"Mom, aren't you ready yet?" Henry yelled up the stairs at Emma.

"We'll be right down, Henry," Emma shouted back down at her son. She sat on the bed and pulled on her boots completing her costume. As she did, the bathroom door opened and out walked Graham. Emma looked up at him and smiled widely. "Looking good, Sheriff."

"I feel so silly," Graham laughed walking over to Emma. "I've never done this before."

Emma chucked and stood up from the bed. "That's the whole point," she chimed. "You can be as silly as you want and no one will care. Plus, Henry will be so happy."

"That kid has me wrapped around his finger." Graham placed his arms around Emma's waist, leaned in and gave her a light kiss. "You and him are the only people I would ever do this for."

"And that's why we love you." Emma gave the sheriff another kiss. "Alright," she said moving over to the mirror to get one last look at herself, "let's get downstairs before Henry goes insane."

Graham took Emma's hand in his and they descended the stairs. "It's about time," Henry exclaimed. "You guys look awesome!"

"Thanks, kid," Emma replied. "Do you have your candy bucket?"

"Right here," Henry said holding up his pumpkin-shaped bucket. "Let's go!" He started to run at the door.

"Hold on," Graham called, grabbing a hold of the wing on Henry's costume. "Your mother wants a picture first." Emma stood fidgeting with the camera trying to find the right settings for a timed photo.

"Ugh, I can never find the right button on here," Emma scoffed.

"Here," Graham offered reaching for the camera. He pressed a couple buttons and placed the camera on the shelf beside him. "Alright, hurry up. We only have 10 seconds." Emma, Graham, and Henry rushed together, faced the camera and smiled just before the flash went off.

"Can we go now?" Henry begged his mother.

Emma smirked and gave her son a soft noogie. "Come on, Buzz Lightyear," she said. Henry skipped to the front door, opened it and took off outside. Emma could hear him declaring "to infinity and beyond" as he ran out in the yard and she chuckled at her son's joy.

"You ready, Jessie?" Graham asked Emma offering up his arm.

"Ready as I'll ever be, Sheriff Woody," she replied, tipping her hat and sliding her arm around his. She started to walk forward, but Graham pulled her back for a moment and turned Emma to face him. He gave her a long, deep kiss and gazed into her eyes.

"You're my favorite deputy."