Big thanks to Twilly, Lellabeth, and Sulliedsoles for looking this over for me!

Shell's blog for 9/19/2013. Prompt: Woman looking at her reflection in a large knife. Quote: Punishment is justice for the unjust.

**WARNING** Dark theme. Very coarse language.

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My hand shakes as I hold the knife above him.

I'd use a gun, but it would be too loud, and I don't have one anyway.

He's taken too much from me.

Left me broken.

Where is the justice?

Just because he doesn't leave physical bruises, that makes it okay?

You stupid cunt!

You're worthless.

What is this shit? I wouldn't feed this to my dog.

Change your fucking clothes. You look like a goddamn whore.

I hate him.

Hate what he's turned me into.

A sobbing, shaking mess of raw emotions, always tiptoeing around the eggshells.

I am a shell. The ghost of the girl I used to be fades more every day.

I don't see my husband as a person anymore, whose life I'm about to take.

He is a monster.

He is hate and anger and rage.

He is merciless.

I tilt my head and work to decide where to slice through his skin with my big shiny knife.

Where will it do the most damage?

His throat?


With a nod of my head and steadier hand, I decide on his heart.

It's already dead and black anyway, just like mine.

He made sure of that.

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