Chapter 3 : Day

I spent days thinking about it. Just sitting there. Thinking. I would get up and walk around, it wasn't like I was going into depression. But really there was nothing to do. No one to talk to anymore, except for maybe Eden.

I gave him a walking stick so he wouldn't trip on anything anymore. It must be so hard for him. But at least he's alive. That I'm thankful for.

It was a quiet day when the republic called. It was an unspoken pact that the republic and I stay separate. They had killed my family. Even if I was a citizen now, I would never be one of them.

They told me they had important news for me. I didn't really want to listen, but I tried. And good thing I did. They told me that they may have a possible cure for my condition. I thought about it. Maybe I can be with June after all.

Even between what has happened between us, we have changed. And that wasn't even the real problem. I just didn't want her to find out about my condition. I thought that if we were to be together, and I died, then he life would be ruined. She would never love again and mourn for years. I couldn't do that to her.

But now it's different. If I don't die, then we truly could be together. Despite all our losses, we can get through this. We have each other. All I have to do is make it.