Chapter 1-The Maelstrom Returns

Naruto awoke with a jolt when his private Jet he owned had landed at the airport of one Shinto Teito and heard the pilot speak on the intercom system that they had just landed. The stewardess, a nice young woman in her early twenties, smiled at him, and asked if he wanted anything before leaving the vehicle. Naruto smiled at her and declined the offer before he went to get his suitcase and briefcase sitting beside him in the leather seat. When the large body of metal used to travel internationally stopped and it was clear to leave the jet, Naruto did just that, as he thanked each stewardess, and flight attendant before thanking the pilot for a job well done.

"Its good to be home. I wonder what the emergency was though. Its not like Hinata-chan to contact me like she did without a reason," said Naruto to himself with a frown on his face and hoped his wife was okay.

Not that he needed to worry. His wife was one badass woman, who knew how, and where to hurt you when crossed. Naruto was just fortunate that he never did and that she loved him so damn much like he did her.

Walking through the airport, Naruto easily got through customs with just his suitcase, and briefcase in hand while showing his proper passport identification. Though it irked him that the new security procedures had to be used to put his biometrics into the system that M.B.I. had setup. Thumb prints, retinal scan, and facial recognition screening to match the picture on the passport to confirm it was indeed him. Sighing after he got the green light, the man walked toward the exit, and soon saw daylight when exiting the building to see his limo waiting for him.

Along with a bunch of well built men in dark suits, ties, shades, and ear pieces standing right in front of it. Each looked like they could hold their own in a fight, but Naruto knew they would be dropped by him within a span of 2.5 seconds on a lazy day, and less then half the time if he wasn't feeling nice. Naruto stopped about ten feet from the limo and saw his driver Jarvis approach him to take his luggage to the car.

"I'm sorry sir, but it seems a female VIP is with them, and is waiting for you in the limo," said Jarvis in a sophisticated British accent one would acquaint with that of a butler while Naruto frowned during his walk to the limo.

"I wasn't aware Hinata-chan had hired some muscle bound suits in order to just see me today," said Naruto with Jarvis looking a bit sheepish.

"Its not your wife sir," replied Jarvis with Naruto reaching the door to open it, but had his arm grabbed by one of the suits, and it was clear this guy was new to the job.

Simply because the others knew Naruto and gave him a respectful amount of space.

"Can I help you?" asked Naruto with the suit not letting go of his arm.

"I need to pat you down sir. Please move away from the vehicle," replied the suit with Naruto raising an eyebrow.

"First, this is my limo. If anything, you should be patted down for weapons. Second, if your employer is who I think it is, she should have told you just who I am, and what I can do to you. So I strongly suggest that you remove your hand from my arm before you lose it and FYI...the others here won't help you when that happens," replied Naruto with the suit looking like someone had just told him to fuck off.

In a way, Naruto did just that, but in a polite, yet still threatening way, and was more then civil with him.

"I don't know who you think you are punk, but I can break your body, and make your life Hell on Earth," threatened the suit while Naruto looked at him and then at the others.

Before moving a super human speed and proceeded to beat the life out of man within a time span of 1.5 seconds and watching the man fall to the ground barely clinging to life.

"I've already survived Hell on Earth. You're just an annoyance," remarked Naruto while brushing off the invisible dust on his clothes and then looked to the other muscled guards in suits still standing there.

"Our apologies sir. He's new to the job and ignored the warnings regarding you," replied one of the suits, who was a tall black man with shades, and knew Naruto from the past.

"See to it that he gets medical help while I talk to your boss," commanded Naruto before Jarvis came around to him and opened the door to the limo.

"Yes sir. Again, our apologies for him being so stupid," replied the dark skinned man while Naruto got into the limo and sat across from the woman that brought the muscle with her.

Sahashi Takami. Senior Staff at M.B.I.

"Jarvis! Drive us around for a little bit," commanded Naruto with Jarvis's form materializing in the driver's seat of the limo.

"Yes sir," replied Jarvis while Takami smirked at him.

"That complex solidified hologram you helped create for us back in the old days is still reliable as ever I see," remarked Takami, as she took out a cigarette, and began to light it.

Before Naruto grabbed the thing and smashed it into the ash tray.

"Don't smoke in my limo," said Naruto coldly since he wasn't in the mood to deal with the woman's smoking, or her wasting his time.

"Sorry, but meeting with you still makes me nervous after all this time," replied Takami, as she saw him frown at her, and it was clear the time she had with him was short.

"I would think so since I never wanted to speak to you or Minaka ever again after all that has happened between all four of us. So what exactly did you tell my wife to get her to contact me so I would return early from my Icha Icha Paradise book signing tour. From the way she talked to me on the phone, it sounded extremely important, and I should come back here right away," remarked Naruto with Takami sighing.

"Understandable. Takehito was close to you and Hinata. You understood the same things he did and strived to protect all the Sekirei we found from harm," replied Takami while her nerves were screaming now for a cigarette.

"We weren't just close. Takehito was like a brother to me. He saw the potential of the Sekirei and only agreed to turn the first five into warriors of unmatched power because they would protect their kin from enslavement. We both know that all 108 Sekirei would have been enslaved by the various governments, either used in war, or for breeding their species to make more of them for a future war that the public wouldn't know about until it was too late," said Naruto with annoyance in his voice that Takami would bring this up.

"Which is why M.B.I. was founded and we made sure all the Sekirei were protected from outside forces," replied Takami while Naruto looking at her with narrowed eyes.

