Beta'd by Ou Matsurei

"Is everyone here?" Saryuu asked in a tone full of authority. He stood at the end of the wide room and stared at the teams lined up before him. From right to left, there was the Zan, Giru, Garu, and his personal team, the Lagoon.

"The time until sunset is only two hours away," the leader of Feida said as he looked around the members of his coven, "I will now explain the formation of defense the enemy will most likely take." He snapped his fingers and a hologram appeared at his side, showcasing a three-dimensional building with transparent walls, revealing the all the detailed interior of the structure.

"This is a hologram of Saint Elda, created through the floor plans we have gotten through their database," the white haired vampire gestured to the perfect imitation of their enemy's base, "unlike the last war, we have the upper hands as we are on offense. With no knowledge of our exact location, the El Dorado will not be able to predict where we will strike from. Therefore, they will evenly spread out their defenses on all sides of their headquarters." Saryuu said as the hologram slowly began to rotate. Small figurines of men in red armours appeared, spread out evenly on both outside and inside of the building. "The elders of El Dorado are confident that they possess the highest technology in the world, forgetting the fact that most of those inventions were created by us. That is why we will use that to our advantage."

"Why bother when we could just tear down their defense right from the beginning?" Garo asked, "Let's just crush their entire building and show those humans who they're messing with!"

"Have you forgotten?" Meia narrowed her jungle green eyes to her fellow captain, "Those inferior humans aren't a problem as their weapons possess no threat against us. Our enemies are the vampire alliances the El Dorado will surely call to assist, just as they had done twelve years ago."

"Meia is right." Saryuu said just as Garo was about to snap at the leader of Giru. With a wave of his hand, a small green dot appeared at the center of the holographic building, "This is our objective," he gestured to the dot, "the green marker displayed here is the El Dorado elders' conference room. Once the war begins, there will be no doubt that all the elders, vampires and the humans' highest defense soldiers would gather here."

"Why is that?" Duck asked as he glanced down at Imusu, whose eyes never trailed away from the hologram.

"According to the blueprints we have gathered of Saint Elda

, that room has control over the entire structure, allowing them to watch over our progress and issue orders," the second-in-command of the Lagoon replied, "naturally, they would want to be in a situation where they are both in charge yet well protected."

"Let me guess, Fei's also going to be there?" Deck, captain of team Garu, asked.

"Yes." Saryuu answered in distaste.

At the sight of their coven leader's darkening gaze, Yuuchi, who had been lined up behind Deck, kicked his captain in the knee for his insensitive words. The ponytailed vampire bit back a yelp as he staggered from the sudden loss of balance. When he straightened himself, he looked back, about to snap at Yuuchi only to be silenced with the glares of his other teammates.

"Fei is the flag that signals the end to this war, so they would want to keep him in the safest place possible—meaning somewhere within their sight," Saryuu continued on, either completely oblivious to Garu's inner fight or that he just simply didn't care, "it is highly likely that only their vampire alliances and the androids would be the protectors."

As the white haired vampire spoke, two more groups of soldiers appeared next to the green dot. One group was like all the rest, having faceless miniature soldiers dressed in red, while the other group was in pure black from head to toe, "From the information that Giru has gathered, the coven, Naraku, has become overconfident and arrogant of their powers after their leader claimed the throne," at this point, there were many dark and hateful glares directed to the black figures, "therefore, they will definitely stay with the elders and watch over us. They won't move until we break through all of the humans' defenses."

"Then what of the other Protocol Omegas?" The blond vampire of Zan asked with her hands resting casually on her hips, "Aren't they also considered as part of El Dorado's top defenses?"

"Pfft! You serious, Stia? Top defenses?" Jipusu snickered at his companion, only to earn a hard elbow in his stomach.

"Keyword, consider, dumbass." Stia hissed dangerously.

"What did you just called me?" The rosette hissed back, parting his teeth to let the female vampire get a clear view of his pointed fangs.

"Enough." Every vampires in the room instantly felt the drop in temperature. It was an ability of Saryuu's that they could never figure out how he was able to do that…and one that they all learnt to be cautious from. They didn't need their heightened senses to detect the promising threat laced in that single word.

The fight between Stia and Jipusu came to an immediate stop. They both turned their undivided attentions back to their leader with a frightened and apologetic look over their faces. Their lips were pressed into a thin line, showing no more indication to chatter.

"Although it's true that the Protocols Omegas are one of their elite defenses, they are no match for us and the elders know that well." Saryuu moved on as though he had never been interrupted. He pointed to the two groups of soldiers that had appeared outside of El Dorado's meeting room, "There is a hidden passage behind the meeting room that leads directly to the outside. The Protocol Omegas would most likely be guarding their door so that they can be used to buy time to escape should we ever get too close."

"A few seconds is a reasonable time for a few members to escape." Meia said before her boyfriend smirked.

"If they can, that is." The curly gray haired vampire said as he adjusted his glasses.

A dark smirk grew over Saryuu's lips. With a sharp snap of his finger, the hologram vanished, "Now then, shall we move onto our battle plan?"


"We have guards stationed everywhere. It doesn't matter where Feida attacks. They will not be able to penetrate our defenses."

Fei sat uncomfortably in the corner of the wide room. He stared at the Perfect Cascade that were lined up before him, then to the men sitting around the table as they talk over their strategies. His mint green eyes trailed to the holographic image of a grand, fancy building which he assumed was where he currently is in from their discussion.

