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Chapter 10: And into the Fire

"Shit Bobby go faster!"

"You don't think I'm going as fast as possible you idjit!" Bobby yelled back from behind the wheel.

"Not fast enough!" Dean spit back before turning his attention on his ailing younger brother who was still losing color quickly.

"God Sammy I'm so sorry," Dean, whispered to his little brother while gently carding his hand through Sammy's hair in an attempt to reassure himself more then anything. He could hear Bobby in the front now talking to his doctor friend and he was sure that he was explaining the urgent situation but Dean wasn't really paying attention. His whole focus was held by the slow rise and fall of Sam's chest and the fact that it needed to stay that way.

Dean couldn't say how long that car ride lasted for but it seemed like an eternity. The whole time Dean had been fruitlessly trying to wake Sam up to no avail and it was scaring the crap out of him. No matter how badly Sam was hurt Dean had always been able to rouse him even when his father could not. Sam always responded to him. Always! And the fact his little brother wasn't even moving with Dean practically begging at his side was not reassuring in the least.

Trying to stop the slow building terror from drowning him, Dean decided to focus on stopping the still sluggish flow of blood protruding from Sam's multiple injuries. The stab wound to his chest was the most worrisome injury at the moment, that and Sam's shattered kneecap. Dean visibly shuttered. Sam had been crippled. He'd been crippled in order to spare Dean the same injury. Dean could barely keep down the bile. That coupled with the fact that he was currently drenched in his little brother's blood…Dean was barely holding it together. Knowing that Sam needed him however, Dean forced his shacking hands to keep pressure on the wound.

"We're almost there Dean. How is he?"

"Not good Bobby," Dean breathed out before palming his sibling's forehead. "He's getting hotter, I think his fever is getting worse."

"Balls! Infection must be setting in if it hasn't already."

Dean cursed and looked down at his ailing sibling. Sam was as white as a sheet, trembling weakly in his elder brothers arms. Sure enough sweat was dripping down his neck and back as his internal body heat soared higher.

Dean was about to comment on the need to cool Sam down when the Impala's tires screeched as Bobby peeled into the clinic parking lot at top speed, bring the car to a stop right at the front door where a man in scrubs and nurse stood waiting for them with a stretcher.

Bobby threw open the driver's side door and rushed to the back, pausing in shock at the sight of Sam who looked worse then he'd thought possible. The doctor pushed passed the elder hunter to get a look at his new patient and gasped for a moment before composing himself.

"We need to get him inside now," the man commanded and Dean forced his body into motion.

They hauled his unresponsive brother out of the Impala and onto the stretcher before rushing him into the clinic. The doctor bombarded Dean with a variety of questions on Sam's medical information before finally reaching the surgical room, which had been modified for the emergency call. Once they transferred Sam to the table, the doctor barked at his assistant to set up the machines.

"I see that you two are quite distraught," the doctor began turning his attention on the two hunters, "but I'm going to need you both to focus. I need to know what injuries he's sustained."

"We weren't with him the whole time," Dean began regretfully.

"The worst injuries appear to be the stab wound to his chest and the gunshot to his knee and thigh. We couldn't take the bullet out of his knee." Bobby continued.

The doctor nodded thoughtfully before glancing around at the monitors the nurse had just set up.

"Anything else I should know?" the doctor nodded while unwrapping the makeshift bandages Bobby had placed around Sam's knee. The sight of bone had Dean reeling.

Bobby was about to answer when the nurse cried out, "BP is low and dropping fast."

Sam's heart monitor suddenly erupted in sound as he flatlined.

"Shit," the doctor yelled before spinning back around towards Sam and yelling at Clara the nurse but Dean could barely understand what he was saying. He was running at his brother screaming though he couldn't hear the sound until Bobby restrained him and pulled back.

"Get him out now!" the doctor demanded as Dean was dragged from the small room, the door slamming in front of him.

"No! Bobby let me go! Bobby!" Dean cried out before dropping to his knees sobs racking his body.

