Beta'd by Ou Matsurei

Fei's eyes were blank with rivers of tears rolling down his face that never once cease to stop. He stared at the purple fume that covered the screen and felt his inside grower colder and colder as the silence dragged on. The grip that had been holding onto him loosened. Without any strength of his own, he collapsed onto his knees.

"Isn't that the same poison you used in the last battle?" Yuugure asked as his orange eyes met with Heikichi's. "As I recalled, it didn't seem to work very well last time."

"That isn't a problem. We have strengthened the doze." The chairman responded. "Death will be certain the instant they come in contact with the miasma."

"How… how could you!?" Fei couldn't hold it back anymore and shouted. He glowered hatefully at the elders, his eyes red and puffed from crying.

"Togurou, it would appear that there is something we've misunderstood." Hekichi muttered to his companion, his eyes never leaving the green haired youth.

"So it would seem." Togurou agreed. Fei looked between them, unable to understand their conversation until he suddenly found himself forced back onto his feet. The androids' grips on his arms were back tighter than before. The greenette winced out when he felt the grip on him cutting off his blood circulation and crushing his bones.

"Who are you?" Heikichi demanded as he rose from his seat. "You're working for Saryuu, aren't you?"

"W-what are you talking about?" Fei asked, and he felt his breath stop when he caught a taunting smile plastered over Yuugure's lips. The vampire emperor's eyes were shinning in amusement as he obviously enjoyed the boy's situation.

"Yuugure was right." Heikichi continued on, ignoring his charge's question. "Saru is a nickname only the coven Feida can call him by. You should have lost your memory… and even if you regained them, an experiment wouldn't call the enemy leader in such a familiar way. Yet, not only do you know of that name, you're trying to stop us from eliminating the enemies."

"What's wrong with trying to stop you from killing others?" Fei snapped bitterly. "They're living beings too. How could you do this?"

"We're at war!" Kei barked from his spot. "They have killed far more than we did and you would have known if you weren't drifting off into your dreamland."

"I don't know what you're talking about. I haven't seen Saru or any of the others kill anyone." Fei countered.

Both Heikichi's and Togurou's eyes flew wide while Kei let out a booming laugh. "Have you gone blind? They—!"

"Show the footages of the guards outside El Dorado!" The chairman quickly said as a screen appeared, displaying the fallen soldiers the ex-vampire emperor had. Heikichi had the screen kept zooming in until he found what he was looking for. All the elders gawked at the sight of slight rise and falls of their chest indicated their signs of life as they lay scattered over the ground.

"How could this be?" Togurou wondered out loud. These were the soldiers that had received a direct hit of a hissatsu technique from none other than Saryuu himself. With the ex-emperor's power, there was simply no way for mere humans to survive the impact if the vampire was even a slightest bit serious in his attacks.

And yet there they were—all of them alive, though not unscathed, but alive nonetheless.

As the elders tried to figure out what was going on, another alarm was triggered. The vibrating sound of fan echoed through the room. Fei, having been so focused on the screens, was the first to notice the poisonous gas being sucked away.

"What's going on?" Heikichi demanded as the screen of a panicking operator appeared. "I haven't given the permission to activate the fan!"

[I do not know sir! The system! It suddenly—!] She wasn't able to finish as the screen was filled with static before it shut off. The men looked around, unsure of what had happened until the mist cleared away.

When Fei glanced up to a particular screen, he instantly brightened, his tears drying at the sight of Saryuu. The vampire stood tall with his arms crossed before his chest and was continuing to smirk towards the direction of the camera. When the other saw that, everything was thrown into chaos.

"You said the poison would work!" Yuugure snarled at Heikichi before he directed his glare to the vampires in the screen. Togurou tried to snap commands into his communicator, but from the looks on his face, things aren't going as he planned. He frowns at the screen as the heavy metallic walls that trapped the Feida were slowly being removed.

"Yamamoto!" Heikichi turned to one of the elders who was frantically fiddling with a laptop.

"I can't stop the system!" The man name Yamamoto gasped as Fei saw the endless orange codes running over the black computer screen. "We've been hacked! The system is under the control of the enemy!"

Everyone stared in horror as the walls were retracted back into the ceiling. With all obstacles removed, the vampires sprang into action once more. Their speeds were by far faster than what they had displayed. Whenever the guards tried to pursuit or ambush them, a wall would drop down, blocking their path and forcing them to take another route, only to have that sealed away as well.

