Explosions are Fun

By: Sheltie

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3-Twitching Hyuga

Hiashi Hyuga, was a stoic kind of clan head. He took his role of leading the Hyuga clan seriously. But as of late he was getting tired. He was developing a nervous tick in his eye. He couldn't sleep at all. And why was that you should ask. Explosions, everyday and night. Boom, boom, boom. It drove the entire Hyuga clan head insane. He couldn't do a thing and he's tried it all. He even had branch and main members try and stop it, but they all came back unsuccessful.

Many were battered and bruised from the explosions. It seemed even with their Byakugan active they still got hit with debris and it was mostly the big stuff. The main members wore themselves out using Kaiten to protect themselves from the falling rocks and other debris.

Now Hiashi had had it. He stormed into the clearing that Naruto and Tenten used. He was down right pissed.

"NARUTO UZUMAKI!" he shouted.

"Um, Tenten who is the girly man?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto that's Hiashi Hyuga. Neji's uncle and Hinata's father" Tenten said.

"Oh, why is he angry?" Naruto asked.

"Not sure" Tenten said with a frown since Hiashi had interrupted their happy-happy boom-boom time.

"Do you have any idea what you've done, what you've caused?" Hiashi shouted.

"Um, no. What have I done?" Naruto asked as he scratched his head in confusion.

"Every day and night. Almost all the time. Boom, boom, boom! It never ends. Make it stop" Hiashi pleaded.

"Um, I'd like to, but Tenten likes explosions and who am I to deny her" Naruto said.

"I command you to stop this at o-"

Hiashi was cut off by Tenten.

"Hey Naruto, look what I found" the weapons mistress called.

Naruto turned around and grinned. It seemed Tenten raid a produce cart or some of it. Before Tenten she had watermelons, cantaloupes, honey melons and pumpkins. He saw Tenten with a glint in her eyes and he raced over to her. They began to plant their explosives.

Hiashi just stood there stunned unable to move.

Naruto and Tenten finish and they put on helmets.

"FIRE IN THE HOLE!" they shouted.

Soon a sudden rain of watermelon, cantaloupe, honey melon, and pumpkin splattered everywhere and on Hiashi. He was now covered with sticky and gooeyness. He was enraged. He took a step forward and then went flying from an explosion. You heard him screaming as he went flying over the village.

"Whoops, I forgot about those pressure traps" Naruto said as he scratched the back of his head.

"Pressure traps?" Tenten asked.

"Yeah, I made some traps that activate when you put pressure on them. They trigger an explosive tag" Naruto said.

"COME HERE YOU SEXY DEVIOUS AMAZING MAN YOU!" Tenten shouted as she glomped Naruto.

4-Emo Comeuppance

No matter where Sasuke went he was in danger. He took to the roofs going as fast he could to his destination. He'd make pauses to make sure he'd move out between lulls. He even took to wearing a hard hat he fashioned himself for protection. But no matter what he did he'd be targeted. Every time. Every time he'd hear that shrill whistle and he knew his doom was at hand. He'd get hit in the head with a flying rock, or piece of a watermelon or pumpkin or whatever else. He was getting tired of it all.

That wasn't the end of it at all. No, whenever he came to he'd find himself at the mercies of one Sakura Haruno. She tried to rape him several times though he'd wake just in time to dash away with his virginity intact.

He was going to stop it though. He had to. Not only for his remaining sanity, but for his virginity too.


"What do you want duck butt, I'm on my way to meet Tenten?" Naruto asked.

"I want it to stop" Sasuke pleaded.

"Stop what?" Naruto asked.

"The explosions. Stop hanging around that girl. Just stop, Please" Sasuke cried.

He was on his knees crying.

Now normally Naruto would be happy and gloating over the great Uchiha in this position, but he was running late.

"Sorry duck butt, but I can't, what a lady wants she gets" Naruto said then left.

Sasuke stayed there on his knees weeping.

/Scene Break/

In another ruined training ground Naruto and Tenten were blowing things up. Tenten was as giddy as ever and Naruto just smiled as he watched the weapons mistress get off on the explosions. Around them were watermelons. They were all rigged to blow at once.

"Ready?" Naruto asked.

"Oh yes" Tenten purred.

"Good" Naruto said as he pulled on a rain poncho.

Tenten had the same thing on.


Soon a shower of watermelon rained everywhere. As a huge chunk went flying off like an emo seeking missile. Sasuke heard it coming in and groaned.

"Not again" he groaned as he soon saw black.

In the shadows a pink haired menace crept.

"Kukukukukuku I knew giving those watermelons to Tenten was a great idea" she said to herself as she dragged her prey away back to her lair.


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