Hey everyone. So this is basically my first Fanfiction so I hope you all enjoy it! There'll be plenty of hurt and tortured Sam and angsty, protective Dean cause lets be honest, who doesn't love that!

AN: Takes place at the start of season 2, after the first Gordon Walker encounter with both brothers still reeling from John's death.

Well let the story commence!

Chapter 1: Taken

"Dean please," Sam yelped chasing after his fuming brother.

The elder Winchester had been a mess for a while now. Since John's death, Dean had almost completely pushed Sam out, preferring to wallow in his own misery then allow the younger to bare some of the weight and it was affecting them both. It was affecting their bond and their partnership but most of all, affecting the elder's judgment as shown by the way Dean had blindly followed and bonded with Gordon despite his brother's well intentioned warnings.

"Dean I know your hurting and I get it. Hell don't you think I miss Dad too! But you just can't do this Dean. You can't act like you're all right when your not. You can't just keep striking out at everything. Can't you see it's affecting us both? You need to let someone in."

"And why should I Sam?" Dean snarled spinning around to face his younger brother. "Why should I stand here and talk to you about this? Do you even remember a time when you and dad weren't fighting? Hell Sam the last time you saw the man you still tried to pick a fight with him and yet you want to sit here and cry about how much we both care! You never tried to understand him. You never just did what Dad said; you had to fight tooth and nail every time. Maybe that's why me and Dad were just better off after you left to Stanford!"

Sam reeled back at the end of Dean's speech, as if the words had physically hurt him.

"You don't mean that," Sam whimpered weakly, none of the usually conviction in his voice. "You're just upset and I understand."

Dean laughed cruelly. "Look into my eyes Sam. Does it look like I'm joking? Just..Just leave me alone for a while would you." At this the elder Winchester spun around turning away from Sam and towards the Impala.

"Dean," Sam yelped out again reaching his hand out to grip Dean's arm.

At this a blinding rage overtook Dean and he turned, fist striking fast, and clipped his younger brother across the face with such violent force that Sam lost his footing and slammed into the floor hard. Big doe eyes looked up at Dean, pleading with him silently, still trying to get the elder to listening to reason.

"Just leave me alone," Dean barked, tears glistening in his eyes, as he walked away from Sam and climbed into the Impala. Dean didn't look back as he gunned the engine, leaving his stunned little brother on the floor.

Sam sighed and hefted himself up off the dirt. The brothers had been on a regular salt and burn right after the whole Gordon Walker incident and their father had come up again. Dean still refused to let Sam in and was getting more and more reckless, to which Sam had finally had enough. This of course led to the glorious fight the two brothers had just had and a good ten miles of walking along the wooded road back into town for Sam.

The youngest Winchester sighed. He knew Dean didn't really mean everything he had said, but a part of him truly wondered if perhaps Dean and his father had been better off without him there to screw everything up. It was no secret that Sam had never gotten along with his father. To be honest it had often seemed to Sam that he was simply a third wheel, constantly messing up the natural hunting dynamic Dean and his father shared.

Deciding it was better to push these negative thoughts from his forefront, Sam allowed himself to drift off into simpler thoughts as he walked, finding the mostly silent night relaxing as he allowed himself to let go of all his current problems.

About a half hour into his walk to the most recent dingy hotel that the Winchester's called home however, the sounds of a car peeling down the street roused the youngest from his thoughts.

As Sam turned around a big black pick up truck peeled into view at top speed and Sam could see three men joking jovially in the front. Sam turned back and continued walking expecting the car to pass him and move on. The pick up however slowed as it approached him and Sam could see the three men entirely focused on him before it passed and continued down the road.

Sam let out a breath he was unaware he'd been holding, yet his stomach continued to churn in uneasy. A few seconds more proved his instincts correct.

The pick-up suddenly veered, tires squealing as it spun 180 degrees effectively blocking Sam from his route. The headlights were then turned on, blinding the younger Winchester's view of the vehicle. Moments later Sam heard the revving of the engine as the car barreled right at him.