"You saw what happened with Protocol Omega!" The brown haired man with buck teeth argued, "It only took Saryuu alone to defeat an entire team and he only needed seconds."

"Our objective isn't to win through power. We only needed to lure all of them into Saint Elda," Fei perked up as he stared at Togurou who had spoken, "once they're locked inside, we can initiate the plan."

The greenette was tempted to ask what plan it was, but knew better and kept his mouth shut. He hoped for an explanation as he listened on, but the topic was shifted back to where the potential places where the vampires would start their attack from. There was soon even a heated argument of Feida attacking from North or South between two of the elders; one of them unfortunately being the unpleasant blond male whom the teen refused to lay eyes on.

As Fei was thinking over that nightmare he had three days ago, he didn't notice a group of people entering until he heard voices. When he looked up, he found himself staring at dozens of teenagers striding into the room. All of the elders had left chairs to greet them, even the blond as the argument was left forgotten.

"We are glad you're able to come." The chairman said as he reached out and shook hands with the leading teen who has unruly black hair. Fei blinked, wondering who the new people were when the black haired boy lifted his head, revealing orange eyes that shone like fire within the dim room. The greentte jumped at the sight. His eyes were wide in dread as he looked into those inhumane eyes.

What is this? Fei wondered he watched the boy of his age talking casually to Heikichi. He could feel his heart pounding abnormally fast. Goosebumps crawled over his skin as he shivered from the sudden chill he was getting. He didn't know who that person was, but he was getting a bad vibe from him that was much worse than with Kei. Somewhere in the back of his mind, there was a small voice telling him to run away—that he would be in danger if he stays.

"Oh?" Fei's breath stopped when bright, glowing irises suddenly shifted to his direction. "And who is that?"

Heikichi followed the black haired teen's gaze and found his charge who looked extremely nervous under their gazes. "Fei, come here." The head of the El Dorado made a quick gesture for the boy to come, but Fei didn't move. Instead, he slowly pulled himself out of his chair and tried to move to the opposite direction. Unfortunately, his legs wouldn't listen and he ended up tumbling down instead, earning snickers from the other teenagers.

"What's with that?" One of the girls laughed out at the greenette's clumsiness.

"Excuse his actions. That child is Fei Lune." Heikichi introduced. "He had a bad experience with Vampires. Perhaps that is why he is behaving in such a way."

Vampires, that word rang loudly in Fei's ears. These people are vampires?

"Well, now, I suppose that explains it." The raven hummed. "And? What's a kid like him doing here?" Fei didn't know if it was his imagination or not, but the vampire sounded rather hostile when he was addressing him.

"That boy is Saryuu's objective." Togurou explained.

"Oh?" The vampire trailed his eyes over Fei. "Do you have any idea as to why he would be after this boy?"

"I'm sure you've heard from the previous battle, emperor." Kei cut in. "After winning the war, El Dorado discovered a human child and has taken him into our custody."

"Ah! That child!" The one Kei had just called emperor laughed. "So that's the human who survived? This is certainly a pleasure."

Fei's eyes widened in panic when he noticed the vampire beginning to approach him. He scrambled back as his breath began to quicken. "N-no…" he inhaled sharply as he looked around, his eyes begging for someone to help him, but no one did. They just watched, unaware of his distress and the pleading look in his eyes.

"No…no…no…" Heikichi and Togurou exchanged looks when Fei's voice grew louder and louder for them to hear. The time between each intake of his breath was growing dangerously short. And then…the green haired boy suddenly screamed. His voice was an agonizing one as tears suddenly poured from his eyes. The androids were quick to arrive at the teen's side, grabbing onto him and shielding those green eyes from the vampire's threatening form.

"My apologies." The chairman of El Dorado said as he quickly intercepted the black haired vampire's path. "He is very unstable at the moment. It would be best if you keep a distance."

"Watch your tone, human." The girl who was part of the vampire alliance sneered. "You're talking to the emperor of the entire vampire race here. You should show your respect."

Heikichi frowned at the girl's attitude, as did many of the other elders. However, he didn't respond to that. The man simply glanced over his shoulder to see that the androids had finally stopped the greenette's cries.

"Rikka, stand down." The said ruler of vampire snapped as his flaming orange eyes locked gaze with the chairman. "I understand the situation, no worries. I believe we have more important matters to attend?"

Heikichi nodded as he, along with the rest of the elders, showed the coven of vampires to the hologram. As they talked, Fei slowly opened his eyes that were hidden behind his bangs. He tried his best to calm his breath, but it wasn't working. His heartbeats just wouldn't slow down and his blue scarf wrapped was being soaked by the endless amount of sweats rolling down his neck.


Saryuu Evan stared at the large projector that was displaying the setting sun over the land of Japan. All of the vampires stood stiffly in their lines. All of eyes watched as the crimson ray of light slowly faded into the horizon.

The leader of Feida drew his black and crimson stripped gun. He held it high over his head as the last bit of sunlight vanished.

"Let the war…" he pulled the trigger as a beam of light shot into the purplish sky above them, "begin."


Fei shifted weakly as the sound of the alarm rang loudly against his ears. Light returned into his dulled eyes as he slowly looked up to see the tenseness upon the elder's faces. The vampires stood to the side, being the only ones that seemed not to be bothered.

