The Bean.

It started with a red box with a black bow, sitting on her desk at work. Emma had no idea what was inside the box and she wouldn't lie, she didn't want to even open it. But throughout the day, her curiousity got to her and she opened it. It was a charm of a bean, the meaning to her lost.

Though how the person knew she had a charm bracelet at the apartment was lost on her. Once the curse drama and everything was settled, Snow and Charming gave her the bracelet wanting her to have something that was always meant for her. Snow explained she had it made for Emma when she was pregnant and had always hoped one day to give it to her. Granted she wanted it to be before she as almost 30 but now was better than never.

She pushed the charm out of her mind and tried to focus on work. Only that seemed to make it worse. All she could think about was the small bean that was resting in her desk drawer, sparkling and shining any time she had to get something out. Finally she gave up working and grabbed the bean, putting it back in the box, and headed to get Henry from the bus stop.

Ever since they got back from Neverland, Henry and Hook were attached at the hip. Hook was like Henry's personal body guard. He would be at the apartment until he knew Henry's nightmares were gone for the night, lately it was 3 am but it had been later before, and would be back at 6 am when Henry woke up.

Killian would take Henry to school and wait until he was safely in snows room before he left for the day and did whatever Pirates did, Emma didn't know and didn't want to ask. He wasn't getting in trouble so that was all that mattered to her. She was grateful for hook because he actually cared for her son, unlike Neal.

Once he had gotten back from the Enchanted Forest, he left Storybrooke with Gold and Belle. Henry was crushed and Hook was there to distract him from the pain. Emma didn't know what changed or what happened but she had never been so glad of a Hook in their life's before. When she got to the bus stop she saw Henry and Hook getting off the bus, Charming there waiting for them. The way Hook held Henry's hand melted her heart.

Damn her for starting to fall for the pirate.

Emma made her way to the three boys, smiling as she hugged her dad and Henry.

"What no hug for me?" Hook teased Emma, a gleam in his eye that Emma couldn't help but wonder what he was up too. Henry laughed breaking the tension between Hook and Emma and took Hooks hand smiling.

"Let's go meet Grandma at the diner." Henry said as he pulled hook with him. Emma and Charming stared after them taking it all in. It was still so weird but both were glad Henry was home safely.

"Dad, you haven't gotten me any charms yet have you?" She asked Charming looking to him. Charming gave her a smile as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder walking with her.

"I ordered one last night for you. But it shouldn't be in yet. You will love it when you get it." Emma smiled leaning in to her dads embrace.

So that ruled out her dad, And Maybe her mom too. Snow wouldn't do something behind Charming's back without letting him know. It could be from ruby. She was her best friend and apparently her god mom at the same time. Honestly it was weird for her but she did like it. She made a note to ask her.

As they got to the Diner, Killian held the door open for them all, Henry waiting at his side before he walked in with him. They made their way to a table in back and Killian and Henry sat across from Snow and Charming. Emma took the seat at the head of the table looking around at her family.

It was still weird she was calling hook family as well, but that was he was now. Ruby came and took their order and headed back to fill it while Hook and Henry talked about school. The way Killian was with her son made Emma only want to see it more. She excused herself and headed to talk to Ruby wondering if she could have a few seconds to ask her about the bracelet.

Henry watched his mom leave and pulled out a paper from his pocket, sliding it to hook under the table. Snow knew something was going on by their looks and took the chance Emma was gone to figure it out.

"What are you two up too?" She asked grinning as she looked to them. Henry and Killian looked to each other before looking to her.

"Nothing." They said together before laughing realizing that only made it worse. They shared a look before nodding. "Alright we will tell you. But you can't tell mom." Henry said to her before leaning in. He waited until they followed his lead and moved in as well. Charming and Snow wouldn't lie, they were confused. But they were also beyond curious.

"Killian heard mom got a charm bracelet and wanted to give her a few before he told her hes in love with her." Henry said smiling as he looked to them. Charming and snow looked to each other before Charming looked to Hook.

"That's the bracelet we got her." He said pouting. Snow gave him a look and squeezed his thigh before she looked back to Hook.

"So what all are you planning then, Charm Wise?" She asked curiously. Hook smiled; glad she was okay with it. He had wanted to ask her before he did it but at the same time, he didn't want to tell anyone. Henry only knew because he told hook about the bracelet.

"Well her first one was a bean; the bean stalk was the meaning behind it. The first adventure we had together. The next thing is a sword, the first and only sword fight we have had to date where she bested me." He told them smiling. He thought back to the memories and honestly, he loved them. He had never been so lucky to meet someone like Emma.

Henry nudged them all to stop talking about it as Emma came back to the table. She took in their looks and decided to brush it all off and sit down at the table.

"Ruby will be over with the food soon. And when did she and Whale start dating?" She asked with a small laugh. She was tired from work and just wanted to go home. Their food came and soon they were eating, talking about plans for the weekend and just enjoying being home.

The walk back home Gave Emma some time to think. She wanted to enjoy being home. She had never thought she would be home with her family. Hook had been amazing in making that happen. Now, she could only think about kissing him again. Their first kiss had been amazing and one she wouldn't stop thinking about.


Emma sat on the rocks at the Mermaid Lagoon and closed her eyes. Henry had been found and now they would be going home soon. But she wanted to enjoy the Lagoon one more time before they went back home to Storybrooke. She had been so relaxed she didn't notice hook had come up behind her. They all had been swimming in the water but Henry, Gold, Regina, Snow and Charming had headed back to the ship wanting to get ready to go.

"Well isn't this a beautiful sight." Hook said smiling as he came across her. Loving how she was laying there and looking relaxed for once. Emma opened her eyes and smiled to him before she rolled over on to her stomach.

"I don't know what you are calling beautiful." She told him before she moved her hand through her hair. Hook couldn't help but look down at her lips before he moved his face to hers and kissed her. Emma stilled when his lips pressed against hers before she kissed him back. She had wanted this since they started spending more and more time talking. She wanted to kiss him until the sun came up when she would lay beside him, unable to sleep.

Hook moved closer to her as he moved to deepen the kiss, before pulling back. . His hand moved to her cheek only wanting her more. He moved on to the rock and kissed her again pulling her against his body. Emma willingly moved closer to him smiling against his lips.

"Took you long enough Captain." She said before she pushed him in to the water, following him in. They spent the rest of the day enjoying the water, kissing and just enjoying time together. That was their last night in Neverland, and the last time they had kissed.

End of Flashback.

Getting back to the apartment, Emma headed up to her room stopping when she saw a rolled up paper sitting on her bed. It was wrapped in a red ribbon, and made her think of the box that she got this morning. She looked over her shoulder and heard her family, Hook included, talking down stairs. It couldn't have been one of them could it?

Moving to it, Emma slowly unwrapped it before she sat down and read it over.

"I hope you got the bean today, hopefully you will know the meaning behind it. If not, I guess I'm not working hard enough,

Xxx (I've only liked the X's.)"

Emma set the paper down and tired hard to think about whom could be sending her things. Nothing came to mind and it drove her insane. She closed her eyes and set the note down before giving up on figuring it out, at least for the night.

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