Hey guys! This is going to be my first ever fanfic on the site ^^! I'm real excited and can't wait to start. You may already notice by my fanfic choice I'm a TMNT fan. I love both the 2k3 version and new CGI version. So it was a hard thing to choose between whether to set this in 2k3 or 2012.

Before we continue, you will notice that this fanfic includes an OC: Ahnnie. HOLD THE ELEVATOR, FOLKS; she's not my OC. She's an OC that belongs to rubyhardflames, and who I am including in this fic with her express permission. I guess you can say that this is a fan-fanfic of sorts. She's the OC that appears in two of ruby's stories: Konoha Mission to Halloween Mountain (Naruto) and On the Road to Naglimund (Tad Williams), not to be confused with the Ahnnie Quang in ruby's Legend of Drizzt fic. She is a magician ruby made up along with two other siblings, whose power is based on that of imagination. The origin story is kind of long to tell but hopefully ruby will put up a fic that will explain it soon.

Ok, so, why did I choose to write about Ahnnie? In real life, ruby is a friend of mine and in fact she has made up many more stories about Ahnnie than she's posted on this site. I was looking through those stories, and they're really good; there's lots of adventure, magic, fantasy, and friendship; but I saw something missing...romance!

So I asked her if I could pair Ahnnie up with one of the ninja turtles, as I am a fan of them. She was skeptical at first, but decided to put my writing skills to the test. And so here I am.

I finally decided then to set this fanfic in the new 2012 version. I mean, I will always see the turtles in their 2k3 forms but 2012 is, I have to admit, funnier and easier for kids to watch. I want some humor in this fic and the 2k3 version just didn't have enough of it, so I went along with 2012. I've kind of just watched it though so pardon me if there is anything you advanced viewers find missing or lacking. The only thing I dislike about the new version is April becoming a teen and Donatello's love interest. She becomes kind of a Mary-Sue in my opinion, but that's just me (did you also know that her voice actor is that of Katara's from ATLA? It gets confusing sometimes O.o). I'm still gonna include her in this fic, though!

Oh yes, and this story is set during Season One but not in any exact timeline of the show, so just treat this as a separate (albeit Season One) story.

Ok, 'nough said. I do not own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or even Ahnnie, but am writing this for entertainment purposes only.

"The city, the lights, the action; this is our stage, where we rule the night. This is our base, down in the big NYC!"

One night, in Central Park...

Leonardo raced through the night, the laces of his headband streaming behind him like twin blue streams. Gripped in his hands were the hilts of his katana swords, his weapons in deadly combat. He and his brothers had tracked down another one of those Kraang vans, stopped them from kidnapping another scientist, destroyed the van and sent them scattering, but one of them had escaped. That was the one he was looking for, and he had followed it all the way to the Park. The problem right now was; where did it go? The Park sure was huge...but if it got away with the canister...

There doesn't seem to be anyone else out here, Leonardo thought as he stopped behind a tree. So I'm safe from humans, for now. That should mean the Kraang isn't hard to find. But did it get away, or is it going to bait me beyond the corner...?

The Kraang, though nothing more than brain-shaped aliens with tentacles, moved around in human-shaped robots known as Kraangdroids. The robots had the ability to project a human disguise, but the only disguise it could take on was that of an unemotional black-haired, black-suited businessman. Other than that they were easy to spot with their same tonal drone and really, really jarbled grasp of English grammar. They came to earth bearing mutagen, a strange hazardous-waste type of substance that mutated any human or animal with another animal or plant that happened to be nearby.

Leonardo, his brothers, and Splinter-sensei were victims of this mutagen. There were others, too, such as Snakeweed (who died), Spiderbites (who also died), Dr. Rockwell who they hadn't heard of in a while, and then Dogpound and Fishface, who worked for Shredder.

Shredder, or Oroku Saki, was Splinter-sensei's rival from his time back in Japan. Both men loved a woman named Tang Shen, but Tang Shen only loved Splinter-sensei. This made Oroku Saki jealous to the point that he sought to destroy Splinter...it didn't work. Instead, Tang Shen was killed and she and Splinter's daughter, Miwa, went missing. Shredder and his Foot ninja eventually became the turtles' enemies when they came to New York seeking revenge against Splinter-sensei.

