As Nod and M.K were finally at the ledge from the Mub and Grub, they got onto the ledge and looked down to see Ronin fighting against Mandrake. M.K was little nervous hoping that Ronin would not get killed Nod turned as two huge Boggins came to attack him. While the two battle Mandrake and Ronin was smacking eachother punching and sahing and thrashing at eachother.

"so what's the plan Ronin," Mandrake sneered "200 leafman ambushing us?"

then he smacked Ronin in some cobwebs as Ronin was stuck and was worried about the pod and the four "don't be suprised," Ronin said

Mandrake paused then heard yelling and grunting from above to see a leafman and someone wlse with the two slugs and...the POD! Mandrake looked at Ronin "well I'm embrassed," he said then took one huge leap towards them and grabbed the wall climbing towards them. While Nod was fihgting the two big Boggins M.K was really scared and mub and grub were trying there best to act brave (even mub trying to impress M.K.) M.K looked around and when she looked down on a legde to see a boggin in a bat skin climbing on the wall like somethin from a horror movie. Ronin was free from the spider webs as he looked up to see M.K in troblue with the Pod in her Mandrake was climbing towards her Ronin took one big leap towards Mandrake but two Boggin leaped in the air and tackled him down to the ground. Ronin was stuck.

"NOD!," Ronin cried "HELP M.K. QUICK,"

Nod turned to see M.K looking down at something and he realized it was Mandrake climbing towards her. Nod was about to portect M.K but the two Boggins grabbed Nod. M.K was still looking at Mandrake who stared at her like he wanted eat her or something like that "do not worry I'm going to help you," Mandrake sneered

M.K. could not move and she was scared and fear took over. Then she saw a huge hand on on the ledge as Mandake lifted himself up looking at M.K and at the Pod. Nod thrashed and pulled away from the boggins buth they were strong. Mandrake smiled but it was not a friendly one. M.K fell down crawling backwards away from Mandrake.

"what is the matter little one," Mandrake teased "afraid of the Boogin Man?"

M.K said nothing as she said nothing and she held the Pod tigther as the vine on the pod wrapped her arm tighter. Mandrake loward down to look at this person...he knew she was a stomper. He reached for the Pod but M.K curled into a ball and looked away from mandrake. Mandrake chuckled as he took his hand made her look at him. M.K was getting more scared...Mandrake looked at her very closly beautiful she looked. M.K looked away from him scared, Mandrake again grabbed her face carefully. He leaned in down towards her then...he kissed her. Nod was staring at this nightmare in horror. Mub was just angry. Then Mandrake took his hands grabbing hers with pod in her hands. Then he parted his lips away from her. then he grabbed her as she screamed.

"I appercaite giving your heart to me," Mandrake said

"let go of me," M.K screamed

"M.K!," Nod cried

"no one touches my girl," Mub yelled as his slug speed was trying to get to Mandrake but Mandrake took M.K away down into the dephts of his rotten kingdom.