held back another groan as he bit Ichigo's bottom lip, pulling lightly before releasing the slightly reddened flesh, "Are you going to teach me then? Sen-…" Renji stopped in a heated whisper, running his tongue over his bottom lip, the hints of a smirk showing through, finishing his heated whisper "…-Sei."

Ichigo grinned in response, the hand on the teens stomach spread upwards to the teen's shoulder and with a push, Renji found himself lying with his back flat against the desk beneath him. Ichigo stared down for a moment, taking in the tempting sight of the other, Renji's crimson locks spread out on the desk, framing the teen's face, the tattoos a clear contrast to the teen's pale skin.

Eyes hooded, Renji looked up at ichigo, his loosely wrapped legs around the orange heads body tightened, in a silent urge to come closer and who was Ichigo to deny such a request. However before Ichigo could give into the teens urgings, he slowly started to unbutton his own top, making no moves to rid himself fully of the said article.

Renji's watched his every movement with burning desire, his eyes running down the expanse of skin that was revealed through the parting of the orange heads shirt. Renji swallowed visibly as he shamelessly stared, admiring the toned flesh that was presented to him. When Ichigo leaned forward, Renji was lifted out of his gaze and looked up at the face that now hovered above his own.

"What was that about starring, Abarai-kun" Ichigo teased.

Renji couldn't help but chuckle softly, hearing his own words shot back at him, grinning at Ichigo, Renji moved to wrap both his arms around Ichigo's neck and pulled him closer till their foreheads touched.

"Can't be helped" Renji shot back with a smirk, whispering lowly during their close proximity, "You make it so difficult not to." Renji tilted his head slightly to close the distance between their lips till they were touching, but made no move to deepen the contact as he mouthed, "You tease."

Ichigo chuckled softly, the sound vibrating softly against Renji's lips before he sealed them with his own. Unlike the intense kisses before, the press of pliant flesh against the others was slow and careful, almost savoring, as if they could feel every caress and pull in every slight movement.

Like an unspoken thought, both pair of hands were on the move, never once did their lips part as they blindly worked their way in ridding each other of their clothes. Renji easily undid Ichigo's pants as the orange head did the same to Renji's pair.

All thoughts of teasing words and comebacks came to a standstill, now the only focus was on their needs and wants. Renji's hand snaked its way pass the orange head's waistband, palming Ichigo's arousal with certain and precise strokes. Ichigo groaned lowly against Renji's lips, the sound vibrating lightly against pliant flesh as Ichigo fastened his movements gradually, pulling both pants and undergarment down Renji's hips.

The action caused the crimson haired teen to slide further down the desk, elliciting a small sound from the back of his throat, akin to a yelp, which Ichigo gladly swallowed up. Pushing his tongue past Renji's slightly parted lips. Renji moaned into the deepened kiss, stopping his hand movement to pull the two offending articles down Ichigo's strong hips, just enough to uncover the orange head's need.

Nipping at the teen's bottom lip, Ichigo pulled away from the engaging kiss and stepped back, the teen's legs falling from around Ichigo's waist. Frowning, Renji propped himself up to rest on his elbow while he protested, "Wha-" But his protest was cut short when he saw Ichigo press his index finger to his own lips, hushing the other. Now slightly confused and curious, Renji tilted his head in question. He was about to voice his protest again when he saw Ichigo smirk from behind his slender finger. Ichigo's other hand made its way with purpose to yank at Renji's pants and undergarments. Tearing them all the way off Renji's legs, causing his boots to follow in suit.

Renji heard the articles of clothing and boots clatter to the ground, but took no notice as Ichigo stepped forward and in between his legs once again. Ichigo's finger left his lips and in one swift movement, Ichigo placed both his hands at the back of Renji's thighs, hauling the teens legs up and around his waist firmly. Renji took a sharp intake of breath at that, noting the still prominent smirk on the orange head's face.

