"Can I go on your honeymoon with you?" Teddy asked. He was sitting at the kitchen table coloring while Hermione was cooking dinner.

Hermione laughed, "No, sweetie. Honeymoon is grownups only."

Teddy pouted, "But won't you miss me?"

Hermione turned and looked at him, "Of course we will miss you. But we will only be gone two weeks."

Teddy groaned, "Two weeks is forever," he whined out the last word exaggerating the syllables. He stopped coloring and the asked. "Are you going to have a baby?"

Hermione's eyes widened, "why do you ask?"

"Grandma said that the Daily Prophet said you were with child. That means you are having a baby. I asked. Because when she said with child I was like, duh, I am child. But she said it means you have a baby living in your tummy ?" "Do you want me to have a baby?" Hermione asked. She took Teddy's hand and squeezed.

Teddy looked at her, "If you have a baby can I still come over?" He sounded sad.

Hermione felt like someone had punched her in the stomach. "Of course buddy," she said.

Teddy shifted in his chair, "I would love to have a new baby around. Victoire said having a new baby is a lot of fun. But I am worried. I am worried that you and Uncle Harry will love the new baby more and you won't want me to be around anymore."

Hermione lifted his chin with her hand and said, "Ted Remus Lupin," she said. "I will always want you around. So, will Uncle Harry. You are a part of our family and even if our family gets bigger there will always be room for you. Understand?" Teddy smiled and nodded. Hermione let him go and went back to cooking.

"Are you excited about getting married on Saturday?" Teddy asked.

"I am but I am nervous too," Hermione admitted.

"Why are you nervous?" Teddy asked.

"Getting married is a big deal. It's forever," Hermione said.

"Do you love Uncle Harry?" Teddy asked. "Victoire said you must love him because you kiss all the time and hold hands and stuff."

Hermione smiled, "I do love Harry. I love him very much. I can't wait to marry him but everyone gets nervous on their wedding day." She looked at Teddy, "You will see one day when you are grown up."

Teddy nodded, "I am going to marry Victoire when I grow up."

"Oh really?" Hermione asked. "Does she know this? Does Uncle Bill?"

Teddy shook his head, "I will tell them one day but it's a long way from us being big enough to get married so I have time. But I am going to marry Victoire because she is the prettiest girl in the world."

"You are the sweetest boy in the world," Hermione said turning to look at him.

"That is what I hear," Teddy said.

Hermione laughed again. This kid was too much. He made her extremely happy.

"What's going on in here?" Harry asked from the door way. She hadn't even heard the floo activate. He came in and dropped a kiss on Hermione's cheek.

"We were just discussing Teddy's upcoming nuptials." Hermione answered

Harry grinned, "When is the big day?" he asked. He leaned over Hermione and grabbed a piece of bread off he stove. Hermione slapped his hand.

"It's a long way away," Hermione told him. "He is marrying Victoire."

Harry looked at his godson, "Good choice," he told him.

"Yes, you like red heads huh?" Hermione teased.

"Same could be said for you," Harry poked her side.

Hermione turned around. Harry wrapped his arms around her waist, "I prefer dark haired green eyed men," she said and then she kissed him.

"EW!" Teddy cried. "No kissing. It's gross."

Hermione pulled away and looked at Teddy who had changed his hair color to black and his eyes to green. "Look," Hermione told Harry.

Harry turned and let out a laugh, "Trying to steal my girl?"

Teddy didn't look at him. He was coloring but he had a big smile on his face.

"Set the table Mr. Potter," Hermione said. "Teddy put away your crayons. Dinner is ready."

Hermione watched as Harry helped Teddy put away his coloring supplies and then the two boys set the table. Hermione sighed and smiled. This must be what perfect felt like.

"I can't do this," Hermione said and she tried to stand up.

Ginny Longbottom rolled her eyes and pulled Hermione back down into the chair. "Don't daft. You can do this."

"You and Harry are perfect together," Parvati commented.

"She is right," Luna said dreamily. "You fell in love twice. That has to mean something."

Hermione nodded. "Are you done with my hair yet?" she asked Ginny.

"Just about," Ginny replied. "Be patient Hermione."

Hermione was wringing her hand and shifting in her seat. "What's the time? Am I running late?" she asked.

"We have plenty of time," Luna assured her.

"Alright, I am done," Ginny announced.

Hermione jumped to her feet and turned to face the mirror. Her hair was pulled up in a bun and several curly tendrils were lose around her face. Her makeup was subdued and perfectly Hermione. Her dress was a strapless, a-line and it hugged her beautifully. She had a tiara perched on her head (magicked in place of course). She looked like a princess.

"Oh Hermione!" Ginny gasped. The redhead had tears in her eyes. "You look-"

"I can't find the words," Luna said. "I -" She reached out and hugged her friend. Hermione hugged Luna back tightly.

There was a knock on the door. Ginny opened it and frowned when she saw Ron standing there. "Come to make trouble?"

Ron rolled his eyes, "Mione, can I talk to you?"

Hermione nodded and motioned for the girls to leave. "We won't be far," Ginny warned her brother.

Once the door was shut Ron looked at Hermione and smiled, "You look lovely."

Hermione replied, 'You too."

Ron sat down in the chair by the mirror. He ran a hand through his red hair and cleared his throat.