But back to the matters at hand. Leonardo peeked a little beyond he tree, looking left and right, back and forth, until he surmised that there truly was nothing there. Then he heard some movement to his far right, although a few trees were blocking that line of vision.

"What the freak!?" he heard someone scream.

Leonardo jolted and hid behind the tree again. That was no Kraang, it was a human!

"Wh-who; I mean; what are you!? You have a brain in your chest!"

It was a human who had seen a Kraang!

"It is not what you call a brain but a Kraang for which we are known as," a robotic voice replied. "You cannot overpower a Kraang within a Kraangdroid with what you call your arms, for what you call your arms do not possess enough strength to even dent a Kraang within a Kraangdroid as it has much more strength than what you call your arms-"

The Kraang did not have time to finish its sentence. Leonardo leapt out of his hiding spot and jumped in front of the human the Kraang was facing. He didn't exactly stop to take a look at the scene; all he knew was that there was a Kraang debating on strength with a human (most likely meaning it was going to use force) and he couldn't let it take action.

"So it is one of those who call themselves the turtles," the Kraangdroid remarked. It wasn't using its businessman disguise at the moment, but its true form: a translucent blue robotic body with obviously robotic joints and a cockpit-sort-of thing where the brain-shaped Kraang resided.

"Yeah, and so what?" Leo snapped. Come to think of it, it was really strange for this Kraangdroid to not be using a disguise. They were disguised just moments ago back at the van. Unless the human had done something to it? But never mind, what was more important was that this Kraang was holding up its laser gun, getting ready to fire.

Leonardo looked behind him to see if the human had gone. Well what do you know? She was still there. Staring at them with a baffled look on her face. Ugh, humans! "Duck!" he yelled, and when she didn't he had to leap out at her and push her to the ground.

The Kraangdroid let fire, showering pink laser blasts above their heads and into several trees. Leonardo didn't wait for a gap in the firing; instead, he jumped up as soon as he could and backtracked around the Kraang with his head low to avoid the lasers. The Kraangdroid turned and fired wherever he went, but he was fast enough to avoid getting hit. Soon enough he came up behind the droid and, before it could even whirl around, slashed harshly at its back with his sword. The damage sent sparks flying and made the droid jerk awkwardly; then it slumped to the ground with a lifeless whrr. The panel in the middle of its body opened up, and the slithery Kraang inside awakened, letting out a series of short screeches before crawling speedily away.

"Well, that's all of them," Leo remarked as he sheathed his katanas. Time to get back to the others. He turned to leave, but suddenly found himself face-to-face with the human he'd just rescued. "Uh..."

"You..." she began, but Leonardo didn't even wait for her to continue.

Instead, he dashed up into the nearest tree and went on from there, jumping from tree to tree in the direction of the Park's exit.

"Hey, wait!" the human had called after him, but Leonardo was too far away to hear by then.

"I got that last one, guys," Leonardo said as he came up to his brothers. They were situated on the typical rooftop in a semi-circle, weapons already sheathed. "So, how'd it go for you?"

"We got the job done," Raphael said matter-of-factly with a cocky grin.

"Now let's go for some PIZZA!" Michelangelo whooped, pumping his arms into the air.

Donatello whacked him in the head with his staff. "Not so fast, we've got to get back to Splinter. We have to give in our report, remember?"

"Aww!" Mikey whined. "Can't we just get some first and eat it when we get home?"

"What, are we fresh out of pizza already?" Leo asked them curiously.

"Raph ate the last slice!" the orange-masked turtle accused, pointing at Raphael.

"Your fault for leaving it there!" he growled in reply.

Leonardo shook his head. "Ok, ok, guys; enough. We can get pizza later. Splinter must be waiting for us."

"It's still unfair," Michelangelo muttered under his breath as they started to move.

Back at the lair, Splinter-sensei was indeed waiting for them. Splinter, and April.

"Ohmigosh!" Donatello exclaimed. "A-April, when did you get here?"

