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Chapter One: The Riddle

Batman came up to the exhausted heroes as they landed, finally back after going five days straight with little to no rest.

"You did good work today, hit the showers." Batman called out, that being the closest thing to a pep talk he could get. "Robin, the Zeta Tubes are down, I'm your ride home tonight." He called out to the youngest of the team.

The 14 year old gave a curt nod as he followed the males of his team to the boy's locker room. It had been about a year since the team started, and not much had changed in the least.

Robin came back out in a clean Robin Uniform, although he was slouching and dragging his feet a bit. Batman was about to get on his case for posture but stopped himself when said Boy Wonder couldn't stifle a large yawn. He had dealt with enough already.

"Let's get going." Batman said before heading for the Batmobile. The Dynamic Duo climbed in and started the long drive home. Not even Five minutes in, Robin was out in the passenger seat. Batman watched as his ward took deep, even breaths. It was usually only moments like this that Bruce remembered Dick was still just a child, and would on occasion kick himself for letting the boy into the life of crime fighting.

They had just pulled into Gotham when the older vigilante spotted the light in the sky. Weighing his options, Batman figured he could talk to the Commissioner, and see what the trouble was, take Robin home, and then deal with whichever bad guy was currently harassing his town.

Once Bats came close enough to CityHall, he pulled into an alley, quietly locked the doors and made his way to the roof top.

"Batman!" Gordon exclaimed, running up to the hero as the dark knight just landed.

"What seems to be the problem, Commissioner?" Batman inquired.

"It's Riddler. He sent this to our offices a few hours ago." Gordon explained waving around a sapphire blue envelope. "None of the boys could make heads nor tails of it, then again, no one really expected to." He handed the envelope over to Batman as he spoke.

The caped crusader opened it to reveal a riddle written neatly in black print on the same sapphire blue card.

So cleverly hidden

When not in use

But I am all over Gotham

Many a foe has given

Me such great abuse

But dependable I still chase them

I need not Water

Nor air, Nor Food

Though my Fuel is no secret

After a time I grow hotter

Under my hood

And RIDDLER now has it!

"What did you think it meant?" Batman asked, curious.

"To be honest, my first guess was you. That was, until, that part about not needing water." Gordon confessed.

"Then he practically gives away at the end that it's a vehicle of some kind." Batman muttered under his breath.

"How do you figure?"

Batman then pointed to the clues and quoted them aloud. "My FUEL is no secret,' and 'I grow hotter, under my hood'. That would be a vehicle of some kind. And going back to your thought before, you weren't too far off Commissioner." Batman claimed as he walked back toward the edge of the building.

"Oh? So what's the answer?" Commissioner Gordon asked.

"Riddler plans to attempt to Hijack the Batmobile." Batman grumbled as he disappeared.

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