One of these days, I will finish a fanfiction. It's gonna happen.


A mortar flew towards the Vault Hunters, exploding and knocking them off their feet.

"That's unfortunate/Anyone got an RPG?/If you do, speak up." Zero said, rolling behind a small rock, and taking aim at Boom.

"I WISH, AMIGO!" Salvador screamed, running straight towards Boom's massive artillery gun. Zero fired, and the sound of a shield breaking was heard. Salvador jumped in to the cockpit, and proceeded to bash Boom's skull in with his bare hands.

"Well, that wasn't so bad." Axton said.

"Alright! See that wall that I'm standing next to?" Claptrap said, waving towards the vault hunters. "See that big-ass cannon? I need you to shoot the cannon, at the wall, when I say go!" Salvador, who was still punching Boom's corpse, looked up. "I can do that.", he grinned. Claptrap noticed Salvador getting ready to fire, and tried to stop him, but to no avail.

The wall exploded, and Claptrap went flying into the distance.

"God damnit Salvador!" Axton yelled. Salvador shrugged.