"What is going on? Are we under attack already?" The bucktoothed man shouted as their attentions were all on the external image of Saint Elda, but none saw anything out of the ordinary.

That is, until the screen of the same operator Fei had previously met appeared beside it. [Sir!] She shouted. [We have detected an unknown object hovering in the sky above Saint Elda!]

"That's impossible!" Kei yelled. "We have the air crafts on the lookout! What are they doing?"

[We only just caught signal of it just now.] The operator gasped as she hurriedly glanced at the screens around her. [Jet number 006 is heading towards the location. We should be receiving footage at approximately…] the woman was cut off as her head snapped upward, seeming to be looking at something else before she turned back to the screen with a look of horror over her face.

[We have received the footage! It's Ragnarok!]

"WHAT!" Screams echoed around as Heikichi slammed his hands against the table.

"Transmit the video!" He demanded as the operator quickly did as told. A second later, the screen was displaying a recording of a large hole just above the thick layer of crimson cloud painted by the twilight sky. The camera then shifted its angle, moving beneath the giant hole to reveal a large, purplish structure that was slowly descending from seemingly the middle of nowhere.

Fei just watched in silent, unable to have a proper reaction to the normal sight as he still hasn't fully recovered from the previous shock he had gone into.

"A wormhole." The emperor spoke with amazement shining in his eyes. "And one at that scale…!"

"T-that's impossible." Kei spluttered, having great trouble believing what he was seeing. "There are no records of ever having a wormhole that big! This just isn't possible!"

"We're staring at what's claimed to be the impossible right now." Togurou said calmly, his eyes never leaving the screen. "To think that's where Saryuu has been hiding all these years. It's no wonder we can never locate them."

"He specifically chose to move Ragnarok right above Saint Elda because he knew that would be the last place we would think to search." Heikichi tightened his grip over his own fist as he watched Ragnarok slowly descend.

The raven haired vampire laughed out at the chairman's word. "So the most dangerous place is also the most safest place, huh?" He smirked in a rather maniacal way. "Saryuu Evan… I wouldn't have expected anything less."

"They're clearly underestimating us!" An elder shouted in outrage.

"All forces, be on standby!" Togurou said into his Bluetooth as they watched Ragnarok sink into the clouds. The screen then switched to another footage being recorded from another plane. This time, they were seeing the underside of the cloud. They waited anxiously. After long, agonizing seconds passed by, the form of the clouds began to change.

"Ready…" they continued to wait as the clouds dipped downward, turning into a bowl shape. The white mist began to pull back, like cotton being stretched to their limit, and tore apart as the underside of Ragnarok was completely revealed.


At the command, multiple jets flew forward and began launching merciless attacks. Fei covered his ears in fright as explosions blasted against the building. Even though he knew he was safe here, the greenette couldn't push away the fear he was feeling as he watched the building get blasted into bits—or so at least, that was what he had thought had happened. When the smoke was blown away by the strong air current, the teen was surprised to see the metal walls were shown to be without even the smallest scratch.

"Don't stop. Keep firing!" Togurou commanded as the jets kept launching out rapid assaults. The blasting sound burst through the greenette's eardrums repeatedly. The planes kept circling around in the sky, never once stopping fire even when the smoke created from all the attacks had engulfed the entire building.

"They aren't… fighting back?" The white haired elder gawked, puzzled by the enemies' lack of response. However, he spoke too soon. At that second, something small things came flying out from the thick layer of tainted cloud. The second it came into contact with one of the jets, the machine blew up in flames. Before any of the humans could react, more came through the smoke that was hindering their view, crushing down one plane after the other.

It wasn't long until Fei realized that those small things weren't missiles or any type of destructive weapons. They were people—or rather, the vampires of Feida. He had seen them within one of the pictures the El Dorado had shown him, wearing black and red cotton vests. They leaped from one plane onto another after tearing it down from the sky. No matter how hard the aircrafts tried to hit them, they simply evaded with unnatural grace before landing on a different plane.

It was a completely one-sided battle.

"Judging from their uniform, they are Zan, the Combat Division of Feida." One of the vampires in the room snorted in distaste. "They're a barbaric group with no brains and all brawls."

Drawn into the battle, everyone was taken by surprise when a small boy with extremely wild crimson hair dropped down in front of the camera. Some of the elders fell out of their chairs while others gasped out in surprise. Only Togurou, Hekichi and the vampires remained calm.

The boy smirked, giving a small wave towards the screen before he flipped backward and out of their sights. The camera hurried after him, only to see the petite vampire along with his other comrades falling through the air and straight towards Saint Elda.

"They're going to break in from above!" Someone shouted, but as for who, Fei didn't know nor did he care. His eyes were glued to the screen, refusing to look away.

"I have already called some of the forces to the roofs." Togurou informed the panicking group of elderly men. Many sighed in relieve when they saw their soldiers heading upwards through the hologram of Saint Elda, but there were still some remained at ground level.

"What are they doing?" Kei asked when he saw the markers that represented the soldiers on the ground floor stood not moving. "We're under attack! Why aren't they moving?"

"We need some to defend the ground floor to be safe." Togurou replied.

"Safe from what? They're attacking us from above!"

"I have to agree with Kei." Another elder said urgently. "There's no point in having soldiers guarding the doorways anymore if they're–"

[Let's bring it down!] A voice shouted from the screen, bringing everyone's attention back to see a close up image of the vampires as they all cheered with bored smiles over their faces.