"Dean!" Bobby shouted in alarm as he dropped down beside the elder brother. "Balls! Dean look at me. You're hyperventilating and you'll pass out if you don't breath dammit."

Bobby gently coached the elder Winchester into breathing as he'd seen Dean do for Sam countless times, before moving him up and to a chair a few feet away.

"Hey come on kid. You know Sam, you think that boy's going to stop fighting. He'll pull through just like he always does."

Green orbs glanced up at him through unshed tears. The look of earth shattering despair had the hunter reeling and he pulled the normally stoic brother to his chest hugging him tightly.

"I can't lose him Bobby. I just can't," Dean whimpered weakly into the gruff hunter's shirt.

"I know Dean. I know. Now come on, lets go get you cleaned up."

When Dr. Johnson finally stepped out of the room, the first light of morning had started to shine through the waiting room windows. The doctor's tired eyes sought out the only other two inhabitants of the clinic at this early hour. In an instant both hunters were up and bombarding him with questions so quickly it made him dizzy. He held up his hands in a slow down motion before he sucked in a breath and began.

"Okay let me start by saying that Sam has been stabilized. He's fine and he's now resting in his room."

Dr. Johnson paused a moment to allow the hunters to breathe in a sigh of relief before continuing, "Now as for the injuries he sustained, well that's another issue."

Dean blanched noticeably before hesitantly asking, "How bad is it?"

"In layman's terms please," Bobby added.

"Why don't we sit down," the doctor responded and both hunters slowly took a seat.

"Well for one considering the trauma Sam went through he got out relatively well. For one he had a mild concussion but as far as I can tell it will cause no permanent damage. He was severely beaten and I did find some cracked ribs but thankfully no full breaks which is incredible considering. Of course there were multiple abrasions and cuts to his body especially on his back where he was struck with what appears to have been a whip based on the way the injuries were patterned my best guess is that it was a cat," the doctor paused a moment to view his friend and patient's brothers reaction before continuing. "Now some of the bigger cuts did require stitches and a few of the worst ones did develop slight infection. There were also a few burns on his body but nothing to serious. They should heal just fine. Are you okay for me to keep going?"

Bobby looked up from his hands, where his gaze had rested since the doctor began. After checking over Dean who gave him a slight nod Bobby motioned for Dr. Johnson to continue.

Johnson nodded and began again. "Now for the most serious of his injuries. Sam had a severe stab wound to his side and it went in fairly deep. I cannot stress how incredibly lucky your brother was that the knife didn't hit any internal organs most likely due to the fact that the men who did this knew what they were doing and were seeking to cause pain and not death. I did give him a tetanus shot just incase and unfortunately this wound was pretty badly infected but he's currently being given antibiotics to combat it. Sam also sustained two gunshot wounds. The first to his leg thankfully was only a graze but the other injury was very serious. The bullet shattered Sam's kneecap. This did require surgery, which went pretty smoothly all things considering. I put the broken bones back together with pins and screws and had to remove some of the bone fragments, which were too small to be fixed. The knee is now casted but with physical therapy and time to heal I'm confident Sam will regain the ability to walk. He will of course need to be off his feet for quite a while."

Dean smiled through misty eyes, "That's great."

Dr. Johnson nodded. "Now the most pressing issue we experienced was the blood loss. You're brother lost a lot of blood, which caused him to go into shock. I have an IV set up to try and replace the lost blood."

Dean nodded then looked up at the doctor. "There's something else isn't there?"

Johnson nodded solemnly before addressing the question. "We did lose your brother on the table for about a minute, but of course we were able to bring him back and he's perfectly fine now."

Dean froze. "Oh God…he was dead. He died and it was my fault," Dean yelped voice dripping in grief.

"Now come on boy, you did everything you could. Hell Dean if it weren't for you Sammy wouldn't have made it. You saved him."

Dean nodded but Bobby could tell that the elder Winchester didn't quite believe him. "Can I please go see my brother now?" Dean pleaded gently and Dr. Johnson nodded motioning for the two men to follow.

"Right this way."

