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Behind Closed Doors

Ichigo was tired, in fact forget tired, Ichigo was down right exhausted. The contemplation of sleep was getting more and more enticing the more he thought about it. His mind ventured else where, all his attention was focused on the idea of sliding into a warm bed, resting his head on soft fluffed up pillows, cocooned up in blankets as he embraced his lover close to him, relishing the scent and sound of even breaths as he slumbers, running his finger's through messy locks of powder blue hair…

The idea alone made Ichigo sigh in false contentment, his honey brown orbs dazed as he starred off into the distant, unblinking and now very unresponsive as he blatantly started to daydream.




Ichigo shot up, blinking rapidly as his eyes focused, "Huh?" Ichigo spouted in reaction as he caught sight of a very irritated looking Histugaya.

"Kurosaki." The 10th squad Taichou warned, his voice grave, "Are you even listening?"

Ichigo raised an eyebrow, he was pretty sure that was meant to be a rhetorical question but when Hitsugaya looked at him expectantly, he decided it would probably be in his best interest to answer the young Taichou.

So with a casual and some what embarrassed look, the orange head scratched the back of his neck, a nervous chuckle leaving his lips, "Ah, sorry could you repeat that?"

At that moment, Ichigo instantly regretted those words that left his lips as he watch the young Taichou's brow twitch in reaction. Not a good sign...Not a good sign at all.

"Kurosaki…" Hitsugaya started in warning, his voice thick with annoyance.

Then he exploded, "Do you have any idea of the importance of this very meeting!" the silver haired Taichou raged.

Ichigo winced, and gave Hitsugaya an apologetic look before speaking, "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, it's just I'm really tired..." his voiced trailed off. Sighing, Ichigo looked at the other hopefully, "Can we talk about this tomorrow?"

Ichigo really did take his job seriously but he was tired and honestly he was still getting used to this new way of life. When the winter war finally came to an end and the fall of Aizen, it was to no surprise that Ichigo was appointed King of Hueco Mundo.

Well it was no surprise to the rest of them, except for Ichigo himself. But apparently to everyone else it only seemed natural for Ichigo to take his rightful place on the grand throne. As they pointed out, he was strong, as a leader and a fighter, there was no doubt about that. Not only is he a Shinigami but a hollow as well. For those persuasive reasons alongside the fact that Soul Society strongly viewed this as a good means of gaining alliance through the two worlds. With Ichigo being a close and trusted ally, what better person could bring the best of both worlds together but him and him alone.

At first Ichigo was at odds with himself, who was He to lead many? It was imposter syndrome kicking in big time back then. But those insecurities were washed away when he saw the remaining Ex-Espada and Arrancar before him. Never being the one to let people down, swayed by the trust and need of others, Ichigo decided there and then that he would take this responsibility and protect everyone, just like he protected Karakura and Soul Society, he would protect his new home as well; Hueco Mundo.

Heaving a heavy sigh, Hitsugaya's stern look was washed away with sympathy, "Very well Kurosaki, we will continue the meeting tomorrow. Don't be late."

Ichigo beamed, standing up to take his leave with a grateful smile, "Thanks Toshiro!"

"That's Hitsugaya-Taichou to you!" But the statement fell on deaf ears. Hitsugaya watched the retreating back of the orange head as he waved his hand in a mock salute before disappearing back to his private quarters of Las Noches.

Las Noches had been rebuilt after the war, restoring it to its former glory after Ichigo was appointment as the new King of Hueco Mundo. Since then many things had changed too within Las Noches, the fortress had become home to many Arrancar, Ex-Espada and their Fraccion. The grounds in which Las Noches is built on was so vast in size that the effect of living under the same 'roof' as everyone else was almost none existent.

The inside of Las Noches's dome still stimulates the blue sky of the human world, but just like the human world the dome's blue skies turn dark to reflect the night. This gave Las Noches a sense of time, day turning into night, something Ichigo felt Hueco Mundo lacked from the beginning.

So when Ichigo left the meeting hall situated in the West tower, it had already become night. Ichigo had to stifle a yawn, not wanting to waste more time he quickly made his way home to the main tower and throne in the center Las Noches.