Without giving it another thought, Sam turned and ran as fast as he could in the other direction, the purr of the cars engine and shouts of the men the only thing the hunter could make out in his adrenaline induced rush.

"Drive faster! That's a damn Winchester. Don't let that boy get away!"

Sam's heart pounded faster in his chest as he realized just how much trouble he was in. Clearly they knew who he was and were beyond pissed, never a good combination. Yet Sam was sure that he'd never seen these men before, so what they could possibly want was beyond him.

Sam pulled his phone out and speed dialed Dean praying that the eldest would answer. After the first ring however, the call dropped and Sam knew Dean had purposely hung up.

"Dammit Dean. Now is not the time for this!" Sam swore as he tried again and got the same result.

The pick up was now only a few feet away from him and Sam forced his panicking body to obey him, waiting as long as he could for the car to get close. As soon as it was close enough to touch, Sam threw his body off the road and into the grass at its side, tumbling before pulling himself up. He hoped be able to reach the tree line in the time it took the truck to spin around and come at him again, but luck was not on the younger brother's side.

"He's getting away!" One of the men yelled but Sam barely heard over the squeal of the wheels as the car was kicked into reverse.

Sam forced his body forward as fast as he could manage; the sound of gunshots exploding threw the night urging him forward.

In a last ditch effort, Sam once again tried Dean's cell phone but all coherent thoughts were thrown from his mind at the white-hot pain which exploded from his left leg. Sam screamed out in pain as the bullet pierced his flesh, the phone tumbling from his hand when he collapsed onto the cold earth. He tried to force his straining body up off the ground but as soon as he put weight on his bad leg the pain increased tenfold and he fell once more, the wind effectively knocked out off him. Sam could hear the sounds of boots as the men raced out to where he lay helpless in the dirt.

Suddenly his phone connected.

"This better be good Sam," Dean's angry voice came through the small device.

Hope surged through him as the youngest Winchester tried to pull oxygen back into his lungs and crawl to the phone laying only a few feet away from him. However it was too late. One of the three men jumped onto Sam's back and Sam could hear the sound of duck tape being unrolled and mashed over his lips before he had the chance to call out to his elder brother. Sam's hazy mind urgently tried to get himself out from under the bulky man pinning him to the floor but a second man had already arrived. He dug his fingers into the wound on Sam's leg causing black dots to seep into his vision; his cry of pain muffled by the tape.

"Sam. Sam! What the hell man. If your gonna interrupt me you better have something damn important to say!"

Sam tried to scream out but it was no use. His struggles also proved useless and only served to exhaust him as he fought against the two men. Finally all the strength left Sam as he lay on the ground; head still spinning as the two men securely bound his hands and feet behind his back. He could barely make out the shape of the third man walking calmly in front of him before he picked up Sam's phone and snapped it shut, effectively cutting off Sam's connection with his only chance of escape.

The third man chuckled and walked over to Sam bending down and forcing him to look up at him as he roughly held his jaw in a bruising grip.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't little Sammy Winchester. A pleasure to finally meet you. That was Dean you were calling I assume, its been a while since I've seen him. Not since he ruined my life of course," the man growled dangerously.

"Well don't you worry there Sammy boy I'll be calling Dean again real soon, you see we've got a little bone to pick with your family. Your daddy and big brother ruined everything and now it looks like we finally get to exact some sweet vengeance." The man grinned maliciously as he carded his hand threw Sam's long hair and Sam began to fully realize the extent of this mans madness.

Sam grunted and attempted to pull away only to have his head jerked back in his attackers direction.

"We just can't have Dean on our tail until we're ready for him. You understand right?"

Sam's fierce profanities were muffled behind the gag and the bigger man laughed standing up and raising the butt of his large riffle over Sam's head.

"Nothing personal of course," he added, sadistic eyes looking down at Sam like a predator at its prey.

Then he slammed the butt of the gun into Sam's head and the younger Winchester knew no more.

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