"I know that Takami. I was there during the founding. So was Hinata-chan and Takehito before his death. The question I'm you asking now, is why are you here? What does you going down memory lane with me have to do with the present?" demanded Naruto with Takami sighing.

"Then I'll get right to the point Naruto. I need your help with the Sekirei Plan that Minaka has recently started a few Months ago. I'm calling in my Marker," answered Takami with Naruto's right hand clenching in to a fist.

"You have a lot of nerve calling in a favor for this. I was against Minaka's Sekirei Plan since the day he revealed it to us after the First Generation Discipline Squad destroyed the last invasion force trying to take over Kamikura Island for the unknown wealth there. The only reason I didn't kill Minaka when I had the chance was because Hinata-chan stopped me and Takehito had recently died after the founding of M.B.I. so the only one to run the company with the brains needed to protect the Sekirei was that psycho. I couldn't do it at the time because had no true knowledge of the outside world when we awoke and wasn't about to put the Sekirei in danger by making stupid mistakes. The only smart thing Minaka did was put you as his SIC of M.B.I. so you could act as a buffer to prevent his psycho decisions from being allowed to completely happen without restraint," stated Naruto angrily before he took out his pipe, the Sandaime Hokage's pipe to be exact, one of rate souvenirs from the past, and lit it much to Takami's own annoyance.

"Its okay for you to smoke, but I can't?" Takami questioned/demanded with her arms crossed in front of her.

"My limo. My rules. When I'm in a M.B.I. limo with you next time, then you can smoke to your hearts content, and I won't say a thing Takami. Until with it," replied Naruto coldly while ignoring her glare since he had experienced glares from meaner and stronger people.

"As I was saying, I'm calling in my Marker to get you to help me keep the Sekirei Plan from getting worse, and need your help in protecting the Sekirei that we let out of the labs," replied Takami before producing an M.B.I. Pad, which was basically like the IPad, except it was made by M.B.I. using their advanced technology, and you could access the M.B.I. database if you had to proper access code.

Such devices were highly coveted and orders were given to all employees that had them to never EVER lose one. Granted, they all had GPS locators in them, and could be tracked once they accessed the M.B.I. database if the person using it had an access code. Still, it was against M.B.I. company policy to lose one, and not even Minaka lost his M.B.I. Pad.


Considering the time Minaka forgot to wear clothes for three days and nearly brought a big company wide sexual harassment lawsuit down on him. Or rather they would have if not for the company giving its employees huge paychecks and such sweet benefits that no other company in the world could match.

THAT was saying something about the man's mental instability.

"So how bad has Minaka let it become? How out of control has it gone since I have been away?" asked Naruto, as he took the M.B.I. Pad, and looking at the information now in front of him.

"Very bad. Ashikabi with Sekirei have forcibly winged other Sekirei against their Will and are using them to control territory like they were the Yakuza. Currently Shinto Teito has three major Ashikabi with territories that cover the South, the West, and the East with their Sekirei being the enforcers for each," answered Takami with Naruto scowling at the three names with one sticking out among them that made the blonde's blood boil.

Izumi Higa. Currently the young man running Izumi Pharmaceuticals.

"So the little brat decided to take the throne of his Father's company after all," remarked Naruto darkly with Takami knowing who he was referring to as brat.

"While you were out on your last tour, Higa reached the age of 21, and legally took over his Father's company from the Board of Directors that were running it for him until that time. And it wasn't a gentle transition either. Higa came in, took control of the company, and fired just about every single member on the Board while making himself the center of the company's future," explained Takami with Naruto scoffing at the mention of the company's future.

"Because of the actions done by the brat's Father, I made sure Izumi Pharmaceuticals was nearly crippled financially in the red for a long time. He's done a slightly impressive job in bringing it back up from that broken wreck to that of being the number three company in Shinto Teito. If it wasn't for my company, he would be ranked number two, and yet still be far behind M.B.I. in terms of technology no matter how hard he tried to play catch up," added Naruto while frowning at the name of Hayato Mikogami since the boy was a rich brat that wanted for nothing.

"Not surprising. You took it very personally when Higa's Father tried to pull a fast one on your recently at the time made company Whirlpool Publishing and trying to buy it cheap. He wanted to take the building you bought to use it for his own devices without spending too much money," replied Takami with Naruto frowning at her with the thick smoke from his pipe being between them.

"A fast one? The pig of a man tried to seduce my wife at his annual Izumi Pharmaceutical Convention/Party while I was unable to attend it with her because of company matters. The perverted baka tried to drug my wife's drink with an aphrodisiac based sedative his company had been secretly making so he could easily screw her and then blackmail me into sighing our company over to him for little to nothing. Not to mention the man hired those mercenaries to kidnap two Sekirei and caused Yume to give her life for one of the captured children they nearly destroyed. Yume was to become Miya's successor and the fool ruined that," replied Naruto in a cold tone that made Takami flinch.

"I know and Minaka was happy you were able to hurt him so badly, your own personal reasons for making the Izumi family suffer aside. From what I know between you and your wife, things like poisons, sedatives, and this aphrodisiac based drug are ineffective against your bodies. I still wish you would agree to let me and my team study your bodies further," said Takami with Naruto's grip on the M.B.I. Pad tightening to the point where she thought it would shatter under his grip.

