I've been a longtime Randall fan and I have no life, so I decided to write a story told in Randall's POV based on my interpretation of Monsters University. Basically, this is my AU version of MU. The themes are somewhat darker than those in the movie and I chose to make Randall not quite so sweet and innocent as he's being portrayed in the film because I feel like this is OOC for him. The main pairing in this story is SulleyxRandall, although it's not all that noticeable until you get to chapter fifty, so even if you don't like slash, you can still read the story. This is just the prologue to get us going. The next chapter goes back to Randy's university days. I hope you like it!


I'm an idiot. Anyone who thinks that they can best James P. Sullvian is an idiot. Nobody can beat that shaggy blue monster with bright purple spots who looks more like a cuddly child's toy than a big, scary monster. I had everything just within my grasp when, once again, Sullivan got the better of me. My original plan to become Monster's Inc.'s top notch employee was a good one. What could be a better way to power the city of Monstropolis than with a scream extractor? After all, it takes lots of hard work and precious time to creep into children's bedrooms in the dark of night and scare the living daylight out of them. We get little bits of power from children's screams by working as scarers at Monsters Inc., but the screams that are turned into power and fuel the city are only just enough to get us by. One of these days, there wouldn't be enough power in Monstropolis to keep the city running. First, the electricity will sizzle out, leaving Monstropolis in a murky darkness. After that, all other electronics will shut off and a panic will wind its way through the city faster than you could say one-two-three.

Even though building a scream extractor was mainly for my own benefit, there were also other reasons behind it as well. Building the scream extractor was for the good of everyone living in Monstropolis. Pretty soon, we wouldn't even have needed scarers if my little creation had worked the way it was supposed to work without the intrusion of a certain James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, Sullivan's loyal scare partner.

Alright, alright, so I didn't think up the plan to build the scream extractor all on my own. I was in cahoots with Waternoose, the overseer of Monsters Inc. Still, that doesn't take away from the brilliancy of my plan and how I would have eventually sent Sullivan out onto the streets once the scream extractors took over Monsters Inc.

Of course, things never work the way you want them to. Something always goes wrong whether it's your fault, your colleague's fault, or, like in my cause, it's the fault of a meddling green eyeball and a shaggy blue monster decked out in purple spots. When a child, supposedly a toxic creature that would kill any monster it made contact with, entered Monsters Inc. through a door I had left activated (we travel into children's bedrooms through doorways that lead from Monsters Inc. into the human world), hell broke loose so to speak. Sullivan got suspicious of me and even - dare I say it? - became attached to the kid.

That thought in itself makes me shudder. Anyway, Sullivan and Wazowski managed to discover my illegal scream extractor and told Waternoose about it, who then proceeded to banish the two of them to the human world. Never one to give up, Sullivan had found an active doorway in the human world and had stolen back to Monstropolis in less than twenty-four hours. My problems should have been over, but due to those nosy idiots, what should have been a quiet, peaceful night turned out to be a chaotic confusion.

When Sullivan and Wazowski found me about to try out my scream extractor on Sullivan's precious kid, they managed to steal the kid away again. By this point, I was starting to feel like the idiot. How many times was it going to take for me to get rid of those two impertinent buffoons once and for all?

A chase initiated in which I followed Sullivan and Wazowski armed with their beloved kid through the factory. We ended up riding on doors heading into storage, which in turn, brought us into a gigantic room filled with millions of closet doors which would lead to hundreds of children's bedrooms.

Using my camouflaging ability, I managed to steal the kid out of Sullivan's arms and am now standing on the edge of a doorway with the girl tucked safely under my arm. The doors in the storage room rotate around the immense room until they eventually make their way to the bottomless floor. I am waiting for Sullivan to give up, accept that the kid is in my control now, and admit defeat. Speaking of Sullivan, I don't even know where he is anymore. Did he really fall that far behind me already? Maybe he already gave up.

A smug smile curves my lips into a self-satisfactory smirk. Not particularly fond of the kid clutched to my side, I kick the door I'm clutching the side of open. It leads to a child's bedroom of course. Keeping the door open so I still remain in the factory and don't accidentally morph myself off into the human world, I push the kid roughly inside the doorway and perch on the edge of it, still looking out into the ginormous storage room as if I expect to see Sullivan pop out of midair.

I chide myself inwardly when I start to realize that I actually want to see the furry blue monster. I want to laugh in his face and show him who's really number one in this place. Of course, I shouldn't be thinking like this though. I should be happier if Sullivan lost his grip on the doorway he was traveling on and fell to his death.

Some sort of muscle I forgot I even have twinges in my chest. I look down at myself in shock, wondering where these strange emotions are coming from. I take one hand off of the edge of the doorway and balance on the edge of it using only my left hand while I use the right one to trace the pale expanse of scales across my chest. A faint throbbing makes contact with my palm. Even if I'd like to forget that I have it, I still have that stupid organ that pumps blood through my body and put me through hell years ago. I thought that I was passed all of it, thought that maybe if I tried hard enough, I'd just become heartless after a while. Guess not though. There's still the steady beating of a heart against my palm and the unfamiliar feeling in my chest feels an awful lot like remorse. Even if I've always wanted to best Sullivan, I never exactly wanted him dead...

