Chapter 12-Aggressive Negotiations

Naruto sat in his office chair, the length of his pipe between his right hand's index and middle fingers while staring at the smirking man in front of him, and was reminded of the look Kabuto had when talking to people. That overly confident, arrogant smirk, and the habit of sorts to push up his glasses every few minutes in the belief the spectacled item would fall off his face unless they were readjusted. It didn't help this person had two Sekirei with him and each looking ready for a fight if the man gave the order to attack.

Who was this person that was similar to Kabuto's facial expressions and mannerisms you may ask?

Izumi Higa's personal "secretary" by the name of Kakizaki.

It had been roughly two weeks since the incident on the bridge, Minato's Sekirei were all well rested, the boy himself healed, and enjoying his time at Maison Izumo. Of course, Naruto was sure there were a few "incidents" regarding Matsu's perverted nature, Musubi being naive that field, and of course some of the other rules Miya setup being broken in the process. Ku was an innocent girl so he doubted the child would get in any trouble with Minato and Naruto himself felt the kid had a good head on his shoulders despite his spine being a little...flimsy would be the proper terms here. But while the boy was resting up here in the North, things were not sitting well with Naruto, as he knew his actions on the bridge would eventually comeback, and smack him in the face.

Today was that day.

"I'm afraid I don't see your point of view. Run it by me again. Just for the Hell of it," said Naruto while watching the man's face with an extremely bored look.

"For someone of such high intelligence, I'm finding it hard to believe you don't see Higa-sama's proposal to be generous, and rewarding for both parties," replied Kakizaki before he adjusted his glasses again.

"Generous? You and your Master have a different view of what I consider to be generous in terms of negotiating deals," countered Naruto with Kakizaki shrugging without a care in the world it seemed.

"Regardless, Higa-sama felt you should embrace this one time deal since it allows you to save face, and prevent you from facing criminal charges for what you did to his family now that he can destroy your alibi for that day," said Kakizaki with a sense of superiority at having his opponent in a jam while Naruto just kept his face impassive.

"Ah yes. My alleged involvement in Izumi Goro's death. Such horrifying trauma your poor Master suffered all those years ago. Seeing monsters and demons where none exist. And now he sends you. His faithful lapdog and servant to broker a deal where I become his pawn and puppet while secretly surrendering MY company over to him while being a simple figurehead for the public eye. That was the deal in a nutshell, right?" said Naruto with Kakizaki looking a bit put off by his choice of words and the Sekirei beside him now sporting murderous looks.

"Bastard!" exclaimed the one Sekirei with purple hair a shade darker then Miya's, but was also much shorter, had a simple bow tied ribbon above her forehead, and was wearing a western maid like outfit with bladed discus in each hand.

Sekirei #101 Oriha.

"Tread carefully my dear. For the next action you take may be your last. While Higa will not care if you die, I'm sure you would rather not perish here so soon," remarked Naruto with a dangerous glint in his eyes and tone to match.

"Big talk from a guy whose Sekirei aren't here," remarked the other Sekirei, who wore a Shinto priestess uniform, but appeared to have long blades for arms, and had quite the bloodthirsty look in her eyes.

Sekirei #96 Kaiha

"Making this deal is beneficial for you Naruto-san. Failure to comply would result in the information Higa-sama gathered during the bridge incident to be leaked to the media before M.B.I. could stop it. Investigations would be made against you. The government would want to know how you did what you did on the bridge you made that creature at Maison Izumo appear to swallow that Sekirei in order to bring her back to life," said Kakizaki calmly, as he still believed Naruto would cave not only from the blackmail, but the combined might of these two Sekirei, and see things in Higa-sama's favor.

Instead, Naruto just tapped his pipe on the holder to dump the excess remains from it.

"Its true. My Sekirei aren't here right now. Hence why you three are here. You knew they would be out and you knew they could kick your ass if here. You assume I'm some weak human without them. Clearly Kakizaki here and Higa never truly filled you in about me or else your tough looking attitude wouldn't exist. Do you want to tell them just who I was before forming Whirlpool Publishing? Or should I?" said Naruto calmly without any fear or anger on his face whatsoever.

Naruto knew all about Kakizaki being the Ashikabi of Sekirei #22 Kochou and she would hack the satellites in orbits to see what transpired on the bridge. But to use her powers to hack into the camera feed Matsu setup at Maison Izumo and see what was going within Miya's home? That was a new one. An unexpected one at that. Something he would have to talk to Matsu about in terms of updating her computer security system to keep other brain type Sekirei out or at the very least make sure the cameras were not aimed within Maison Izumo.

He would probably have to get Miya's help with that since it was her house and Naruto knew the landlady would not enjoy hearing how someone else had used those cameras to spy on the inner life of her Inn. It would also require a bit of effort to restrain the woman from finding Kochou or her Ashikabi and cutting them up into tiny little pieces.

"What about the proposal Naruto-san?" asked Kakizaki while finding it odd the man in front of him would not consider the deal Higa had him present and ignoring Naruto's own question at the same time.

"Ah yes! The 'proposal' you submitted to me at the behest of your 'generous' Master. I've been giving it some thought and I have a counter offer for you. Would you like to hear it Kakizaki-san?" replied Naruto with Kakizaki frowning now in confusion.

"You make it sound like I don't have a choice," remarked Kakizaki with Naruto smiling a predatory smile.

