Author's Notes: I'm attempting to do a Minor character challenge using 50 prompts! I've never done a challenge or prompt before so I thought I'd start easy and picked Charlie Weasley. The Rules are that the main character has to have less than 3000 fics on about them and to use the 50 prompts listed on the page. If doing a pairing one of the pair must be a minor character and it can be but doesn't have to be the same character for all 50 or a different one for each etc. So fairly easy for my first attempt! I am making a 50 oneshot/drabbles piece that does link together in an rough overall plot with my main character as Charlie Weasley.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything recognisable and make no money from this


It all started with Harry Potter. Of course it did, he was the centre of most things in the Wizarding world so it shouldn't be surprising that meeting Harry Potter would change his life.

He had heard in endless letters from his mum about Ron's friends Harry and Hermione, literally endless letters! He barely even wrote back to her and yet would continue to receive whole rolls of parchment every few days. The problem was that now, after hearing in detail about how lovely Harry Potter was and how brilliant he was and meeting him the once...he was going to probably end up dead!

How on earth a fourth year had managed to get involved in the Triwizard Tournament when his brothers Fred and George had failed was a mystery, but still he was and it would probably be the biggest mistake of the young wizard's life. The contestants in the tournament would be facing dragons in the first task! If this was to be the first task he didn't even want to know what kind of tasks would follow it.

He had been enlisted with a few others to transport four dragons from Romania to Hogwarts, each dragon a different kind...although surely four of the same kind would have been fairer. Not to mention that one of the dragons in particular was as nasty as they came.

This was the reason that he hadn't told his parents that he was currently on route to Hogwarts, he was afraid of what his mother would say when she found out that he was probably assisting the death of the famous Harry Potter. Really afraid! Most children were afraid of their parents, that was even more true with Molly Weasley.