"Their speed increased?" Kei whispered in shock.

"They're using the system to their advantage!" Yamamoto roared. "At the rate they're traveling, they will reach our floor in only forty minutes!"

"What are you standing around for?" Yuugure snapped as he turned to the vampires. "Rikka, Mokku, bring the teams there to stop them! The main target is Saryuu Evan. Bring him down and Feida will be no more!"

"Don't worry your highness." The female vampire chuckled. "No matter how strong Saryuu used to be, his time had stopped after hibernating for twelve years. He's nothing more than an empty shell of his past."

"Rikka's right." The purple haired vampire, Mokku, agreed as he turned his gaze to the rest of the vampires. "We'll stop him at the thirty-eighth floor, won't we, everyone?" He shouted to his team before pumping a fist into the air. "Time to get a traitorous head!"

The vampires let out a roaring cheer before they followed the pair way. They took off so fast that Fei could barely see their movement before they were gone from the room. The greenette slowly looked at the only vampire who stayed by Yuugure's side, then to the hologram. He watched intensely as the guards were being led around by the system. The tables have been completely turned. The field which was in favour for the El Dorado was now ironically benefiting the enemy.

Fei glanced between the hologram and screen in amazement. However, his joy was short lived when he saw Yuugure's vampires making their way through down the hologram until they had arrived on what Fei assumed was the thirty-eighth floor on the northern side. They stopped moving, coming into an immediate halt and just waited. He watched, his heart thumbing hard against his eardrums as Saryuu's team whizzed through the thirty-seventh floor and heading towards the one where the other vampires awaited.

He wanted to call out to him.

He wanted to warn them, but knew that it was no use as Saryuu wouldn't hear him. So he could only watch helplessly, feeling himself growing frighten for the vampire in his dream as they came face to face with the enemy.


"Well, well, well… about time you've made it here, your highness, or should it be your ex-highness?" Rikka giggled with a triumphant smirk as she ran her slender fingers through her bubble-gum pink hair. Her chin was held up high, her eyes looking down at the ground in a mocking gaze.

"Watch your tongue, girl." Nike hissed. "Who do you think you are?"

"Who do we think we are?" The purple haired vampire beside Rikka snickered. "I think that's our line. Who do you think you are speaking to us in that tone, Feida?"

The vampires of the Lagoon snarled, only to be silenced by Saryuu who calmly raised his hand. The ex-emperor glanced at his enemy calmly, not the least threatened by their superior numbers.

"In such short twelve years of time, I see that the coven Naraku has certainly become cocky." he said with a light, carefree smile on his lips. "I wonder since when you dare to mouth off in front of me as such."

"In this short time, you've lost your throne, Saryuu Evan." Rikka snorted. "If you still think of yourself as the emperor after the crimes you've committed, then you need a reality check. There is only one true emperor of the vampire race, and that is our leader, Yuugure. You, Feida, are nothing but outlaws."

"Not to mention that our leader completely crushed you in the last battle." Mokku snickered. "If you surrender now, we promise we'll give you a swift death and save you from humiliation."

The Lagoon's vampires instantly broke into snarls and hisses at the disrespect shown to their leader. However, as angry as they were, none made a move. Many looked towards Saryuu, their eyes begging their leader to give the permission to tear the insolent enemies apart.

Saryuu just hummed. He seems to be taking his time deciding on what to do. "Is that what you've told the world? That your leadercompletely crushed me?"

The vampires of both sides watched as Saryuu began to snicker, then turning into full blown laughter.

"What's so funny?" Rikka yelled. A large vein was visible in her forehead when Saryuu just kept laughing, not easing one bit.

"Ah…" Saryuu gave out a few more chuckles before he straightened his back and took a few breathes to steady himself. "I just find it ridiculous that anyone would buy such outrageous lies." Light snigger slipped through his lips. "But then again, if he doesn't make such lies, a coward like him wouldn't be able to take the throne."

"You insolent bastard!" One of the vampires of the coven, Naraku, shouted. The instant he did, all amusement faded from Saryuu's face. It vanished so fast that it didn't seem as though it had been there in the first place. Royal purple eyes darkened in such ferocious glare that the enemies shuttered. Some couldn't resist the pressure he gave off and took a few steps back in fright.

"…I think there is a need for me to give you a little reminder on exactly who we, Feida, are." As soon as Saryuu spoke, two explosions shook Saint Elda. Both Rikka and Mokku spun around, looking towards the opposite directions of where the explosions occurred. At the end of the hallways were two large, newly created holes with thick, black smoke coming from the opening.