"I was training with sensei," April explained with a bow to the dark brown rat mutant. "And I was just about to leave. My aunt's going to be home soon, so I gotta head back as fast as I can."

"We'll see you tomorrow?" Donnie asked her hopefully.

April smiled. "Sure, why not? Have a good night!"

"Y-you too!" Donatello trilled after her. "Good night! Sweet dreams! No, wait, um, what was that rhyme again? No, it's good night, don't let the...the what? Oh whatever; don't let the Kraangdroids bite!"

Raphael chuckled. "Smooth, Donnie...smooth."

When she was out of earshot, Donatello turned around again with a dreamy smile on his face. "I said good night to her," he said, sounding only half-awake.

"So, my sons," Splinter interrupted them as they filed into the dojo. "How did it go?"

"We were trailing after a Kraang van," Leonardo began, "and it happened to be heading towards another scientist's lab. We stopped it in time and started fighting with the Kraang-"

"I hit three at a time with my 'chucks!" Mikey interrupted.

"-yeah, that's nice," Leo remarked, then quickly went back to what he was saying. "But then one of the Kraang slipped away, and I told the others to take care of the rest while I went after it. I followed it into Central Park."

Sensei nodded sagely. "I see. And?"

"And when I got there, I found the Kraang scaring a girl." There was some muted laughter from Raphael, but he tried his best to ignore that. "I protected her, defeated it, and then I left."

"Did she see you?" Splinter asked.

"Uh...a little, I think...but I don't think she saw me very clearly."

The rat sensei sighed. "It was inevitable. But other than that, you have all done a good job, my sons."

"Thank you, sensei," they all said in unison.

Later, while they were relaxing, Raph and Mikey decided they wouldn't let Leonardo off the hook. Just as he was switching onto his favorite TV show, Space Heroes, they suddenly came to sit on either side of him with very mischievous smiles on their faces.

"What is it this time?" Leo asked exasperatedly. "Can't you see I'm trying to watch TV?"

"Yeah, we can see that," Mikey said. He was still smiling.

"Soooo..." Raph began with a stretch of his arms. "Our hero rescued his first damsel today. We should be happy for you, don't you think?"

Leonardo looked from Michelangelo to Raphael. "What do you mean?" he asked slowly.

"Isn't it kind of every hero's thing to have a girl to rescue?" Michelangelo asked.

"I don't think Captain Ryan has one," their older brother said matter-of-factly. "And anyway, I was just doing what needed to be done. It's not like I could leave her to the Kraang. Just because you rescue someone of the opposite gender, doesn't mean you're in love with them."

"Ahem." Raphael pointed over at Donatello.

Leo frowned. "We all rescued April! That doesn't count."

"Yes it does," Mikey argued. "In fact, it makes yours more special; you were alone with her! But we were all there with April! Get it, do you get it? Right? Guys?" He looked from Raph to Leo.

Raphael blinked. "Uh, sure. Yeah." He was slowly realizing Mikey's point. "Yeah!"

"Well, you can keep her," Donatello said from where he was fiddling with another electronic. "To me, there is no one else that can equal April's beauty. No one."

"Oh, whatever!" Leo suddenly exclaimed. "Geez, all I do is rescue a girl I don't even know and you're already making fun of me. I should have never told sensei about it in front of you."

Raphael chuckled. "Whatever you say, hero boy."

From the kitchen, where he was sipping tea, Splinter was listening to their banter with a cocked eyebrow.

Nighttime in Central Park again. All four turtle brothers had trailed after another troop of Kraangdroids, who for some reason headed back to the Park. Leonardo guessed it must have been the girl...but that was just a guess. The others (except maybe for Mikey) had come to that same conclusion too, although not without teasing him (even though it had been two days since he last saw her).

"Ok guys, when I give the signal, we roll," Leo instructed them. They were in the treetops, watching the Kraangdroids meandering about in their boring businessmen disguises. It looked like they were searching for something per the turtles' guess, but the way the droids did it, it was hard to tell.

