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Part 2

Chapter 4

M.K was on the Raven as she looked behind her seeing that Mandrake was not following her. She was glad though but something was up and not good, was he planning an ambush on her. She kicked the Raven to go faster and find Moonheaven.

Since everything was on her mind she had to think about some things like how she was...feeling werid around Mandrake...no of coures not these...wern't...feelings?...M.K shook her head. But why did she let Mandrake kiss him...she had no idea...was it fear that took over and she could not act. Or maybe it was love...No! She would never had feelings for something handsome I mean ugly. M.K growled as she hid her face into the Ravens feathers stressed. She heard a humming sound...she looked next to her as she saw a leaf man.

"are you M.K?" he asked

"yes yes I am," M.K said

"Come quick the pod will bloom soon, Nod and Ronin are waiting for you as well," the leaf man said

She smiled knowing that she was actully being noctied...though why would they be waiting for her...do they know she would escape? She did not care she wanted to be safe. She followed the leafman as they were almost there and up ahead she saw a light that she was very happy to see. M.K landed as everybody was nervous around the Raven M.K jumped off when she heard an argument up ahead...and she knows those voices too.

"NO! I am going to get her and save her no matter what," Nod yelled

"Nod I said I was going to get her," Ronin said

"NOD," M.K cried

Nod could not believe his ears nor his eyes when he turned, M.K was okay...she was alive and not hurt. When M.K ran into Nods arms he grabbed her and twirled her around laughing as she was. Everybody was clapping I guess for the happy cuploe to return. M.K and Nod looked at eachother as they stared into eachothers eyes for a long time until...

"M.K baby girl," Mub cried as he broke apart the cute hug that M.K and Nod as Mub hugged M.K happy to his "Girlfriend". Grub pushed mub away.

"Mub sersloiy your startign to get irratating," Grub said

Nod and M.K laughed, then after that Nim Guloo came with the pod in hands. M.K made a breath of relife knowing the pod was safe, she was worries that it was still with Mandrake and it would been harder for Nod and Ronin to save her and mostly the Pod.

"Thank goodness your okay," Nim said "I knew you would make it M.K. , pretty good fighting against Mandrake,"

"thats what the scrolls said huh?" she asked

Nim made a kind smile "you never know," he said smiling "now shall we proceed with the ceromony,"

M.K and Nod noded. Nim looked at Ronin while Ronin made his frown and made a single nod. Nim walked towards the platform where the Pod will grow. M.K looked in awe as she saw that a little bit of the vine was stretching into the moon light wanting to bloom and grasp the bluish light.

"so this is it," Nod said scrachting the back of his head

"yeah I...I guess," M.K said looking at Nod.

"so you'll turn big after this," Nod asked

"its the only way I'll get home," M.K said

"then this is-*?"


Nod and M.K looked at eachother for a long time, M.K knew this was goign to be the last time she was going to see Nod, she did have fun with him and getting to know him was good too. Not only that, she can maybe forgive her father saying he was right, and she was just a spolied brat. After that there was darkness. M.K gasped and looked to see the Pod wither. She ran towads it and looked at it horrified.

"no, no, no," M.K said "please don't die please,"

Nod grabbed ahold of her trying to clam her down and everybody was looking up, and they saw millions and millons of bats up in the sky covering the moon.

"Mandrakes back," Grub cried

"but hes not attacking," M.K said "hes just...destrying pod,"