Home to him and his lover; Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

No one would have thought they would end up together, but they did, and no one argued that, nor did they care to. But how they did was a wonder in itself. When did the lust for battle and blood become lust for desire and need? To many it baffled them, how could two strong-headed, battle thirsty, powerful, animalistic and destructive souls combine? It was like setting fire to fire, it would only get worse, surely. Yet it never occurred, not once. It was quite the contrary of what everyone else would expect, it seemed they were equalisers for each other and no one knew how nor why…

To anyone else Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez was not one to be messed with, his laid-back appearance a mere façade that hides a brutal, impulsive and excessively violent personality.

But beneath all that, there was something only Ichigo knew about Grimmjow. The Grimmjow beneath all that blunt, sadistic and sarcastic attitude…

With the bluenette in mind Ichigo hastened his movements, wanting to get there faster, especially since he knew his lover would be waiting for him at home.

But much to Ichigo's dismay, this wasn't the case as he opened the door to their shared room. Taking a glance around the spacious area Ichigo locked his sights on the large bed occupying the middle of the room, walking closer to the disarray of sheets and pillows. Glancing down Ichigo sighed when he found those sheets to be empty of his desired partner.

Ichigo let out another heavy sigh before dumping himself onto the soft bed. All thoughts on the whereabouts of his absent lover slipped his mind the moment he made contact with the soft bedding. Closing his eyes, Ichigo succumbed to the much needed rest he had been craving only moments ago.

It wasn't till Ichigo was stirred awake by a weird sensation around his neck, his groggy mind still not fully aware with what was happening. Groaning in discomfort, Ichigo stubbornly kept his eyes shut and his eyebrows furrowed in discontent as he willed himself to go back to sleep, but that nagging feeling would not cease to go away.

Another groan voiced his discontentment as he became more conscious of his surroundings. The feeling on his neck increased in reaction, becoming more prominent and detectable as he realised the sensation and who was causing it. Honey brown eyes snapped open to a blur of powder blues. Ichigo blinked to clear his vision, but the blue remained before it became clear just who and what was going on.

Ichigo moaned at both the sight and sensation of the bluenette before him, lifting his hand up to thread through those powder blue locks above him. Ichigo felt Grimmjow's lips morph into a knowing smirk before another playful nip was delivered to the already abused and reddened skin of his neck.

Ichigo let out a smirk of his own, now humming in contentment as his fingers tightened their hold on those blue locks before shifting their positions with one smooth motion. The smirk on Ichigo's lips remained as he slowly lifted his head to look down at the bluenette, now laying beneath him.

Ichigo leaned down, his smirking lips running heatedly along the blunette's defined jaw, reaching the shell of Grimmjow's ear as he whispered, "How long have you been here, Pet?"

Grimmjow's grin was feral as he placed his hand at the dip of Ichigo's lower back before running his palm up, clawing at the fabric covering the orange head's flesh. Grmmjow's reply came out in a low husk, "Not too long."

Lifting his head up slightly, Grimmjow brushed their lips together, allowing pliant flesh to part slightly as their breaths mingled, their eyes lidded in contentment at each passing touch.

Grimmjow's slow brush of movements were like an affectionate caress, letting their lips linger, Grimmjow's upper lip slipped between Ichigo's parted pair, the bluenette's hand running the rest of its way up Ichigo's covered back and neck to thread through his firery locks.

Ichigo was in no rush and let Grimmjow do as he pleased, enjoying the needy affection as Grimmjow's tongue slowly lapped at his bottom lip. In that moment Grimmjow slowly lifted his gaze, not once stopping his seductive movements as their eyes locked, Ichigo's honey brown eyes already heatedly watching the actions of the bluenette beneath him. Cyan eyes shone with proud contentment at Ichigo's blatant stare and attention that was directed towards the bluenette only.

Keeping their eyes locked, Grimmjow's tongue ran across Ichigo's moistened lip before taking the pliant appendage between his teeth, nipping lightly as he tugged playfully. Letting Ichigo's lip fall from its captive, Grimmjow voiced his next statement in a deep whisper, "Master has been too busy."

Ichigo's expression softened once those words left Grimmjow's lips. It was true he had been quite busy lately and he knew it affected Grimmjow more than the bluenette would like to admit it.

This caused Ichigo to sigh softly, raising his hand as he slowly caressed Grimmjow's cheek with the back of his fingers, his voice soft in reply, "I know Pet."

