Alright, first off,

I do NOT support ZeroxAngel, or ZeroxMaya, and I do not plan to.

Fungeons will be on hiatus, I am going to try to write more seriously, which is why this fanfiction now exists. I will update it in the future though.

"So you want to hear another story, huh? One where the very fate of Pandora hangs in the balance?"

"Welcome to Pandora, Kiddos!"

"Son of a bitch."

Axton groaned, picking himself off of the snow-covered ground.

"Wait a minute! You're not dead! YES! Now I can finally get off this glacier!"

"What the hell?"

"Claptrap, your metaphorical ship has finally come in!"

"Hey, uh, robot thing! You see anyone else around here? Big guy, blue-haired chick, ninja?"

"Allow me to introduce myself - I am a CL4P-TP steward robot, but my friends call me Claptrap! Or they would, if any of them were still alive. Or had existed in the first place!"

"I guess that's a no."

Axton scanned the area, looking for signs of the people he that had fought with him on the train.

"Man, this is great! Now that I've met a mighty vault hunter, I can finally join the resistance in Sanctuary, take vengeance against Jack for killing my product line, and repair my central processor so I stop thinking out loud!"

Axton ignored Claptrap.

Maya choked on the smoke wafting from the wreckage of the train. As far as the Siren from Athenas could tell, she wasn't injured, except for a few minor cuts. "Hello?" She shouted. "Maya! It's Axton!" She faintly heard back. Maya started in the direction of the voice, holding her arm in front of her face to shield her from the falling snow.

Maya faintly made out the shape of the ex-Dahl commando through the blizzard. "Did you find the others?"

"No sign!"


Zero rested an arm on Salvador's shoulder, the Pandoran helping him walk after Zero had broken his leg in the crash. Salvador's own arm was dangling at an awkward angle.

"Thank you." Zero said.

"No problem! We are friends, si?"

Zero's faceplate showed a smiling face.

The two hobbled through the storm, away from the flaming wreckage of the train.

"Anyone alive out there?" Salvador called out, his deep voice echoing across the glacier.

"Salvador?" A female voice called out. "Have you seen Zero?"

"Si! He is with me!"

"Me and Axton are over here, follow my voice!"

Salvador and Zero pushed through the blizzard, finally seeing Maya and Axton waving towards them from the door of a small shelter.

"You guys okay?" Axton asked. "Don't look too good."

"My leg is broken/Salvador's arm is broken/Are you a doctor?"

"Let me see." Maya pushed Axton to the side, and held her hand up. A blue spark was dancing along her fingertips. She touched her hand to Zero's leg, and then to Salvador's arm, sparks entering their bodies from where Maya touched them.

"That should heal in an hour or two." She said.

"Thank you, Amiga."

"Oh look! More minions! Anyways, like I was saying, there's some guns in the cabinet just in case, but nothing like that is ever gonna come up! Probably!"

Some chunks of ice fell from the ceiling, shattering near the Vault Hunters.

"Should we be, uh, worried?" Axton asked.

"Nah, that happens all the time!" The short yellow robot replied.

More chunks of ice fell.

"So... anyone for bridge?"

Finally, the ceiling collapsed, revealing a massive, six-armed beast.

"SHIT!" Axton and Salvador both swore, reaching for guns they didn't have.