"You don't. So here is my counter offer. You and your two Sekirei here will leave my office, walk out of my building where I work, and never come back so as long as you all live. You will tell your Master that if he tries to blackmail me again, I will come to HIS place of business, kill his guards, kill his Sekirei, your Sekirei, kill you, and finally I will kill him before burning his company to the ground. Failure to comply with this will result in the three of you being killed and your corpses soon found floating along one of the few rivers surrounding Shinto Teito," replied Naruto with Kakizaki scowling now and his two Sekirei with him getting ready for a fight.

"You are not being very professional here Naruto-san. I expected more from a man of business like yourself," remarked Kakizaki while standing up with a look of annoyance on his face.

"Professional? You have the nerve to talk to me about being professional in the ways of business? You, who came here, to MY company, into MY office, uninvited mind you, and had your brain Sekirei hack into the receptionist database regarding all of my scheduled appointments in order to make one. You proceed to squeeze such an appointment in for yourself with me and then come in here with two armed Sekirei to submit a 'generous' proposal of sorts from your Master regarding the future of my company becoming HIS company. You then try to enforce this proposal further by the unconcealed attempt at blackmailing me with some supposedly damaging evidence should I not comply with the terms Higa has made. All the while listening to your gibberish about how it is in my best interest to listen and agree to the terms when I would rather rip out your incredibly small spine from your body. A figurative spine of sorts which you actually think is figuratively strong enough to handle me while you are currently surrounded by these two Sekirei right here. But we both know from your own incredibly frail human body, if those two were not here, you would be pissing yourself silly in that business suit right now, and begging me not to throw you out of my office window. So tell me Kakizaki-san...who is lacking in the professional department here in the ways of business?" remarked Naruto coldly while the room's temperature seemed to declined considerably.

"That is your position then," replied Kakizaki while trying to keep his composure under the sudden change in room temperature and trying not to sweat heavily.

"That is my position. Now get out of my office...before I throw you and your Sekirei out via the widow," answered Naruto before getting out of his chair and cracking his neck like he was getting ready for a fight while walking around his desk.

"How disappointing. I expected more from your Naruto-san. But I suppose my standards are too much for you to handle. Higa-sama will be most likely be upset by the news of your resistance to his deal," replied Kakizaki before he snapped his fingers and the two Sekirei charged forward to fight Naruto.

Only for Naruto's eyes to change into two glowing purple orbs radiating power and he merely raised an open palm towards them.

"You are the disappointment Kakizaki-san. 'Shinra Tensei!'" exclaimed Naruto and sent all three individuals flying back with all three hitting the wall across the room.

'W-What? What was that?' thought Kakizaki while finding his body was consumed with pain and was unable to move.

His Sekirei were struggling to stand as well.

"How did you do that? No human possesses powers like that!" demanded Kaiha with her weapons badly damaged and saw Oriha had lost her discus blades.

"Foolish child. I am something beyond a mere human. Who do you think trained the First Generation Discipline Squad? Sekirei #01-05? Who do you think helped M.B.I. during its founding? Who do you think helped ensure that you and your sisters would not be taken away by all those various governments aiming to dissect your bodies in order to create human super soldiers?" said Naruto with both Sekirei looking at him in shock and a bit of denial.

"Liar!" exclaimed Kaiha, as she rushed to slash at him with her damaged weapons, and shut his lying mouth for good.

Only for Naruto to dodge each of her strikes with ease before landing a quick yet hard spin kick to Kaiha's temple to knock the woman down and out cold.

"Foolish woman," whispered Naruto before walking toward Kakizaki and Oriha with the latter grabbing her discus to throw at him.

"Stay away! I mean it!" exclaimed Oriha before Naruto vanished from her sight and soon fell to her knees when he reappeared with his fist in her gut.

"You are in my domain little bird. I control whether you live or die here," replied Naruto coldly before turning to stare at Kakizaki with his glowing purple eyes.

"You won't kill me or them. Your secrets we've learned would be exposed to the world. Not even M.B.I. can cover them up," rasped Kakizaki with Naruto grinning at him.

"Kill you? Poor deluded insect. Whoever said I was going to kill you? Oh wait! I did! Well it just so happen that I've changed my mind. Instead, I'm merely going to make sure you and your Sekirei here on loan from Higa feel a great deal of...pain!" replied Naruto before going through hand sign and unleashed his fury on the three.

All they could do was scream for the next few hours before darkness took them.

(Izumi Pharmaceuticals-Higa's Office)




"Well Kakizaki? Did he agree to the terms" asked Izumi Higa since his caller I.D. system told him it was his secretary's phone.

"No Higa-san. I didn't agree to your terms," replied Naruto with Higa's eyes widening in shock.

"Uzumaki Naruto," growled Higa with Naruto letting out a chuckle.

"Did you really think I would take your deal? That I would fold simply because you have some 'evidence' against me? Evidence, which can be faked with the right technology, and special effects used in movies these days? Honestly Higa, I would think you would have the brains to leave me alone, and just keep yourself from doing something stupid," said Naruto with Higa frowning.

"Kakizaki is dead I take it," concluded Higa with Naruto letting out a chuckle.

"Dead? Why would I lower myself to killing that worm? Or the two you sent with him? I know the two women have a 'contract' with you, or rather...they werein a contract with you. But the fact you don't feel the loss of their connection they had with you right now just proves you are even more screwed up then I first thought," said Naruto with Higa frowning.

"So they are deactivated. What of it?" demanded Higa with Naruto letting out another amused chuckle.