With that Ichigo claimed Grimmjow's lips with forceful urgency, but not at all rushed as he took his time, firmly caressing the bluenette's lips with his own. Their lips moving with practiced ease. The lingering of contact heightened their desire, as they disconnected and reconnected their lips greedily as if the whole purpose was to devour each other, slowly.

Grimmjow fully welcomed the onslaught, a rumbling groan leaving his throat akin to a content purr as his threaded fingers lightly tugged the orange locks in hopes to bring them closer.

Ichigo responded in kind, hand now cupping Grimmjow face, thumb slowly tracing over Grimmjow's defined cheekbone. It wasn't long till Ichigo's desire intensified, his tongue forcing its way past Grimmjow's lips without consent. The reaction was instant as Grimmjow's mouth fell slack into submission. Ichigo's lips tugged upwards at the corners of his mouth, not once breaking the heated lip lock as his tongue reacquainted itself with his property.

Grimmjow loved it. Loved the attention he was given after waiting so long for Ichigo to come home and spend time with him. Grimmjow craved for these moments when Ichigo dominated him, all of him and the best part was that no one knew. This was a side of one another that was never seen, this side of them that made them complete, the reason why they worked so well despite their equally strong-headed and blood thirsty need for battle because behind all that was the desire for one to dominate and the other to submit. Their true desires opened up and only they could be the ones to quench the thirst they so badly needed. Like now…

Grimmjow released another groan of enjoyment as ichigo's tongue ran along the seam of his parted lips before nipping the soft flesh much like Grimmjow's actions earlier, but this time with a lot more vigor causing the bluenette to hiss at the sudden sting it brought. Ichigo pulled back with a satisfied smirk, looking down at the now reddened lips of the other.

"I missed this." Ichigo stated, voice husked with laced desire as he hovered over the bluenette, his other hand laying on the bedding lifted up to run down the side of Grimmjow's heated body before resting firmly atop the bluenette's hip.

Grimmjow couldn't help the next groan that left his lips, his eyes lowering into a hooded gaze. Raising his hips up with blinding need of friction, the firm touch of Ichigo's hand already setting his body on fire.

Humming Ichigo kept his grip on the other, slowly shaking his head, as he whispered against the bluenette's slightly parted lips, "Not yet. It's been awhile, so I'm going to be taking my time with you tonight."

Grimmjow's body shivered pleasantly at the promised whisper, feeling Ichigo's lips smirk against his swollen pair, nipping lightly at the redden flesh once again before whispering firmly, "So be a good Pet, and Master will reward you."

Once those words left Ichigo's lips he didn't waste time capturing Grimmjow's pliant pair with heated up vigor, both hands now on the move as they loosened the black obi around the bluenettes defined hips.

Grimmjow willingly melted into the touch, sensually moving his lips against the others with equal vigor, wanting nothing more than what Ichigo promised, because like any Pet, he would please his Master.

Ichigo loved this about Grimmjow, how easily he would succumb to the orange head's every whim. Their lips molded with practiced ease and familiarity. Ichigo raised Grimmjow's hips off the bedding, not once breaking their tangled lips as his other hand worked on removing the now loosened obi and hakama.

Finally, their lips broke away with a soft sound, their heavy breaths mingled as Ichigo straightened up into a kneeling position over the blunette. Smirking, Ichigo pulled the remaining garments off, throwing them to the side without care, deciding it was better to leave the bluenettes jacket on as it was of no hindrance to his now wandering gaze. Ichigo pressed his palms to the top of Grimmjow's inner thighs at the bend of his knee. Ichigo's hands freely running down uncovered skin, causing the bluenette's legs to part as he settled himself between the other's spread legs as his hands once again came to rest on defined hips.

Ichigo's eyes shone with animalistic intent as he gazed down at the clouded cyan orbs. Grimmjow let a grin make its way onto his face as he tilted his head to the side in silent invitation, his gaze never leaving Ichigo's, the tip of his tongue running along his bottom lip with teasing slowness.

Ichigo's eyes automatically followed the slow movements of Grimmjow's tongue, watching as it disappeared back behind soft lips. Without a thought, Ichigo leaned down readily following the wandering appendage with his own as his tongue forced its way past parted lips. The teasing movements having its desired affect in heightening Ichigo's need, the hungered lip lock a result of that. The kiss itself didn't last long, Ichigo pulled away while making sure to swipe his tongue along Grimmjow's own. His ears satisfied with the bluenette's growl of discontent as their lips once again parted from their heated joining.