"And use what you find in combination with the advanced technology of M.B.I. to make Minaka an army of super soldiers that could rival Sekirei to be used in another twisted game? Or possibly conquest? I think not!" answered Naruto with a sneer and Takami was getting a bit nervous.

"In any case, this assignment you would be undertaking allows Sekireis breathing room to find their chosen Ashikabis, and prevent the three major Ashikabi in the Sekirei Plan from acquiring too many Sekirei to the point where not even Minaka can stop them. I already assigned a Guardian of Unwinged Sekirei, but he can only do so much, and I can't risk using any other person capable of doing such a job," said Takami with Naruto scowling and looking at the M.B.I. Pad again before accessing the information on it to look at the list of Sekirei along with their current status.

"I see Miya hasn't been winged yet. Not surprising really since Takehito was her husband and she loved him very much. I doubt anyone is worthy of being her Ashikabi," remarked Naruto, as he scrolled down the list of Sekirei that were winged, had yet to be winged by an Ashikabi, and who were still in the labs receiving their final adjustments.

"Wait! You can't access that information!" protested Takami with Naruto raising a hand to tell her to stop.

"You forget, I can access anything within the company's database because I designed the damn database down to the last piece of coding when Takehito was still alive. I know every access port, front door, back door, side door, and every single place one could hack into to use M.B.I.'s database as I see fit regardless of what you or Minaka want," said Naruto, as he moved his free hand now at lightning speed, and could see Takami's face getting pale knowing there were things in M.B.I.'s database that the company's enemies could use to bury them.

"Minaka will know! I'm doing this behind his back!" exclaimed Takami with Naruto stopping his access to look at her for a moment.

"Not my problem," replied Naruto before skimming through the list of Sekirei winged and who their Ashikabi was with many of the similar faces popping up regarding the latter.

A narrowed search of the results that disregarded the "three major powers" in the Sekirei Plan showed names of Ashikabi with three or less Sekirei with the list being short.

"Wait! There is another reason why I'm asking for your help!" exclaimed Takami again with Naruto's cold eyes narrowing at her before turning the M.B.I. Pad over and showing the picture of an Ashikabi with his name in big blinking red letters.

Sahashi Minato. Current Ashikabi to Sekirei #88 Musabi.

"Your son is in the Sekirei Plan? You dragged your own son into this?" demanded Naruto in a whispery tone with Takami looking out the window and frowned though whether she felt shame, anger, or guilt over the matter was unknown.

"No I didn't! My son didn't know about the Sekirei Plan until a Sekirei literally fell into his lap and he winged her. A natural winging mind you. She winged him soon after they met and Minaka popped in on a TV to address my son on the matter about the Sekirei Plan," answered Takami with Naruto with Naruto looking at the information again.

"He doesn't know about his Father after all these years, does he?" asked Naruto, but he was pretty sure the answer was no.

"Of course not! Yukari doesn't know either. Its bad enough I slept with that crazy man, but I draw the line at telling the children we created together that their Father is a psycho, and madman bent on pitting 108 aliens from another planet who crashed landed in a ship ages ago against each other with him being the 'Game Master' of the whole damn thing," answered Takami with Naruto shaking his head too.

"Fair enough. I also noticed among the Sekirei out there that one of them has been put down as a 'scrapped number' due to an M.B.I. Adjustor screwing up the adjusting process and caused her to 'wing herself' with the ability to find an Ashikabi being impossible. Do you care to explain this?" said Naruto with Takami nodding.

"Yes. That would be Akitsu. Sekirei #7. She escaped the labs after her Adjustor was fired for his stupidity and arrogance. He tried to take it out on her and Akitsu fought back by putting a shard of ice half the size of my arm through his side, stole his lab coat, and ran out of the labs. She only escaped because Minaka let her out for his own amusement to see just how a 'scrapped number' could possibly factor into the game," answered Takami with Naruto's face showing an angry scowl.

"Don't call her by that title," said Naruto while bringing up all the information there was on Akitsu and her powers.

"I'm sorry Naruto, but that's her official title, and just about every Sekirei now within the city of Shinto Teito knows it," replied Takami, as she pulled out a cigarette, and began to light it.

Before Naruto grabbed the stick and crushed it right in front of her face while not caring that her light was open with the single flame slowly burning his hand.

"First off, I thought I told you not to smoke in my limo? Do that again, I'll throw you out of here while we're still moving, and onto oncoming traffic. Second, I do not like titles, and labels on people that make them appear to be worthless when you have no idea if its possible to fix her. You said it yourself, Akitsu broke out of the lab before anyone had a chance to see the damage her baka for an Adjustor did, and Minaka isn't going to do a damn thing because it amuses him!" exclaimed Naruto furiously while his eyes changed slightly for a brief second, but Takami saw it all the same, shivering in the process while recalling the blonde along with his wife the day she, and Minaka had discovered their existence in combination with the ship holding all 108 Sekirei.

It threw everything she knew right out the window.

"Sorry. Old habits I guess," whispered Takami, as she could honestly say Naruto scared her more then Miya, and Miya was the strongest of all the Sekirei.

"Its all right. I'm just upset things have gotten so bad since I've been away. I only come back to Shinto Teito on a few occasions since Hinata-chan and I originally left M.B.I. following Takehito's death. The last time I helped you and Minaka out was discovering who hired the mercenaries to kidnap the two Sekirei from the labs and learning it was Izumi Higa's bastard Father who gave the order. After we found out, as well as the stunt he pulled on my wife, you along with Minaka had used your new found connections to help sweep the incident that was my retaliation under the rug, and providing us with a very beneficial business agreement that makes the public believe both Company Heads are Saints in an otherwise sinful world," replied Naruto tiredly while running a hand through his head before handing back to her the M.B.I. Pad and sighed heavily with smoke now coming out of his mouth as well as the pipe.

