Note: This is my ten-year-old little brother's fantasy! lol he wrote an avatar fan fiction. I find it really cute and told him I'd post it and read him some comments on it, if they're good. Just an FYI though, criticism will not be taken into account, because I'm only copying what was already written.

Pow pow

The volcano erupted. "To the rock shelter, quick!" shouted mom. I was too late. The lava was coming closer. I tried to bend. It was hard, but it worked. Lava is made from rock so I was able to bend it.

Bending is to control a certain element. I am an earth bender so I bend rock and metal. There are four elements: air, water, earth, and fire. The Avatar is the person who has to learn to control all four to save the world.

I had an idea so I could keep practicing my new discovery. I kept it in a container it would stay safe in. "Aha," I said, "some lava I can take around with me to practice!" Then it stopped coming, as if I were in the eye of the storm. "Huh," I thought. It stopped. I was tired from all of the bending.

Then, I earth-bended some stairs to the top of the stone house my parents bended before I was born to protect myself in case it blew again.

Then it came rushing down again, everywhere, but it was no use. It got on top of the stone house. I bended the lava as much as I could while I thought, "I wish there were an air bender with a glider. Then I could fly myself up." Then I thought, "Wait, fly myself up!" I levitated the roof off of the house with me on it, using my earth bending.

"Few, that was close." I flew all of the way to the top of the guard wall but it was no use. "Wait," I thought, "I bended a cave down in front of the wall!" The Lava headed onto it, then I bended it to the well in the middle of the village.

Mom came out of the safety shelter and asked, "what are you doing?"

"Trust me," I said, "we need a water bender." My dad was a water bender and my mom was an earth bender, so my brother was a water bender. My brother's name is Josh.

"Hey, Josh! Water bend this water in the well!"

He bended it out of town. Then I earth bended down. "Ta da! It's a heating well, that's filled with lava!"

Then mom reminded me of the lava in front of town.

"Uh... Oh yeah!" I got rid of the hole, but it came after me. I bended it back with one hand and with the other, I bended myself up. Then I went on top of the wall.

I bended a hole for the lava and went over a bridge.

Everybody cheered, "Yeah! Go Ray! The best earth bender ever!

Meanwhile team Avatar read the news. Sokka yelled out, "Ha ha! Toph, a better earth bender than you!"

She yelled, "What?" and looked, "Oh yeah! I'm blind! I can't see it..."