"The bond between an Ashikabi and their Sekirei is suppose to be special. But you feel nothing from them accept the most basic of connections. Easily severed without a hint of regret or emotional pain on your end," commented Naruto with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

"Sekirei are tools. What I have with them is that of a business contract. Why should I try to have something more with such...creatures?" commented Higa with clear distaste for Sekirei being heard by Naruto.

"And you wonder why your Sekirei are so weak. I know it bothers you on some level that the Sekirei you winged are unable to handle other Sekirei who are suppose to be weaker then them. Hence why you blackmail or hire as many Ashikabi with such Sekirei to do your dirty work for you. In doing so, the competition gets thinned, you don't have to lift a finger, and the number of Sekirei you possess doesn't go down. A good strategy in a sense when dealing with those that you can force under your thumb, but what about people like me? What about those, who will not bow to your whims? Who can't be blackmailed or be bought? The answer Higa-san can't handle people like me. You can't handle my Sekirei and when it comes down to the will lose everything and the only one to blame for such losses...will be yourself!" replied Naruto while Higa gripped the phone tightly in his hand.

"Is that all you wanted to say? If so, then this conversation is over," replied Higa angrily.

"No. Its not. Here is the thing Higa, I spared your pathetic servant, and deactivated two of your Sekirei to send you a message. But that was only partially the reason why I'm calling. I just wanted to let you know that the next time we have this kind of problem between us again, you will die, and everything that people like you covet will be utterly destroyed. Think about that for awhile when sitting in your office and thinking you know your enemies better then they know themselves," said Naruto before he hung up on the businessman.

"Damn you Uzumaki Naruto!" exclaimed Higa before slamming the phone down on his desk angrily.

(Maison Izumo-At the Moment)

"Its been a long time Hinata-sama. You are looking as lovely as ever," said Miya, as she had always felt honored to have her teachers visit, and would always cherish these times spent with them.

"It has been a long time, hasn't it Miya? Sorry I haven't visited sooner. Work, keeping up with my training, and preventing Naruto-kun from going crazy are all full time jobs unto themselves," replied Hinata with a giggle while Miya did the same.

"I'm surprised Naruto-sensei's Sekirei are here with you. Problems at home?" asked Miya with a hint of concern while mostly amusement.

"No. He just felt they should spend more time here with the others here. Though it was a bit difficult to convince Akitsu and Tsukiumi to go with us. I had to promise them some extra private time with Naruto-kun before they would even consider leaving the house this morning," answered Hinata since the two Sekirei were not really enthusiastic with the idea of being away from their Ashikabi while Kazehana was easily bribed with a large bottle of sake.

"Of course. Those two truly adore their Ashikabi. Akitsu more then most for obvious reasons. Even though she's no longer broken, that little bird doesn't take what was given to her for granted, and fights for it no matter what the obstacle," remarked Miya while seeing Akitsu was sparring with Musubi, who had wanted to spar with the strong Sekirei, and see how her training with Sekirei #01 had progressed.

Tsukiumi was currently in the middle of fighting Uzume while Chiho was watching from the sidelines seeing her Sekirei repel the massive amount of water with her various sheets of cloth being used as a shield. Minato was also watching the fight with Ku sitting in his lap with interest when his phone rang getting his attention.

"Hello?" asked Minato curiously.

"Hey big brother! How are you doing? I haven't heard from you in awhile since getting those clothes for your 'friend' I met in your old apartment," said a female voice on the other end.

"Yukari? I'm doing well. I've been busy and found a nice place to stay. What about you?" asked Minato in shock with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"Oh I'm in Shinto Teito doing my own thing. You know how it is when trying to enjoy life as best you can to the fullest. Where are you staying now? I want to visit," replied Yukari since she missed her big brother and wanted to see him again.

And squeeze Musubi's boobs to her heart's content.

"Visit me? Oh uh...I don't know if you can. I'm pretty busy myself. Studying and all. We could go out to eat some time. Just the two of us?" offered Minato while hoping his sister didn't see him here at Maison Izumo and with all these women hanging around.

Given his sister's perverted nature, which their Mother somehow knew nothing about at all, Yukari would try to move in here, and break every rule against perversity Miya had within a span of 20 seconds or less! Or worse yet, if Yukari met Matsu, the two would compare notes, and Minato didn't think his health could take that kind of strain.

"That's somewhat hurtful big brother. Are you hiding something from me? Are you and Musubi having fun in your bed? I want details!" accused Yukari with Minato "gaaah!" noise and fumbling with the phone.

"No! No! Its not like that! I swear! Its just...I have to study and the landlady has been very kind to let me use the living area as a place to study in peace with all the tenants here being pretty wild on occasion. She has some pretty strict rules and with your own actions with Musubi...I don't want to be kicked out anytime soon," replied Minato while sweating bullets and hoping Yukari bought his half truth.

"Well...I suppose I can believe that. When do you want to meet. I'm free for the next few days. I'm actually helping a new friend of mine find someone in Shinto Teito, but we're in no real rush to find her," said Yukari with Minato silently letting out a sigh of relief.

No being kicked out for Sahashi Minato! Hooray!

" about two days from now. I'll call when I know of a place where we can meet and have lunch," answered Minato while trying to figure out where he could go to have a nice lunch with his sister.

"Sounds good. Have to go big brother. Talk to you later!" replied Yukari before hanging up.