"The ultimate shield… broke?" Rikka breathed in disbelieve. She looked down at the crumbled pieces of what was once the wall.

"What is with that face?" A female's voice spoke, causing Rikka to jerk back in further shock as a silhouette emerged from the smoke which was soon followed by many more. "The ultimate shield as you called was originally invented by Feida. Why is it so surprising to see that us, the creators, can break it?"

A pale hand poked out from the smoke. With a slash, the smoke was blown away by a sudden gust of wind, revealing the members of Giru.

"Honestly…" a male's voice spoke from the side Mokku was keeping his eyes on. Golden eyes gleamed from within the smoke. "It's about time we can get serious. I was getting bored playing to their games." The smoke was suddenly blasted away, revealing the Garu.


"What's going on?" The elders stared at the only screen available for them as all others had shut down shortly before the explosions had occurred. They were all looking back and forth from the hologram to the screen where all the vampires had gathered on the thirty-eighth floor. Even Yuugure was just as confused as the humans.

"How did they get over there?" The glasses man choked, having a hard time figuring out what exactly had happened during the short seconds after the screens were shut down.

"The Garu were definitely in the western wing and the Giru in the east—not to mention that they were supposed to be a few floors below! How did they all appear like that?"

[How did you get here?] Fei glanced at the screen, staring at the vampire whom was identified as Mokku demanded. [You couldn't have broken through the ultimate shield! It's impossible!]

[And why is that?] The curly haired boy with glasses beside the purple haired girl of Giru spoke up. [As Meia had said, we are the creators. Feida would never create anything that can be used against them. We aren't stupid. Any invention that was made without weakness are immediately destroyed along with the blue prints. The fact that we installed those walls inside Ragnarok means we know a way to break through them.]

[Would you like to know the weakness of the walls you exaggerates as the Ultimate Shield?] Fei watched as a golden energy was emitted from Saryuu's body. It shifted and moved to Saryuu's open palm, morphing into a sphere about the size of a volley or soccer ball.

[Its weakness is…] He tossed the ball of energy into the air. [Power.]

With a hard kick, Saryuu slammed his feet into the orb, smashing it right through the ceiling as the loud, explosive sound of the metal snapping apart was be heard. The instant the first sound came, it was followed by another, sounding a bit distant then another, adding up to three. By listening to those sounds, Fei realized that whatever that thing Saryuu had kicked was, it has broken through three floors.

"He broke through all three walls?" Togurou examined the damage in disbelief at the display of raw strength.

[These walls are designed so that it is slightly weaker than our weakness member. Meaning that these walls were created so only those with the skills equivalent to Feida can break through.] Saryuu explained as his team stepped up before him. [Take care of this.] With that, Saryuu leaped upward and through the hole in the ceiling he had created. When the Naraku vampires saw, they immediate sprang into action, only to be stopped by Saryuu's followers.

"What are you doing? Hurry and take them down!" Yuugure snarled into his communicator before the last and only screen suddenly turned black and faded away like the rest. The vampire growled, irritated that he couldn't see the situation of his underlings.

"Chairman, what do we do? They had cut off the last surveillance!" An elder panicked.

"We have to evacuate!" Kei gasped. "At this rate we're just sitting ducks!"

The other elders immediately agreed with the blond. "Let's take the tunnel! We can escape from there!"

"The enemy has taken over our system." Heikichi sighed at the unsightly display. "Do you think that Saryuu will not notice? They may already have taken measure to seal off that route."

"T-then are you telling us to just stay here and wait to be killed?!" An elder screamed.

"Calm yourselves." Togurou said, trying to settle them down before the panicking men think of doing something stupid. "The Protocol Omega teams are on standby at the doorway. We won't allow Saryuu Evan to—" Before he could finish, the sound of an explosion vibrated through the room, causing Fei to jump at how close that had sounded.

"W-what was that?" One of the elders finally whispered after a moment of silence. His question was answered when a new screen suddenly popped up; revealing a very familiar door that Fei quickly realized was the outside of the room they were all in.

There were two groups of teenagers there, each group about a dozen people. One team was guarding at the left side while the other on the right. They looked around in alarm before the wall on the opposite side of the door burst apart, the booming sound reaching their ears seconds later.