Ichigo let out a low chuckle deep within his chest. His eyes shining brightly now resembling molten gold as his passion grew. Ichigo's fingers tensed against Grimmjow's hips in silent warning to the bluenette's teasing actions, leaning down to whisper into the other's ear, "What did I say about being a good Pet? Hm?"

Ichigo smirked against the shell of Grimmjow's ear, his question more of a statement as his lips started to trace along the bluenette's jaw slowly and deliberately. Grimmjow couldn't help but groan in response to the touch pinning his hips into the bedding, coupled with the voiced breath against his ear as he felt Ichigo's lips travel down to his neck. This caused another groan to leave Grimmjow's throat, titling his head further to expose more of himself to the others wondering lips.

Ichigo knew how sensitive Grimmjow's neck was and took full advantage of that knowledge. Ichigo softly nipped the skin under the bluenettes jaw, hearing a hitched breath leave the other as he started trailing more nips and bites down the side of Grimmjow's pale Colom. Following the tendon that ran downwards, Ichigo paused briefly as his lips caressed the sides. Those fleeting touches not lasting long as Ichigo pressed his lips firmly to Grimmjow's heated skin.

Akin to a kiss, Ichigo opened his mouth biting down with a lot more force than before, hearing a shocked hiss leave the bluenette straight after. Ichigo carefully lapped at the bleeding wound before sucking on the slightly marred flesh.

Grimmjow's reaction was instant, moaning loudly at the pain laced pleasure. It ran through the bluenette like liquid fire, his hands caming up to clutch at the back of Ichigo's shihakushou with much heightened desire.

Ichigo lip's turned into a slight smile, nipping one last time before trailing seductive open mouthed kisses downwards. Not bothering to look at the large bruise he had created moments ago. Reaching the juncture where neck meets the shoulder, Ichigo paused, paying the same attention as he sucked the skin red before continuing his slow descent down Grimmjow's chest and abdomen, only stopping to nip and bite heated skin. Grimmjow's body already covered in a sheen of musky sweat.

Grimmjow's breathing became slightly labored the further Ichigo's lips went down his body, his cyan orbs half lidded as he gazed down at the mass of orange hair before him. His hands unclenched long ago and were now resting on Ichigo's toned shoulders. Grimmjow wanted to whine when Ichigo stopped just shy of his arousal, but he knew better than to go against his Master, so like a good Pet, he waited…

Ichigo moved one of his hands into the bedding beside the panting bluenette, his other still keeping strong hips in place as he lifted himself to hover over Grimmjow's waiting arousal.

Ichigo opened his mouth, letting his hot breath run over sensitive flesh, feeling Grimmjow's muscles tense under his fingertips, golden honey brown eyes looking up to see the bluenette gazing down at him longingly. So without warning with their gazes still locked, Ichigo ran his tongue slowly over the head of Grimmjow's arousal. His golden honey brown eyes filled with satisfaction at the site of Grimmjow's eyes falling shut with his head rolling back reflexively into the cushioned bedding below them.

Pleased with that reaction, Ichigo took the tip into his mouth, easing his tongue along the underside with slow strokes. Ichigo's eyes never left its intense gaze, watching every movement he could coax out of the bluenette with each slow and firm stroke of his playful tongue.

Ichigo closed his mouth over the tip, sucking lightly, Grimmjow's voice instantly filling the room with a low groan as he pulled back to run his tongue down the underside, all the way from top to bottom before opening his mouth to take Grimmjow's length in whole. Slowly inch by inch ,more and more of the blunette's need disappeared pass parted lips, once Ichigo felt the tip hit the back of his throat he moved back up, then down, creating an even rhythm and arousing friction.

Grimmjow's back arched slightly at the pleasurable heat that surrounded him, mouth falling open with a gasp as he blindly grasped at the orange heads shoulder. With his eyes still tightly shut and head hung backwards, Grimmjow's mind was slowly coming undone, a sudden groan found its way out of him as he felt and heard Ichigo hum around his length as he deep throated the bluenette.

Ichigo knew the other was close as he moved up and down the bluenette's aching need, humming once again as he took Grimmjow in deeply. His eyes still focused on Grimmjow as he watched him fall victim to the pleasurable sensation that unwinded all his consciousness and stripped all feelings back down to its primal stage.

