She had no will, whatsoever, of getting up. Her body was sore. Her head was throbbing. Her eyelids were heavy. And her bed was way too comfortable.

Azure groaned and rolled off her bed, letting her thin and pale legs dangle from the side of the cushion. She sighed shakily and closed her eyes as she moved her feet and toes, stretching her muscles.

She then got up, feeling the soft carpet under her feet. She quickly got ready, taking her shower and getting dressed, taking dome time only to observe and examine the recent runes that had formed last night on her back.

The girl went downstairs, shouldering her bag and ignoring everyone around her. The Slytherin Common Room was always crowded in the mornings. Everyone had their little groups, but the one that stood out the most was Tom Riddle's posse, which had most of the rich pure-bloods; The Blacks, Malfoys, Macnair and the Fenrirs, of course.

Azure wasn't ignored, quite the contrary happened frequently. Her talent, appearance and personality made her one of the most desired girls in Hogwarts, and to be honest, she didn't care. At all.

She walked past the students, those almost opening a path for her, and then out of the, now full of whispers, Common Room. The girl quietly hummed a song as she walked to the Great Hall for breakfast, her arms folded over her chest to keep her tiny body warm.

The rest of the day went on more like a blur. Charms, Herbology and History were the right subjects to ruin her day. Not that she was a bad student at those, she was actually brilliant, but they were boring. Defence Against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes and Potions, those were her favourites and that could be seen in her grades. It was excused to say that she was one of the best students in Hogwarts, competing for the prize with Tom Riddle, Charlus Potter and some Ravenclaw fella.

As always, she went to the library after the dinner, to grab some books she could spend her night on and went back to the Common Room with a known Ancient Runes book of hers. Runes for wizards and witches with advanced runes knowledge by Pluto Prince.

When she arrived to the Common Room her actions were already planned. She grabbed a blanket and messily wrapped it around her, sitting down on the sofa and opening the book, furrowing her eyes and concentrating as she found the page she had left marked the other day.

Azure sighed contently and appreciating the rare peacefulness the CR could now be found with. It was the second Friday of the month, and the students were allowed to visit Hogsmeade, leaving Hogwarts quite empty.

She was focused on the book, her thin and delicate fingers tracing the paper as she read. The girl frowned as she felt a burning sensation on the back of her neck. Someone was staring at her. She could feel the person's eyes buried on her back, she had no idea why though.

She took her eyes of the book and rolled them looking back, meeting the dark ones of the mysterious and hot Slytherin guy, Tom Riddle.

Azure raised her brow at him, and got slightly angry when he mimicked her.

"Yes?" he asked politely, trying not to smirk.

"Do you need anything?" She asked, ignoring his previous question.

"No. But I do think you need something from me." He replied, a faint smirk appearing on his lips.

Azure snorted and went back to her book.

"Robot." He muttered, supporting his chin on his palm.

Azure laughed quietly and looked back at him, "Excuse me?"

"Robot." He repeated, making her roll her green eyes.

"What do you mean?" She raised her brow again.

Tom smirked, "Everything you do is automatic, reachable and cold. Like a robot." He replied.

Azure got up, placing the book on the table, "I'm not cold." She said, folding her arms.

Tom allowed his dark eyes to wander around her body, face, expressions and even her dark hair. He felt his stomach tighten at the sight of her. She was disastrously attractive. And the way she carried herself captivated his attention even more.

"Well, I think you are." He folded his arms, leaning forwards.

Azure frowned angrily, turning to him and raising her brow again, a sick smirk playing on the corner of her lips, "And who says I care about your opinion, Riddle?" She spat.

And Tom knew from that moment on. She would be the ruin and end of him.