Note: Specific spoilers for Season 4 Episode 10 'Burning Down the House'. This is how I wish the scene had played out. First few lines are from the show.

Pairing: Sam/Tommy

Warning: Non-consensual disciplinary spanking of a young man by his older brother.


Sam screeched to a halt, and jumped out of the vehicle as Alcide was pulling a beaten and bloody Tommy out of his truck.

"Oh God," Sam said, getting out his phone. "We've got to get you some vampire blood."

"No. Don't." Tommy said.


"I don't want it." Tommy said.

"But…" Sam said.

Alcide cut him off. "He's got a right to choose his time."

"The fuck he does," Sam said, dialing Jessica's number. "He's a kid, and I'm the only family he's got left. I ain't letting him die just 'cause he doesn't think life's worth living today."

# # #

A few hours later, Tommy was asleep on the couch in Sam's office, and Sam was sitting beside him in a chair keeping watch.

Tommy opened an eye and said, "Sam?"

Sam grabbed his hand and said with a smile, "Welcome back to the land of the living little brother. How do you feel?"

Tommy rubbed a hand down his face, and sat up trying to assess his body's damage. "I feel fine. Better than fine, I feel good."

Sam nodded and said, "Don't be surprised if you have some… uh… dreams about Jessica if you know what I mean."

Instead of smiling like Sam had expected, Tommy frowned. He shook his head and said, "You should'a let me die Sam. All I ever do is cause trouble for everyone around me."

Sam shook his head, and said, "Tommy, I want you to listen to me very carefully. None of it was your fault, okay. You're barely an adult, and it's not like you've had many good examples to look up to while growing up."

"I'm sorry, Sam. Sorry for all of it."

"I know you are, and starting today things are gonna change. You're moving back in with me."

Tommy shook his head. "I want that. More than you know, but we both know I'd just screw it up again."

"Well, I'm about to give you a little demonstration of what you'll be getting every time you screw up from now on, because I'm not okay with you wanting to die."

With those words, Sam gently pulled Tommy over and across his lap.

"Sam…" Tommy said uncertainly.

Sam put a firm swat dead center on Tommy's ass, and proceeded to give him a swat after ever sentence as he lectured. "I love you. We're going to be just fine. You're going to move in with me. You're going to get your shit together. You're going to start working for me again. Then when you mess up, I'm gonna come down hard on you, because that's what I think you need. But it won't be because I'm pissed. It will be because I'm trying to do right by you for the first time since finding out that I had a little brother."

Tommy couldn't stop the tears from falling. Deep down, all he'd ever really wanted from Sam was to be loved, and now it looked like he'd gotten his wish.


Note: This takes place pre-series

Pairing: Eric/Godric

Warning: Consensual therapeutic M/M spanking


Eric could tell the second he walked into the house that tonight was going to be the night. There was a sense of melancholy hanging in the air. It had been building for weeks now. He walked through the house, and found his maker lying on the bed, exactly as he'd left him hours ago.

Scowling, Eric said, "Have you been up?"


"It's been three days since you fed."

Godric sighed, and rolled onto his side, away from Eric.

Eric climbed onto the bed, and lay down behind the older vampire. Eric wrapped an arm around his waist, and pulled him close so they were spooning. Minutes later Eric whispered in his ear, "Let me help you, Father. Please."

Godric turned in Eric's arms so they were face to face, and ran his fingers through the blond hair. "Why should I indulge you?"

"Because it will make us both feel good."

Godric raised an eyebrow, "Both of us?"

"Well… I'll enjoy it while it's happening, and you'll feel better once it's done."

Godric closed his eyes and thought it over. Eric nestled his head into the crook of his maker's neck and waited.

"Very well," Godric said softly. He kissed Eric's forehead and mumbled, "My big sadistic Viking."

Eric tilted his head, and kissed Godric on the mouth. He whispered, "Only when you allow it."

Eric sat up, and pulled his maker over his lap, making sure the smaller man's body was supported by the bed. He pulled off every item of clothing Godric was wearing, while the older vampire remained completely unresponsive and pliable to the manhandling. Eric went slow, enjoying the moment, and getting hard from the rush of power. Having control over someone that could literally break him in half, was a heady feeling.

Once Godric was nude, Eric adjusted the smaller body to his liking, legs spread, arms stretched out above his head, and ass slightly raised across both of Eric's thighs. Without warning, Eric started spanking Godric's ass as hard as he could.

The older vampire didn't flinch, cry out, or even sigh.

Eric had to spank for several minutes to get a pink blush on the skin, causing the younger man to wonder exactly how long it had been since Godric had eaten his fill. That thought made him spank faster, causing a tiny twitch in Godric's back.

Eric hummed in pleasure, knowing that more twitches would be coming. The faint blush on Godric's ass was steadily gaining color, so Eric moved the swats to the smaller man's upper legs. A tiny gasp came out of Godric's mouth, and very soon his body was twitching and tensing all over while he strained to stay in place.

Eric groaned, and said reverently, "You're so beautiful like this. Writhing in pain. Submitting to me though it's against your nature." He moved the swats back up to Godric's already sore ass. Eric heard a whimper, and tried to hit even harder.

A few minutes later, Eric heard the first small sob. He smiled, and took his time covering every inch of already colored skin with two more circuits of spanks, while his maker sobbed into the mattress.

Eric stopped hitting, and started to pet Godric's raw skin while the older vampire cried.

Twenty minutes later, the tears tapered off, and Eric said softly, "You know you have to cry to feel better. Why do you always fight it?"

