They heard the bell outside signalling that the break is over.

(0_0) Lucy's eyes widen as she realize what had just happen. She gasps and cups her mouth with both of her hands, looking at Natsu with eyes as big as a saucer would like.

"Natsu, could you help me in here." They heard Grandine's voice behind the door asking for her son's help.

Natsu looks at Lucy with love full eyes. He already declares it; what he truly feels. Now, he wants to tell her with his eyes how much he loves her. And he really hopes that this girl in front of him would get the meaning in his eyes.

He smiles at her.

"Let's talk later." He said with a kinda cool slash mature slash love-full voice.

Lucy hadn't had the chance to reply. She's just too preoccupied. She absentmindedly follow Natsu with her eyes, watching his retreating back as he was swallowed by the door until gone.

She just can't believe what had gotten into her!

She kissed back...right?

What's happening? I-I-I kinda understand though. But, what about 'him'? I know what he can do. What if he find out I love Natsu. She thought.

She pace to the left with her right hand on her mouth, biting her thumb. After some steps she will pace on the opposite direction. Doing the process over and over again. It's weird but, Lucy is only doing this kind of mannerism when she's really nervous—no, totally nervous.

I know he will do something about this. And that thing is no good.

Wait a minute!

What did i just thought?

Can you scan it again upwards?






Did you find it?

That-that... four letter word...

OH MY GOSH! DID I REALLY SAY THAT (even though it's only in her mind) I MEAN! IS IT-DID I REALLY-AM I REALLY-okay, okay...calm down Lucy. You must calm yourself first...





Okay. She calms herself. She seats in her couch. You READ it right, in 'her' couch. She didn't talk to Natsu.

After her work, she hurriedly took her bag, didn't bother changing her uniform and run her way home. Leaving Natsu that hasn't able to speak a word with her and a confuse Grandine with some other employees. She didn't know why she acted like that, that time. Well, the truth is she's shy.

How can she face that idiot of a pinky after suddenly kissing her?! How will she going to work properly now, thinking that there is something between her and her boss's son? How will it be between the two of them? Are they going to be awkward? Hmmm...

"Oi Natsu, could you stop pacing around. You're irritating you know."

Natsu continue pacing. He can't help it! Now that there are others who find out his feelings for her. Hmmn.. how will i suppose to tell her about this? Its not like she got mad at me, right? He thought


He's eyes went wide. The thought of Lucy being mad at him made his system shake more uncontrollably. He felt nervousness all of a suden.

What now? What is he going to do? Is Lucy really mad at him? But, when-

"Don't think too much dude. You creep me out." Gray interrupted his thoughts. They were at the cafe drinking some tea. It was almost evening.

"It's not like you anymore." Gajeel added "the Natsu i know dont think, gehee" he teased.

"Shut up. Wanna fight?"

"Bring it on, ash breath!"

"STOP THIS!" Erza interjected silencing the three boys.

They quiver in fear of the so called 'titania's' wrath.

"I don't wanna see any fight."

"Now, now, why don't call it for the day and rest. We will think about this tomorrow." Mirajane told them with her angelic aura.

"We better do. Now, now Natsu, help them go to the hotel so that we could all rest." Grandine

They all nodded at the idea.

Natsu laid on his bed with an arm behind his head while staring at the seiling.

*Tok* *Tok* *Tok*

"Can I come in?" Ask his mother.

"Come in Mom." Natsu replied as he seated now at the edge of the bed.

Grandine open the door and walk to his son, seating beside him.

"Natsu." She started. Natsu look into her mother's and saw how loving and carung she is. He can see it in her eyes. The true emotion of a person. "You really like her don't you?" She asked making eye to eye contact.

"I don't like her Mom." He replied seriously.

O_O Grandine's eyes widen.

"E-eh, w-wh-what? I-I thought you-"

"I'm inlove with her. Deep. Hard, even"

Grandine hold Natsu's hand.

"I'm happy you finally found out."

"Huh? W-what?"

"That you've fallen inlove with Lucy. You grew up. My little Natsu grew up, finally." Grandine said with a little teasing at the end.

Natsu pouted. "What do you mean by that Mom?" He playfully hug and tickle her.

"Hey, what about me?" There came in a voice. They both look at the door and smile.

"Come here Wend." Natsu said. Wendy run to them and join her family.

They played like that for some time till their Mom decided it's time to sleep.

As she ia by the door,

"I like her Natsu" Natsu look up at her "for you, that is."

"Thanks Mom" he smile "I can do this my way." ^_^

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