"Yeah. Bye," mumbled Minato while breathing a sigh of relief once more at preventing disaster with his sister finding out about the Sekirei Plan.

If he only knew. If he only knew.

"Who was that Ashikabi-sama?" asked Yashima, as she had just finished doing some chores upstairs and heard the last tidbits of the conversation he had on the phone.

"Just my little sister. She's in town and wanted to hang out with me," replied Minato with Yashima calmly down a bit inside since she first suspected it was a girlfriend or secret lover.

"Yukari? I haven't seen her in awhile!" exclaimed Musubi before she had to dodge an volley of ice spears aimed at her by Akitsu and smash another with her fist.

"You know her?" asked Yashima while seeing Musubi dodging and punching multiple ice projectiles aimed at her.

"Yeah! She's really sweet," replied Musubi while showing off speed and strength in front of her Ashikabi.

"Hopefully, I can meet her too," remarked Yashima while Minato laughed sheepishly.

"I hope so too. That way she can grope your chest like she did mine," added Musubi while Minato let out an "irk!" sound and saw Miya looking at him now with her smile being too sweet to be genuine.

"What's this about your dear sister committing such vulgar acts with your Sekirei Minato-san?" asked Miya with her Hanya Mask coming out.

"It was awhile ago and I didn't know about it until now!" protested Minato while flailing his arms around while trying not to knock Ku out of his lap.

"I see. Given how there are many females living here at Maison Izumo with a developed upper body, should I feel concerned your sister may do something...illicit?" asked Miya with her Hanya Mask getting closer to Minato.

"No! No! Yukari is not coming here. I'm going to meet her for lunch somewhere in the city! She doesn't know where Maison Izumo is located!" protested Minato while hoping the Hanya would stop advancing on him.

"Good. I would hate to make you an only child if she decided to get too fresh with one of my tenants here. Especially if its a certain someone with red hair and glasses peeping on my tenants at certain inappropriate times," replied Miya while letting out a giggle before retracting the Hanya from its target.

A ringing of the house phone got everyone's attention and Kusano left Minato's lap to get it at Miya's request before picking up the receiver.

"Miya! Its Naruto-san. He wants to talk to you," called out Kusano with Miya looking intrigued while getting up and excusing herself from Hinata's company.

"Hello Naruto-sensei. Is everything all right? I see. Izumi Higa did what? Oh dear. Yes I will make sure Matsu knows. Yes I will make sure all the cameras inside the house are no longer operational. I agree. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Goodbye Naruto-sensei," said Miya before hanging up the phone and heading toward Matsu's room.

"Oh no. What did Matsu do now?" asked Minato seeing where Miya was heading.

"Nothing that a small talk can't fix. Though if you hear any screaming, I ask that you ignore the sounds, and just play it off as hearing things," replied Miya sweetly while her smile was just as sweet though it didn't meet the woman's eyes.

"Is Matsu-chan in trouble?" asked Ku with Minato laughing sheepishly while hearing the faint sounds of screams, hitting, sounds of violence, pleading, more smacks, and various promises being made by the red haired Sekirei to fix whatever problems had been caused by the red head Sekirei upstairs.

"No more then usual it seems. At least...I don't think so anyway," remarked Minato, as he led Ku back to the veranda to the other Sekirei still sparring.

"What was that about?" asked Hinata before Ku told them about Naruto calling and how he told Miya something that required her to punish Matsu.

"I wouldn't worry. Knowing Matsu, she probably hacked something, or did something she wasn't suppose to do," replied Kazehana calmly while drinking the bottle of sake Hinata had given her for coming here instead of staying at the house with Naruto.

"True," replied Hinata before Miya came down with her ever angelic smile and acting like nothing had happened.

No one commented on the broken ladle she had behind her back.

(Izumi Pharmaceuticals-Two Days Later)

"This is accurate?" asked Higa while looking over the information Kochou had brought him at his request.

Kakizaki was still in a catatonic state and the doctors assigned to his care stated he would be like that for awhile with his body still recovering from the different injuries he was sporting. The man five broken bones in his right arm and leg with the latter being broken in three places, had eight cracked ribs, and one kidney was lost. Kakizaki's liver was right now 50/50 in terms of being saved rather while putting the man on a donor list in the off chance he needed it, some retinal damage to the right eye, and the loss of hearing within his left ear. Finally, the secretary had a broken nose, nerve damage in both hands, and was missing half of his jaw along with his tongue.

In short, the man was broken regardless of the medical care received in the days to come, and the years of therapy...provided Kakizaki didn't kill himself. Of course, the only real reason Kakizaki was getting such expensive treatment was due to him being Kochou's Ashikabi, and she was a valuable resource to have given there were several other brain Sekirei out there that rivaled if not surpassed her in ability. If Kochou were to deactivate because of her Ashikabi dying, it would severely weaken him, and the other rival powers in Shinto Teito would strike out against him.

Higa scowled at how his most trusted secretary had sustained those injuries when out on business and cursed Uzumaki Naruto for his constant invasion of his affairs. For years, Higa had tried to raise his company from the ashes, succeeded in that regard, but was always in the shadows of his two main business rivals. It was something he hated with such a passion that it made him wish it was possible to kill one of them with just a snap of his fingers.

