Cherry Pop

Summary: Lets make things easier and not so complicated. Its Mating Season meaning double the danger for Lucy, Levy and mostly Lucy. Why!? Well lets just say they are about to be eaten by some powered up dragon slayers and protecting their what!?... CHASTITY! is their top most priority! But you see the question is... will they survive this year's season? Or will they get eaten!?

Chapter 15:

Lucy' POV

Sigh, who would have thought that Lisanna's in love with her sister's boyfriend and I know I shouldn't be feeling relieved because of it but I can't help it, ever since Lisanna came back from Edolas or maybe since I've heard the story between Natsu and Lisanna's childhood thing I have always been afraid of the thought that if Lisanna wasn't sent to Edolas then I won't be with Natsu and the others, I won't be ale to meet Natsu in Hargeon or maybe I won't even be here now. Argh! Sheesh why am I thinking about those things now? Right now I have to focus at the problem in front of me! Focus! Lucy focus!

"Are you alright?" Gray worriedly asked.

"Huh? Err. Yeah. I'm fine" I said as I smiled at him.

"Really? I thought you're also starting to feel sick like those two" He said as he pointed Freed and Natsu making me laugh. Their faces pale and green obviously those two wants to puke but of course Cana-SAMA's here and they sure don't want to feel anymore of her sadistic ways.

Now that I think about it how come Natsu's has his sanity back? I mean just a while ago he was so eager to mate with me to the point that he's been acting like hungry dragon ready to devour his first meal of the night. I wonder if being knocked out by Freed help him recover some sanity in him or maybe...He's just ACTING so that we won't have to bind him and now he's just waiting for the right time to attack someone!

...Or not. Sigh, I guess I'm just over thinking things. I mean its Natsu right? We can put our trust in him right? Its just the FIRST night of the mating season and maybe he's not that sexually frustrated unlike Gajeel and Laxus.

Gajeel! That's right! Levy-chan!

"Cana! Do you have a card of Levy-chan?" I asked frantically. Argh! How could I actually forgot about Levy-chan. Aaaah...if Levy-chan's in danger because I was a second too late in finding her and if she lost her chastity because of this whole stupid mating season I can never forgive myself and that Gajeel!

"Hmm? Levy? Yeah. I have her card" Cana said

"Then...can you pls.."

"Lucy chill okay!? She's fine." Cana said "She's with Mira right now and from the looks of it we're heading on the same direction."

"WHAT? Levy's with Mira?" Gray asked "How come she's with her?"

"Sigh,Gray seriously do I look like I know why?" She said as she look at Gray with a 'are-you-stupid' making Gray annoyed but decided to shut up because he knows going against Cana won't do him any good. Who knows she might even drop her from this flying carpet or maybe do something worst.! Aaaah...just thinking about it scares me! -_-

"Bu..but Cana are you sure she's safe?" I asked my voice is shaking, scared that Cana might say that she's hurt or that something bad happened to her.

"Yeah, she fine and it seems like she still has her cherry intact" Cana said making me sigh in relief.

"Cherry intact? can you even know or be sure of something like that" Gray asked, sigh...I don't really care how but as long as she's okay I guess that's all that matters now.

"Hoho~ Gray are interested in me?" Cana said in a very seductive yet teasing manner making Gray he's the type to be easily affected by those things. How unexpected. I thought to myself.

"Its...its not something like that IDIOT!" Gray said, his face is red.

"Idiot? Huh? Gray!? Just who are you calling an idiot HUH?" Cana said, her eyes is completely staring down at Gray. " Who the hell do you think you are? Huuuh! You're just a freeloader here occupying a small space with your small presence in my big and awesome carpet RIGHT?" Sigh, sometimes a thought of Cana and Aquarius as some kind of long lost sister crosses my mind. They're both scary. =_=

"Aye. I'm sorry for my small presence taking up your awesomeness" Gray said in a monotone manner.

"In which way all we have to do is to go where Laxus is as soon as possible so that we could stop whatever problem which is about to occur. Besides when we get there we could just asked them right?" She said as she look at us with determination that's when we realized that Cana is also the same as us, who is worried about them.

