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Jinx and Kid flash!

Kid Flash POV

I woke up really cold. I shivered and reached over to the other side of the bed for Jinx. When I didn't feel anything, I groaned and opened my eyes. I saw what I expected, which was an empty other side of the bed. "Jinx?" I said. "Well finally you're awake. It's 11 o'clock." a soft voice to my left said. I rolled over, and almost fell off the bed. "Jinx!" I whine like a small child. "I'm cold!" I whine. "Well maybe thats because you always throw all the blankets off yourself in the night, and not to mention its the middle of the winter and you left the window open. She says. I finally get a good glimpse of her. She's were some black and pink sweats, and she has a blanket wrapped around her tiny frame. I smirk. I quickly grab and and fling her into bed. "Kid!" she says. "Shhh." "Just don't fight it." I say, rubbing the bridge of my nose on her neck. I can practically feel her face turning red. "K-kid... D-don't...do..." She tries to talk, half heartedly trying to push my off. I wrap my arms around her tighter. I lean into her ear. "I think you like this, so don't even try to make me stop." I whisper. Even though we are laying down, I can feel her knees go weak. I smirk and begin to kiss her neck. "I-I...um... s-stop!" she says. I almost laugh when I hear her suppress a whimper as I suck on her neck. "It's our day off, so we have the whole day." i say into her neck.

After about an hour of this, she finally finds a way out of my grasp and runs out of the room screaming "You'll never catch me alive!" I chuckle, and run after her at super speed. I stop directly in front of her, and she runs right smack into me. "Don't try to run away from the fastest boy alive." I say, smirking at her. She turns and runs to the living room. I run after her. She squeaked when I suddenly grab her and pin her to the couch. She struggles for a little bit, and even tries hexing me, but eventually, she gives up. "Fine. You win." she says. I take a quick look at her. Her sweats were now really messy, her hair was down and disheveled, and she was breathing heavily. I quickly grab her lips in a searing kiss. Her eyes widen, then close and she kisses me back. I smile, and think of how much I love this girl. Then I realize,

I wasn't cold anymore.

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