"Hinata-san told me she wants to help, but given your own history with us being strained at the very least, only by agreeing to help will your wife fully commit to this, and keep certain forces at bay," said Takami with Naruto sighing again.

"Hinata-chan has a big heart. Even after all these years with all the crap the two of us went through when we were kids all the way up until now. All right. I'll help you out," said Naruto with Takami looking relieved.

"Thank you Naruto-san. I know I'm asking a lot in helping me with this," said Takami with Naruto nodding in agreement.

"I know the main reason you're enlisting my help is to protect your son and even your daughter since there is always a chance she'll wing a Sekirei too. I will make sure they survive this along with their Sekirei, but I won't coddle them either, or hold their hands in this thing," added Naruto with Takami nodding since she expected as much from him.

"So...what's your next move?" asked Takami professionally while Naruto leaned back and fell into a relaxed state.

"First, Jarvis is going to drop you off at the airport where your security detail is waiting for you. Second, I'm going to fix what Minaka wouldn't, and find Akitsu so I can see just what her Adjustor did so I can see if she can get an Ashikabi. After that...I'm just going to have to wing it. No pun intended," answered Naruto with a smirk while Takami sweat dropped at his choice of words.

"I'm sure," remarked Takami before the limo stopped and she looked out to see they were at the airport.

"What are your plans?" asked Naruto with Takami stopping at the door while Jarvis got out to open it for her.

"You know damn well after all these years that I spend most of my time at M.B.I. these days Naruto. Right now, I'm currently the assigned Adjustor for Sekirei #108 Kusano. The little girl is so full of life and wants to see the outside world. I'm actually going to take her on a little trip to the park in a few days to see a spot where some flowers grow," answered Takami with a small smile at the end.

"She sounds nice. Make sure nothing bad happens on your trip with her," replied Naruto and saw the woman nod before getting out of the limo with an "all business" look on her face.

"Where to now sir?" asked Jarvis before materializing into the limo.

"To the park Jarvis. I have a broken bird to save and a chance to have an old wound from my past healed," commanded Naruto with Jarvis nodding.

"Yes sir," replied Jarvis and soon the limo was driving off from the airport to its intended destination while Naruto sat in back lost himself to his own thoughts while smoking the Sandaime Hokage's pipe.

A small piece of restitution for the betrayals he suffered during the Shinobi era and after bringing it to its very knees.

It wasn't like he asked for the power and responsibility of being the Child of Prophesy the Elder Toad had a vision of back then. Nor did he ask to be the Jinchuriki of Kurama on the night of his birth. After Uchiha Obito made his presence known, as well as Madara being brought back thanks to Kabuto, the Juubi was brought back, and the Shinobi Alliance was moving to engage the three monsters with everything they had left in the tank. Naruto thought they held out pretty well until Obito tried to kill him in a moment where the blonde Uzumaki couldn't escape and Hinata used herself as a human shield once more only to have Neji be a shield for her with the price of their lives being spared costing Neji his own life. As the battle raged between everyone against Madara, Obito, and Juubi's seemingly growing power the one person Naruto didn't expect to be there did in fact show up.

Uchiha Sasuke.

For a time, the two were fighting side by side with Sakura joining in too, and team 7 was whole once more if only for a time. In addition to that, Sasuke brought along the previous four Hokages, and Orochimaru back from the dead to help in the fighting. It seemed all would prevail in the end, as team 7, Orochimaru, the past four Hokages were going to win, and justice would prevail.

And in a way it did. Madara, Obito, and Juubi had been defeated. Sealed if you will using a sealing array worthy of any Uzumaki Seal Master, which Naruto had become during his training, and had used in the end to defeat the three strongest entities of all time.

Peace had at last arrived in the Elemental Countries...before the inevitable happened.

Sasuke had turned on him. The Uchiha's declaration of being the next Hokage echoing in the back of Naruto's mind at the time of the betrayal and the Chidori once more sticking into his chest to further prove how far Sasuke was willing to go. And it wasn't done in secret either, Sasuke did it mere moments after the sealing of Obito, Madara, and Juubi with Naruto on the ground completely exhausted with no strength to fight back after he did what he did to bring about peace.

Naruto had sealed Madara, Obito, and Juubi into himself! Or rather, he sealed their power into himself, including the Dojutsus that were the Sharingan, and Rinnegan. The process made their bodies become dried empty husks so lifeless that a burning corpse had more life on it then those three. It was the only way to stop them, his Shadow Clones had made the Special Sealing Array while everyone was fighting, the dust, and the dirt kicked up had provided the perfect cover that his enemies never saw it coming.

Just as Naruto blindly or naively never saw Sasuke's betrayal coming. The Uchiha had that superior smirk on his face that said "I got you at last Naruto." on it. Before Sasuke could revel in his victory, he was violently struck in the head by an enraged Hinata, and his brain turned to mush from the Gentle Fist strike filled with enough chakra to put a hole straight through a mountain.