A rather large vampire with tan skin and long white hair which he wore around his neck like a scarf threw a devilish smirk towards the camera. When a black hole suddenly appeared before him, the elders all held their breaths.

[Gungnir!] Fei watched as the tanned vampire fell through the hole which immediately closed up, swallowing him inside, then reopening only to shoot out a beam of light. When the attack came into contact with the top of the building, the entire room shook as another explosion blasted through the screen. Before the smoke would get a chance to clear out, the vampires fell in, causing yellow figurines to appear on the hologram which Fei assumed were those vampires. The teen watched in awe as they moved at an alarming speed and began to engage in battle against the soldiers sent up there.

"Bring up the security cameras." Heikichi commanded as multiple screens appeared, showing several of the vampires as they evaded the bullets and brought down the soldiers with ease.

"Useless fools!" Kei shouted as the bulky vampire from before slammed one of the guards's head into the wall, shattering the hard helmet and effectively knocking out the human's consciousness. "What did we pay them all for?! They can't do shit!" The blond turned to the vampire emperor. "What are you doing? Send your people to stop them!"

"There shouldn't be any need for us to deal with those grunts." The female, Rikka, if Fei remembered correctly, replied with a deep scowl. Her electric blue eyes were glaring daggers at Kei for his rudeness. "Of all the divisions in Feida, the Zan are the weakest. Are you saying that the highest human defense can't even deal with some grunts and already need our assistance?"


"Kei, sit down." The blond man turned to the chairman. He was about to argue, but when he caught the brown haired man's glare, he grumbled some curses and did as he was told.

"Be patient. Victory will be ours." Hekichi said with such confidence that Fei wondered exactly what he was thinking. He may not know anything about these battles, but even he could tell that they're at a disadvantage. Ever since the battle had begun, it didn't seem like they have ever once landed a hit on their enemies.

As the elders helplessly watched their people get taken down one after another, floor suddenly shook again.

[Chairman, we have been completely surrounded!] The operator's voice suddenly cut through the speaker.

"What?" Heikichi whispered as three more screens appeared. Each of the new screens showed a small group of vampires scattered over the lawn in three different locations. In the last screen, he was there. His royal purple eyes seemed to glow as he smiled fearlessly towards the camera, causing Fei's breath to hitch.

"Saryuu!" The vampire emperor grinned at the close up of Saryuu's face.

The coach of the Perfect Cascade's eyes narrowed. He glanced at the roof where the vampires were fighting, then to the screens where the majority of Feida had gathered at. "As I thought; Ragnarok and Zan were just a diversion. They're invading us from below."

"Take them down." Heikichi spoke lowly, glaring at the screen as Togurou repeated the order. Fei sat up in alarm when he saw men ran up with their guns pointed towards the white haired vampire. The sound of their heavy footsteps and the clicking sounds of guns were exactly like the ones from his dream. It was just like that time…with that person…

"NO!" Fei yelled without thinking as the soldiers pulled the triggers. The ear piercing crack of bullets resounded into his mind as the greenette watched the miniature missiles shot towards Saryuu in seemingly slow motion. Just as they were about to come in contact, Saryuu waved his arms as seven emerald coloured hexagons shields appeared before him and protected the vampire from the deadly attacks.

Fei watched in awe as a glowing ball of compressed energy formed under the white haired vampire's feet. With a hard kick, Saryuu shot the golden energy into the middle green plate which soon began to glow, shortly followed by the other six.

"Retreat!" Togurou shouted, but he was too late.

[Shellbit Burst!] Saryuu's voice came through the speaker clearly as he thrust out his hand.

Fei gapped ashe watched seven beams of light shot out of the green shields and obliterated the entire force in a blink of an eye.

"Shellbit… burst…" Fei mumbled before he gasped as a sudden jot of pain shot through his head. He shut his eyes and buried his head into his hands as the image of the mysterious person from his dream flickered into his mind.

"Listen to me closely, Fei." That soft, gentle voice whispered into his ears as though that person was standing beside him at this very moment. Fei's eyes snapped open as purple eyes flashed by his blurred memory.

"No matter what happens, stay in here."

White hair. Fei remembered now. That person...he had white hair. He could remember the colour of blood contaminating the snow white locks as Saryuu's face slowly replaced the mysterious silhouette from his memory.

"Stay in here and don't make a sound."


"I will come back for you. I promise."

"Saru… Saru!" Fei's eyes snapped open as stared at the white haired vampire standing within the screen. His eyebrows knitted together with tears brimming in those large, soft green eyes, "Saru!"

"Fei?" Heikichi turned, startled by the teen who had unexpectedly screamed out, only to find the boy darting for the door.

"Fei, stop!" Togurou called, and in an instant, Fei found the Perfect Cascade in front of him, sealing off his path.

The greenette knew he wouldn't be able to pass, but he didn't stop. He couldn't. The only thing in his mind was that he has to go to where Saryuu was. He needs to see him, to confirm the truths.

"Secure him!" Togurou ordered as Rei Rukh crouched down defensively.

"Roger." The android said before he made a movement to grab the human.

Just as the android's arms encased over the greenette, Fei's head snapped up. His mint coloured eyes were dulled, glazed over in a trancelike state that met the equally emotionless eyes of the machine.

