Title: Confronting the Sun (1/1)

Author: Sandy S.

Email: ssoennin@juno.com

URL: http://www.geocities.com/ssoennin

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All belongs to Joss and UPN.

Dedication: For my Aunt Steph who loves vampire stories.

Spoilers: Through Season 6.

Summary: Set in the year 3002. Spike and Buffy are still together. The world's changed just a little bit. Buffy's POV.

Author's Note: 1) This story is based on a short story, which I wrote a long time ago (1995, I think) called "Dreaming of the Darkness," which you can find on my site. Some passages that I particularly like may be pulled from the story and put in this one. The 1995 story was supposed to be novel length, and I only wrote the prologue and first chapter. The plot is similar, and the ending is the one I planned for my other story..Hope you enjoy it! ;o) 2) For some reason, assume Spike knows how to play the piano.

Confronting the Sun

"But when the sun in all his state

Illumed the eastern skies,

She passed through Glory's morning-gate,

And walked in Paradise." --James Aldrich


As per our routine, my mind stirs awake before he even thinks about moving. My senses reach out beyond the hidden wells of my dreams to languidly test the environment around us. The first thing I notice is how firmly his strong lean arms encircle my ribs and waist to hold me on his lap.the way he's held me since I left him the first time. The corners of my mouth upturn slightly because I haven't been away from his side for at least six hundred years.

Inhaling his familiar scent of cigarettes, fresh soap, and the mints he's so fond of sucking before he kisses me, a quiet growl unconsciously rises in the back of my throat as if to say he's *mine* and no one else better dare draw near. At the sound of the noise in the back of my throat, his body shifts under me, and the coolness of his bare torso presses against the length of my body. He returns the shiver that suddenly runs down my spine with a small shudder and deep-throated groan of his own, and I use the moment to reluctantly untangle myself from his jungle of limbs.

Balancing shakily on my sleep-cramped legs with my naked toes curling slightly at the iciness of the space ship's floor, I gaze at him as if I have never before seen him. He takes my breath away every time.even after centuries. His tousled curls have been the color of chestnuts as far back as I can remember although I acknowledge a vague recollection that his hair was once bleached blond, garish auburn, and honey brown at various points in our journey.

Sometimes I still cannot believe this gentle yet proud vampire.man.is mine.

In those moments as now, I reach out a single finger and trace the contour of his cheekbone so that he instinctively nuzzles toward my palm. I trail a feathery touch down his neck, over his collarbone, and down his arm to where my path ends at his left hand. While he is lost in the oblivion of the unconscious realm, I am not subjected to the intensity of the blue depths of his eyes and can marvel at his long fingers, which usually reach toward his chest when I am not snuggled next to him.

Hands and fingers fascinate me. One can learn so much about a person by what he does with his hands.

I marvel that hands, which can maim and kill the demons we've fought over the decades, can be so tender and loving with me. In awe again by the humanness he still attempts to hide on occasion, I notice the tears rising up to mar my vision. Breaking contact with my lover, I wipe the salty, warm cascade away and swallow in determination.

Today is the day that our fate will be determined, but first, I want to remember the defining events..

* * *