The groups outside soon recovered from their surprise and was about to dash towards the figure hidden in the smoke when two thick walls slammed down on either side of the door, locking the two teams at each end of the hallway.

Some of the elders shouted out in frustration, having forgotten of how their system wasn't in their control any longer. The two teams hit at the wall in attempt to break through. But once they realized it was no use, they both turned, only to be stopped when by the members from the group that had begun the war…team Zan.

[Now that the interference is gone…] Saryuu's voice echoed as the elders all watched in terror as the ex-emperor slowly emerged from the smoke. [Shall we have a little talk, oji-san tachi?] He grinned towards the screen.

"Guard the entrance!" Heikichi commanded. The calm composter he has been keeping were gone as he realized the dire situation they were in. The guards within the room rushed towards the doorway with their guns pointed at the door.

"Perfect Casade, battle mode!" Togurou ordered as the androids released Fei. They all rushed forward, creating a neat line in front of the elders to protect them from harm.

"The instant he comes in, fire!"

"No, stop!" Fei begged. "Saru's—AH!" The greenette yelped in pain when an arm was suddenly wrapped around his throat as his back collided roughly against a firm chest. Fei cracked open his eyes and was met with a pair of blazing orange ones.

Fear wrecked through the teen as his recalled exactly who the raven haired vampire was and what he had done. He immediately tried to get away, but the grip on him was too strong. The sound of gunfire snapped Fei from the pain as he weakly cracked an eye open, but couldn't make out anything as his sight was blurred by his tears.

"S-Sa–" He tried to call out that name, but the arm on his neck tightened, further limiting the amount of air he was able to take in.

"Shut up if you want to live." Yuugure threatened into his ear. Fei whimpered, but that apparently wasn't the response Yuugure had wanted. The vampire tightened his arm, causing the greenette to rasp out in pain as the air around grew harder to breathe in.

When he heard the multiple cries of men, Fei squeezed away some tears. He managed to tilt his head up to see the soldiers being thrown back with the white haired vampire casually stepping into the dim room. The elders all backed away, trying to get as far as the approaching vampire as much as possible.

"Saryuu Evan!" Yuugure's voice boomed, stopping Saryuu in his stride as the raven haired vampire stepped in between the Perfect Cascade and the previous vampire ruler. Fei choked as he was dragged along, his feet struggling on staying intact with the ground. "Take one more step and I can't promise what will happen to your little mate here." Yuugure said and to prove his point, he tightened his grip, causing Fei to let out a strangled choke as he struggled harder to get in air. His rasp breath was loud for all the occupants in the quiet room to hear.

"Mate?" Heikichi mumbled quietly as he stared at the scene, wondering exactly what Yuugure was talking of.

"Yuugure…" Saryuu hissed as he glared menacingly at the other vampire.

"Ironic isn't it, that we would be in the same situation as that time twelve years ago." Mint green irises shrunk as those visions he had flashed across his mind, ending at the scene of where Saryuu was shot.

"S-stop…!" Fei managed to choke out. This vampire was going to hurt Saryuu. Just like last time. Saryuu will be hurt again and it's all because of him. "P…p-please…stop…"

Fei winced out when a hand struck him across the face. The slapping sound echoed through the room, exactly like that time his memory had shown him, only that this pain was the real thing. His tears trickled down his face as Saryuu's angry snarl followed a split second later.

It was just the same. Everything was repeating again.

Just as Saryuu looked as though he was about to pounce onto Yuugure, the raven haired vampire quickly seized one of Fei's hand clawing at his arm. He pulled the pale hand out, forcing the greenette's limb to be stretched to the limit.

"Stop, Saryuu. You know what will come next, don't you?" Yuugure snickered in an unpleasant way that Fei couldn't help but tremble at. Fear burned through his eyes when he felt one of the strong fingers gripping his hand slowly began pulling his index finger back. He shut his eyes, unable to watch as the memory of the pain sent his body into a quivering mass.

"Stop!" Saryuu yelled.

Fei held his breath as he waited for the pain to come. There was an extremely uncomfortable soreness at his finger, but the immense pain he had remembered didn't come. He hesitantly opened his eyes to see the hand that was bending at his finger had frozen.

"That's exactly what you've said last time." Yuugure chuckled as his orange eyes shifted down to the teary teen, then back to Saryuu. "Exactly like last time."

The loud sound of gunfire resonated through the room. Milk green irises dilated as crimson blood spilled from a newly formed wound in Saryuu's right leg.