And then…he jumped.

Fei flew into the air, out of Rei Rukh's grasp and flipping over the humanoid's head. The humans in the room stared in astonishment. The boy had just jumped over a height that was twice of his own, something no human should be capable of.

As the other androids moved in to grab him, Fei did it again. He leaped over each of them, easily slipping pass them in a matter of second. The instant his feet touched the ground; he kicked off with a surreal burst of speed. He was literally running in nothing but a blur of green to the human's untrained eyes. Just when he was about to reach the door, Fei cried out when a cold hand caught him by the throat. Before he knew it, he was slammed into the ground, his head hitting the cement tiles so hard that the floor cracked from the force. The greenette's lips flew open to cry out from the harsh impact, but the hand chose that moment to squeeze down, not allowing the boy's voice to come through.

"Yuugure!" A voice shouted, but it sounded muffled in Fei's ear as the boy blindly scratched at the hand. Warm tears slid down his cheek when the grip on his neck tightened, causing him to give out another soundless scream as his vision blurred.

"Yuugure! Stop this instant!" The voice echoed louder. This time, Fei was able to faintly make it out to be Heikichi's.

"Are you blind?" The black haired vampire shot a disgusted look at the greenette trapped in his hold. "This thing isn't human."

And to prove his point, he squeezed the soft throat in his hand even tighter. Fei's body quivered and his lungs burned from the lack of air. The teen felt as though his entire body has been set aflame with distortions of colors clouding his vision.

It hurts. Everything hurts so badly that Fei couldn't even find himself the ability to think straight. Eventually, his lost the ability to resist. His hands slowly slid off the vampire's arm and fell limply to his side. Tears poured from his eyes as flashes of image of some sort began to flicker through his darkening sight.

"We can tell from what we had seen just now." El Dorado's chairman pointed out stoically. He noticed the critical condition the son of his deceased friend was in, but refused to show it on his face. "I must remind you that you are currently at our headquarters. Regardless of what, Fei Lune is under our charge and I would suggest you let him go this instant."

"Are you giving orders to me?" Yuugure growled.

Saru…? Fei murmured gently within his mind as the flickering image gradually became still. He could see a hallway…a very long one, with the familiar vampire standing far away, bathed within blood just like his previous dream.

"Fei!" This time, Fei didn't need to waver to know who that voice belonged to.

"Perfect Cascade, stop him!" Togurou commanded.

"Yes sir." The androids all spoke in union. "Battle mode, on."

Fei was only faintly aware of the hand lifting his body up before his back came into an agonizing contact with the hard wall. His eyes flew open as he screamed out in a hoarse and broken voice. The cement that made up the wall caved in, creating a large crater around him. His body stayed against the wall for a few second before gravity kicked in and he hit the cold floor. Some crumbles of the wall fell over him, but Fei couldn't feel anything anymore, even the warmth that was sliding over his face from the heavy injury on his forehead.

The light reflected in the teen's eyes dimmed, no longer able to see the reality as he was slowly being pulled into the vision playing inside his head.

"Stop!" A voice shouted, followed by a shriek of what sounded to be a child's. The greenette would have shivered if he was able to. There was something about that cry that made his entire body felt unnaturally cold.

"Oops." Yuugure's voice sang in a sickly sweet tone, but it didn't belong to the Yuugure who was standing across the room from Rei Rukh. The voice had spoken inside the greenette's mind.

It was a voice of the past—a part of his memory.

With the same child's cries echoing in the background, Fei saw two hands coming into his vision. There was a large hand, holding a very small and chubby one. Both were seemed extremely close compared to the distant where Saryuu stood. And what's more…the small, chubby hand that was trapped within the larger one had an index finger bent back in a sickening way with large bruises covering over the soft skin.

"I hadn't meant to do that. Children's bones are just so fragile, don't you agree, Saryuu?"

"For all we know, that boy might be a spy Feida sent!" Yuugure's angry snarl had temporarily jerked Fei out of his mind and to the voices that were being spoken in the present.

"Fei is not a vampire. We can assure you of that." Togurou responded neutrally. "While it is shocking to see him performing supernatural abilities, Fei is certainly human. It is clear that Feida had done something to him during his capture…"

Finally, unable to maintain his consciousness anymore, Fei's eyelids slid down as he fully entered the small piece of forgotten memory that had returned to him. A small, but the most painful piece…one that he never wanted to remember.

"S-Saru!" The small, green haired child sniffed. Tears were flooding down his rosy cheeks that were puffed out from baby fat. The child squirmed uncomfortably in the tight grip he was trapped in.

"It hurts!" The small boy wailed. "It h-hurts, Saru!"

"F-Fei…" Saryuu's voice was quivering. He looked completely torn, unable to do anything but watch helplessly as the child kept crying out to him.

"Saru!" The child cried harder as he stretched out a tiny hand in attempt to reach the vampire in the distance.

"Shut up!" The boy's captor snarled. Orange eyes burned in anger as they glared down at the greenette. "Always Saru, Saru, you're annoying!" The large hand swung down, striking the child over his other cheek as Saryuu's angry snarl shook the entire hallway.

"Yuugure!" The emperor roared. He took a step forward, only to spat out a mouthful of blood as he staggered in his footing. More sweats poured down his face to show his exhaustion, but his glare remained firm on its target, never once faltering.