Renji honoured Ichigo with a smirk of his own while he still rested on his elbows. He tightened his legs around Ichigo, effectively pulling him closer, the closeness causing both their arousals to brush against one anothers. Renji's head fell back, his neck exposed, eyes closed and mouth fell open slightly as he gasped at the gratifying pressure. Ichigo bit his bottom lip, groaning at the pleasurable friction but also at the sight of Renji so temptingly exposed. Ichigo released his grip under one of Renji's thighs, reaching over to thread through his crimson locks that was draped across the nape of the teen's neck and pulled him forward as he leaned down to engage them in another open mouthed kiss.

Renji grinded up against Ichigo, groaning into the heated kiss. Moving his weight onto one elbow, Renji blindly grabbed at Ichigo's parted shirt and yanked him over himself. Ichigo was slightly taken aback, his lips stilled against the teens as Renji moved to lay his back against the desk once again. Ichigo's forearm now rested next to the crimson haired teen. With his finger's still tangled in between the crimson locks, Ichigo nipped at the teens bottom lip again, grinding his hips back against the others in their new position. Renji's pliant pair parting in a drawn out moan. Ichigo not wasting his time slipped his tongue past the teen's lips, consuming every sound the teen made.

Soon they both pulled away, panting, their hips slowly moving in rhythm with one other. Their heated breaths mingled, the soft sounds falling past both their lips constantly at the pleasurable spike that ran through their bodies. Renji's grip tightened on Ichigo's shirt once again, his other hand slid down to Ichigo's hip and with a firm grasp Renji carefully stilled Ichigo's movements.

Ichigo' eyes shifted upwards with puzzlement, not realizing that all that time he was looking down at Renji's parted swollen lips. But all thoughts on questioning the teen came to a halt, when he saw the mischievous glint in Renji's mahogany eyes.

"Can you give me a hand Sensei?" Renji whispered sensually, letting go of Ichigo's shirt all together to grab the wrist by his head, pulling it up and successfully untangling the fingers that threaded through his hair.

Grinning, Renji brought Ichigo's hand to his lips, teasingly running his tongue along two digits before taking them into his mouth. Ichigo couldn't tear his eyes away from the arousing sight, knowing exactly what the teen wanted and he was by no means going to stop the teen from giving him just that. A low growl escaped Ichigo's throat which made the teen smirk slightly before running his tongue between his index and middle finger in a slow motion. Renji's eyes shone with amusement, he decided to tease Ichigo a bit more, knowing fully that this little show he was putting on was definitely getting to the other.

It was exactly at that point that Ichigo snapped. Yanking his wrist out of the teens light hold, he hoisted Renji up with his other hand placed firmly under pliable thighs and behind.

"Trust me Abarai-kun, I'm going to give you more than just a hand." Ichigo hushed out hotly against the teen's smirking lips.

"I wouldn't expect anything-" before he could finish his sentence, Renji was cut off. Instead his words were replaced by a hitched gasp as Ichigo's slicked digit entered him slowly, "-Expect anything less, Kurosaki-sensei." Renji breathed out finally, letting his body relax willingly.

Ichigo pecked Renji's lips in a chaste kiss as he watched the teen's expression, seeing no pain after moving his digit back and forth slowly, Ichigo decided it was okay to add a second to its mate.

Renji still had a barely there smirk, before closing his eyes as his brows furrowed in slight discomfort, Ichigo carefully starting to stretch the teen in preparation. Renji's lips parted to let out a breathy exhale as he tried to relax his body further.

It wasn't long before Ichigo's probing digits brushed against the bundle of nerves deep inside the other, causing a choked moan to escape. Renji's hand blindly grabbed Ichigo's forearm, bringing Ichigo's motions to an abrupt stop. Opening his eyes slowly, Renji peered up at the orange head above him, silently letting Ichigo know that he was more than ready.

Renji released Ichigo and lifted both of his arms to wrap around Ichigo's neck, his fingertips brushing against a clothed covered back. Ichigo pulled his fingers out placing both his hands on Renji's defined hips to raise the teen up slightly once again. Renji pulled the other closer till their lips brushed together heatedly as Ichigo hovered over the lust driven teen.