"SARU!" Fei screamed in a hoarse voice as he watched the familiar scene being replayed right before his eyes. The greenette tried to run over to the white haired vampire out of reflex, only to be painfully reminded of his situation by a sharp jab to his throat which sent him into a fit of coughs.

The vampire with silvery blue hair that had been by Yuugure's side stepped out of the shadow. His sea green eyes shone at Saryuu sadistically as he held a silver gun in his hand.

"I hope you remember Tyra here." Yuugure smirked as Saryuu thrust his fingers into his wound and tore out the bullet embedded inside his flesh.

"Always such a coward." Saryuu snorted as he tossed the bloodstained bullet onto the ground. "Twice you've hid behind the back of my mate and used him as a shield against me. Do you feel no shame, Yuugure?"

"Shame?" Yuugure cackled. "This is war, Saryuu. There is no such thing as shame in a war. And furthermore, I don't need a criminal to tell me, the emperor, what is shameful."

"Criminal?" Saryuu snorted. "Last time I check, it was your coven behind the massacre in Alaska. You framed my coven for a crime that you committed, just so you can take the throne for yourself and you dare to call us criminals?"

"What?" Heikichi whispered as the other elders glanced to Yuugure in shock, not expecting such turn in the conversation. Kei simply dipped his head into his hand and rubbed at his temples.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Yuugure smirked at Saryuu's accusation.

"Don't act dumb. My coven has investigated on the matter after the battle in Ragnarok. The vampires that witnessed Feida overfeeding on humans were all in illegal and unregistered alliances with your coven. The human survivor in Alaska was also planned by you. You held her family as hostages and forced her to lie that it was Feida who had attacked. We have already come in contact with the girl and she had admitted to everything you've done."

"And what if I did?" Yuugure responded, ignoring the disbelieving gazes drilling at his back. "I've once admired you, Saryuu Evan. You were the most powerful vampire to ever appear in the history. All of us believed that when you took over the throne from that old geezer, you would lead our race into a new era with us as the earth's dominate rulers!"

Fei gave out a soundless gasp as the arm around his neck tightened. He tried to tug at his hand, but was unable to free it from the bone crushing grip he was trapped in.

"However, not only did you failed to do that, you renewed the treaty with these despicable creatures! You forced us to continue to blend into their society and placed a limit to our abilities! We are far more superior then these dumb humans but you can't see that!" Yuugure hissed, throwing back a glare at the human elders. "You made us all slaves to them! That's why I had to take over. With me on the throne, I will guide the vampires into a new world! We will erase the human along with those other lower races and establish an empire solely for the vampires!"

"What!" Kei shouted from behind the line of defense created by the Perfect Cascade. "That wasn't part of our deal! You promised that if I help you get rid of Saryuu, you would—!"

The loud sound of gun fire echoed. Although Fei couldn't see anything from his position in Yuugure's grip, he knew that the blond man had been shot. He could hear the panicking screams from the other elders and the fresh smell of blood that flooded his nostrils. The greenette involuntarily shuddered as his throat constricted in dryness as though he had swallowed a couple of cottons.

"You like it, don't you?" The raven haired emperor purred against his hostage's ear. Fei quivered in disgust at how the vampire's lips were brushing against the shell of his ear. He wanted to move away, but didn't dare to do anything that might set off the raven any further. "Even though you eat and walk in the sun like an ordinary human, it's disgusting to even think that a thing like you carries half of a vampire's blood!"

Fei stiffened as he took in what Yuugure had just said.

"Half of a—are you saying that Fei Lune is a Dhampir?" Togurou questioned, being the only sane one aside from Heikichi as the other elders were cowering in fright from the fallen blond.

"Right." Yuugure rolled his eyes. "You geezers had no idea. After all, Asurei Lune hid the fact from all of you that his repulsive wife is a vampire who gave birth to this filthy Halfling."

"You were the one who murdered Asurei Lune." Heikichi swiftly caught on, earning a laugh from Yuugure.

"Why?" The chairman demanded after taking the maniacal laughter as a yes.

"Why?" Yuugure's smile immediately dropped as his orange eyes, looking at the shocked teen with nothing but pure hatred. "Because this thing was born as the emperor's mate!"

Fei gave out a silent cry when the arm suddenly tightened, cutting off all of the last bit of air that he had.