Grimmjow's hips lifted in vain as Ichigo held him down. The orange head's other hand soon left the bedding, and came up to fist the base of Grimmjow's length. Ichigo tightened his lips over Grimmjow's need as he brought his head back up, his hand continued moving along the base as he sucked at the head before running his tongue along the slit. A long drawn out moan echoed through the room as Ichigo toyed with the sensitive tip, his thumb running up the underside and back down.

A gasp, then another loud moan and everything stopped for Grimmjow, his body froze as he released into Ichigo's awaiting mouth, the orange heads's hand not stopping its jerking movements as he milked Grimmjow for all he was worth.

Panting heavily, Grimmjow's body relaxed instantly, his mind still buzzing as he relished in his high. Feeling the bed dip and move, Grimmjow cracked open his eyes seeing the orange head hovering over him once again, one hand stemmed beside his head, the other by his hip. Opening his cyan eyes fully Grimmjow noticed Ichigo hadn't swallowed, his eyes widening in shock and about to protest, but before his words could leave his lips Grimmjow found himself flipped onto his hands and knees.

Ichigo hand that was resting beside Grimmjow's hip was now pressed against Grimmjow's lower back and hip, his other hand remaining propped up where the bluenettes head once laid next to. Grimmjow's breath started to quicken once again as he looked over his shoulder and back at Ichigo. Grimmjow's eyes widened once again as he watched Ichigo's face lingered over his lower back.

Ichigo held onto Grimmjow firmly, letting his mouth fall open, tongue hanging loosely as Grimmjow's essence mixed with his own saliva dripped out onto his skin.

"Master?" Grimmjow voiced with slight alarm as he tried to pull away, but the strong grip Ichigo had on him made his efforts futile.

Ichigo didn't answer, his mouth fell shut and he pulled away slightly. His hand lifted from the bedding as he watched the mixed essence run over and make its way down Grimmjow's inner thigh. Ichigo smirked at Grimmjow's attempt to wiggle away, his lifted fingers caught the trailing essence, running down the Buenette's inner thigh. Once Ichigo thought his fingers were coated enough he brought them up to run along Grimmjow's entrance with slow strokes.

The touch halted all and any thoughts of protests from the bluenette, his cyan orbs still focused on the orange head behind him and when the molten brown golden hues connected with his clouded blue, Grimmjow had to look away from the intensity of that stare. His head hanging as he felt the other shift till a blanketing heat fell over his back, soft lips pressed to his shoulder blades as the circling finger tip finally eased its way in.

Grimmjow had to bite his tongue in his attempt to stop a gasp from passing through his lips. He felt Ichigo's other hand that lay on his hip and lower back run down his outer thigh and dropped onto the bedding beneath them.

Ichigo felt the bluenette tense before relaxing completely as he moved his finger back and forth slowly, carefully adding a second finger to its mate in slow preparation for what was to come. Ichigo's lips remained pressed against heated skin as he trailed them along the bluenettes shoulder blade to spine, kissing his way up to the nape of Grimmjow's neck in distraction as he carefully started to scissor cross his fingers before adding another digit to the pair.

Grimmjow's hands started to fist the sheets below in attempts to ground himself, a particular stroke triggered a forced moan to rumbled within his throat, causing Ichigo to prod that spot over and over again while he ran kisses back down Grimmjow's spine. Grimmjow's eyes fell shut once again in reaction to Ichigo's movements, his mind faintly realising Ichigo was still fully clothed, the fabric sticking uncomfortably to the bluenette's sweat covered skin.

Ichigo had ignored his own need until now, hearing and feeling Grimmjow, knowing what was soon to come was making his own arousal throb painfully. Deeming Grimmjow prepared enough, Ichigo withdrew his fingers as he sat up, hands now quickly working on ridding himself of his own clothes, throwing them to the side carelessly, his intense eyes never leaving his Pet before him.

Grimmjow didn't even think about moving, even with the loss of contact already making him miss the touch of the orange head more. Taking time to focus on steadying his breathing, Grimmjow could faintly hear the rustle of fabric, his cyan eyes opened slightly, still half lidded while he lifted his head. He opened his eyes fully as he was about to look back when he felt Ichigo's heated body drape over his own. Grimmjow felt one of Ichigo's hands grip his right hip, holding him firmly in place as the other came to brace itself next to his own hand stemming into the sheeting lay scrunched up around them.