Suddenly one of the Kraangdroids turned to another Kraangdroid, and said something to it. The turtles were a little too far to hear it though.

"Kraang, we...called the bridge...shall detonate...call themselves turtles..." Those were the snippets of speech they could catch.

"What did they say!?" Mikey hissed in frustration.

"Shh!" Donatello shushed. "I don't know! I think it involves a bridge?"

"And us," Raphael pointed out.

"Whatever the case," Leonardo said, "we'll get them before they do anything."

"Kraang," the other Kraangdroid began responding. "that...called...plan is...that cannot...turtles."

The turtles were quiet. They continued to crouch in wait until the Kraangdroids began to turn their backs and then...


The two Kraangdroids had just whirled back around again at the noise when Raphael and Michelangelo came kicking into their robotic faces. Raph savagely tore at a Kraangdroid's face with his sais and then dove the point of one dagger into the robot's chest, impaling a Kraang. Mikey knocked the head of his opponent sideways and slashed the body open with the hooked blade he activated at the end of his nunchaku. The screeching Kraang slithered out but was kicked away by Raph.

Leonardo and Donatello were occupied as well with two other Kraangdroids. They were working back to back, whacking and slashing at their enemies until those two Kraang were also disabled. Then, almost as if on cue, a barrage of pink laser fire opened from their side that they barely even dodged.

The four brothers regrouped and then split up in two again as they were racing to take on the shooting Kraangdroids on either flank. This time it was Raph and Don, and Leo and Mikey.

"Yaaah!" Leo yelled as he put his katanas to work, the blades flashing mercilessly in the moon's cold light. He had disarmed the Kraang with one slash and sliced it's droid's face with another to follow up. Then he stabbed it through the middle and kicked the body away. Mikey had been able to dance around his Kraangdroid, tying it up with the chains of his nunchaku without its knowing. Then he pulled his weapons, and the Kraang was so tightened that it dropped its gun. The orange-masked turtle let go and the momentum sent the droid spinning. Kraangs could apparently feel dizziness, for the one Michelangelo felled slipped out of its robot body swaying drunkenly.

"Haha, nice one Mikey!" Leo praised as he slashed another droid.

Donatello had managed to push one Kraangdroid down by jabbing its chest with the end of his staff and kicked its gun away before it could reach for it. Then, pressing a button that activated a curved naginata blade, he slashed down on the droid...but the Kraang that came out ended up latching onto him. He screamed and flailed around, dropping his weapon, but thanks to Raphael's sais the Kraang was quickly removed and Don's staff quickly recovered.

"Phew, thanks," the purple-masked turtle said with a sigh of relief.

"Yeah, just keep from getting your butt kicked next time," Raph spat.

"Hey! I wasn't-"

"Enough, guys!" Leonardo scolded from the other side. "Focus on the fighting!"

And so they did. They went on just as before, until there were only two Kraangdroids left. When those Kraangs realized they were in a tight situation, they turned to one another and said:

"Kraang, Kraang must aid Kraang in the capture of what is called the human female. Kraang will take care of those who call themselves the turtles."

And with that, one of them left quite speedily around the bend.

"Not so fast!" Raphael growled. He reached into a pouch, withdrawing two shuriken, and threw it with deadly precision at the fleeing Kraangdroid. One struck the back, the other sailed away. The most damage it had done was unveil the droid's disguise, but that was about it.

The remaining Kraangdroid began to loose some more laser fire. The turtles scrambled to keep from getting hit, momentarily stalling any further attacks or plans on the Kraang.

Human female, Leonardo thought, remembering the Kraangdroid's words. They can't mean...?

"Leo!" Donatello yelled. "I think...I think they're planning to kidnap someone...Oh no, NOT APRIL!?"

"C'mon, Donnie!" Leonardo chided. "What's the chance of that? April's with her aunt right now. There's no way she can be here!"


"Hello!?" Mikey waved his arms in front of them. "Are the both of you just gonna stand there and talk about April? Isn't there someone that needs saving!?"

"Hmph. And he tries to act like a hero," Raphael added sarcastically.