"He stained the name of the vampires! This trash shouldn't even be allowed to exist. Eating food as though he's a human and drinking blood as though he's a vampire when he's obviously neither of them—it's utterly disgusting! And what's even more revolting was how you grew weak around him." Yuugure snarled at Saryuu. "Whenever you're around this brat, you showed various emotions that a true emperor should never have! It's an utter disgrace!"

"Disgrace?" Saryuu said calmly. Although he was speaking to the current vampire emperor, his eyes were focused solely on his suffocating mate. Yuugure saw this and that made the hatred in his eyes deepened even more. "The only disgrace here is you. You claim that what you're doing is for the benefit of the vampire world, but in reality aren't you doing these for yourself?"

Piercing purple eyes shifted onto Yuugure sharply, causing the raven haired vampire to flinch back at the aura radiating from Saryuu.

"Compared to Fei, you're nothing but an insignificant insect. You don't even deserve to be squashed under my feet."

"Shut up!" Yuugure growled as he began to quiver from anger.

"Fei is an irreplaceable existent within Feida. He's everything you can never even hope to become."

"Shut up! SHUT UP!" Yuugure roared. "How dare you even compare me with this filth! Tyra!"

"Roger~" Tyra smirked broadly. He pulled out another gun from his coat and took aim with both deadly weapons. Two small, red dots appeared, roaming over Saryuu's body as the vampire seemed to ponder over where to shoot.

Fei's eyes widened when the vision of Saryuu, his body completely stained with blood flashed across his mind.

"No matter what happens, stay in here." Saryuu's voice echoed inside his head. He could remember clearly now that the shadows were removed. He remembered the hole in Saryuu's legs, along with the many other similar wounds that had filled his body.

Fei could remember himself crying in that confined darkness and begging Saryuu to stay. He could remember the desperation and fright that he felt. After witnessing Saryuu being repeatedly shot by bullets, he was scared that if Saryuu leave, he would never see the white haired vampire again.

Stop—he wanted to call out, but couldn't speak through the tight arm locked around his neck. His heartbeat sped up as more and more as the memories he had acquired grew clearer. All of those being the gruesome images of Saryuu drenched in his own blood.


His body trembled as a strange sensation itched from inside his veins.

"Don't worry." Yuugure said with an insane look in his eyes. "I'll take good care of your mate." He spat the word out as though it burns his tongue to say it. "I'll keep him alive, so that you two won't ever meet each other in the next world."

"Farewell~" Tyra sang as he pulled on the triggers.

"NO!" Fei screamed as blue aura suddenly burst out from his body. Yuugure, having his guard down, was thrown back with a shocked gasp as the sound of the bullets leaving the barrels echoed throughout the room. Without thinking of anything that was happening, the greenette threw himself into the path of the bullets. His green eyes rounded as he watched the two bullets flew towards him in seemingly slow motion. One was aiming towards his head while the other to his left shoulder.

Before either of the two bullets could reach him, a green barrier suddenly appeared. Fei watched in surprise as the bullets were stopped just inches away from piercing through his body before they rebounded.

A pair of arms wrapped around Fei from behind, reeling the boy back as he collided against a firm, muscular chest.

"Shellbit," Saryuu's voice breathed down his neck as the green shield began to glow. "Burst!"

Saryuu thrust out his hand as seven beams of light shot out. Fei watched through a blurred vision as the light pierced through each of Tyra's arms and legs. The vampire collapsed onto the floor with a pained shriek as blood flowed freely from the holes that were in his body. A pool of crimson blood was quickly formed under him, but no matter how much he screamed or cursed out, he didn't have the ability to get up with those damaged limbs.

Fei panted heavily for air as he clenched onto Saryuu with weak fingers. It was only after he took a moment to recall what had happened that fear finally began to sink in. His body trembled at how close he was to facing death…and the fear of imagining Saryuu getting hurt.

"Saru…" The greenette sniffled as he buried his face into the vampire's neck. Tears soaked through the orange shirt as he began to cry within the arms of the unfamiliar yet familiar being. "Saru, Saru, Saru…"

Saryuu's eyes softened at his nickname coming from the hoarse, but still beautiful voice. He carefully ran his hand over his love's back, unable to suppress a growl at all the damages on his blemished skin. "It's alright now." The white haired vampire said gently as he kissed the wet cheek. "Everything will be alright. I'm sorry for being late. I'm sorry, Fei."

Yuugure glowered at the two furiously. His face scrunched up, red in anger with veins popping out each time he heard the half-breed called out to the vampire hold him tenderly.

