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Chapter 1:

Hermione's head was pounding. She opened her eyes and was assaulted by the sun. She groaned and tried to sit up. She couldn't sit up because there was an arm wrapped around her waist.

And there was a little boy on the end of the bed smiling at her.

"Morning Aunt Mione," the little boy chirped. He looked to be about five years old. He had sandy colored hair and green eyes. He was wearing pajamas with snitches on them.

Hermione bolted up. The arm thrown across her fell off. "Who are you?" Hermione asked the little boy.

He made a face, "It's me, Teddy." he said. His bottom lip quivered.

"Teddy?" Hermione asked. No. Teddy Lupin was just a baby. Hermione looked around. She had no idea where she was or how she got here.

Teddy Lupin moved away from her and looked at the body next to her. Hermione gasped when she saw her sleeping partner was Harry Potter. "Uncle Harry," Teddy whined still giving Hermione a sad look. "Aunt Mione is scaring me."

"What?" Harry groaned.

Teddy put his head on Harry's knee.

Harry sat up and rubbed his eyes emerald colored eyes. He reached out to the bedside table and put his glasses on. "Hermione?" he asked. "Is everything alright? What did you do to Teddy?"

"I-I -I don't know," Hermione said. She felt light headed. This wasn't right.

Harry looked at Teddy and smiled, "Go wake up Kreacher and have him start your breakfast," he told the little boy.

"Is Aunt Mione ok?" Teddy asked. His hair color had changed to a mousy brown and so had his eyes.

"I am sure she is buddy. But she and I need to talk about grown up stuff right now," Harry explained ruffling his hair.

Teddy made a face, "Are you going to kiss?" Teddy asked.

"Certainly not!" Hermione exclaimed.

Harry gave her a strange look and then grinned at the boy, "You won't see any kissing this morning. Go find Kreacher, alright?"

Teddy nodded and jumped off the bed.

"No TV!" Harry called to the small retreating figure. Then he turned to her, "Hermione, are you ok?" He reached out and touched her face.

The intimacy of the gesture made Hermione jump away. She and Harry had touched many time- hugs and hand squeezes. But this felt different.

Harry pulled away and cocked his head, "Hermione, what is the matter with you?"

"I-I-I don't know how I got here," Hermione told him.

Harry rolled his eyes, "Are you having an existential crisis because it's a bit early for that. I mean it's only-" he looked at his watch and groaned, "seven in the morning and I didn't get home until after two and then I wasn't asleep until three so-"

"Harry!" Hermione snapped. "I don't know how I got here. In your bed. We don't- I don't-" She looked around, "Where are we? Where is Ginny? Where is Ron?"

At this all the humor left Harry's face. He looked angry. "Ron? Your asking about Ron?"

"And Ginny?" Hermione said. She gestured to her and Harry, "They would be devastated if they saw this."

"Doubtful," Harry replied curtly. "Seeing as Ginny is married to another man and Ron has been living with another woman for two years."

"What?" Hermione demanded. "How is that possible the battle ended-" Hermione paused. She wasn't sure what day it was. But it couldn't have been more than few days since the battle of Hogwarts right? "How is Teddy Lupin so old? He was a baby. Does he have some sort of advance aging power or-"

Now Harry looked concerned. He took one of Hermione's tiny hands in his larger one. "Hermione, the final battle was five years ago. Teddy is five years old."

"No," Hermione said. "I don't remember-"

"What is the last thing you do remember?" Harry asked.

"The battle," Hermione said. "Going to Gryffindor Tower and sleeping."

Harry ran his fingers through his jet black hair. "So, between going to sleep last night and waking up this morning you lost five years of your life?"

"I suppose," Hermione agreed.

"We need to take you to St. Mungo's," Harry said. He climbed out of bed. Hermione saw he was only wearing black boxers and a white undershirt. Harry moved to the fireplace across the room. He took some floo powder and threw it in. "Andy!" he called.

Seconds later a head was floating in the fireplace. Hermione gasped as it looked like Bellatrix Lestrange. But she relaxed quickly. This woman didn't have the same crazy look in her eyes or hate on her face. This was Andromeda Tonks.

"Harry," Andromeda started. "is Teddy alright?"

"Teddy is fine," Harry assured her. "But I need you to come and watch him for a few hours or take him back to your place."

"Why? Is everything alright?" she asked.

Harry looked at Hermione and then he looked back at Andromeda, "I will explain when you get here."

"Be there in 15 minutes," Andromeda said.

Harry turned away from the now empty fire. "We should get dressed," Harry suggested.

Hermione looked down and saw she was wearing a Gryffindor Quidditch shirt and no pants. "Could you turn around? Or leave the room?" Hermione asked.

