Explosions are Fun

By: Sheltie

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A/N: this is a fun thing I've been wanting to write for a while. Now there are some changes from canon in this. Go with it please and don't question it at all please. I haven't any answers for you, but just enjoy.

There was a loud BOOM! It shook the ground some. Tenten felt and heard the sound and shivered. Could it be, it has to be, she knew that sound anywhere. She licked her lips before racing off to find the source of the glorious sound.

"Tenten where are you going?" Lee shouted.

"Quickly my youthful students we must find out what's wrong with Tenten" Guy exclaimed.

Lee followed after Guy with great exuberance while Neji sighed and wondered why he decided not to take a genin team this year. He had enough years as a jounin, but no, he had to tell himself that he wasn't ready meaning another year with is crazy sensei and teammate.

/Scene Break/

Tenten landed and found a huge crater. Her eyes widen at the sight as her heart quicken. Oh such destruction. She then saw a blond head and recognized it right away. Naruto, it was Naruto who created the crater.

"Naruto?" she called.

"Huh, hey Tenten. What are you doing here?" Naruto asked looking up.

"I heard an explosion, was that you?" Tenten asked pleading silently that it was him who did this.

"Yeah, I've created a new seal. It's a stronger more powerful explosive tag" Naruto said proudly as he held up the seal waving it about.

"Y-y-y-you know how to make explosive tags?" Tenten asked.

"Yeah, I do. Don't you, I mean you carry all those weapons in those storage seals?" Naruto asked.

Tenten blushed.

"Um, I know how to make storage seals, but was forbidden to learn how to make explosive tags" she said.

"Oh, anyway. I just improve them. They are stronger than the usual ones" Naruto said proudly.

Tenten was now panting, she was in heat for sure, maybe in love too. But definitely in heat. She raced over with hearts in her eyes.

"Really?" she asked.

"Uh yeah, I've been trying them to make sure they work. Want to help?" Naruto asked unaware of Tenten's odd behavior.

"I'd love too" Tenten purred.

/Scene Break/

Guy, Lee and Neji got there only to find a huge crater then Naruto and Tenten huddled off to the side with some humungous boulders.

"Ready?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah" Tenten said breathlessly.

She then hurled a kunai right into the middle of the of the large rock formation.

They jumped away and hid.

"FIRE IN THE HOLE!" they shouted.

Soon the huge boulders exploded sending showers of small rocks as well as some medium sized ones cascading down.

Guy, Lee and Neji all paled at the sight. Memories of a terrifying C rank mission flooded their minds. All they remembered was the explosions, the cackling, more explosions, screaming and then the cackling. They shivered in fright as the horrifying memory came back to them. Lee clutched his eyebrows like they were about to be burned off any second now.

All that they knew was after that mission Guy had prohibited Tenten from buying explosive tags. And made sure she never learned how to make them. But it looked like she had found a loophole of some kind.

Naruto and Tenten jumped out of the bushes and began to celebrate. They had scratches and minor bruises all over them from the debris. But neither really cared since they were too busy celebrating.

"They worked, WHO-HOO! They worked!" Naruto shouted.

Tenten was dancing with glee then pulled Naruto into a hard passionate kiss.

"Let's do it again" she said huskily after breaking the kiss.

"Um, sure" Naruto said a bit shocked that Tenten kissed him.

"NO!" Guy, Lee and Neji shouted.

But Naruto and Tenten ignored them and began to plot their next thing to go boom. They chose the nearby river and grinned. Naruto handed Tenten another explosive tag and she began to wrap it around the handle of said kunai.

Guy, Lee and Neji ran for their lives not wanting to be around for the next explosion.

/Scene Break/

Kakashi sighed as he was working with two of his students. He wasn't sure where Naruto was. All the blond said was he was testing something really cool and left before anyone could question him.

Sakura was training as hard as she could while trying to catch Sasuke's eye. Nothing new there.

Yeah, Sasuke was brought back after a successful retrieval mission. He was placed in prison and other punishments for three years. Now he's back training under strict supervision as well as on probation. He still couldn't go out on missions yet.

A rustling was heard making the three freeze and then they saw Guy, Lee and Neji breakthrough the brush running for their lives. It was if the Shinigami was after them.

Kakashi decided to see what was going on and raced after Guy. Sasuke and Sakura were curious too and followed.

"Guy what's wrong?" the one-eyed jounin asked.

"It's horrible, scary, dangerous my eternal rival" Guy said in the most freaked out tone.

"What do you mean?" Kakashi asked confused.

"Your youthful student Naruto and my equally youthful student Tenten have created a very youthful yet frightening bond" Guy said.

Kakashi was about to ask for more info til he heard.


A sudden rain shower appeared dousing the group as well as several stunned fish landing on them too. The explosion was so great it knocked all the shinobi to the ground.

"What was that?" Sakura asked.

Before anyone could answer again it was heard.


Soon more water rained down as well as fish and rocks, oh the shower of rocks. This time Guy dove to protect his students. He blanket his body over Lee and Neji. Neji immediately after the explosion pulled himself from under his sensei and began to rub himself off furiously like he was trying to get clean.

Kakashi turned to his students to find Sasuke was knocked out cold by a falling rock and Sakura, um, was providing medical attention to him, which somehow involved giving an unconscious Sasuke CPR for some reason. The one eyed jounin was still confused as to what was going on.

/Scene Break/

Naruto was in the bouts of a heavy make out session with Tenten after that last explosion, which was quite powerful. It got her really hot and what was amazing was that their clothes were still on though a lot of heavy petting was being used instead.

Naruto finally got up for air he looked up at Tenten.

"I love you" Tenten said breathlessly.

"Love you too… Tenten" Naruto said somewhat perplexed, but liked what was going either way.

"What should we blow up next?" Tenten asked with excitement.

Naruto just grinned now that he knew what turned his weapon user on.


A/N: and that's the end of this one. Hope you like it. Yes, I am aware that this seems familiar to another story I think called Boom! I just tried to make mine as different as possible, but keep the essence of the original. Thanks for reading and please review.