Leonardo gave a facepalm and turned in the direction where the second Kraangdroid fled. "You're right. I'll be back soon!"

"Hey, I'm comin' to help you!" Raphael called after him. But then the Kraangdroid began shooting again, and Leonardo left without looking back, so he didn't exactly know whether or not Raph was able to follow him or not.

It was only a ten second dash around some trees and a path until Leonardo arrived at the spot the Kraangdroids had been talking about. But there were no Kraang around. There was just more of the park, a little river, a bridge and...

That girl...

She was leaning against the bridge's stone railing, cupping her chin in her hands and staring up at the full moon with a thoughtful look in her eyes. Leonardo knew it was that same girl because she was wearing the same clothes as before: a white blouse-tee and black leggings. Her long black hair stood out against the white of her shirt, almost glowing in the moonlight with the contrast.

Leonardo shook himself. Where were the Kraangdroids? Why weren't they here, as promised?

What if this isn't the human female they're talking about? he wondered.

Just as he thought so, two Kraang emerged ahead from nearby trees and walked calmly towards the bridge, their backs turned to Leo. Two more came from the other side of the bridge, and another came from behind the first two. Leonardo recognized it as the one that fled from its stripped disguise.

"That which is known as the human female is useful to the research of the Kraang," one of them said robotically. "Therefore, Kraang must capture that which is called the human female."

The girl slowly withdrew from the rail and looked back and forth at them. "What? More of you? And now you want to capture me? I'm not coming with you! I'll resist!"

"If what is called the human female will not come along with Kraang, then Kraang will have no known choice but to destroy what is called the human female." It held something round and shiny with dull spikes up in its hands.

"Hey!" Leonardo called out, interrupting the Kraang. "I don't know what you're planning, but I don't like the sound of it!"

The Kraang holding the weird ball looked up and saw Leo. "Another one of those who call themselves the turtles. Kraang, go and destroy one of those who call themselves the turtles."

Leonardo gripped his katanas and prepared to jump in. But he was held back by a sudden steadying hand. Startled, the blue-masked ninja turtle turned his head and saw Raphael standing behind him, green eyes glinting with excitement.

"Let me handle them," he said to his brother. "Go save the girl."

Leonardo nodded, and dashed ahead for the bridge. Behind him, Raphael began combating two Kraangdroids that came at him. It was the earlier Kraangdroid plus a new one. The third one was still by the bridge, holding up its weird ball. Leonardo had only just reached it when the droid threw back its arm and...


...threw the bomb, for that was what the ball was.

"No!" Leonardo had yelled, and the only thing he remembered afterward was that he had tried his best to leap for the girl. He believed he had made it, for his arm had hooked onto something much like a human torso. The next thing he knew, they were both skidding on the opposite bank, pushed both by his momentum and the explosion's, until they tumbled to a stop.

"Uuughh," the both of them moaned in pain.

Leonardo had to get up fast, though, because the two Kraangdroids on the opposite side; now their side; came at them quickly with their guns. "Roll!" he ordered the human girl, but he didn't stop to look if she did. Instead, he brought up his katanas to slice at the wrist of the Kraangdroid above him.

Correction: his katana. The second one was nowhere to be found; perhaps it had fallen in the explosion when he jumped in.

But that was no problem. Leonardo fought just as well with only one, and he proved that when he'd sliced up the Kraangdroid after getting its wrist.

He was just about to get to the second one when Mikey appeared to drop out of nowhere and got the Kraang in its chest-cockpit with the end of his nunchucks. Then, looking back to the other side, Leo found that Raphael and Donatello, who had just arrived as well, also dealt with their Kraang.

"Woohoo!" Michelangelo whooped. "Did you see that? I saved you! Haha! I jumped right in time!" As hyper as ever, he turned over to look at the fallen girl some ways away from them. "Oooh, hey, is she that girl you saved before? Did you just save her now?"

"You should've seen him!" Raphael called out from the other side of the bridge. "Jumping out to get her as the bridge collapsed; just like James Bond!"

Leonardo was blushing. "Mikey-"

But it was too late; the orange-masked turtle was crouching over the girl. And poking at her. "Uh, hey, is she alive?"