"I thought it was weird how this weak brat was able to withstand the miasma." The black haired vampire looked down at the crying boy and sneered. "So you gave this filthy trash all your aura to protect him, even if it means leaving yourself completely vulnerable."

Saryuu glared up into those orange eyes, but that only caused the other to smirk before a dark frown overtook the teen's face.

"Look at how low you've fallen, Saryuu." Yuugure pulled up the injured hand, causing the child to holler in pain as he casually examined the finger he had just bent back. "All because of this worthless thing."

Saryuu's eyes widened when he realized what the other vampire was planning to do. He ran up despite how worn his body was, moving only by sheer willpower. He reached out towards the young boy, his mouth parted to call out his name when the sound of gunfire reached all of their ears.

The green haired child stopped crying. Pearly tears continued to flow down his large, unblinking eyes, but there was no sound that escaped his throat. The small boy stared, absolutely scared, at the hole that had appeared right in the center of Saryuu's left leg. Blood spew out from the fresh bullet wound seconds later and staining over the white stone tiles.

As the white haired vampire stumbled forward, his eyes were locked at the child with the same, horrified look the child had used to look at him.

"S-Sa–" That was all the young, terrified Fei could muster out before his tiny hand was twisted all the way back.



"There they are!" The guards shouted as they burst through the stairs. They aimed their guns toward the vampires dressed in crimson down vests with white t-shirt and long black sleeve underneath.

"Who do you think you're pointing your guns at?" The white haired vampire with golden eyes snarled. "Inferior humans like you should know your place. Decoy Release!" He snapped his fingers as replicas of him appeared at his side.

"H-he multiplied!" One of the soldiers gasped in shock. From his reaction, he was obviously an amateur who was new to battling against other species.

"I can see that, you moron!" The leader of the human team snapped. "Just fire!"

The men pulled the triggers as bullets pierced through some of the doppelgangers. However, instead of blood being spilled, the copies of the vampires that were hit simply scattered away into codes of numbers.

"Wrong ones." A ghastly voice echoed before a blur of white whizzed through the formations of the guards. By the time Yuuchi had reappeared behind the group, the human soldiers were standing as they were, only with their consciousness stolen. Their eyes were rolled into their skull and their faces blank from the lack of emotion. One by one, they fell over the floor like puppets that had their strings cut.

"Let's hurry!" Deck shouted as the rest of the vampires ran past the fallen humans and dashed up the stairs.

"The design of these stairs is troublesome." Yokka said as they quickly arrived at the next floor. "Each stairs leading to the next level are built at opposite sides of each floor. They must have built it this way with the possibility of a battle happening in mind."

"Does this look like a good time to be complimenting the enemies?" The petite girl with blond hair tied at each side of her head snapped. When they busted through the doors, the banging sound of gun immediately rang from down the hallway.


"I'm already on it!" The vampire with long blond and pale purple hair shouted over the noise. He quickly threw himself in front of the group and clapped his blue gloved hands twice. "Shikigami Line." He called as black and white paper manikins materialized from thin air. He thrust out his right hand as the paper manikins shot forward, creating a barrier that protected the vampires from the attack.

As the humans kept firing trying to break through the obstacle, Rokko ran forward. She stepped over the paper manikins, using them as stepping stones to leap over the paper barrier of her comrade.

"Melody Wave!" She spread her arms to send out a wave of visible music scores. The musical notes wrapped around the human and began to conjure a soothing melody. Within seconds, the soldiers were sprawled over the ground, snoring heavily as they entered their dream world.


"Stop!" The soldiers shouted as they ran after the group of vampires dressed in knight styled uniforms.

"They don't give up, do they?" Giris said as he glanced back at the humans at their tails.

"Shall we, Giris?" Meia chuckled as she turned to her boyfriend.

"After you, Meia." The gray haired vampire replied, flashing his girlfriend a loving smile. The instant they darted around the corner, the pair skipped to a quick stop and pressed their backs against one another.

"Dead Future!" They called out in perfect sync.

"Ha!" Meia thrust out her hands that were highlighted by a purplish light. A giant circle of pinkish petals appeared just as the humans finally caught up and emerged from around the corner. They watched in fear as Giris leaped up and kicked the concentrated aura gathered at the center. The blue beam of light shot out, slamming into the group and the power blasting the men into the wall.

"Oh my, I think we've over did it a little." Meia giggled as she took in the damage they had just caused.

"Nonsense." Giris took the fandango pink haired vampire's hands into his. "There is no such thing as overdoing. It's only natural for these humans to fall upon witnessing your beauty and power."

"Oh~ Giris, you too… you are wonderful as always with your lovely eyes and that wonderful kick you performed." Meia sighed dreamily with a faint blush dusting over his cheek. As the lovers exchanged romantic words, one of the soldiers on the ground twitched. He slowly looked up, shooting the vampires with a hateful glare as he weakly reached for a gun lying beside him. The instant he was able to grasp it, he brought the weapon up and pointed it towards the captain of the Giru.

"Go to hell… y-you demons!" He coughed and pulled the trigger.

Meia and Giris turned, but neither of them seemed worried. In fact, they stood with a smile, pressing against each other with their fingers intertwined. They had no plans on moving even as they watched the bullet flew towards them.