"Mm! Your right Cana!" I said as I smiled at her.

"Okay...well then I better increase the speed a bit more so that we could arrived there a lot faster" She said as she smirk.

"EH?" Gray and I said as we look at her with a dumbfounded expression.

"This..This thing can go a lot more faster?" Gray asked

"Huh? Of course who do you think I am? I'm Cana-SAMA y'know" She said with a smug expression.

"Can..can you not pls. increase the speed of this thing?" Gray said his face turning pale "Because I'm afraid that if you increase the speed more I might turn into them"

"Sigh, Gray act like a man and just swallow the barf! Okay here...I go...Level 4.5 SPEED! Accelerate!" Cana said as she smirked evilly at Gray as he started turning into a green barfing monster just like Natsu and Freed. Me on the other getting swirly eyes here.

"Cana...I'm sorry" Natsu said "I...can't take it anymore...BWUEEEEARAAAARGH"

"WAAAAAAH...CANA...Natsu...Natsu's puking...stop this thing...I don't want to be cover in his barf!"

"Teme! Natsu! You-! aadsadikxscl%#$6&* "

Aaaa...can we reach that place in one piece? Sigh, I'm worried for the future.

I hope Levy-chan's doing well.

End of Lucy POV.

Unknown to Lucy far from doing well right now Levy McGarden is in a big pinch!

Why? Well let's just say Majin Mirajan is right in front of her and is having a one-sided match with Lisanna and Laxus. Her sister and her boyfriend. A few minutes ago they arrived at the place where the two of them last saw Laxus who's making out with Lisanna, disguise as her and since then the three of them has been settling things through a battle

"Laxus! could you do that to me!?" Mira said in her demon form.

"Hmmph. Of course he'll do that! Besides Mira-nee isn't it obvious!? Laxus likes me better." Lisanna said as she continue to dodge Mira's attack.

"That's not it! Don't listen to her Mira!" Laxus exclaimed, as he slouched down the ground panting for his breath. It seems like the effects of the first night of the mating season is still affecting him.

"How can I not listen to?" Mira exclaimed "I saw you making out with my little sister! What do you want me to do? Give you a room and say have fun? Even though she used transformation magic, since its you...I thought you'll be able to know that its not me! Did I overestimate you? Or you do want to do it with her!?"

"Hmmph...Mira-nee your open! HA!" Lisanna said as she tried to attack her sister.

"Tch. Lisanna stop it!" Laxus said "Shit. What the hell's wrong with my body?"

"Mira! You're hurt!" Levy explained as her eyes widen in shock upon seeing the blood flowing out of Mira's right arm.

"Stay back Levy. Its just a scratch from a thieving cat" Mira said as she snarled at Lisanna who's in takeover mode of a panther.

"Hmmph. Its not a cat! Its a sexy panther!" Lisanna said as she jump towards Mira to attack her.

"As I thought since Lisanna is her sister, Mira is still holding back. But just what happened to Lisanna to make her act like this? Does she really like Laxus or is it because of something else?" Levy thought to herself as she hid behind a big rock, right now a cat fight between two sisters is something she can't stop especially when its about man. Sigh, who would have think she'll be really seeing one and what's worst is its the famous beautiful sisters of Fairy Tail.

"Your naive Lisanna" Mira said "Do you really think an attack like that can hurt me?"


"Soul Extinction!" Exclaimed by Mira as she blasted Lisanna away making her cry out in pain.

"Okay...Scratch the thought of Mira holding back she's definitely serious!" Levy thought to herself with a dumbfounded expression.

"Mira stop! Listen to me!" Laxus exclaimed.

"La...Laxus!" Levy exclaimed her eyes widen in shock upon seeing that Laxus down on the ground.

"Levy? Why are you here?" Laxus asked.

"Long story. Anyway are you hurt?" Levy asked as she ran towards him and check if he's injured

"No. I'm alright. Its just the effects of the first night of the Mating Season" He said as he tried to catch his breath.

"That's right! Laxus did you and" Levy asked as she stutter through her words. Well who can blame her? She didn't really think that she'll be asking the Laxus Dreyar is he just had sex with his girlfriend's little sister.