Dr. Johnson led the two men down a hall and into a small single room. Clara stood of to the side, checking an IV drip but both hunters' eyes were immediately drawn towards their youngest. Sam's prone form lie on the bed. Various IV's and machines were hooked up to his little brother and white bandage was wrapped around Sam's various injuries. His casted knee propped up at his side.

"Sammy," Dean whispered before rushing to his siblings side and taking his hand, Bobby following close behind and placing his hand on Sam's good leg.

"Thank you Clara," the doctor breathed in dismissal and the two men watched as the young girl left and Johnson closed the door behind her.

The doctor turned and looked towards Bobby, "Now Bobby I have to ask, the man who did this.."

"He's still out there. Restrained but alive." Dean nodded his other hand now gently carding through his sibling's hair.

The young doctor nodded thoughtfully. "Do what you have to do," he said suddenly, "you wont see me reaching for the phone to call the cops. Do what you think it best."

"Thank you Johnson, honestly. I don't know what we would've done without your help," Bobby answered.

"Anytime Bobby. Ill give you two some privacy," he said before taking his leave.

Bobby watched the doctor go before turning back to the two Winchester boys. His eyes roamed over the younger man who lay pale and unmoving on the bed and the old hunter felt a pang in his heart. He'd always had a soft spot for Sam. There was simply no one like him. How he could still wake up in the morning and flash you that dimpled, megawatt smile after the horrors of their job was beyond him but he cherished it beyond comprehension.

The fact that Sam's crazed attacker was still out there however forced the small smile off his face.

"Dean," he called waiting for his attention to turn from Sam and onto him, "I think I should just go end this. It doesn't sit well..that bastard still being alive. I should just go back and put the bastard down, take care of the body while I'm at it."

"Bobby it could be dangerous..."

"While I'm touched by your concern," Bobby answered sarcastically, "it's more dangerous leaving him there. I'll be fine kid and if I run into some trouble I'll give you a call."

Dean moved to argue but the fact that the Marx was still alive didn't quite sit well with him either. Though he wanted to be the one to make the kill he knew staying with Sammy was more important.

"Alright," Dean resigned. "But one word Bobby and I'm there."

"Yes of course mother," Bobby snorted before walking towards the door, giving the two brother's one last glance, and taking his leave.

Next Day

The next morning, Dean was roused from his light sleep. He hadn't even realized he'd drifted. He'd only meant to rest for a few seconds, but clearly his tired body had other ideas. The elder hunter groaned and tried to work out the kinks in his back and neck, which came from sleeping hunched over his younger sibling. It was then that Dean noticed the minute movement of Sam's fingers. Suddenly awake in an instant, the elder Winchester jumped into action.

He grasped his sibling's hand gently and rubbed comforting circles on the back of Sam's palm.

"Hey Sammy. Come on sleeping beauty I need you to wake up now," Dean whispered as he cupped Sam's cheek with his hand, smiling gently when his little brother leaned into his hand.

"That's it Sammy. Come on, you can do it."

Sam moaned weakly before his eyes opened warily.

Dean smiled brightly. "Hey Sammy."

Sam's bright eyes focused on his brother and a small smile stretched his lips.


"Well good morning to you too. Except it's almost noon…but you know being the awesome brother I am, I'm not even going to hound you about sleeping in."

Sam let out a small tired laugh, "You're a saint Dean."

"Well I don't know about that…" Dean trailed off delighted when it caused his little brother to laugh again. The moment was over when Sam was pulled into a coughing fit, wincing as the movement hurt his aching body.

"Easy there Sammy," Dean soothed carefully adjusting his brother in an upright position while rubbing circles into his back. "Here drink," Dean ordered passing his brother a cold glass of water and holding it up for him.

"Thanks," Sam responded breathlessly and Dean panicked slightly at how winded and weak his little brother was. "Where are we?"

"A clinic," then seeing the panic in his sibling's eyes, "hey, the doc owes Bobby. They go way back. We'll be ok here."

Sam nodded calming at his brother's words. "Where's Bobby?"