"Heaven's Time." A voice called, followed by a snap of a finger. Time seemed to have stopped as the bullets froze in mid-air, only an inch away from piercing through Meia's skull. A hand entered the view, grabbing the bullet away before time resumed once more.

The soldier stared with confusion in his eyes when his bullet had seemingly vanished. His eyes roamed around in panic, his mind unable to comprehend where the bullet had gone when…

"Looking for this?" A female's voice called. A bullet was dropped from above and landed before the soldier's eyes. The man looked up, gaping in horror when he saw a vampire with short, light green hair and purple coloured eyes towering over him.

The vampire smiled before she raised her hand and brought it down hard, hitting the soldier directly at the pressure point in the back of his neck.


"Southern Crosscut!" Om shouted as he dug his heels into the ground. His body slid across the smooth floor, leaving a smoke of trail in his wake. The instant he came to a stop, a glowing cross appeared under the enemies' feet. Before any of the soldiers could get the chance to escape, fire burst out from the ground and engulfed them within a sea of hot flame.

Imusu watched as his other teammates finish off the last patches of guards before glancing up at the caved in part on the ceiling. He picked up one of the human's gun and threw it hard against the cracked cement. The outer layer of the ceiling crumbled down, unable to hold any longer and revealing the undamaged metallic material inside.

"I thought only Ragnarok has these kind of material to prevent hissatsu techniques from breaking through." Sheep said as she stared at what her vice-captain had found. "How is it that El Dorado has it?"

"It was probably during that battle twelve years ago." Saryuu explained as he stepped over the bodies of the fallen soldiers. "While they were invading Ragnarok, they must have also sent in a research team at the same time to gather as much information as they could. Ragnarok is known as a castle with impenetrable defenses. It's no surprise that they would use that chance to steal our secrets."

"How disgusting." Hamusu spat with deadly demon lacing his voice. "Those geezers have no shame."

"And they kept speaking of maintaining orders and keeping all races equivalent…what a bunch of hypocrites." Nike added.

"Saryuu, all the enemies on this floor has been cleared." Imusu said to his leader. "Shall we proceed to the next level?"

"Yes." Saryuu said and flashed a smirk towards the direction of the surveillance camera. "Let's go."


"Saryuu's teams in the Northern wing are preparing to break into the twentieth floor."

Fei slowly opened his eyes.

"His other teams, the Giru, is in the eastern wing on the fifteenth and the Garu in the west have just reached the eighteenth."

The green haired teen cringed when he tried to move. His entire body was trying out when his muscles tensed and his head was tearing apart by a painful headache.

"The Zan are descending to the seventy-sixth floor."

He slowly opened his eyes to where the voices were coming from. He could only barely make out the blurred images of the elders back at their tables and staring at the many screens projected at the center of the table.

"At the rate they're traveling, they will reach us within an hour and a half's time!" The elders panicked; something they have proved to love to do. "When are we going to initiate the plan?"

"Be patient." Heikichi said as he kept each of the screens under his careful watch. "Now isn't the time. Not yet."

"How pathetic. If I send my team down there, Feida will be crush within a matter of seconds." Yuugure mocked before his orange eyes shifted at the movement within the shadow. "Oh look, sleeping beauty is finally awake."

Fei flinched upon hearing the vampire emperor's voice. He shakily tried to sit up, but a wave of dizziness brought him back to the thin sheet he was laying on. He instinctively lifted his hand and let out a wince when his fingers pressed against the dried blood covering the wound on his forehead.

"It's best that you not touch that." Fei looked up to find Togurou walking towards him. "Fei, has anything strange happened to you before?"

The teen stared at the older man strangely. When he parted his lips to question what he was talking about, all that came out was a choked cry. The greenette was forced into a series of coughs and the extreme movements were making it difficult for him to breathe in any air.

Togurou frowned disapprovingly at the sight of the thick, dark bruise that was wrapped around the boy's neck. He shot Yuugure a dark glare but the vampire shrugged it off with a smirk.

"I don't know why you're bothering." The female vampire behind the raven spoke up. She huffed out her irritation at the greenette's direction. "That boy is clearly not human. We should just kill him."

Fei's irises shrunk when he heard what she had said. Her words acted as a wakeup call, causing the events that had occurred before he blacked out rushed back to him. His body trembled as his eyes was fast to meet with Yuugure's. The two were instantly locked in an intense staring contest.

"Saru…" that name was whispered out so faintly that no one had heard. Fei felt his muscles tensed even more as his hands rolled tightly into a fist. He remembered now. The current ruler of vampires, Yuugure…he was there.

He was there, on the day when Saryuu had left him all alone.

The trembling in Fei's body worsened the longer he looked into those menacing eyes. The anger he had previously felt was quickly forced down, overwhelmed by the teen's fear. Sharp pain stabbed against his fingers, causing the greenette to flinch back and cradled his hand as he relived the awful nightmare like it was only yesterday.

"You will not." Heikichi said sternly when he saw how unstable Fei was becoming again. This caused Yuugure to break off their eye contacts, thus freeing the green haired teen from the invisible bind. Fei let out a shaky breath as he sagged onto the ground. He curled up and wrapped his arms around himself, trying to preserve as much heat as he could to stop the quiver wrecking throughout his body.

He felt utterly pathetic and useless, just like that time when Saryuu had gotten shot because of him.