"Oof!" the sound of heavy breathing from very close by causes me to jump almost a foot into the air and lose my balance.

Thankful for the fact that I still have a firm grip on the doorway and didn't go toppling downward to the painful death that would no doubt have waited for me at the concrete floor of the storage room, I squint and look ahead of myself to detect the source of the noise. Everything in front of me is just as it should be. I see more doors traveling down the railing escalating to the pit of the storage room, but that's it.

More panting sounds from somewhere around me. Suddenly, it occurs to me to look down. Two big, furry hands grasp the bottom of my doorway. James. P Sullivan is dangling onto the bottom of my door in an attempt to play the role of the hero and save his damsel in distress from the terrible monster, which in this case, happens to be me.

"I was wondering when you'd show up," I tell Sullivan, crossing my arms and looking coolly down at him, wondering if he'll lose his grip on the bottom of the door after a moment or two. Nobody can hold onto a doorway dangling in midair for forever. "Come to save your precious kid? I have to admit that I'd thought you'd try to appear to her as a knight in shining armor. You look more like a blundering fool about to fall off of a precipice if you ask me though."

"Randall," Sullivan says my name in a voice that says he doesn't want to play games with me. "Just give me Boo and we can forget all of this. Let's not let silly rivalries and past problems keep us from thinking clearly here."

Sullivan's words cause a flare of fury to rise up within me. My eyes bulge as I shriek, "You named the thing? You actually gave the kid a name?! This is sick, Sullivan. You make me sick, you pathetic, disgusting, helpless-"

"Randall," again, Sullivan says my name and somehow manages to shut me up with it. I stare at him with daggers as he sighs and says, "All I want is Boo, uh, I mean the kid. Like I said, we can forget that this even happened. I won't have you sent out of Monsters Inc. or have you banished. Well, as long as you promise never to try and pull any of this scream extractor nonsense again. Deal?"

"How do you expect me to trust you? I'm the one who has the advantage here, not you! Besides, I shouldn't trust you. No, scratch that, I can't trust you. You told me that you would never leave me. What happened to that promise of yours, Sullivan? You gave me your damn word, you know," I snap, feeling tears of anger, hurt, and betrayal surge to the corners of my eyes. I blink them back hastily while Sullivan purposefully looks down and avoids my gaze. Coward. My tone of voice rises several notches as I go on, "Exactly. Besides, this was never about the scream extractor. You know what it was about. How can you think that I can actually forget everything from our past? You may have forgotten it, but I haven't and I never will. You chose Wazowski over me even after we...we...fuck you, Sullivan!"

"I'm sorry," Sullivan tells me, sounding just the tiniest bit apologetic as he keeps his eyes focused anywhere but on my face contorted with misery. There is a long silence filled only with my heavy breathing. Sullivan should be the one panting, not me, but I'm too worked up to restrain myself. Looking like he thinks that this is the end of our little chat, Sullivan says hopefully, "Now that we've gotten that taken care of, there's still the matter of Boo to discuss..."

"I don't want to talk about the kid anymore, you selfish moron!" I snap, anger sizzling through my veins as I look down at the big blue monster hanging from my doorway, completely at my mercy. My temper gets the better of me and I swing a foot forward to kick one of Sullivan's hands off of the edge of the doorway. He continues holding onto it with one hand, but looks as if he is going to fall from the door at any moment. Good riddance at this point. All that the idiot is ever going to care about is that stupid kid of his.

"Your time is up, Sullivan," I hiss, my voice going from shrill and high-pitched to low and deadly.

For the first time, something that looks a lot like fear clouds the shaggy monster's eyes. Feeling merciless and resentful, I swing my foot back once again, prepared to send Sullivan falling to his death. I know, I know, I said that I didn't want him dead only a few seconds ago, but his affection for the human creature is making my mind spin.

Before my foot makes contact with Sullivan's hand, something hard and wooden slams down on the back of my head. I whirl around in confusion, muttering, "What the hell...?"

Something small but substantial jumps onto my back, causing me to stagger forward into the child's bedroom I shoved the kid into earlier. Wham, wham, wham! The same hard, heavy thing comes slamming down on my head over and over again. Pain ripples down my spine in fresh, cutting spurts. My scales flash from purple to black to white before they turn a bizarre combination of colors due to the agony coursing through my body. I can usually attempt to control my powers when it comes to my chameleon abilities that allow me to blend in with whatever I happen to be leaning against at any given time. Not today though...

Head spinning tumultuously and my own impulsive shrieks piercing the air, I stumble around the child's bedroom helplessly as I try to avoid further blows to the back of my skull. Before I can dodge the next smack, small, childish hands grab the fronds on the top of my head and yank on them, forcing my head backward before a dizzying whack to my forehead sends me pitching to the ground, writhing in pain. The fronds on the top of my head are extremely sensitive. In fact, they're the most sensitive part of my body. Stroking them will draw a low moan of pleasure out of the back of my throat and yanking on them will cause my vision to blur before my very eyes.

