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Sung to the tune of 'My Darling Clementine'.

In a Borg Hive, in a Borg Hive,

Assimilated for a time

Dwelt a girl named Annika Hansen,

But we call her Seven-Of-Nine


Oh my darling, oh my darling,

Oh my darling, Seven-Of-Nine!

Thou art lost to me forever

Dreadful sorry, Seven-Of-Nine

Light she was and like a fairy,

And her bodysuit the color of wine

Very tight and quite distracting,

High heels were for Seven-Of-Nine

Ruby lips I'd love to kiss,

And her skin so soft and fine,

But she ran off with Chakotay,

So I lost my Seven-Of-Nine

How I miss you! How I miss you,

My photonic heart does pine,

I never will forget you,

Oh my darling Seven-Of-Nine .