And it wasn't like he didn't try. Contacts with mercenaries throughout the world had been made, propositions offered in terms of being paid handsomely, the exceedingly large pile of riches from the spoils following the death of his enemies being an added bonus. His Father had done the same to the mercenary outfit he hired to kidnap those two Sekirei years ago, and had it would have worked if not for the interference of M.B.I. sending out the Discipline Squad. At first, the mercenaries he planned to hire seemed to like the prospect of working for him with such generous revenue coming their way...until they learned just who their assigned targets were in the form of Naruto and Minaka.

Then they cut off all contact with Higa after they either said "No!", "Are you crazy?", "Fuck no!", and "This conversation never took place. You are on your own". What Higa didn't realize until much later was that Naruto secretly made his bones in the mercenary world with Hinata, gaining their own contacts, information network, and ruthless killing style that no one wanted to cross. Government agencies had hired the man out, did a few assignments for them, which said governments would not only disavow if questioned, but would silence anyone immediately if they thought about talking to the media, and anyone who could backup their claims.

During their time way from M.B.I. after the company was founded, Naruto and Hinata had been responsible for putting down coups, ended civil wars, killed dictators, saved the lives of innocent people from being killed by terrorists, and had done other things that he would never be allowed to bring to light even if Kochou had used her skills to gather all of the information. Even if he did, Higa knew his company's resources, and all the friends in high places he made over the years would not be able to protect him from the fallout of his actions. His "friends" would either be killed for siding with him or turn on him to save their own ass and his company's resources would be stripped from him before using a single financial drop of it.

"Yes Higa-sama. As always, I provide you with the most accurate information from all the data collected. I have never been wrong," replied Kochou with Higa still looking over the information she had hacked from the M.B.I. database on all newly winged Sekirei and their Ashikabi responsible for winging them.

"Sahashi Yukari. Her Sekirei is #107 Shiina. Hmm...what an interesting power to kill things almost instantly. I must have it under my control," remarked Higa while thinking of how to not only use this Sekirei against other Ashikabi and their Sekirei, but against Naruto as well.

"It will not be easy to capture him. Sekirei #107 has incredible power over death and has already won several victories against several Sekirei. Two of which were under your very employ in fact through their given Ashikabis," replied Kochou with Higa glancing at her with some minor form of contempt.

"Which is why I won't be targeting the Sekirei directly. I'm going to go after his Ashikabi and convince her its in everyone's best interest if she joins my side of this so called game. Who knows...she might even be worthy of marrying me. If only on a business level," said Higa while looking at the picture of the girl and admitting to himself that she was cute with a fire in her eyes one did not see much of these days.

Most women Higa knew were shallow, spoiled rotten, going to "daddy" for money, and expecting the male in their lives to support them. Setting up a weekly allowance, buying them a new car, or new clothes all because they want to have it if only for a short time because it was the latest fashion. But Sahashi Yukari was clearly different. While she was the daughter of Minaka's right hand ma-er woman, this girl didn't ask for anything, and always grabbed life by the horns to take control of her destiny. She was highly intelligent if her grades were any indication, had earned everything on her own, and was now the Ashikabi of very powerful Sekirei regardless of it being a triple digit number.

This was his ideal woman. The only flaw Higa felt Yukari would have when arranging to meet with her is that she cared for these Sekirei. That she wouldn't see things his way and refuse his offer for a partnership between them business wise and on a personal level. If she did refuse him, Higa knew that the only option available to him was to keep Yukari against her will, and use the girl to force Shiina to do what HE wanted.

Not that Higa had any problem with that.

"Find out where she will be in the next few days. I want her here, in my office by then, and I won't tolerate excuses. Understand?" commanded Higa with Kochou nodding.

(Maison Izumo-Two Days Later)

"Honestly Miya, you can't keep calling on me to help you, or your tenants out when they are in a jam," said Naruto while smoking on his pipe while looking at Miya and then at Homura currently trying to keep the noticeable increase in chest size from being seen.

Kind of difficult when your one hand is up and dead center between the slowly showing boobs behind the buttoned shirt.

"Normally, I would agree with you Naruto-sensei, but given Homura's recent...changes to his body, I felt an expert opinion would be required here," said Miya while Homura's face was trying not to go red with embarrassment and failing horribly.

"Can we just hurry up and get this over with. I'm just glad Tsukiumi didn't come this time or else I wouldn't hear the end of it," remarked Homura, who Naruto notice had a higher pitch in his voice, and glanced at Miya to see her nodding at what he also suspected was happening to the Fire Sekirei.

The man was turning into a woman.

"Okay. I'll give Homura a once over. Though for the record, if I touch something that happens to be a boob, its for medical reasons, and not perverted so the "no illicit" rule doesn't apply," said Naruto with Miya nodding.

"Of course," said Miya though Naruto got the impression she would use a camera on him for such a moment if it was available.

"Ah...when can Ashikabi-sama examine my chest?" asked Akitsu, as she was watching this whole exchange, and wishing to have her own "medical check up" with him.

"Uh...later today Akitsu. When we aren't at Maison Izumo," replied Naruto while seeing Miya getting ready to bring out her Hanya, but a look from him told her to let it slide.

He had important work to do here.

"Your Sekirei is a total pervert," commented Homura with his face getting redder while he unbuttoned his shirt.

"You have NO idea," replied Naruto with a chuckle while seeing Homura show he had indeed gained a solid rack currently a high B to low C cup with a distinct possibility of them growing.

Maybe not to the point of rivaling say Akitsu's breasts, but still pretty big.