"He had to go take care of some things."

"Marx," Sam whispered fear alight in his eyes again and Dean cursed the sonovabitch for what could've been the millionth time.

"Yah, but don't you worry Sammy. Everything's okay now. He can't hurt you again. I promise."

"I believe you Dean," Sam stated sincerely and Dean marveled once more at the trust his younger brother had in him, even after everything.

"How are you feeling Sammy? No bullshit okay."

Sam sank back into the pillows and brought his tired eyes up to his brother's face, Dean almost cried at the misery he saw in their depths.

"Honestly, I've been better."

"Yah well I don't think you'll be going anywhere for a while Sasquatch"

Sam laughed lightly again and Dean smiled, reaching out to gently grasp his brother's arm before steeling himself. He'd said and done things to Sam that he regretted and they'd put his sibling in danger. It was time to own up.

"Listen Sammy, I…"

The shrill ringing of a cell phone interrupted Dean's words. He made to continue but the sound of the phone buzzing again stopped him.

"You should check that. It could be Bobby," Sam prodded.

Dean nodded then reached for his phone to check his texts. The two new messages read:

Dean, get over here quick. There's something you've got to see.

Dean please this is serious! I need you.

Dean cursed lightly.

"That Bobby?"

"Yah," Dean answered, "say's there's something important I should go see."

"Then you should go Dean. You know how Bobby is. He wouldn't bother sending for you if it wasn't necessary."

Dean's eyes searched Sam's instantly, "But I don't want to leave you."

Sam smiled gently, "And I don't want you to go but this could be important. Something might have happened. Plus I'll probably just sleep the entire time."

"I don't know Sammy…"

"I'll be alright Dean. Just come back soon okay?"

Dean smiled fondly at his younger sibling before running his fingers through Sam's long unruly locks. "Sure thing. I'll go get the nurse to give you something for the pain. See you soon bitch."

"Later jerk."

Dean walked out of Sam's private room a genuine smile on his face for the first time in a long time. Catching Clara down the hall he informed her of his brother's awakening and asked her to please give him something to help him sleep while he stepped out for a moment. He assured her that he'd be back before night when Dr. Johnson would return to check on his sibling and implored that she keep an eye on Sam while he was gone.

The young blonde nodded before rushing off to tend to his brother and Dean felt himself relax slightly with the knowledge was in good hands.

Walking towards the Impala, Dean's heart ached at the thought of leaving Sam alone even if just for a moment. Knowing it had to be done Dean pulled out of the parking lot vowing to finish this quickly and return to his little brother and then take a much needed vacation. Maybe even go see the Grand Canyon.

When Sam regained consciousness several hours later he was swimming in a sea of black. He floated merrily enjoying the numbness of it all and the freedom from the pain. All in all, good drugs. The shuffling overhead brought Sam out of his bubble. Wanting to see his elder brother and perhaps Bobby, he pushed threw the darkness and into the light.

Sam opened his sensitive eyes to slits, just barely making out a blurry figure overhead. Figuring it was probably Dean, the youngest Winchester allowed himself a moment more to relax and get his bearing, and he shut his eyes once more. That is until he felt the chill creep up his spine. His acute hunting senses were telling him that something was very, very wrong. He always felt safe with Dean no matter what...so this wasn't Dean!

His eyes flew open once more and he desperately blinked back the blurriness, horrified when it was none other then Marx standing at the foot of his bed dressed as a hospital orderly. Sam tried to scream out for anyone but Marx's large hand came down to cover his mouth as Sam's eyes frantically searched for a way out. He was dismayed to notice that the shades were drawn, the door was closed, and Marx was standing in a way that blocked his access to the phone and emergency button. Realizing he was in this alone, Sam fought with all he had to remove Marx's hand but he was just too weak.

Marx chuckled merrily at him and pulled a syringe out of his scrub pocket and prepared to insert it into his IV.

"Don't worry Sammy," Marx cooed as he depressed the plunger, "It'll all be over soon."

And with that Sam Winchester dropped back into the darkness.

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