Yuugure, the one who had hurt Saryuu, was standing right there before him, but he couldn't do anything about it. Fei looked towards the elders, but he knew he couldn't trust any of them. Not after when he had remembered. There was no one on his side, not even Rei Rukh despite how much he had spoken to the android in the past days.

He was all alone.

Fei curled up even more as he slowly glanced towards the screens, desperately trying to find the image of Saryuu for comfort, but couldn't. His eyesight was failing him and his vision was blurring every now and then. However, as he searched, he found himself drawn towards the vampires of Feida that was only a stranger just before he fainted. But now…looking at them again, the greenette was slowly finding them to be familiar.

He didn't know those faces, but they sparked a small bit of warmth deep inside his hollow chest. It was then that Fei discovered how he knew all those vampires. Even if none of them had never appeared in his dreams; his heart was beginning to recognize them.

"F-Feida…" he tested the foreign name that felt strangely right on his tongue.

"As I have told you, Fei Lune is a human." Heikichi continued to stand over Fei defensively. He stared at Yuugure firmly, who in return glared murderously at him. The other humans and vampires just watched between the two from the sideline, completely ignorant to the green haired boy who was weakly climbing onto his feet.

"Human?" The emperor sneered. "Get it into your thick skull already. That thing," Fei recoiled at the coldness in that word, "is far from human!"

"Fei is human." The chairman said surely. "Humans proved to be capable of performing supernatural abilities after injecting a small amount of other creatures' aura. The Protocol Omegas are an example of those experiments. The Perfect Cascade are artificial bodies fused together with the aura we have contained from vampires themselves. It is highly likely that Fei is subjected to similar experiments by Feida, thus the reason why they are after him and the ability he has gained."

"You're–" whatever Yuugure has to say, he wasn't able to continue, for he was cut off by the focus of their arguments.

"Let me go!" Fei choked out despite how worn out his throat was. The group turned to see the greenette desperately trying to get free from the android's firm grip.

"See?" The vampire jabbed his finger towards the teen's direction. "He's denying you right this moment. Isn't it odd considering the battle is still ongoing yet he wants to leave despite the danger he'll be in?"

Heikichi stared at Fei who didn't give up on breaking free despite how pointless it was. "Rei Rukh, please–" he broke into a series of pained coughs, "let me go…" Fei couldn't hold it in any longer as a trail of tears slid down his face. He wanted to see Saryuu. He wanted to see everyone again, even if he didn't remember…

"Please…" The teen desperately begged. "I want to go home. I…I just want go back…!" To where everyone is, he added quietly inside his mind.

"Request denied." Fei felt himself close to tears when he heard the cold, mechanical response. His head dropped down and his struggling ceased. Then finally, he allowed his body to sag within the tight hold of the android, knowing full well that he would never be able to escape.

Both Heikichi and Togurou frowned, wondering if Fei was behaving such way due to the shock he had with Yuugure. The vampire did attack and nearly suffocated him after all, but both men had an uncomfortable feeling that it wasn't the main reason…

[Chairman,] the operator's voice broke through and turned everyone's attentions back to the forgotten screen where the battle was taking place. [Saryuu Evan has broken into the thirtieth floor.]

Heikichi immediately returned to his seat much like the others. As much as he worried about Asurei's son's behaviour, the war with Feida is their first priority. Togurou hurried back to his spot as well, but not after ordering the androids to put the greenette back into his chair and making sure he stays there.

"It's time."

"Yes." Heikichi glared as the screen before him changed, revealing an image where Saryuu was smirking cockily at them from. "Initiate the lockdown!"

Fei stared as sections of walls came down from the ceiling, sealing off each of the doorway, windows and around every corner. The hallway was broken down into sections by the thick wall that had fell from seemingly out of nowhere. The vampires that had been running smoothly soon found themselves scattered apart; each of them trapped into different sections of the hall. Fei felt great unease when he found Saryuu within the same state. He was isolated from his team, trapped inside a narrow space with nowhere to go.

"What are they doing?" He asked quietly. He didn't like the smiles each elders had one. "Rei Rukh…?" He addressed the android behind him without daring to remove his eyes away from the screen.

"They are initiating the plan to wipe out Feida." That was all Rei Rukh said before Heikichi leaned back into the chair and waved his hand.

"Release the poison gas." Green eyes flew wide in horror as they stared at the chairman of El Dorado.


"NO!" The greenette yelled as loud as he could with his broken voice. It wasn't loud, but enough to interrupt the woman's response and gain the elders' attentions. "Please stop! Don't do this!" He tried to get up, but the android kept a firm grip over him to keep him in his seat.

Heikichi turned to Fei. The man's eyes were narrowed, clearly displeased about his charge's behaviour.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" One of the other elders snarled. "We're in the middle of a war, children should stay out!"

[Sir?] The operator's voice echoed into the room in confusion.

"Don't!" Fei pleaded as tears streamed down his eyes. "I'm begging y-you!" He choked out a strangled voice when he felt sharp pain stabbing at him from inside his throat. "D-don't…don't do this! P-please!"

"Do it." Heikichi said coldly, completely pushing away his words as the greenette began to fight even harder.

"Stop! Please stop! STOP!" Fei was literally screaming out blood by now. The delicate flesh inside his throat had torn apart from the strong vibration of the volume of voice he had used. He coughed out small, droplets of blood before looking up to the screens to see dark purplish fume being emitted from the pipes and engulfing all of the Feida vampires.


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