"Why…" The dark haired vampire growled as the warmth in Saryuu's eyes melted away, replaced by coldness. "Why is it always that piece of filth? He's weak! He can't do anything for you!" He screamed out, causing Fei to flinch as he hesitantly glanced back to his captor. However, he found it quite hard, as there are strange black spots blocking off parts of his vision.

"You were the perfect ruler until he appeared!" Yuugure jabbed his finger at Fei, causing the protective arms around the greentte to tense. "He doesn't suit you! He's nothing but a weak, useless Halfling! He should never even be born into this world, but all of you just had to get in the way! Like that bitch Kinako who disgraced our race by marrying to a human after her real mate had died!"

Fei felt his breath stopped as he stared into those orange eyes. Even though it was blurry, he recognized that look on Yuugure's face.

"I outwitted these dying, wrinkled geezers. I even defeated you and became the emperor! I'm much stronger than that thing could ever hope to be!"

When he was being held as hostage by Yuugure, he was overwhelmed by fright and the desperation for oxygen. His judgments were clouded then. But now, from the safety of Saryuu's arm, he could see it clearly as his tired eyelids slowly slid over his eyes.

This vampire…


…is in love with Saryuu.

"Dead Future!" A pair of voices shouted in sync as a stream of blue light pierced through Yuugure's chest. Blood trickled out of his lips as orange eyes slowly shifted to the vampires of Feida gathered at the entrance, then slowly to Saryuu who held his mate protectively in his arms. His eyes were cold without an ounce of pity or remorse.

"Am I…" blood bled out of his mouth, "n-not even good enough…to die by your hands?"

"Don't flatter yourself." Saryuu looked down as he lightly combed his fingers through the spring green locks. "I told you, you're not worth my time."

Yuugure stared at Saryuu with wide, orange eyes that slowly trailed to the greenette being cradled in the vampire's arm like a precious gem. He parted his trembling lips, but no words could come out. His face was twisted up in rage and sadness, his eyes seeming to be ready to summon tears at any moment at the realization of how Saryuu Evan could never be his. However, the tears never came, much like how Saryuu's cold gaze had never waver. The orange eyes that had been burning with life only a few seconds ago grew dull. The sound of Yuugure's body coming in contact with the solid ground echoed through the room. The elders stared at the body until their attentions were brought back up by dozens pairs of footsteps.

The El Dorado looked up to see every vampire from Feida entering the meeting room without even so much as a scratch on their bodies or clothes.

"To even think that he could replace Fei as Saru's mate, what a joke." The blue haired boy wearing the uniform of Garu huffed.

"You should have blasted more holes into his body before killing this weakling." The leader of Zan added. "It's disgusting to even think they got the better of us last time."

Completely dismissing the body of the fallen emperor, Saryuu slowly rose to his feet, though with slight difficulties, with Fei curled up in his arms.

"Saru! What happened to your leg?" Meia gasped when she saw the injury. That instantly drew the others attention as their voices of concern and rage were mixed into a jumble of noises.

"It's nothing." Saryuu said dismissingly. "I merely let them took a shot to lower their guards. Did you get the footage?"

"Of course." Girius responded as snapped his fingers. The elders jumped in surprise when a holographic screen from the table lit up. Heikichi frowned at how casual the vampire was; using the El Dorado's system as though they owned it. However, he says nothing and turned to the screen to find it replaying the event that had just taken place in this very room.

[With me on the throne, I will guide the vampires into a new world! We will erase the human along with every other race and establish an empire solely for the vampires!] Yuugure's voice declared from the speakers out loud and clear.

"Everything has been recorded and undergoing editing proccess." The Giru informed his leader. "It won't be long until every species of this world knows of the truth of what really happened."

"Without the bullet you have taken of course." Meia sighed as she made a small gesture to her boyfriend. "Tell the others to cut out everything with Saryuu involved. We can't let the weakness of our real ruler be broadcasted worldwide."

"We'll be busy again with you returning to your throne as the emperor." Imusu added. "Although I prefer a litter longer in our vacation."

"Isn't it fine though? I kind of missed having something to do." Giris smiled before glancing over to Fei lying limp in Saryuu's arms. "Is Fei alright?" He asked with concern in his voice.

"He's fine." Saryuu chuckled as he looked down at his mate affectionately. "He just exhausted himself with the amount of aura he had forced out."

"Aura?" Yokka gapped in shock. "Fei used aura?"