Suddenly, the pounding comes to a halt. I look through bleary eyes to see Sullivan's kid grinning down triumphantly at me, a baseball bat swung over her shoulder. Well, that would certainly explain the smacking. Wondering how best to throttle the kid, I prop myself up onto an elbow before I am grabbed. Again.

Whipping my head to the right, I find myself staring into Sullivan's familiar face. He must have hauled himself into the bedroom while I was trying to fend off the kid. I'm not afraid of a stupid little six-year-old, but Sullivan is strong. He could break my body with one quick, easy snap if he wanted to. Needing to get away, I struggle violently against him in an attempt to get free. Hands grab at my body, trying to secure me against the big blue monster, but I fight on. I remember the way those same hands used to touch my body. The thought makes me insanely rabid and I bite at Sullivan's neck in an attempt to get free. To my surprise, it works! The hairy monster grunts and releases me.

Taking advantage of the situation, I fling myself out of Sullivan's arms, try to get to my feet, but find that I'm too weak to do so. Fine then. I'll crawl out of this damned door if that's what it takes. I slither on my belly like a snake across the floor before pausing and turning slightly to see what Sullivan is doing.

My eyes widen and I gulp as I take note of the big blue monster flying through the air toward me. His lunge works the way he wants it to. Squeezing my eyes shut, I wait to be crushed. ...Except, Sullivan decides not to crush me. Instead, he pins me to the ground, his weight enough to keep me there, but not enough to shatter my ribs, something he is easily capable of doing.

I'm trapped lying on my back directly beneath Sullivan with no escape. The fight has drained from my body and my strength is gone. In a feeble voice, I attempt to snap, "Let me go!"

Sullivan doesn't let me go. I raise shameful eyes to his face and notice that the enmity once there has been replaced with an expression of nostalgia. I hate the way Sullivan's looking at me, hate the way it reminds me of our past.

"Don't look at me like that," I order weakly, even though a small part of me is feeling slightly satisfied. After all, I've managed to divert the blue monster's attention away from the kid for a few seconds. That's something, isn't it?

"Don't look at you like what?" Sullivan asks blankly, never having been the brightest of monsters even if he is one of the strongest.

"You know exactly what I mean," I glare, summoning the strength in my right arm before swinging it back and slapping the other monster in the face as hard as I can. I don't do it to get away; I do it for vengeance. It's nothing compared to what Sullivan did to me, but the smack still makes me feel a little bit better.

Sullivan blinks twice at me, but doesn't respond to my slap. In fact, he doesn't even look angry. Maybe he knows that he deserves it. Still, it's getting slightly unnerving the way he's continuing to stare at me with that look of nostalgia on his face. What's he thinking about? Is he regretting that big decision he made that tore us apart forever back from our days at Monsters University?

"Hey Sulley? Sulley? You in here - ah!" the familiar, annoying voice of Mike Wazowski sounds from the doorway. I grit my teeth. I don't think that I hate anyone more on this damn planet than the one-eyed cretin. Wazowski takes a few steps into the doorway before coming to a halt when he sees Sullivan and me on the floor together. Clearing his throat, Wazowski says, "Er, that looks awkward. Anyway, good work getting the kid back, Sulley! Let's get this purple people eater out of here and take care of the kid, huh?"

Sullivan blinks again and then turns his eyes from me to Wazowski. Nodding once, but still seeming a little less confident than before, Sullivan grabs my wrist and pulls me to my feet. I sway dangerously to my right and end up leaning against to turquoise monster to keep myself upright.

Nodding once toward the kid still armed with her baseball bat, Sullivan says, "She's not scared of you anymore. Looks like you're out of a job."

"Speak to me in English. My head's still spinning," I complain loudly as the bedroom blurs and contorts, the pounding in my head still mind boggling. "What does that mean for me?"

There is a short silence before Sullivan admits, "Banishment."

"W-what?" I stammer, taken a bit off guard. I expected death, violent but short in comparison to what it could be. Banishment to the human world is a fate even crueler than death, only one that Sullivan would come up with. Eyes still cloudy, I mutter, "Just kill me instead. It'll be easier on both of us."

"I won't kill you, Randall," Sulley says firmly, letting me know that his resolve is firm.

"Okay, come on, people! Let's get this show on the road!" Wazowski complains from across the room, causing me to grit my teeth and glare in his direction.

Sullivan takes a step forward before noticing that I'm too weak to walk. He pauses and then scoops me up into his arms. My heart thuds violently against my chest for more than one reason as I'm dragged toward my doom. Banishment to the human world is the worst fate a monster can bring upon himself. You'll die there, that's really all there is to it. My ending is imminent and my hatred for Wazowski and Sullivan at a feverish pitch, but things weren't always like that. There was a day when the two weren't the closest of friends and when Sullivan's eyes ran right past Wazowski to me. Those days at Monsters University, well, those are my only days worth remembering.

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