Putting one hand between the growing boob valley in front of him, Naruto used silently used Sage Mode at its very basic level to scan the internal workings of Homura's body, and his Sekirei core sending energy through the network in his system. With his eyes closed, the Uzumaki used his mind's eyes to see what was going on within Homura's body, and getting a glimpse at the reaction the man was clearly having to someone.

More specifically, WHO he was reacting to, and the gender in question.

"So what's the prognosis?" asked Homura after some time went by and Naruto freed his hand.

"Well, the good news are reacting to someone," said Naruto with Miya smiling since she feared Homura would possibly be broken like Akitsu, but only worse due to the instability the man was having with his powers causing the Fire Sekirei to explode.

"And the bad news?" asked Homura while not liking where this could possibly heading.

"Just how set are you hoping your Ashikabi isn't a man?" asked Naruto with Homura's eyes widening in shock, followed by horror, and finally anger.

"Are you saying...that my possible Ashikabi...the one who will be able to wing a...A MAN!" exclaimed Homura now standing up with anger in his eyes.

"From what I saw pertaining to your core and the way it was acting up? Yeah. Though I think such a thing was obvious given your gender changing to that of a woman," replied Naruto with Homura's eyes narrowing at him.

"What are you talking about? What gender change?" asked Homura with Naruto raising an eyebrow at him and looked at Miya.

"I'm talking about your breasts. You have breasts Homura," said Naruto before pointing at the man's chest, which was currently sporting a pair of female breasts, and ignored Miya's giggling.

"I have...breasts? Kya!" exclaimed Homura with his voice now getting higher in pitch and more female sounding.

"And here I thought Akitsu was a bit slow on the uptake in regards to her own body," whispered Naruto while Akitsu moved behind him and rubbed her chin against his shoulder.

"Ah...I do try Ashikabi-sama," whispered Akitsu into his ear and caresses his arms in a loving manner.

"That you do Akitsu. I'll give you that," replied Naruto with a smirk while Homura was having an all out panic attack while covering his chest with his arms.

And completely forgetting to button up his shirt.

"How could this be happening to me? I'm an incomplete Sekirei! It makes no sense. I've kissed countless women and yet I never emerged despite everything I've done to make it happen with them," said Homura while pacing back and forth.

"I don't know exactly what triggered the reaction to a man Homura, but given how recent it is with your...physical changes, I can only assume it is someone you know, and if I were to guess...HE is a tenant of Maison Izumo," concluded Naruto with Miya letting out an "Oh my!" before giggling and Homura's head looked like he (or is it she now?) was ready to explode.

"What?! But...But the only other man living here would be...," said Homura with Naruto nodding.

"Sahashi Minato," finished Naruto with the sex changing Sekirei falling on his (or her?) butt.

"Oh crap," whispered Homura since it made sense due to his slow signs of emerging just around the time Minato first came knocking on Maison Izumo's door.

"Well look on the bright side Homura," said Naruto with Homura turning to glare at him.

"What bright side?" asked Homura while Naruto grinned at the fire user.

"You can now enjoy ass play without it feeling weird," replied Naruto with a grin before he and Akitsu vanished a second later just seconds prior to Homura launching a ball of fire at him.

"ASSHOLE!" yelled Homura while looking around for him.

"You know, I'm just taking a shot in the dark here, but maybe you should change your title from Guardian of Unwinged Sekirei to say...The Fantastic Flamer?" offered Naruto after sticking his head inside from the veranda before pulling it back to dodge the wall of fire shot at him by Homura.

"You. Are. DEAD!" exclaimed Homura while trying to hit Naruto with his fire while the man under attack dodged all his attacks.

"What? I'm just saying it makes things easier for you now that you are become a woman. No more tight fitting pants. You can just wear enticing short skirts. Minato will love that since he seems to like girls who wear those clothes," said Naruto with Homura pausing for a second in thought before blushing red and renewed his attack.

"I'm not a woman! I'M A MAN! A MAN!" exclaimed Homura while his voice got higher in pitch.

"Says the Sekirei with a still growing pair of boobs," replied Naruto with a laugh and saw Homura looking ready to literally explode.

"I'LL SHOW YOU A PAIR OF BOOBS!" yelled Homura before sending a massive wall of fire at Naruto in the backyard.

Only for Naruto to go "poof" and reveal himself to be a Shadow Clone.

"Thanks, but I'm not your Ashikabi, and I already have a nice pair of boobs standing right beside me," commented Naruto on the roof with Akitsu standing right beside him.

"Ah...Ashikabi-sama said I have nice boobs," remarked Akitsu with a huge blush on her face while looking down at her chest and giving them a firm squeeze.

"Yes Akitsu I did," said Naruto while petting her head and she leaned into him with the blush on her face increasing.

"Get down here and face me like a man!" exclaimed Homura angrily.

"Funny, I was just about to ask why you don't come up here and do the same?" countered Naruto with a smile on his face and saw steam now coming out of Homura's ears.

"Ah...maybe we should leave now Ashikabi-sama," commented Akitsu at seeing Homura was now about ready to explode with enough force to small tactical nuke.

"Your right Akitsu. Let's go," replied Naruto before he grabbed her and vanished in a swirl of leaves.

"BASTARD!" yelled Homura angrily with fire all around him before he was drenched by some water coming seemingly out of nowhere though the Fire Sekirei had a feeling it was Naruto this time instead of Tsukiumi who doused him in water.

His suspicions were confirmed when a note floated down in front of him and grabbed the parchment before reading its contents.