However, this provided another problem for Naruto, as Orochimaru was now free from whatever Sasuke's influence, and commanded the four Hokages with the Edo Tensei. The Sannin had confessed to Naruto that he made it possible after going to an old Uzumaki Shrine upon his own resurrected state to command the four past Fire Shadows with the Edo Tensei despite their souls being sealed into the Shinigami's belly. That the Uzumaki Clan was vital to Konoha, but the Sandaime used the clan, and was bleeding them dry of their knowledge to make the Leaf stronger.

Naruto looked at the man to deny it, hoping he would, but Orochimaru had proven to be crueler than usual in making others suffer by actually telling the truth, and commanded the Sandaime Hokage to speak about the matter truthfully. Sarutobi Hiruzen did just that, implicating not just himself, but his teammates, Jiraiya, Danzo, the Uchiha Clan, and Konoha as a whole in the quest to be the strongest by having control over all those with Uzumaki blood in their veins knowing full well only an Uzumaki could hold Kyuubi inside of their bodies. Minato along with Hashirama and Tobirama were enraged by this news since they knew nothing of this from their time being alive. The First, Second, and Fourth Hokage had called the Third a traitor to the Will of Fire in betraying the principles of which Konoha was founded on.

But what hurt even more was the Sandaime openly admitted to a slowly healing Naruto that his Godmother Senju Tsunade was in on it as well in terms of not being there for him during his childhood just like Jiraiya. The overall plan was to make the Kyuubi Jinchuriki completely controllable, to be completely dependent on Konoha for everything, and to make him a weapon of the Leaf willingly through the promise of the Hokage Title along with the respect of the village he now craved.

Something that the Sandaime admitted was never going to happen because it was going to be a false sense of respect with many secretly wishing for Naruto's death. In fact, it was agreed that should the blonde get the Hokage Title, a special team was to be put in place to ensure his reign was the shortest ever, and someone else befitting the people would take over.

Naruto had never felt so hurt in all his life. Ever! All the abuse and neglect he suffered growing up was all planned to make him reliant on the very people that hated him. How fucked up was that?! Inside of him, Kurama felt his hatred for Konoha return full force, and increase a thousand times over at this truth being revealed to the boy in his weakened state knowing things could go seriously wrong in his present condition.

And they the form of Sakura.

She had tried to somehow save Sasuke, but found her attempts futile, and blamed it on Hinata since the Hyuuga did deliver the killing blow. In retaliation, Sakura struck Hinata with a lethal hit using a kunai on hand combined with her Super Strength, and Naruto saw the Hyuuga slowly dying in front of him with a hole in her torso.

Seeing this however, gave the Uzumaki a new drive to stop at least one person he could say truly cared about him from dying, and stick it to Orochimaru at the same time for the hurtful truth. Against Kurama's advice, Naruto called on his new chakra, and did the first thing that came to mind in using it.

He obliterated Sakura right in front of everyone with a wave of chakra, which shocked everyone at the power behind his attack, and Orochimaru made the horrible realization that the boy wasn't going to stay down like he first thought. Seeking to correct his mistake, the Sannin ordered the four resurrected Hokages to kill Naruto, and saw only one wasn't resisting the command.

The Sandaime Hokage appeared in front of Naruto, his speed was that of him when he was in his prime, and moved to kill the blonde. But Naruto wasn't going to let the man who was once called the "God of Shinobi" stand in his way of saving Hinata, and with a well timed Rasengan charged with his incredible power had violently destroyed the late Sandaime Hokage's entire body.

While everyone was too weak and too frozen to do anything, Naruto went to Hinata, as she cried while looking up at him, and holding onto his face. She wanted to live, to be loved, and be with him of all people regardless of everything! He needed to save her, but his options were just not possible, and yet Naruto would do anything to save Hinata.

And then, as if his prayers had been answered, help came from Kurama, who drew the boy within his mind to offer him a solution. But like all things, it came with a price, and it was one that Naruto was respectfully hesitant to pay.

It required Kurama merge with the power Naruto had recently sealed within himself, a power Kurama was struggling not only to hold back, but help Naruto use when he took out Sakura, and the Sandaime without killing the boy. It also required more then that power alone, as it would require a stabilizing force be sealed within Naruto, and then be divided after merging everything together before giving a third of it to Hinata.

Anything less and the power he would use to save Hinata would be the end of her.

A painful end at that.

But kill Kurama? After all they had been through? Naruto hesitated on the idea of ending the Biju's life. Not because he didn't love Hinata! Oh Kami no! He did love her, but the price that was being set to save the girl, and possibly into something to be used as a weapon in the future if captured was not something his consciousness could just agree to without fully thinking it through.

(Flashback-Many Years Ago)

"Your asking me to do something that will kill you. You won't come back! Even with what you have planned to make this work, your body won't materialize again, and you will die!" exclaimed Naruto with Kurama looking at the boy with gentle eyes.

"I know. To be honest kit, I've been wanting to die for a long time. Those years I spent hating you, your family, and everyone else were wasted years on my part. I could have helped you more then I did. Perhaps if I had, the outcome of things would have been different, and this war could have been avoided. Its only recently before this war did I make peace with the simple fact I was going to die when you die and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I still can't stop it. Your body is under a lot of strain right now in not only holding me, but the power you sealed into yourself, and will destroy you before the day is over. You are walking chakra bomb of epic proportions that will annihilate everyone around us for miles on end. It will make the fissures at the Valley of the End seem like a simple cracks in the ground and all will be lost regardless of whether we do something or not. At least by giving up my life, you can save the woman you love, who loves you back, and can make you happy. At least when I die, I can do it with a noble purpose, and one my Father would be proud of me for making. He always did like the concept of love being used to promote peace," said Kurama with Naruto crying now.