"Huh? Of course I didn't. Well sure I did kiss her but its because of the Mating season" He said as he sigh at the thought of it "Jeez, even thought I'm only a second generation I'll still be affected by it you know"

"Eh? Second generation? Does that affects the mating season?" Levy asked as she helps Laxus to get up.

"Yeah. So you don't have to worry. I'm not like Natsu who's a first generation. Since a lacrima was only put inside me the effects of the dragon festival isn't that strong" He said as he said thanks to her. "I won't just go attack some girl you know"

"Second Generation! Then... does it mean that even if your under the influence of mating season you won't go berserk like Gajeel?" Levy asked "Hmm..But wait a second according from what I heard from Mira the moment you saw Lisanna's transformation magic as Mira, you immediately grab her and then I saw you doing those perverted things at her!"

"Calm down Levy" Laxus said as he sigh "Well...sure I'm under mating season since I'm also a dragon slayer but because I'm a second generation the influence of the dragon festival lessened so is my sexual desires but you see...suddenly being woken up by a berserk Gajeel and my instincts of wanting to see Mira..err...It kinda...I just...lost it...and I just realized it halfway that it wasn't really Mira but Lisanna."

"So you lost it because your madly in love with her?" Levy asked as he looked at Laxus innocently making the Laxus Dreyar blush in embarrassment. Yep, that Laxus is blushing now.

"Aw. Laxus you sure do have a cute side" Levy said making the blonde haired mage blush in both annoyance and embarrassment.

"Shut up. Anyway think of something to stop those two!" Laxus said as he pointed out to the hellish sigh in front of them.

"Hmm...just like in the story of Florence and Presea the only thing for Mira to stop this one sided fight with Lisanna is if you just hug her tightly from behind, kiss her and then make up!" Levy said with a burning passion in her eyes.

"hug? kiss? make up?" Laxus asked as he looked at the blue haired girl with disbelief.

"Yup. HUG! KISS! and MAKE UP! not make OUT! okay!" Levy said as she eyed him suspiciously.

"I...I know." Laxus said "So...I know how to do the first two but make up? how do I do that? do I need to put some kind of girly stuff in her face?"

Making Levy froze as she gape at the man beside him only to see that he's asking her seriously. Aaah~ this is no good. Its useless. This guy doesn't even understand a bit about a woman's feelings" Levy thought to herself as she felt her knees weaken "Make up? girly...sigh...this is no good."

"Oi...Levy this isn't the time for you kneel down helplessly their!" Laxus exclaimed "Hey! Can you hear me?"

But Levy can't hear a thing, right now as she feel despair at the thought of this whole place being destroyed and that when morning comes the news about two fairy tail mage's destroying the forest will definitely spread through out the city or who knows she might even be destroyed together with the forest.

"Its no good. Everything's over" She said as tears started to form in her eyes.

"What? over? we can still stop them right?"

"What we? this whole thing happened because of you." Levy said as she continue to fall in despair "That's right everything started because of this whole dragon slayer's mating season! That's why Lu-chan and I are stuck in this whole nightmare~ Aaaah~ PLEASE if this is just a nightmare let me wake up!"

Annoyed because Levy's ignoring her Laxus threw a pebble at the blue haired mage making her cringe out in pain. "It hurts! WHAT'S THAT FOR!"

"That's why I'm telling you this isn't a dream" Laxus said.

"I know that IDIOT!" Levy said, snapping at Laxus "I'm thoroughly aware of that! I just want to think that this whole SHITake mushroom is just a dream"
"Whoa, there. Calm down" Said by Laxus who is kinda freak out and at the same time amuse because for the first time he's seeing the usually calm Levy snap at him like that

"CALM DOWN!? HOW!?" Levy said as she continue to hysterically run wild "Here I thought that the only thing that Lu-chan and I should be worrying about is this whole mating season, the sexually frustrated dragon slayers and out CHASTITY. BUT to think that we also have to worry about our LIVES and normal MAGE!? ISN'T THIS TOO MUCH ALRE-


Before Levy can continue a loud crash was heard and there she saw-!





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