Harry grabbed a pair of blue jeans off the floor. He slipped them on. "I will be downstairs with Teddy." He said and started from the room.

"Can I use your shower?" Hermione asked.

"Our shower," Harry corrected her sounded hassled. "You don't have to ask. This is your home too." He pointed to a door on the left. "The bathroom is through there."

"Where are we anyway?" Hermione replied looking around.

"Grimmauld Place," Harry said with a smile. "Our home for nearly four years."

"We are roommates?" Hermione asked.

Harry looked sad when he said, "Something like that," he paused and ran his hands through his untidy hair again," I will be downstairs."

He left and shut the door behind him. Hermione wondered how she and Harry ended up in bed together. At least they were dressed. Hermione climbed out of bed and went to the door Harry indicated. She opened it and saw a lovely, modern bathroom. It had a huge tub (not Hogwarts size but still big), a glass shower and a large vanity with two sinks. Hermione opened a cupboard door and found a large, white, fluffy towel.

Hermione wanted to use the bathtub but knew she needed to hurry so she turned on the water in the large glass shower. She adjusted the temperature and then peeled off her clothes. She threw the clothes in the hamper by the door.

Hermione stepped into the shower. The water felt so nice she groaned. Hermione opened her eyes and looked for soap and shampoo. She was shocked to find her shower products in here. She and Harry share this bathroom? She knew Grimmauld Place had more than one bathroom.

Hermione quickly washed herself and her hair. She climbed out of the shower and toweled off. As she did so she caught sight of the scar on her arm. The word mudblood was still there but it seemed faded. Hermione wrapped the fluffy towel around her body. She had no idea where her room was. She entered Harry's room again. Maybe this was her room? She opened a drawer and found woman's clothes- her clothes.

Hermione pulled on a black t-shirt and khaki shorts. She looked around for her wand so she could dry her hair but couldn't find it. Hermione opened the door and walked out into the hall. She went down the hall to the stairs. The house wasn't as dark and dusty as she remembered. It seemed Harry had it renovated.

Hermione walked down the stairs. She stopped at the bottom when she heard voices.

"-no memories since the final battle," Harry was telling someone.

"None?" the voice asked.

"None," Harry sounded anguished.

Hermione could hear a TV from another room. Cartoons were playing.

Andromeda's voice pulled her back. "-dark magic?" she asked.

"I guess," Harry sighed. "But how? Nobody could have gotten into this house last night."

Hermione came into the room. "Morning," she greeted Andromeda.

"Morning," Andromeda smiled.

"Teddy is watching TV," Hermione told Harry.

Harry shrugged. Then he smiled, "Ready?"

"Where is my wand?" Hermione asked.

Harry pulled it out if his back pocket. He handed it to Hermione. "Thanks," Hermione said.

Harry took Hermione's hand and led her to the fireplace. He grabbed a handful of floo powder and threw it in. "St. Mungo's," he shouted. He nudged Hermione forward. "I will be behind you." Hermione stepped in the green flames and felt herself being pulled away.

She fell out into the lobby of St. Mungo's. Harry tumbled out right behind her. He helped her to her feet and led her to the reception desk. "Hello," Harry said to the welcome witch. "I need some help."

The girl, who looked to be about 21 or 22 years old, had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was very pretty. She smiled at Harry, "You're Harry Potter."

Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Hermione could tell her was irritated. He nodded, "I am," he said.

The girl looked at Hermione and frowned, "That is Hermione Granger."

Harry took another breath and nodded again. "I need-"

The girl interrupted him, "I am Rebecca. I was three years behind you at Hogwarts. I was in Ravenclaw-" Rebecca was flirting with Harry. For some reason it infuriated Hermione. She wanted to slap the little wench across the face.

Harry had reached the end of his rope, "That's nice. But I need help. Can you get a healer for me?"

Rebecca rolled her eyes. "I will be right back," she said.

Harry turned around and smiled a tight smile at Hermione. Hermione reached out and hugged Harry. He held her tight and Hermione noticed how nice it felt. But it wasn't right.

"Harry?" Hermione?"

Hermione jerked away the familiar voice. She saw Alicia Spinnet dressed in lime green healer robes coming toward them.

"Hello," she greeted Harry with a hug.

"Hello," Harry smiled tensely at her. "Can we go somewhere to talk privately?"

Alicia nodded. She smiled at Hermione, "Follow me." She led Hermione and Harry to an office right off the reception area. Alicia shut the door and locked it with a wave of her wand.

"What's up?" Alicia asked as she gestured for them to sit. She sat in a leather chair behind a big desk.

"Hermione has lost her memories," Harry said.