"What would you have me do?" asked Naruto with Kurama smiling down at him.

"We need to seal the power of the remaining Hokages into you like you did Madara, Obito, and Juubi before merging them together with myself. After we do that, the time you have must not be squandered for even a second, and I mean that literally for the power inside of you will grow increasingly unstable before exploding. You must give the Hyuuga girl thirty five percent of this combined power and only that much of the power due to her chakra coils being unable to take the strain. Any more and it will destroy her, breaking down the girl's body slowly, painfully, and she will scream out in a way that will haunt you for all eternity!" explained Kurama with Naruto nodding.

"I understand. Thank you for doing this for me Kurama. I owe you so damn much," said Naruto with Kurama gentle smile never leaving him.

"All I ask, is that you love this girl, and treat her well long after I'm gone. She is worth spending the rest of your days with kit. Never forget that out of everyone in the village, this Hyuuga was the only one to truly love you despite knowing about me, and was not afraid to die for you," replied Kurama with Naruto nodding, the focus, and the fire in his blue eyes returning.

"I will Kurama and thank you...for everything!" said Naruto, as he saw Kurama nod, and together they went through hand signs to put their plan into motion.

It would be the last thing they would do together.

(End Flashback)

Naruto had connected to his sealing array, reactivated it again when the three Hokages got close enough after Orochimaru doubled his charka output into the Edo Tensei to make them attack the boy. Unfortunately, they attacked too late, as Naruto had done what needed to be done, and ignored the cries from the three Hokages with one being his own Father. He ignored the cries of anger from Orochimaru had seeing his chance of being unopposed with three of the four strongest Shinobi ever produced in Konoha under his command be destroyed.

In fact, if Naruto were to look at Orochimaru's face, the young Sage would have seen the look of absolute fury etched upon it, and the curses that came out of his mouth would have made Tayuya blush. But Naruto wasn't going to focus on the Sannin, as he had more important things to do with the power of these three Hokages absorbed into the power taken from Madara, Obito, Juubi, and Kurama now sealed within his body. The instant that happened, Naruto felt time ticking away against him, his body already starting to ache, and burn from the power radiating out of him. Quickly making the large number of hand signs, Naruto looked down at Hinata, who was still crying, and was holding onto him like her life depended upon it. He looked at her for a moment and gave Hinata a look of understanding that told the girl that Uzumaki Naruto would not see her die.

Doing what he needed to do, Naruto focused on the power he had taken into his body, the amount was staggering, and knew that this had to be done with pinpoint precision while using every second he had left. After going through the hand signs, Naruto transferred the amount of the power Kurama told him to transfer into Hinata, and watched the girl's body glow brightly for all to see.

When it was over, Hinata was alive, healed, and held in Naruto's arms with the two being completely exhausted from the endeavor.

Unfortunately, Orochimaru did not like the idea of Naruto coming out on top over him, and moved to kill the boy by simply snapping his neck before taking the Hyuuga to be used in his experiments. Unfortunately, for Orochimaru anyway, Naruto's power while still a bit unstable, was useable, and the first thing he did was use it to get himself along with Hinata away from the enraged Sannin.

Naruto had eventually manage to take Hinata to his Mother's ancient homeland deep into the heart of Whirlpool, as he need to help her, and himself control the massive power now coursing through their bodies. It would only be a matter of time before Orochimaru or some power hungry Shinobi village would hunt them down for what they had become and Naruto couldn't have them be unprepared.

It also helped Naruto in getting to know Hinata better and spend more time with her on a personal level.

But while that happened, Orochimaru was busy running rampant through the Elemental Countries, and the current Kages were too weak to fight him yet. There own forces were battered, bruised, bloody, and weakened from the fighting. While they defended their villages and countries from any potential invasions, they didn't go on the offensive, and it allowed the Sannin to slip through many areas without opposition to his many bases to gather his forces to search for his prey.

What Orochimaru failed to realize was that while he was gathering quantity to his side, Naruto, and Hinata were focusing on quality. They were training to master their power and the unexpected knowledge that came with it. Hinata's Byakugan had become super charged to the point where she could see skin cells divide on a human body. Her chakra levels were massive now, the price of such reserves being her control was now shot to Hell, and had to build it up from scratch. Fortunately, Naruto taught her how to do the Shadow Clone Jutsu, and within no time the girl was able to get her chakra control back on course. Hinata's elemental affinity in connection to water had increased to the point where Naruto believed she could match, if not surpass Senju Tobirama's own affinity for it, and was a walking Water Goddess made flesh. She even gained a strong concept of the Sealing Arts, apparently that came from the Yondaime Hokage, and she found a way to break the Cage Bird Seal's hold while studying the art.

As for Naruto, he had learned that with the absorbing of the power two Uchiha gave him the powers of the Sharingan, and even the Rinnegan through Madara. Even more strange for Naruto was that he somehow acquired the Mokuton bloodline from Senju Hashirama during the whole process he used to save Hinata. They spent three years training together in their powers, spending personal time together, knowing the other both inside, and out when they eventually became intimate.

That's right, the two declared Missing Nin had made love the day before they made their presence known to the world again, and took it by storm.

