Neville circled the chair in which he'd bound Charlie Matheson. "You know, the order was to kill you on sight. Had it been anyone else that spotted you but that son of mine, you'd be dead right now and Matheson would be finding your body."

She just stared straight ahead, not saying a word, not willing to give in even one inch.

"Your uncle teach that to you? Interrogation 101?" he slapped her, wanting a reaction. She didn't give him one. "He taught you well, I see."

Neville pulled another chair out of a corner, putting it close to her's. He sat down in it, to look her in the face. "I suppose you think that precious uncle and his posse are going to ride in and rescue you any minute. I sincerely doubt that, as I have nearly a hundred men of my own here. Miles has, what, just himself and two or three others now? I heard about the death of his girlfriend. Pity. She was the only real soldier he had." This wasn't nearly as much fun as he thought it'd be, since the Matheson girl wouldn't even acknowledge he was in the room much less that he held her life in his hands. "I didn't want to have to do this, but you're giving me little choice since you won't speak to me or, for that matter, even look at me." Slowly, delibrately he pulled a knife out of a sheath at his waist. "See this?"

Charlie's eyes widened slightly, just enough for him to notice. She tried not to show her alarm.

"So, finally something gets your attention." Neville had to smile. "Well, the order was, and still is, to kill you or your mother on sight. No questions asked. I even have a reward for the one who does the job." He twirled the knife in front of her face.

A sudden pounding on the heavy door behind her grabbed his attention. "Don't move. You and I still have some talking to do." He crossed the room quickly and cracked the door open a few inches.

"Jason, I am very busy right now."

"Dad, please, just leave her alone." Jason pleaded.

"I promised not to kill her. That's going to have to be good enough for you. Your little girlfriend is a Matheson and that's simply not allowed."Neville raised his eyebrows, he'd been over this more then once with the boy.

"Don't hurt her. She doesn't even know anything."

"Son, let me be the one who determines that." He began to shut the door again, to Charlie's dismay.

She tried desprately to get eye contact with Jason but it was of no use. Neville shut the door more quickly then he'd opened it and there was no time.

"That son of mine thinks you're something special." he took his seat. "Some say you're second in command to Miles. Some even say you're his daughter. But I don't think my son cares about that. Is it because you're a pretty girl?" He drew the knife under her eye. "I could change that. Or maybe you slept with him? That's probably it. You're probably just trying to sleep your way to survival like your mother did."

Charlie tried very hard not to tremble but it was impossible now.

"Maybe you don't know about that. I can't imagine that's the sort of thing you and mommy want to talk about after so many years apart."

He withdraw the knife, now blood tipped, as suddenly as he'd drawn it and stood up. "I've decided to give you a reprieve. Don't get any ideas about escaping or about the posse coming to rescue you. They'd have to find you first and they won't."

She gazed at him, unsure what he meant to do.

"In a few hours, I will return. You will talk then and I am going to make sure of it. I'm also going to make sure you don't escape." He swung the knife back in front of her face so she could see it well, then plunged it to the hilt into her shoulder.