"How is that possible?" Deck questioned. "He hasn't consumed blood in years, his vampire cells should have dried up."

"Perhaps it has something to do with his heritage." Meia explained. "Nanobana Kinako was a powerful vampire. It's not surprising that her blood is still strong in Fei."

"Enough. You can chatter once we get back to Ragnarok." Saryuu said before turning his gaze to Heikichi who slowly approached them with Togurou by his side. The other elders were still cowering against the wall, a sight which made a majority from team Zan rolled eyes at.


"There you have it, oji-san." Saryuu cut Heikichi off, not even bothering to listen to what the man has to say. "As you can see, we are innocent for the crimes you accused us of. That will soon be cleared to the rest of the world after we broadcast the recordings." The white haired vampire glanced over to the screen, then back to the chairman. "Keep in mind that Feida are the ones who resolved this issued that happened because of you, El Dorado. It was because of your system and the way you work are defected that this mess had happened."

"What!" One of the elders tried to protest, but a harsh glare succeeded in silencing him.

"Yuugure had bribed Kei into working for him. Since twelve years ago, he was no longer part of your men, but you didn't know that. You continued to rely on that traitor as a bridge between the human and our race that you failed to see what was really going on. I think a meeting between representatives of all species are needed to establish a new system to prevent such things from happening again in the future."

"…You're right." Heikichi said after a long moment of thought. "I apologize for everything that has happened on behalf of mankind."

"Don't say things you don't even mean." Saryuu mumbled coldly, not the least convinced by the apology. "We don't like humans any more than you don't like us. The only reason I renew the treaty after taking over the throne wasn't to be you humans' friends. It was only for the vampires' protection. Without a treaty, other races will grow wary of us. Racism is a heavy factor that always separates our worlds. It was necessary for the weaker and coven less vampires' survival by allowing them to blend into the society."

Heikichi said nothing to counter the vampire's harsh words. His crimson eyes simply drifted down and landed on Asurei Lune's legacy.

"Can you tell me the last moment of Asurei's death?" The chairman asked; his tone soft as he spoke of his old friend's name.

Saryuu went silent for a moment as he recalled the past. "That isn't any of your business." He responded, but his voice wasn't as rude as his words suggested. "The humans, especially you elders, never accepted the other species. Asurei Lune knew for a fact that you view us all as threats that should be eliminated. He knew that if Fei's heritage was discovered, he would be taken and used by El Dorado as a weapon. It was you people who forced him and his wife to live in the shadows. Tell me oji-san, do you still think you have the right to know?"

Heikichi didn't respond. His lips were pressed in a thin line as he took in the vampire's word. He knew that every word Saryuu spoke was true. Asurei Lune had always been passionate of creating true peace with the other races, something that the chairman had never given second thoughts of until now. He glanced to Fei, the boy who he had always believed to be human, until the secret was ironically spilled from the mouth of Asurei's murderer. He closed his eyes as he pondered how many unlawful things have been happening without them knowing. How many creatures that loved one another from different species were forced into hiding because of fear of the law created to protect them?

"I think it is time we change our system." He finally spoke up in a voice loud enough for the entire room to hear. "I will call for the representatives of every species to gather for a very first meeting. This time, we will recreate the treaty and agreements together."

"…You know where to find us." Saryuu said as he turned and began to walk away with his coven.

"Saryuu, can you tell me at least one thing?" Saryuu stopped. "How did you survive the poison fume? Although you took control of the system, the miasma was inevitably the poison we've prepared inside the pipes."

"Next time you want to poison someone, don't use the same type." Saryuu said as he pulled out a small flask from his belt and held it up. The chairman stared at the small container to see clear white fluid inside. "Every poison has a remedy. Thickening the doze doesn't change the fact that it's the same thing." With that, Saryuu vanished into mid-air along with his entire coven.

The elders stared at the scene, dumbfounded at how they had just left. "Did they teleport?" One of them asked, but they knew that it wasn't possible. Vampire does not possess the ability to perform such feat.

"No." Togurou slowly adjusted his orange shades. "Their speed was simply too quick for our eyes to follow. They've been holding back on us during this entire battle." The blue haired man glanced down at the two bodies on the ground. One belonging to Yuugure and the other was Tyra, who had fainted from the amount of blood lost.

"Call in the troops and have them round up all the vampires of the coven Naraku." Heikichi ordered. "For the crimes they have committed, they will be sentenced the rest of their lives in the Eternal Prison."