Godric rolled over, and settled himself in Eric's lap, with his arms wrapped around the bigger man's shoulders. "If I remembered how to cry without it, I would."


Note: This takes place during Season 5 Episode 8 'Somebody That I Used to Know'. This is how I wish that scene had gone.

Pairing: Eric/Nora

Warning: Non-consensual disciplinary M/F spanking.


"Fuck Godric," Nora said.

It was the worst in a long line of insults directed at their father, and Eric couldn't take it. He rushed to his little sister, grabbed her by the throat, and slammed her backwards. He couldn't remember ever being this angry with her. His father's words played in his head. You must save her.

Godric didn't want her dead. He wanted her saved. Eric just didn't know how to get through to her. She had complete faith in her god Lillith, and zero faith in Godric.

Eric slowly gained control, and let go of her throat. She stood up, and they regarded each other. Nora kissed her own fingers, and then pressed them to Eric's mouth.

The gesture was one she'd first given him nearly six hundred years ago. It spoke of affection and forgiveness. He grabbed her hand. "Do you remember the first time you did that to me?"

"Of course."

"Tell me."

With a sigh, she said, "The past is of no use, Lillith shows us that…"

He cut her off. "You were a few weeks turned, and Godric told you to stay with me to hunt for the night, but when I was distracted, you left my side to feed on your own. Even though you fed just fine, and came back to me quickly, I knew it was my duty to tell him what you'd done. You begged me not to, but I told him anyway."

With a wistful expression, she said, "Father was furious. Though he was so calm about it, I didn't realize at first."

Pleased that she was remembering, he went on. "He made me leave the room, but I could clearly hear your cries when he punished you. Listening to you cry caused me tears for the first time in several decades." He ran a hand down her face.

She leaned into his touch. "When Father finally let you back in, you had more tears on your face than I did."

"I tried to apologize, but you kissed your fingers, pressed them to my lips to stop me, and said there was nothing to forgive."

She cupped the side of his face with her hand. "That was the first night we made love. You were always the one who needed comfort after Father spanked me."

"I always needed comfort after Father spanked me too. His disappointment was palpable when he punished. The physical pain was secondary."

"Yes, but you were long past the need for that by the time I was turned."

Eric shook his head. "If Godric thought I deserved it, he'd put me over his knee today, and if he saw what you were doing here…"

She frowned, "That's ludicrous, brother."

He continued, "…he would certainly spank you. But he's not here." He darted an arm around her waist. "I am."

He easily lifted his sister under his arm. Her legs dangled in the air, while her bottom was held captive beside Eric's stomach.

"Eric, you can't!"

He started spanking hard with the flat of his hand while lecturing. "Family comes before all else. Our father gave you life. Godric showed you love for centuries, and you sullied both his name and his memory here tonight. Father would be ashamed. I'm ashamed, but I'm not giving up on you."

"Guards!" she screamed.

Three swats later the guards rushed into the room, forcing Eric to stop before he was anywhere close to done. As he was hauled away, he searched Nora's eyes, hoping for a sign that he'd gotten through to her, but found none.


Note: This takes place during Season 5 Episode 11 'Sunset'. This is a follow up to my previous ficlet 'Family First'.

Pairing: Eric/Nora

Warning: Consensual disciplinary M/F spanking


The vision of her father plagued Nora's mind. She'd been so certain that she was doing the right thing, but he'd put doubt in her mind, and once the doubt started, it only grew. As the doubts grew, so did her fear and guilt. When she had faith in Lillith, there was nothing to fear or feel guilty about, but now that her faith was crumbling away, fear and guilt were taking over.

Finally, unable to pretend that her faith was still an option, she went to see the only person in the world that would understand her with just a look.

Eric was pacing his room like a caged animal when his sister rushed in.

The two searched each other's faces for several seconds, before coming together in an embrace. The need to touch and reestablish their love for one another was overwhelming. They ripped each other's clothes off, and started kissing. Eric pulled her down to straddle his lap once she was completely naked, and as soon as he was inside her, Nora pleaded, "Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me."

He couldn't do that yet, but he kissed her to reassure her of his love.

She whimpered, "What are we gonna do?"

He heard the terror in her voice and said with conviction, "I'll get us out of here." He pulled her back into a kiss, and rolled them both so that he was on top of her on the bed. In a few short minutes their love for each other had been reaffirmed, and they lay next to one another gently touching, and feeling comfort in the familiar connection.

"Forgive me," she whispered.

Eric sighed, and sat up on the bed. "Nora, I love you, but it's not that easy. You let yourself be led astray. The things you said about Father…"

She made eye contact for a moment, and then crawled over and draped herself over Eric's lap. He put a hand on her back, and considered what she was asking.

"You know it's what Father would do," she said softly. "He's not here, but you are."

Eric reluctantly agreed. This is exactly what their father would do. "I won't go easy on you. I'll be doing it the way Father would."

"I'd expect nothing less."

He wrapped an arm around her middle, and made sure his grip was secure before smacking her ass with his large hand. A couple of minutes of steady spanking had Nora in tears and squirming to get away. That was when Eric started lecturing while he spanked. "I'm very disappointed in your recent choices, my sister, and Father would have been appalled by your behavior. Lets go over all the things you did wrong one by one."

Several minutes later, when Eric finally stopped lecturing and swatting, Nora was lying limp across his lap sobbing. He started rubbing her back, and running his other hand through her hair. "All done Sister. I forgive you, and I know Father does too."

Once Nora was able, she pushed her self up onto her knees so she could be eye to eye with her brother. When she saw the tears on his face too, she kissed her own fingertips, and pressed them to his mouth, before leaning into his chest for a hug.