"Ron?" Hermione said. "Is everything ok?"

Ron smiled, "I think it is for the first time in a long time." He took a deep breath, "I am sorry. I am sorry that it took me so long to be happy for you."

"You're happy for me?" Hermione asked. She felt tears sting her eyes.

"I am," Ron answered and he looked sincere. "I just want you to know that I hope you and Harry are happy together. I know that you will take care of each other and treat each other well. I hope today is the best day of your life."

Hermione was floored by this change of heart, "And Harry? Have you forgiven him?"

Ron heaved a sigh and then nodded his head, "I have. I just hope he can forgive me."

"I am sure he will, "Hermione said. "I hope that we can all go back to the way we were before."

Ron jerked his head, "You can never go back Mione," Ron cautioned her. "But maybe we can start over. The three of us have been through too much to let all of this get in the way. I was too jealous and stupid to see that before but I see it now."

"Ron, this is the best wedding gift you could have given me," Hermione said. Then she had an idea. She didn't know if it was appropriate or not. "Can I ask you for a favor?"

Ron narrowed his eyes, "What?"

"My parents aren't here and I was planning on going alone but-" Hermione but her lip, "Will you give me away?" Ron hesitated for a long moment and Hermione felt terrible she was asking too much. "Don't worry about it Ron, I-"

"-I would be honored," Ron interrupted her.

"Really? it's not weird?" Hermione asked.

Ron barked out a laugh, "oh it's weird but we have never been a normal group of friends have we? I think it strangely appropriate."

"Me too," Hermione agreed.

Ron stood and offered his arm, "Shall we go?"

Hermione stood and took his arm, "We shall," she giggled and let Ron lead her from the room.

Her bridesmaids were waiting at the top of the stairs. Ginny raised an eyebrow when she saw Ron and Hermione. "Everything ok?" Ginny asked.

"Of course," Hermione said. "Ron is going to walk me down the aisle."

Ginny looked between them and then shrugged, "If that is what you want."

Hermione smiled at Ron, "That is what I want."

"Then let's go," Parvati said. She smiled at her boyfriend looking very proud of him.

Ron steadied Hermione on the stairs and they walked into the garden of the Burrow. Hermione could hear the music start and the guests quiet. Parvati went first, followed by Ginny and then Luna. Hermione and Ron stood there waiting until Luna got about halfway down the aisle.

"Ready?" Ron whispered.

Hermione nodded.

Ron moved and pulled Hermione with him. Hermione could see the shock on people's faces when they saw her on Ron's arm. But most people smiled. Mrs. Weasley was crying at the sight which warmed Hermione's heart.

Hermione chanced a look at Harry. He didn't look confused or upset. he looked happy. he was handsome in his suit (they had chosen to forgo the usual robes for muggle attire). His hair still wouldn't lay down but Hermione didn't care. She felt her heart rush at the sight of him. They were getting married. He was going to be her husband soon.

Ron stopped right in front of Harry. The two men stared for a moment and then Ron offered Hermione's hand to Harry. Harry took it and nodded at his former best friend. Hermione felt something change in that moment. It seemed things shifted back to the way they were years before. Maybe these two could reconcile?

Hermione moved in front of Harry and Ron went to sit down with his parents. Harry smiled at Hermione. She could see love, admiration and appreciation in his eyes. She was sure her eyes reflected something similar.

"I love you," Harry mouthed.

"I love you too," Hermione mouthed back.

Kingsley Shacklebolt, who was officiating, asked, "Are we ready to begin?"

"Yes," Harry said. Hermione nodded not sure she could speak without crying.

"The we shall start," Kingsley smiled, "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today-"

Hermione and Harry were sharing their first dance as husband and wife. They were swaying back and forth because Harry couldn't do much more than that.

"Are you mad about Ron?" Hermione asked.

Harry looked surprised by the question, "Why would I be?" he asked.

Hermione shrugged, "It was weird. My ex-boyfriend walking me down the aisle?"

"He was your best friend before he was your boyfriend," Harry reasoned. "It made sense to me."

"You're a good man Harry Potter," Hermione said and she leaned her head against his shoulder.

"You're a good lady Hermione Granger Potter," Harry countered. They fell into a comfortable silence.

Hermione cleared her throat, "I was going to wait until tonight or tomorrow but I need to tell you something."

"Hmm?" Harry asked.

"I am-well, I am-" Hermione stuttered.

Harry pulled back peered at his wife, "You're what?"

"I am pregnant," Hermione whispered.

Harry stopped dancing. He and Hermione stood still on the dance floor. "Say that again?" Harry asked.

"I-I-I am pregnant," Hermione whispered.

Harry smiled and kissed her. "That is-" Harry laughed, "A baby?"

"A baby," Hermione confirmed.

"When?" Harry asked.

"Oh, in round about 7 months, I guess." Hermione told him. She chewed her lip, "Are you happy?"

"No," Harry said, "I am not happy. I am ecstatic." He picked Hermione up and swung her around. "I love you Hermione Granger Potter."

"I love you too," Hermione said and then she kissed him.

~The End~

AN: So this is the end. I am so sad. But I have already started on the prequel. Check back on my profile to find the prequel which I believe will be titled The InstaFamily Effect. It may be posted tomorrow. Thanks so much to everyone for making my first story such a great experience. I have loved this story. I am glad you guys did too.