And take it by storm they both did. The first order of business decided by the two of them was going after Orochimaru and laying waste to every base the man had before turning the Sannin into ashes along with every loyal follower he had under his command.

After that happened, the coupled learned the Kages from each Shinobi village was still alive, they also learned that bounties for the two of them had been put at their highest ever by the Shinobi villages. Apparently, each Kage with the exception of Gaara, who had the lowest bounty of the five Shinobi villages, wanted the two Missing Nin to find out how to duplicate the process done to make them what they are in order to make super solider based Shinobi with multiple bloodline, and shift the balance of power once more in a once again chaotic world. What made it worse was the other Daimyos, who learned everything that happened regarding their abilities (with the exception of Koyuki) had wanted the two captured, but with orders to capture for breeding purposes, and to breed the next generation of super soldiers from their bloodline rather then use the ritual.

They felt it was less risky and the Daimyos themselves (all male of course) were itching to have their go with the Hyuuga woman to have a strong child born from their "royal" bloodline. The five Daimyos, perverts and lectures all, had all agreed on that in order to prevent an all out war between countries rather then Shinobi villages from happening. At the same time, they had planned to line up some of the strongest most fertile kunoichi from their Shinobi villages to use on Naruto, and produce super solider Shinobi for their villages that way.

It was by that point, Naruto, and Hinata had finally had enough of everyone trying to take what did not belong to them. They came to this decision after the twentieth something Shinobi squad from Konoha came after them, with some of their old so called comrades being among the group, and sent them back to the Leaf's hospital (ER and ICU) for their troubles. The bonds they once had with Konoha Shinobi had been broken, shattered, and beyond repair while the solution to their problem was born from it.

Their solution to the problem? To take away the use of chakra throughout the world. To crush the entire Shinobi system with chakra no longer being made accessible within the human body.

Unfortunately, in order to do that, they needed the ancient tablet hidden under the Uchiha Clan District where Sasuke had learned about the terrible secrets about the next stage of the Sharingan Eyes, and the text being readable to only those with that Dojutsu. Naruto later discovered that by using the Rinnegan, the rest of the tablet could be translated, and revealed exactly what needed to be done to make their plan a success. Apparently, the Sage had created such a contingency plan be put in place in the event peace could not be achieved by either love, or power after giving the ability to use chakra to the world. If humanity was going to abuse his gift, then the Sage of Six Paths was going to create a means to take it back from the world, and just stop the abuse all together.

Sadly, that plan didn't sit well with the Fifth Hokage, who upon discovering they were in Konoha, and took the tablet had pursued them with a small army of ANBU hot on their heels when they left. The confrontation had not been pleasant, as Tsunade had demanded they stop what they were planning, suspecting whatever it was that they were planning would result in many a bad things happening, and as Hokage it was her duty to stop it.

Naruto still remembered how he cut off all ties with the woman.

(Flashback-Many Years Ago)

"You have to stop this Naruto. Whatever it is you're planning, the world will not allow, or tolerate the aftermath," pleaded Tsunade with Naruto glaring at her.

"And why should I even consider listening to you old hag? My Godmother, who left me in the village to suffer? You weren't surprised to see me for the first time since learning I was your Godson. You were surprised to see me out of the village, learning new things, and getting stronger despite various individuals conspiring against me," declared Naruto with Tsunade flinching since it hurt her to be caught like this.

"We did what we thought was right," offered Tsunade with her excuse falling faster then Lee's weights when released from high altitudes.

"You did what you thought would bring power to Konoha while damning the one that wielded it, and was enslaved by those that wanted it. Who cared what a child wanted so long as you could control and deny his heart's desires as you saw fit? I fought for the Leaf. I bled for it. I trained for the position to rule and lead it when you stepped down. And what do I learn from your sensei thanks to Orochimaru? I learn I was never going to have a chance to enjoy that position. The people in Konoha saw me as a weapon first and person second!" exclaimed Naruto while seeing Tsunade frown and her ANBU encircling him along with Hinata.

"The Fire Daimyo is willing to let things slide Naruto. He can help you restore your clan with strong women that will give you all the children your heart desires," said Tsunade with Naruto's eyes narrowing and Hinata's killer intent rising.

"You think I'm some kind of idiot old hag? You think I don't know about their plans for me? For Hinata-chan? They each want Hinata to produce one kid per Daimyo and tie me down to a bed while countless kunoichi from each Shinobi village breeds new children I will never see. Why would I want children with women from a loveless union?! Where there is no connection? Then again, what do you care? You're so loyal to the Fire Daimyo and the other Feudal Lords in agreement with this decision that you might as well have their family names and symbols tattooed on your wrinkled old ass," replied Naruto with Tsunade getting angry from the insults thrown her way.

"That's enough out of you brat! I won't have my motives or those of my former sensei or my former teammate be judged by the likes of you!" exclaimed Tsunade while getting ready for a fight.

"You're under the assumption you have a choice in not being judged at all. I can judge you for this Tsunade because I was the victim of the actions taken against me. I can judge you and everyone else because of your stupid plans for Hinata-chan and myself would deny us our very freewill. We have come to the conclusion that you, along with everyone else involved in your newly made plot, and those still alive from the old plot have been found guilty. You are all guilty of so many things and its high time to pay for your crimes against me, Hinata-chan, and every other poor person that suffered because of people up on high wanting more power for themselves. For those here beside you following orders, the punishment for death!" replied Naruto, as he threw tri-pronged kunai in all directions, and made Tsunade's eyes widen in horror.