The only warning Grimmjow received was a bite to his shoulder before he felt the warmth of the other push in. Grimmjow's reaction was instant as a loud gasp left his parted lips, his arms no long able to keep himself up, he fell to his elbows. His forearms now resting across the sheets, head hung low above the bedding with his back arched as Ichigo pushed against him inch by inch.

Ichigo groaned at the tight heat that surrounded him, his own body remained propped up as he lifted his left hand to grab Grimmjow's waist. Now using both hands to pull the bluenette towards himself while pushing forward, only drawing out a bit at a time before slowly easing further till he was fully connected with the bluenette below him.

Ichigo's own head fell back as he let out another content groan from deep within his chest, his grip on the bluenette almost bruising as he relished in the intense feeling. Soon the orange head's own body rapidly started to heat up and he finally drew out slightly before shallowly thrusting back in a grinding rhythm.

The rhythm Ichigo started was almost loving, a slow build up to their mutual desire as they rocked back and forth. Grimmjow's lips were permanently parted, each exhale coming out in hitched gasps, eyes once again lidded as he felt each torturously slow movement within him. It was a gradual growth of pleasure, one that both of them equally enjoyed in their drive for completion.

It wasn't long till Ichigo's movements grew harsher and deeper, contrasting with each slow pull out before suddenly thrusting forward. The change between slow and fast was maddening, both of them letting out sounds of enjoyment. Ichigo's deep groans accompanied by Grimmjow's lower moans were the only noise that filled the already heated room, their bodies lost in each other as they moved as one.

Ichigo looked down at the bluenette before him, hand that lay on Grimmjow's waist firmly glided over the arch of the bluenette's spine before pushing down slightly causing Grimmjow to arch further into Ichigo, allowing Ichigo to venture deeper, closer…

Grimmjow let out a long drawn out moan as Ichigo brushed against his sensitive bundle of nerves, his body lighting on fire with the intensity it brought with it. His cyan eyes were wide with initial shock to which his system had just experience before rolling into the back of his head in relished pleasure.

Ichigo's head flung back for the second time that night, fingertips digging into Grimmjow's flesh as he lost himself within the fiery passion. Ichigo soon abandoned his rhythm, along with all thought as he came closer and closer to his own completion. Ichigo groaned loudly at the tense of Grimmjow's muscles, drawing him in further as the bluenette also neared his end.

Everything stopped in that one burning moment, Grimmjow's whole body went rigid as he reached his high, more intense than the first. He buried his face into the sheets to muffle his drawn out cry. Ichigo didn't falter, his hips snapping at the same intense pace as Grimmjow relished in his orgasm, Ichigo feeling the other's body shudder and twitch in the afterglow.

The clench of muscles were Ichigo's undoing as he released deep with the other, instantly draping his body over Grimmjow out of impulse. Ichigo's forehead pressed to Grimmjow's back, skin slick with sweat as he rode out his orgasm, hips jerking unevenly to a gradual stop.

Grimmjow still lay breathless as he panted into the sheets, his body heavy with content, Ichigo's hold on him was the only source that kept him from melting into the bedding below.

Ichigo felt a trail of sweat run down his jawline before dripping down to mix with Grimmjow's equally glistened body. Ichigo's heated breath ran across the bluenette's back like a hot caress as he also fought to steady his breathing. With an intake of breath, Ichigo used what remaining strength he had to flip them over.

Grimmjow blinked in slight surprise at finding himself on his back with Ichigo hovering over him once again the action slowly becoming a repetitive habit, caged between the orange head's arms against his sides. A grin made its way onto the blunette's face as he looked up the pair of warm honey brown eyes, no traces of tinted gold, washed away with their passion.

Ichigo had a smile of his own, lifting one of his hands up as he shifted his weight onto his other forearm, running his fingers through the damp and messed up powder blue locks as he leaned down. Ichigo pressed his lips to the shell of Grimmjow's ear and whispered ever so softly, "Hope you're still hungry Pet, because I'm not full yet."

Grimmjow's grin widened in reaction, his own fingers coming up to tangle into Ichigo's firey locks, his own growled out whisper ran against Ichigo ear in reply, "Then I will feed Master to his hearts content."

It was in these moments, moments no one else saw…

Their dirty little secret.

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