Thanks everyone for the reviews. I know it's been awhile since I've updated, being busy and all but I'll try my best to update early. This one will be kind of short.

Episode 3:

In the hallway:

Marley is at her locker when Jake comes up to kiss her on the cheek. "So I was thinking that me and you go to the movies this weekend. Watch "The Great Gatsby" Said Jake. "That sounds great, but don't we have to study for Chemistry?" "So? We can blow it off." Jake suggesting that they watch a romantic movie was very sweet. She smiled and told him it sounds great. "You haven't read the book for English have you?" Asked Marley and Jake told her he only read one page. "Besides it's basically the same as the book." No it's not, Marley mumbled to herself but she couldn't say no to Jake. They both held hands while walking towards drama class.

In Drama Class:

Jake couldn't stand being in this class but his in it for support for Marley. While finding his seat, he sees Mary. "I didn't know you guys had Drama" said Mary pointing at Marley and Jake. "Well it's just an elective," said Jake. "For me I actually want to see if I can be an actress" said Marley. Marley then asked if Mary wanted to act, but she said no, "Just for fun and I'm an assistant to Mr. Mont." They took their seats and Mr. Mont told the class that they're going to do some practice lines and read from the play 'Closer'. "Wait, aren't we supposed to read 'Romeo and Juliet' or something?" asked Marley. "Well as much as I love Shakespeare that play bores me and I want to do something else for a change" Mr. Mont told Marley and the class. Mary and some other students were excited to do the play but some have never of it before. "What's 'Closer'? Like the Nine Inch Nails song" said a student. Mr. Mont sighed and asked Mary for help. "It's not a song but the play does have some sexual themes like the song. If you watched the movie with Jude Law and Julia Roberts, you'll know what it is. It was written in 1997 by Patrick Marber and Mr. Mont feels we should run the lines" explained Mary. Mr. Mont said thank you and was going to pair up some students to run lines of his favorite scene when Anna and Danny first meet. "First I want two students to demonstrate. Mary, can you please come up to the classroom" Mary got up and stood then Mr. Mont pointed to Jake to do the scene. "Uh, no I'm more of an extra than a main character" Jake refused to do the scene, but Marley elbowed because she wanted to see how the scene goes. Jake got up and faced Mary. Mr. Mont gave them the playbooks and they turned the pages to do the scene where Anna and Danny kissed in the studio, Danny asking if she was married but she was separated and he was with Alice. The students and the teacher were moved at how well they acted together but Marley felt a little jealous. She has never felt that way before when she saw Jake and Mary. When the scene was over, the class clapped and Jake and Mary sat down. Marley smiled but she still felt weird. Mr. Mont told them that the class should find a partner to do the scene and next week the partners will perform it. When class was over, Marley grabbed Jake's hand and they walked together. She shook her head and felt really dumb being jealous. "Do you think you can come over Friday night before the movie?" asked Marley. Jake smiled and said yeah. They kissed and Jake left. Marley saw Mary and went up to her. "Hey girlie fun class, huh?" Mary poked Marley on the stomach. Marley smiled sheepishly but asked Mary if she liked Jake. "As a friend, why?" Marley wanted to tell her to back off but she knew Mary wouldn't do that. "Nothing. Look I want to do something special for him. We're going to the movies but I want to do something more." Mary opened her locker and told her to strip for him. "What?! I can't do that, that's crazy" Marley said shaking her head. Mary laughed and told her she was kidding, but you should cook for him. Maybe she could ask her mom to help her out with that. But the whole stripping for him didn't sound like a bad idea either.