Eyes widening in alarm, Leonardo pulled Michelangelo away from her. "Mikey! Stop, that's enough!"

"I just wanted to-"

"We can't stick around," he explained slowly as if to a child. "The explosion must have alerted some of the police and nearby citizens. Also, we can't let this girl see us. Let's just leave."

"But what if she's-"

"Mikey. Not now."

Michelangelo sighed. "Fine."

The two of them leapt swiftly over the river, as if it were nothing. After joining their brothers, they were about to leave, when Donatello remembered something.

"Hey, Leo," he said, "what happened to your other sword? Did you drop it?"

Leonardo blinked several times and then looked around. "Oh yeah. I must have...when the bridge exploded..." He scanned both banks in a rushed manner but couldn't see anything. "It must have been washed away. Oh well. I can always get another one. C'mon guys, we have to leave now." He turned around to leave again, and this time he was sure it would be the final time.

"Wait...isn't this yours?"

All four turtles turned back around with a jolt. They saw the girl wading in a shallow section of the river next to some stone debris of the bridge, leggings rolled up above her ankles...hands holding up a shining wet katana sword.

Leonardo was speechless. He thought she was still unconscious. "Uh...just...throw it over here."

She did, and he caught it by the hilt as if it were nothing.

"Thanks, by the way," she said. Leonardo swore he saw her smile.


And this time, this time, they really did leave.

"She saw all of you!"


"You let her speak to you, all because of a sword!


"And you had the audacity to gawk and poke at her!"


Michelangelo was sobbing underneath the beating their sensei was giving them. "I, I," he blubbered, "I just wanted to make sure she was alive! Shouldn't this be more of Leo's fault!?"

"Yeah, why am I getting hit too?" Donatello lamented.

"You all have a share in the blame," Splinter stated sternly. "I have told you many times, many times, that you are not to reveal yourselves to humans! Do you remember what almost happened with Raphael and the man with the phone?"

"Spiderbites?" Mikey asked meekly.

Splinter ignored him. "No matter young or old, man or woman, humans will never understand you. I give an exception in April's case but I promise you it won't be as easy with others. The last thing I want is for you all to be thrown into a human jail, or put up in a human zoo!" Whack, whack, whack, whack. "Do you understand?"

"Hai, sensei!" They all called out.

"Very well. Go on and reflect on your actions!" Splinter finally put away his beating stick, crossing his arms behind his back after flicking out his sleeves when he was done. Without even so much as a humph, he strode across the dojo, opened the sliding door to his room, went in and closed it behind him.

Michelangelo slowly rose himself from the floor of the dojo. It was a hard and painstaking process, for he felt as though he were broken and bruised everywhere. The other turtles were the same; brutally battered by none other than an angry Splinter-sensei. As soon as they were able to, Mikey, Raph, and Don glared at Leo in almost perfect unison.

"Thanks a lot, hero," Raphael spat.

"Yeah, thanks a lot," Michelangelo echoed.

Leonardo looked at his brothers in confusion. "How is this my fault, guys?" After a while of receiving more glares, he put up his hands in surrender and said, "Ok, so yes, I shouldn't have stopped to take back the katana. But you can't blame me for coming to her rescue! And if I remember correctly, you guys turned around right along with me."

"W-well," Mikey stuttered. He then went silent, and Leo knew for sure that he had no comeback in mind to give.

Raphael and Donatello got up to leave, ending the conversation there. Michelangelo, with nothing else to do, decided to follow their example. Leonardo stayed behind for a while and gave out a heavy sigh. They were just upset with him because Splinter-sensei decided to discipline them the violent way (about who they considered his "girlfriend"), that was all. They wouldn't stay angry for long. Not even Raph.

Four days passed since that fight. The turtle brothers hadn't returned to Central Park in that time; in fact, none of them wanted to, for fear of their sensei's wrath; and stuck to exploring and fighting in the streets and rooftops of the East Side. That way, they (especially Leonardo) felt they were safer from being sighted by humans. Or at least from that girl.