Easy Homura. We all go through hardships and changes. I'm just teasing you. Sorry if you took it the wrong way.


P.S. Try not to grope yourself in your sleep. It might make you want Minato more. Also, I would start looking into buying certain female items, and ask Matsu for advice when its your "time of the month" all women go through.

'Urge to kill...rising...rising!' thought Homura while shaking the note in his now steaming hands.

"Oh Homura!" called out Miya in a sweet tone that stopped the man turning woman cold.

"Y-Yes Miya?" asked Homura before turning to see the sweet landlady of a woman with her visage now having a deathly aura about it.

"You have caused several parts of my home to be burned because of your inability to control your anger. You even ruined my small garden of flowers Takehito setup just for me. Such actions are strictly forbidden within the confines of Maison Izumo," replied Miya with her visage and miasma around her with multiple Hanya Masks manifesting themselves.

"W-Wait Miya! I-I-It is not my fault! N-Naruto was...he...he provoked me!" protested Homura while backing away from the slowly advancing woman.

"True, but you allowed yourself to be provoked over a little bit of teasing. Naruto-sensei came here and gave you his honest opinion over what was currently happening regarding your body," replied Miya while Homura began to sweat heavily when he found his back now touching the fence behind him.

He was screwed.

"I'm sorry Miya! I-I-I'll pay you back for the damages to the house. I'll help replant the garden. Please don't hurt me!" pleaded Homura while Miya had somehow brought out her sheathed katana from out of nowhere.

"I know you will Homura, but that's only the start of your punishment. But don't worry about missing your manly parts. Since you are changing into a female, I won't be aiming down there...for the most part," replied Miya with her smile getting more and more evil.

"Wait! Miya! Stop! Please! MIYA!" pleaded Homura before screaming like a little girl at Miya's assault on his (or her?) person.

(Elsewhere-At the Moment)

"Did you hear something?" asked Minato, as he thought his ears picked up the sound of Homura, and the man being in a lot of pain.

If Minato only knew.

"Nah! It is just your ears playing tricks on you big brother. Come on. Relax a little!" said Yukari, as she was sitting across from him in an open cafe, and loving the clear sunny day.

Shiina was back at her apartment despite his concerns for her being out, even if she was just going out to eat with Minato, and catch up with him. The death empowered Sekirei wanted to be there in case another Ashikabi showed up. She gushed when her Sekirei said that since it made him so adorable and sweet. She just wanted to hug him and dress him up in cute girl cloth-eeer I mean give him a kiss and leave it at that.

She was clearly reading too much of the classic and more erotic Icha Icha Paradise books.

"I suppose your right. Sorry I haven't talked to you in awhile," said Minato while his sister brushed off his apology with a wave of her hand.

"Don't be sorry. You've been busy. I just wish you had brought Musubi-chan with you. I so wanted to grab those wonderful big boobs again," remarked Yukari before she had her "pervy face" on and was making groping motions with her hands.

"Please don't say out loud and in public. People will stare and think we are both weird," whined Minato while hoping no one looked in their direction.

"Fine! Spoil my fun," said Yukari while pouting with her arms crossed in front of her.

"How's Mom?" asked Minato when his moment to change the subject came up.

"Good. Busy as usual. She won't tell me what it is she does. Only that its important and she had a crazy psycho for a Boss. Go figure," commented Yukari while Minato smiled since that sounded just like their Mom.

"Her job is very important. I remember her being busy ever since we were little," replied Minato with a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Yeah. But it put food on the table so we can't really complain," said Yukari with Minato nodding before he became nervous.

"Hey Yukari...can you keep a secret?" asked Minato with his sister frowning.

"Sure big brother. What's the secret you want to share?" asked Yukari with her interest in the secret growing by the second.

"It is about Musubi-chan. It is about what she really is," answered Minato while looking increasingly nervous.

"What do you mean?" asked Yukari while she secretly understood what he was saying since she had put two and two together after winging Shiina.

"Well...the thing is...Musubi...she is...she is uh...a Sekirei," replied Minato before going into the whole explanation of how he met her, what happened afterwards, and how he landed at Maison Izumo where the nice yet scary at times landlady resided in the North.

"I knew it! You're an Ashikabi just like me!" exclaimed Yukari while pumping her fist in the air much to Minato's shock.

"What?! You're an Ashikabi too? How did that happen?" asked Minato since he did not expect his sister to wing a Sekirei.

"Well...I can of had a run in with a Sekirei and he fell into my lap," answered Yukari in a sheepish tone before explaining how she met Shiina and how they were now looking for Sekirei #108 Kusano.

"Wait! Kusano? That's my Sekirei!" stated Minato in shock.

"What? Really? But I thought you already had Musubi!" questioned Yukari with Minato looking at her in surprise.

"Well...she is my Sekirei, but as it turns out you can have more then one," answered Minato with Yukari's jaw dropping.

"You can have more then one? Wait! How many Sekirei do you have?" questioned Yukari with narrowed eyes.

"Uh...if you count Musubi and Kusano I have uh...four," replied Minato while a cloud bubble appeared over his head with the pictured heads of Musubi, Matsu, Kusano, and Yashima in it.

"Four? How did you get four?" demanded Yukari while leaning forward and giving him a "tell me or I'll tell Mom on you" look.

"Well...Musubi and Kusano reacted to me of course with Ku revealing herself to me in a dream. Matsu was reacting to me too and was actually living at Maison Izumo," replied Minato, but kept how Matsu winged him from his sister, and had a distinct feeling it was better that way.