"RUN!" commanded Tsunade, but it was too late, as Naruto had them dead to rights, and was going to make them pay.

"Hiraishin no Jutsu!" called out Naruto before he was there one moment and then was in multiple different places seconds later.

And all of the ANBU with Tsunade had been slain by Naruto's hands.

"Your Father's Jutsu," whispered Tsunade with Naruto nodding.

"You really didn't think I wouldn't want to learn this, did you?" questioned Naruto before he looked behind Tsunade and smirked.

By the time Tsunade realized why he was smirking, she found herself disabled by Hinata hitting her with Gentle Fist hits to the body that would paralyze her for days on end.

"The perfect witness and audience to see what we're about to do," remarked Hinata, as she walked over to Naruto, and kissed him on the lips.

"Agreed. Ready Hinata-chan?" asked Naruto with Hinata nodding.

"Let's begin," answered Hinata with the two entering a Sealing Array the two had made in perfect synchronization using Shadow Clones and they stood in the center before they went through hand signs.

"What are you both doing? Stop it! Stop it right now!" pleaded Tsunade, as she saw them channeling their chakra, the seal beneath them seemed to be reacting, and the two of them were moving in perfect synch with their hand signs.

"This is the end Fifth Hokage. As your Grandfather ruled Konoha as the First Hokage at the beginning of the Shinobi villages being formed, it is only fitting they end with you as a the Fifth, and final Hokage during the end of the Shinobi era," replied Naruto while Tsunade's eyes widened.

"What exactly do you mean? What are you doing?" demanded Tsunade from her helpless position on the ground.

"As Naruto-kun said, we are ending the Shinobi era by taking away what every Shinobi needs to be a Shinobi, and has used since the time of the Sage of Six Paths," answered Hinata this time while more chakra glowed around the seal.

"No. You wouldn't! Stop! Stop it!" exclaimed Tsunade, as she now realized what they planned to do, and what the fallout would be for everyone being a Shinobi.

"It can't be stopped. When we finish, the chakra from within this sealing array will wash over the world, and covering everyone's body throughout the world in nearly invisible microscopic seals. These seal are made up of our chakra and will block the use of chakra for everyone else because ours combined is more potent then anyone else's. The world will go back to the way it was before chakra was introduced by the Sage of Six Paths," explained Naruto with Tsunade struggling to get her body to function again.

"You can't! Think of the Shinobi being out of work! The bloodlines that will be lost! All the lives you will ruin! Including your own!" pleaded Tsunade with Naruto and Hinata letting out a chuckle.

"They'll just have to learn how to survive in this world without chakra and bloodlines Tsunade. Doing D-ranked missions since starting out as Genin will surely comeback to them when it comes to doing honest work," remarked Naruto with a smirk on his face.

"And besides, who said our actions will rob us of chakra? Since we are generating this field around the world, the only two people with the power to use it will be...well us!" replied Hinata and it was clear Tsunade didn't like that news at all.

"So you plan to make yourselves Gods among mortals? To have the power of chakra while the rest of us struggle to get by with nothing?" questioned Tsunade while Naruto snorted at her short sightedness.

"As if we want to continue living in this world with you in it," remarked Naruto while Tsunade's became confused by his response.

"What Naruto-kun means Tsunade, is that we plan to put ourselves in a stasis seal at an undisclosed location that will preserve us perfectly as we are now, and will awaken many years long after everyone of the Shinobi era is dead," answered Hinata with Tsunade now looking like she was ready to spit fire out of her mouth.

"You ungrateful bastards! You would go so far as to cut all ties with us? Deny us chakra and then leaving this world for another time that would surpass the Shinobi era? You're both going to rot in Hell for this!" accused Tsunade while looking very rabid if the foam coming from the side of her mouth was any indication.

"And you won't? Besides, Hinata-chan has been doing research on our bodies given the potency of our chakra, and learned something rather interesting," replied Naruto with a smirk on his face growing.

"That's right. Our bodies stopped aging once we turned 18 years old and both did that last year. We are in many ways...Immortal," added Hinata before they both ended their hand sign coordination.

"No. That's impossible!" exclaimed Tsunade in denial, but she saw the seal around her glow what seemed to be at its brightest, the light blinded the woman, and felt the rush of energy from the seal getting ready to be unleashed.

"Forbidden Sage Sealing Art: Purification of the World Jutsu!" said Naruto and Hinata at the same time before putting their hands down on the sealing array.

They ignored Tsunade's screams of anguish, betrayal, and the fact she was cursing their names with all the power that her throat possessed long after the energy washed over her.

They ignored the echoes of those screams long after the last two people in the known world capable of using chakra were long gone.

(End Flashback)

After that happened, the Shinobi world fell like a house of cards, and Naruto had gone on a Shinobi relic finding mission regarding all things Shinobi he or Hinata could still use. From different Jutsus to getting Zabuza's sword to the Sandaime Hokage's old pipe stuck in storage, Naruto took it all, and with ease since no one could stop him. How could they? He along with Hinata were the only two people left in the world to use chakra and it was practically near infinite in terms of how much they possessed.

And then came the day where they took everything they could before going to the next phase of their plan. Leaving the world to fix itself without them and awakening one day to see if humanity would rise above itself...or fall deeper into chaos that they would have to clean up.

A couple thousand years in uninterrupted and preserved stasis would make that happen in putting humanity to the test.

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