They were at Murakami-san's noodle shop at the moment, having a plate of pizza gyoza. April was with them too, although she was having a bowl of ramen instead.

"Seriously guys," she said as she watched the turtles eat, "a bowl of noodles really wouldn't hurt."

Murakami-san chuckled as he wiped the counter. "It is ok, April, they are fine. It's fun cooking for them whenever they come, anyway. I get to try new things."

April nodded, but still seemed uneasy. "Well, ok, but it never killed anybody to try different food."

"C'mon April, even you admitted to liking them," Donatello pointed out after gulping down a gyoza dumpling.

April blushed a little. "Yes...well...they are good, but...this is a noodle shop...and I really like noodles too. It's possible to have more than one favorite food at a time, you know."

"Who cares!?" Mikey practically lifted his plate and slid the remaining pizza gyoza down his throat. After chewing and swallowing, he continued, "Pizza is AWESOME!"

April facepalmed and shook her head. "Oh, you guys..."

They continued to eat in peaceful silence. The turtles ordered several more plates of Murakami's pizza gyoza, and eventually even April gave in to a few. Just as they were finishing up their food, though, a loud explosion sounded out from somewhere down the street. It surprised the turtles, April, and Murakami-san, and they all looked out the window in unison.

"D'oohh, what is it this time!?" Raphael growled ill-manneredly.

Leonardo quickly became serious and slid off his stool. "Come on, guys, let's go see what it is."

"I'll come along too," April offered.

"No, it might be the Kraang again," Donatello said, pushing her back gently. "You could get hurt. Let us handle it."

"Uh, hel-looo?" Mikey waved his hands in front of Donnie's eyes. "If that was the Kraang, then we need all the help we can get! It sounded huge!"

"But April-"

"It's ok, I've been training with Splinter." She offered Don a reassuring smile.

The purple-masked turtle looked uneasily from Mikey to April before noticing that Raph and Leo had already left. "Well...ok...fine. But the moment it gets dangerous, I'm taking her out!"

"Yes, great, now let's go." April pulled him on his wrist impatiently, and he was too delighted to protest.

It took them a few minutes to catch up to Leonardo and Raphael. They arrived at a fork in the street, where it was obvious the explosion had been. Two buildings had their walls collapsed inwards, the smoke still rising from the debris. April's hands covered her mouth in an expression of awe and horror, while Michelangelo's mouth was wide open in an O-shape.

"Whoaaa," he said. "Dude...what ever caused that...must be huge."

"It was probably a bomb of some sort," Donatello deduced. "Like the one used on that bridge in Central Park, only bigger."

Leonardo blushed at the mention of Central Park. "Um, ok. So, who set it?"

"Well, I don't know! We just arrived here and you think I can tell you right off the ba-"

"Duck!" A different voice shouted from above them.

BOOM! Another explosion.

It happened right above them. The moment they heard the word 'duck', they did so immediately, with both hands covering the backs of their necks. The noise and force of it made them duck even lower. When they saw that there was going to be no more explosions, and that the coast was clear for then, they slowly arose and looked above to see who had warned them in time.

"Holy...shell..." Michelangelo gaped.

"How!?" Raphael shouted in confusion.

Donatello shook his head slowly. "This can't be..."

Leonardo was silent. His eyes could barely register what they were seeing.

April looked at their shocked faces in bewilderment. "What? Who is it? Is it another enemy?"

"No," Leonardo explained. "It's...her..."

Long black hair, white blouse, black leggings...and a staff. It was definitely her, that girl from Central Park. She stood above them on the rooftop of one of the buildings with the collapsed walls, her staff held outwards in a slanted angle as if to block an incoming attack. It was hard to believe, but the staff might have blocked the bomb that detonated just seconds ago. Looking down back towards the ground, Leonardo actually started believing it was so, for there were dark shards scattered all over the sidewalk and street...but none of them where they were standing.

"What are you doing, just standing there!?" the girl yelled down at them. "They're going to fire again!"

Leo snapped back into reality, and then saw a metallic cannon-like thing appearing from behind a few buildings across the street. Two Kraangdroids were utilizing it.

To be continued...

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