"Show me what chemistry is all about, sensei." The teen mumbled hotly before taking Ichigo's bottom lip between his teeth, nipping slightly.

Ichigo didn't need anymore prompting, he pushed into the teen in one swift movement. Renji's reaction was immediate, releasing Ichigo's lip as his head fell backwards with a deep groan, his eyes surrendering to the darkness once again as they fell shut on their own accord.

Ichigo's jaw tensed, his fingertips slowly caressing the teen's hips, the heat around him almost unbearable as he stilled once fully seethed within the teen below him. Renji lips parted as his breaths become more labored. His heels pushed into Ichigo's back in a silent request to start moving.

Ichigo was more than happy to fulfill that request, he started to move slowly but steadily in and out of the teen. Groaning lowly, Ichigo leaned forward, pressing his lips again the teens collarbone, nipping at one of the many marks now tittering the teen's inked chest.

Renji was lost in the sensation of being completely filled by Ichigo, soft moans bubbled their way past his parted lips, and his hand fisted the shirt beneath his fingertips in a silent urge for more as Renji soon started to rock his hips down to meet the others.

A low growl left ichigo's lips and the sound vibrated against Renji's skin. Ichigo snapped his hips harder causing a choked moan to escape between the small sounds Renji was already making. Renji's back arched slightly off the desk as a pleasurable shock ran through every nerve in his body. The teen's hand absently clawed down Ichigo's clothed back, moaning loudly again when Ichigo steadily snapped his hips back, hitting that spot deep inside Renji again and again.

Ichigo groaned as he felt the teen tensed in around him, his movements became rougher and uncontrolled as they both neared their high. Renji's body shifted slightly up the desk from the force of the movements, but the teen didn't seem to care about the force of their coupling, he was too lost in the pleasurable onslaught to notice.

Ichigo slowly lifted his head up from the teen's chest, his breathing was harsh as he gazed down at the teen through half lidded eyes. Renji's lips were constantly parted, letting out hitched sounds of enjoyment that drifted down the silent aisle. His eyes were shut tight and his crimsons strands were splayed out around his head. Groaning, Ichigo lifted one of his hands from the teens hip to thread through the lucious crimson locks, pulling the teen's head up roughly before sealing their lips in another open mouthed dance.

They both swallowed up the sounds that erupted from within both their chests as their rhythm became mismatched in their separate yet ever so intertwined needs. It wasn't long before Renji tensed up, his legs tightening almost painfully around the man above him. Ripping away from the kiss, his head fell back as yet another choked groan escaped his parted lips, his hands fisted tightly on Ichigo's shirt as he reached his climax.

Ichigo's hand slipped away from Renji's hair while he placed his palm flat against the desk by the teen's head, dropping his head back on the teen's chest. A deep drawn out groan was muffled against Renji's ignited flesh, Ichigo's hips stilling finding his own release in the other as the teen tensed around him as they both road out their orgasms.

Renji's body soon relaxed, sedated as the high left him, feeling thoroughly satisfied, he fought to control his breathing, the ripples of his chest rising and falling in attempt to inhale more oxygen into his lungs. Ichigo's hand left Renji's hip as he blindly brought it up to rest on the other side of the teen's head. Ichigo's own breath was labored, he lowered his body down flat against Renji's, his forearms now caging the teen's head. Both their bodies were burning and glistened with a sheen of sweat, which was slowly starting to cool down. Their clothes were uncomfortably sticking to their soaked skin as Ichigo ran his lips up Renji's inked neck and along his defined jaw before shifting his weight up till they were face to face.

Renji slowly opened his eyes, locking immediately with Ichigo's. Renji's arms came back up to loosely drape around Ichigo's shoulders as he brushed his lips against the other's and in a whisper, "So…" Renji started, "I start biology next week…" He trailed off with a sly smirk, Ichigo chuckled against the teen's kiss swollen lips before sealing them with his own.

…Cause after all, another lesson wouldn't hurt.


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