Alicia's eyes widened. "What?" she asked.

"Not all of them. Just everything since the final battle." Harry explained.

"How?" Alicia asked.

"We were hoping you could help us there," Hermione said.

"Tell me what you remember last?" Alicia said. She took a piece of parchment and a quill.

"We need to keep this quiet," Harry told Alicia

Alicia looked at him with a raised eyebrow,"Duh," she said. "I will put a fake name on the chart, ok?"

Harry looked relieved. Hermione was glad he thought of it. She wasn't even thinking about the press and such.

Hermione cleared her throat," The last thing I remember is winning the battle. Going up to Gryffindor Tower and going to sleep." She wrapped her arms around herself and said, "Then I woke up this morning at Grimmauld Place."

Alicia screwed up her face and made some notes. She looked up at Harry and said, "Walk me through her day yesterday."

Harry sighed, "She woke up when I did at about 8:00 am. I went to work. She was off work and went to pick up Teddy at Andy's. Teddy says they watched TV and went to the park. Then they had lunch and Teddy napped. After Teddy's nap they spent the afternoon at the Burrow. They had dinner there. They came home played games. Teddy went to bed at 8:30, he says but Hermione let's him stay up late sometimes, so I don't know for sure." He cleared his throat and adjusted himself in the seat, "I came home at about 2:00 am. She was asleep. I ate something. I showered and I came to bed."

"Harry," Hermione hissed. Alicia didn't need to know they slept in a bed together she might get the wrong idea. Hermione turned to Alicia,"Seperate beds. We didn't sleep together."

Alicia smiled,"Alright." she said. She looked at Harry," This morning?"

"Teddy woke me up saying Hermione had scared him. She didn't know where she was or who he was. She was disoriented." Harry told her.

"Any dizziness, lightheadedness or headaches?" Alicia asked Hermione.

"I had a pounding headache," Hermione said.

"Do you know if she fell or was drinking last night?" Alicia asked Harry.

"Teddy didn't say anything about a fall but it could have happened after he was asleep. But I saw no evidence of a fall," Harry said. "There was an open bottle of wine and wine glass in the kitchen when I came home. I assume she may have had a glass or two of wine. But the bottle wasn't far from full and Hermione isnt much of a drinker, you know?"

"I know," Alicia sighed making more notes. She looked at Hermione, "Can I see your wand?"

Hermione handed it to her. She took it and looked at it. Alicia mumbled some spells.

Hermione put the hand to her head and groaned.

"Headache?" Harry asked. "Alicia, she has a headache."

"I am fine," Hermione said. "Don't overreact Harry."

Alicia handed Hermione her wand back, "I can rule out a spell backfire." She paused and made more notes, "Well, at least I can rule out a backfire with your wand." Alicia looked at Harry," Can I see your wand?"

"You think I did this?" Harry demanded.

"Of course not," Alicia said. "But I need to clear your wand. You are an Auror, you know that."

"You're an Auror?" Hermione said with a smile. "That is wonderful Harry." She wondered what she did? What her life was like but now wasn't the time. Hopefully they could reverse this and she would remember.

Harry grinned at her. "Thanks." He handed his wand to Alicia. "Here. You're right. Clear my wand."

Alicia took Harry's wand and started murmuring incantations again.

"Should we call Ron?" Hermione asked Harry.

"No," Harry replied. "We can talk to him later." Hermione noticed he was stiff now.

"Ok, your wand is cleared," Alicia said handing him back his wand. She made some notes and then. "Hermione, I am going to do some spells to see if I can diagnose you? Ok?"

Hermione nodded. Alicia stepped forward and started doing different spells. Hermione was familiar with some but not others. Alicia's wand emitted a purple spark.

"What does that mean?" Hermione asked.

"Spell damage," Alicia said. "Someone tried erase your memories."

Harry banged his hand on the arm rest of the chair, "No one could have gotten into that house last night."

Alicia shrugged, "I'm am telling you what I know."

Harry was obviously fighting the urge to argue further. He grit his teeth and asked, "What now?"

"I will try and fix it," Alicia said. "Memory mods can be difficult to reverse though." She put her wand to Hermione's head and mumbled something.

Nothing happened.

"Hermione?" Harry asked hopefully.

Hermione shook her head.

Harry's face fell. He looked devastated. Alicia squeezed his hand, "We'll keep trying." She made a note, "But not today. I need to consult a specialist. We don't want to do any damage."

Harry nodded and said, "So, I should-"

"Take her home and tell her about the last five years," Alicia said. "And know we might not be able to get her memories back."

Hermione wilted into her seat. The idea of losing five years of her life horrified her. She needed her memories back. She felt helpless and that wasn't a good feeling for her.