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The first time Khan met his Medic, the man was bossily ordering stacks of medical equipment into place. As advanced as all members of his new crew were, they still needed certain treatments and occasional checkups. The dark and blonde man had glanced and nodded at him when they had been introduced before turning back to his business. Khan felt a slight sting of anger, (didn't this man know who he was?) but shrugged it off. If the army doctor didn't acknowledge him now, he would later. They'd be spending quite a bit of time on this ship after all. They were comrades, brothers-in-arms. On this ship, they were all family.

Several days into their journey, the new doctor, Jhon, called their leader into his medical chambers "because everyone needs to be checked out during a space trip, and especially prior to battle, if there's time, and I know for a fact that you've missed your last five exams so you're going to sit your arse down and take off your shirt. Please." Khan hadn't complained. Not overmuch. Not nearly as much as Jhon would later recall and retell. The pushy doctor then ordered him - Ordered! Ordering the Captain! - to sleep more, even though everyone knew they didn't need to sleep nearly as much as ordinary people. And as for his suggestion to eat more food...tedious. Annoying fellow, but somehow, he worked quite well for everyone else on the ship.

"I'll be monitoring your vitals, so you'd better take my advice." Jhon ordered, with a smile softening his words. Khan felt it was best to indeed to heed his counsel, at least some, rather than deal with a mildly temperamental fellow with sharp scalpels.

The next time Khan saw him, Jhon was beating their enemy into a bloody pulp because the other had foolishly come between the doctor and an injured man. Khan decided, in the space of time between bullets, that he would certainly appreciate the other man more after witnessing that.

Again after, he had gone to the good doctor for...well, not advice. Khan didn't need any advice as to how to cripple and defeat an enemy. He just wanted to know if the species had a weakness that could be medically abused. There he learned that Jhon was the perfect conductor of ideas: fast enough to keep up, asked the right questions, and quite good enough to be Khan's perfect foil. Oh yes, he would do nicely. He would have to visit again.

Dozens of other visits, several fights with each other and at the other's side, Jhon was comfortable enough to gently tease Khan, and Khan knew Jhon's every habit and preference. He didn't realize how much he wanted to know these things before Jhon made him want to know. He craved the knowledge of Jhon. And thanks be to whatever higher beings possibly existed, Jhon was interested and kind enough to allow Khan to focus his undivided attention to him.

As their lives and everything they knew crumpled around them, Khan found himself seeking out Jhon more and more, using him to settle his rage. They were warriors, fighters, in a universe that now only craved peace. The damn fools who tried to control them had now turned against them, and Khan and his crew were in danger. He knew it, Jhon knew it, the whole crew knew it, but Jhon was the only one who knew how scared their leader was. Khan was afraid, not for his own life and safety, but for those of his family.

Jhon was the one who suggested flying to the outermost edge of space and freezing themselves. Despite Khan's protests, the idea grew among the crew, who were tired of fighting the enemies they knew and who knew them in return. A fresh start, far off in the future, was temping.

Khan had only his fears. That something would go wrong in the cryo-freezing process (Jhon assured him there wouldn't be), that when they woke they would face an enemy they could not counter (Utterly illogical - they were the best for a damn reason), that they would be destroyed rather than woken up. And if they never woke up...

Only Jhon knew about Khan's utter dread of the deep black nothingness. Khan knew his fear of death for himself and his crew was what kept them alive for so long, when other younger, cockier captains who pretended not to fear death ultimately met it. He loathed the idea of something outside of his control happening to any one of his men or women, who fought so loyally and only deserved the highest of recognition. Instead, they were exiled.

In the end, it was decided to put the crew into rest. One raid on a cargo ship later, and there were seventy-three gleaming pods awaiting them. Jhon and the engineers began calibrating them, outfitting them with the highest of technology to survive the long cold sleep they all faced. Khan watched with unease, unable to voice his concerns to the one person he trusted with them.

One by one, he watched his beloved family slip into dormancy. He ensured that he was beside them all as they went under, reassuring them for the last time that they would be safe, and he would see them again when they woke. Jhon was quiet as he worked, but Khan knew he could only be feeling despair equal to Khan's.

They would be the last two to go under. Khan would have to induce Jhon, and then put himself under, with the special control pad inside his own tube. Jhon pointed out that the tampering done to the tube would attract the attention of those who would awaken them, and that would better the chances of them waking Khan first.

"Once you are out, the first thing you do is open my tube. I need you to do this Khan - I don't know if they'll have done the waking process properly, but if you are able, get me out so I can help." Bless his fierce little healer. Khan didn't know if he had the strength to put his dearest friend under.

He knelt by Jhon's tube as the other man settled himself, wiggling a bit to get comfortable. He laid back and smiled up at Khan. That smile, more than Jhon's silent determination or his unwavering faith in Khan's future actions, was what brought the tears from Khan's eyes. The crushing weight of what was about to happen nearly choked the breath from him. Seeing his family be taken by sleep was too much, and now Jhon...he could be seeing Jhon for the last time. He couldn't do it, he couldn't say goodbye to his friend and leave him cold and alone. He just couldn't.

Jhon pushed himself up on his elbows, raising his head to Khan's. His calm blue eye met Khan's tear-filled ones and he smiled wider, before pushing himself up higher with one arm as the other reached up. Tangling in Khan's hair, he pulled his captain down and pressed their lips together.

Khan never realized, until that moment, how much he needed Jhon to kiss him. All the faith and trust Jhon had, Khan could learn from his lips. There was no doubt, no reason not to trust. There was only Jhon and strength. Khan didn't even feel fear any more.

Jhon pulled away when he knew Khan was ready to face the future. He settled back in his tube, and nodded. He had waited until Khan was ready, and he would not forget that, if and when he awoke. As if he needed more motivation to wake Jhon first.

The last act of Doctor Jhon, before slipping into sleep, was to smile at Khan. His face was the last Khan saw behind his eyes before deep darkness took him.

Maybe when they woke, they could be together even longer.

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