"And the fourth one?" asked Yukari with Minato frowning a bit.

"Yashima? Well...she did react to me, but the thing is...she admitted to me she already had an Ashikabi before he...died," replied Minato with Yukari frowning while shocked and confused by this news.

"But...Shiina told me that if an Ashikabi does the Sekirei they are connected with," said Yukari with Minato nodding.

"That's what Matsu told me when I asked about the connection between an Ashikabi and Sekirei. I don't know all the details since she has sworn herself to secrecy, but Yashima said someone very skilled with Sekirei brought her back, and to give her a second chance at finding her true Ashikabi. Apparently, her previous one was not the nicest guy around when she was winged by him," answered Minato with Yukari still looking puzzled by this.

"O-kay. As long as she reacted to you naturally, I'm not going to hold that one against you. People who forcibly wing Sekirei to increase their numbers are total jerks," said Yukari since it was an assault to love and all the things that the girl believed in.

"You should probably stay from the South and East parts of Shinto Teito. According to Matsu and another person I know, there are two major players who forcibly wing Sekirei as soon as they can to increase their own numbers, and their power in this game," replied Minato in a serious tone that Yukari had never heard from her brother before now.

"Who are they?" asked Yukari since it would good to know on her end should she meet them and have to kick them between the legs with her steel toed boots.

"Hayato Mikogami is in the South and Izumi Higa is in the East," answered Minato with Yukari looking shocked since she knew one of those names due to his Pharmaceutical company was a well known rival of M.B.I. with their products.

"Wow! I had no idea. Umm...would it be okay if I come live with you in the North at this Maison Izumo place for awhile? I...may have upset that Hayato Mikogami guy when I got Shiina since several of his Sekirei mentioned him by name when they tried to nab my Sekirei," said Yukari in a sheepish tone while Minato sighed and groaned since he knew his sister well.

"Of course you did. As for moving to Maison Izumo, it is not my call, but I'm sure Miya will let you stay. Just so long as you follow her rules, which might...conflict with some of your usual habits," replied Minato with Yukari narrowing her eyes at him.

"And that would mean what exactly?" questioned Yukari while Minato looked sheepish now.

"What I mean is should I put this? Um...she has a "no illicit relations" rule and well...basically...uh...," said Minato with Yukari's eyes widening in realization.

"Are you saying if I want to grab Musubi's incredible boobs, I can't do it while at Maison Izumo?!" demanded Yukari with Minato nodding.

"Among other things. You may want the whole list of rules from her so you don't upset her in anyway. Miya-sama is pretty scary when provoked," said Minato while laughing nervously at the memory of Matsu breaking on of Miya's rules and sported several lumps on her head for the next few days.

"Don't worry big brother. I think I can take care of some old wrinkled shrew like this Miya lady," replied Yukari confidently.

At Maison Izumo, a certain landlady suddenly had the urge to hit someone female, and perverted very hard with her sheathed katana. Surprisingly for the woman, she did feel the urge was directed at Matsu. How odd.

"Please don't say that Yukari. Besides, Miya-sama isn't like that at all. She is actually a very kind and caring woman. All she asks when living at Maison Izumo is her rules are followed. So please be respectful to her rules if you come to stay there," pleased Minato with Yukari letting out a huff.

"Fine! Though she can't watch me all the time!" stated Yukari while thinking she could do stuff with Musubi when Miya wasn't around the house to see it.

Let her dream people. Let her dream.

"I'm afraid none of you are going back to the North," said the voice a tall girl with tight short shorts, tight shirt showing off her developed breasts, fingerless fighter gloves, and had red hair tied in a pony tail.

"And who are you?" asked Yukari while getting an idea from the getup the woman wore that she was a Sekirei.

"We are Higa-sama's Sekirei. He has ordered us to bring you to him," replied the other Sekirei wearing a tight fitting yellow jumpsuit in a monotone voice with a hint of shyness to it.

"Why would he want us?" asked Yukari while seeing both Sekirei looking either amused or confused by her words.

"Higa-sama doesn't want him. He wants you Sahashi Yukari," replied the first Sekirei while moving forward to grab the girl.

"Well he can't have me. So go tell Higa if he tries anything I'll kick him square in the balls!" exclaimed Yukari while pointing her finger at the two.

'Oh yeah. That will make them think twice Yukari,' thought Minato while feeling a bit nervous here and concerned about what these two Sekirei will do to them if force was used.

Why did Miya have to use Yashima and Musubi for grocery shopping today of all days?

"Like we would let you do something like that to Higa-sama. Now quit your bitching and come with us right now!" commanded the first Sekirei while grabbing Yukari by her arm and pulling her away from Minato.

"Yukari!" exclaimed Minato and moved to stop his sister from being taken, but was kicked in the stomach by the one in the yellow jumpsuit.

"It is nothing personal. We just need to get her to Higa-sama. Sorry," said the Sekirei in an apologetic yet monotone voice.

"Help! Help!" pleaded Yukari before a hand was wrapped over her mouth.

"Shut it bitch! You should be honored to meet Higa-sama. Now stop your struggling and let's go," replied the first Sekirei and left with the other and their target.

'Damn it! I need to call Matsu,' thought Minato, as he got out his cell phone, and called his red haired Sekirei for help.

And unknowingly setting in motion the chaos that would be unleashed in the following days.

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